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Avatar f tn Liam will be one month on July 2nd in just curious how much ounces of formula are infants supposed to drink? He drinks 4 to 6 ounces every like 2 hours or 1 hour. But when he's sleeping of course it's like after his like four hour nap. I'm just curious does he eat too much or that's normal?
Avatar n tn However, studies have shown that baseline LES pressures are normal in pediatric patients, even in preterm infants. The major mechanism in infants and children has now been demonstrated to involve increases in tLESRs [transient lower esophageal relaxations]. Factors that may promote GER during tLESRs include increased intragastric liquid volume and supine [on their back] and "slumped" seated positioning.
Avatar n tn I said yes why, Oh he is a big boy for his age I think Im starting to get a complex! Arent they suppose to double their weight in the first so many months or is this just another tale?
243097 tn?1233759599 I got back to him on Monday so i'm hoping that it will be better by me it looks like he's getting a little more yellow. I know that this is normal in infants but why are they telling me not to worry? Has anyone else been in a situation like this?
Avatar n tn I was going to continue to eat normally. I've been eating a normal and balanced diet through this pregnancy. I haven't put on any weight yet. I'm 15w3d. I was just wondering the harm in trying the mixture. It's not a store bought or ordered thing. It's a make it at home, tblspoon honey and cinnamon in a cup of hot water. I don't thin it's meant to drastically reduce weight. I think it's meant more of a way to maintain. I probably won't do it. I was going to talk to the Dr. about it.
377493 tn?1356505749 's appointment Tuesday morning, but am wondering if anyone else has experienced weight loss during extreme heat. Is it normal for very active toddlers to have weight flucuation, or is it more like infants where they gain steadily, just at a slower pace? Thanks so much.
Avatar n tn The circumference of his head has consistently been in the 95th (or higher) percentile, while his height and weight have levelled out at around 25th percentile. MOre importantly, from my understanding, his head is growing at a faster rate than his overall skeletal growth. To look at him, he has a perfectly round and really beautiful head! But, the charts concern the doctor and she has us all worried about hydrocephaly.
Avatar n tn In normal, healthy infants, the rate of increase of the head circumference, the length, and the weight is usually quite similar even though the head, the length, and weight may not follow the same growth lines(curves). Head growth usually reflects growth of the underlying brain. Some normal infants do have disproportionately large heads compared to their lengths and weights. Indeed, some families simply have healthy members with much larger heads - a benign familial pattern.
Avatar f tn From what I found there are different norms for adults, children and infants. The adult normal for Adults is 15-45 micrograms per deciliter (mcg/dL) or 11-32 micromoles per liter (mcmol/L). I hope this helps.
171768 tn?1324233699 Even the ped admitted that long term studies haven't been done on prevacid and infants, but the drug reps keep giving them samples for infants and parents are reporting that babies are doing well on it. Her next appointment is tomorrow and we're going to discuss pepcid. Apparently it is fruit-flavored as well, but since it's commercially available, it's shelf-life would be longer than DH's homebrew.
660775 tn?1225077505 Also found some intersting info online on pregnance and weight loss.Hope it helps! - Loosk for the exercsie tips! It is both normal and healthy to gain weight during pregnancy. This ensures that both you and your baby are adequately nourished. Weight loss after pregnancy may sometimes be slow and some new mothers can find this initially frustrating. It's very important not to start on a crash diet immediately after you have had your baby.
Avatar n tn So you think its odd that I could finally be losing weight from the diet and exercise? If my metabolism is returning to normal, shouldnt exercise work for me like it would for other people trying to lose weight? Also, I was told that once you have hypo it is irreversible. You cant go from hypo to hyper. But you can go from hyper to hypo.
172023 tn?1334675884 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- THURSDAY, May 28 (HealthDay News) -- Obese moms-to-be should limit their weight gain during pregnancy to between 11 and 20 pounds to safeguard their health and that of their baby, according to newly updated expert guidelines.
Avatar n tn The doctors go by charts that say that a child of this age should be this weight....they DO NOT take into consideration the build of the parents or the birth weight of the child. Which I think is wrong!!! My son is just over 20 pounds which puts him at the 3rd percentile according to the doctors chart. My doctor does not seem overly concerned since he is reaching his milestones and is growing taller. He is a happy baby and eats ALL the time.
Avatar n tn A preservative (benzyl alcohol) that might be found in this product can infrequently cause serious (sometimes fatal) problems if given in large amounts (more than 100 milligrams per kilogram daily) to an infant during the first months of life. The risk is also greater with low-birth-weight infants. Symptoms include sudden gasping, low blood pressure, or very slow heartbeat. If you notice any of these symptoms in your newborn, report them to the doctor immediately.
