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Avatar n tn I said yes why, Oh he is a big boy for his age I think Im starting to get a complex! Arent they suppose to double their weight in the first so many months or is this just another tale?
172023 tn?1334675884 For the first time in decades, the recommendations for weight gain during pregnancy have changed. Here's an article explaining the changes: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- THURSDAY, May 28 (HealthDay News) -- Obese moms-to-be should limit their weight gain during pregnancy to between 11 and 20 pounds to safeguard their health and that of their baby, according to newly updated expert guidelines.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if you are in the U.S., but we have WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)here. See if you can find their website. I'm sure there will be a lot of good information on it.
377493 tn?1356505749 's appointment Tuesday morning, but am wondering if anyone else has experienced weight loss during extreme heat. Is it normal for very active toddlers to have weight flucuation, or is it more like infants where they gain steadily, just at a slower pace? Thanks so much.
454677 tn?1206691163 I'm now up to 205lbs vs the 125lbs I was in April of 2007. My numbers at last months check were fine, but I'm still gaining weight. Lately I have been nauseated constantly, like a sick feeling maybe too much acid in my stomach, its only if I have to get up in the morning and it goes away after I take a nap. I have pain in my chest as well, it starts in my chest near my sternum and radiates to my back shoulder and feels like I have something stuck in my throat that I cant swallow.
243097 tn?1233759599 I got back to him on Monday so i'm hoping that it will be better by me it looks like he's getting a little more yellow. I know that this is normal in infants but why are they telling me not to worry? Has anyone else been in a situation like this?
Avatar n tn I don't think I'll weigh less but my goal is to try not to gain over 25pds since I started over weight. If you lose weight in the very beginning I been told thats ok and normal due to the nausea. I lost 5 pounds in the first 3 weeks but I've put it back on and they said as long as it didn't continue it would be ok. AS of last week OB said everything was going perfect!! so I'm going with that!!
Avatar n tn It is possible that when you were hypothyroid your metabolic rate was lower than normal. In normalizing the thyroid level with synthroid (unfortunately this does not cause the thyroid to function properly however) the metabolic rate increased back to an appropriate level. So perhaps your difficulty with weight in the past was due to an underactive thyroid and now that it is corrected it is easier to lose weight.
660775 tn?1225077505 It is both normal and healthy to gain weight during pregnancy. This ensures that both you and your baby are adequately nourished. Weight loss after pregnancy may sometimes be slow and some new mothers can find this initially frustrating. It's very important not to start on a crash diet immediately after you have had your baby. This will lead to health problems and possible post partum depression.
171768 tn?1324233699 Both of my girls are/were a nightmare to feed the first 4 months. DD#1 had coordination issues, along with a weak suck and possible swallowing problems. Until btw 3 and 4 months, it would take her over an hour to take a few ounces. Many of the feeds were screaming sessions. Finding the right nipple around 3 months helped, but she didn't really outgrow her issues until 4 months or so. This little one is also quite complicated.
Avatar n tn HIV Disease Progression and Antiretroviral Therapy Initiation in Infants/Children ((Early studies demonstrated that 20% to 30% of HIV-infected infants develop AIDS in the first year of life.[7,8] Young infants who progress to AIDS or die almost always have some symptoms prior to progression. Most common signs include oral candidiasis and hepatosplenomegaly.[7] Infants who have failure to thrive and growth abnormalities are more compromised.
Avatar n tn intersted in losing weight. can someone point