Avatar m tn TSH is decreasing towards the normal values, while the value for Thyroxine (total and free T4) are within normal values. My question is: shall we wait for another 4 or 5 days and check for the TSH to reach it normal values or do we have to start with the medication? (weight at born 3.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr Guy, As you asked me to remind you of the baby's age and suggested a repeat of TSH along with FT4. The baby is now 50 days old. I found out the mother ignorantly was using amply povidone iodine on her baby (all over the body including the neck, armpits and between the legs, …) instead of a baby powder for the 1st 43 days of the baby's life. Therefore, I strongly suspect it was this iodine exposure behind all this trouble.
93210 tn?1287457826 Hello again (in his service)~ I was very glad to see your response. I am on the liquid diet & I won't say it's great, but I'm totally dedicated & keep realizing my surgery date is coming SOON ~this Friday. I'm on Slim fast & alternate between the chocolate & vanilla. (the doctor & girls in the office said it tastes better than Optifast) Plus, I also am drinking bottles of water.
454677 tn?1206691163 I was having the symptoms for about a year before anyone figured out why I was gaining so much weight quickly and felt so bad all the time.. I have gained a total of 80lbs and still going steady unfortunately...and I don't eat bad at all. I'm now up to 205lbs vs the 125lbs I was in April of 2007. My numbers at last months check were fine, but I'm still gaining weight.
Avatar n tn These symptoms include long standing cough, sweating at night or unexplained weight loss. If there is no cough and the chest xray is normal, then the condition is not likely to be contagious and won't be spread to others. If you have none of these symptoms and have a normal chest X-ray, then you are not considered contagious and you are able to work or volunteer normally.
Avatar f tn I've also had severe fatigue, fainting episodes with no good vasovagal reason, and random sensory issues. I got an MRI because my doc was worried about MS. It was read as normal. However, I'm a physician assistant student and before the results came back, I looked at the CD and noticed a slight herniation of my cerebellum. I've only heard of Chiari before and didn't know the symptoms whatsoever. When I looked it up, I was surprised at how many of my symptoms are listed!
1746922 tn?1311557945 IBS, gastritis, internal hemorroids. ALL labs have been normal the SIX times they have been checked throughout this recent illness. What helps my symptoms? Protonix, Zofran and Benzil. IV fluids helped the constant headache I had for 2 weeks. I still feel like I am slightly dehydrated even though I have been pushing fluids like crazy. I am of course eating a bland diet high in fiber. Drinking plenty of fluids (ie: water, vitamin water, powerade).
Avatar m tn my wife is now 5 month runing pregnent she taken thyronum100mg last 2 month now thyroid level is normal but dr suggest for continuation thronum100mg is it harmful for my unborn baby
Avatar n tn // Pediatric dosing is somewhere between 8-15mcg per kilo of body weight, depending on age and other variables. You may have to go to 25mcg every other day, or break them in half. What I think is you should have an Endocrinologist familiar with pediatric cases involved.
Avatar f tn Elderly persons, on the other hand, may have less creatinine in their blood than the norm. Infants have normal levels of about 0.2 or more, depending on their muscle development. In people with malnutrition, severe weight loss, and long standing illnesses the muscle mass tends to diminish over time and, therefore, their creatinine level may be lower than expected for their age" An abnormally high value can idicate a kidney disorder.
Avatar n tn The reason for this is that because of their age and immune system, and the length of time for exposure, it is unlikely to have this type of allergy in infants. The more common types of allergy in infants relate to milk and dust mite. However, it appears that your daughter is having some types of symptoms. Generally, we reserve medications until the symptoms cause problems with normal life activities.
318928 tn?1248181016 Information was available on only four of the exposed infants, all of whom were apparently normal (1). A collaborative teratology information center study compared the outcome of 150 pregnancies with first trimester venlafaxine exposure to 150 with exposure to other serotonin-reuptake inhibitors and to a control group (n=150) with what were considered by the authors to be trivial exposures (3, 7).
142722 tn?1281537216 It is normal for infants at that age to drink 4-6oz of formula at each feeding, and feedings can range from every 3-6 hours depending on their weight. For his age and weight, it is recommended approximately 6ozs. of formula per feeding, however, your child has had stomach issues, which you stated has appeared to settle down. I suggest having 6ozs of formula in a bottle and see how much he eats.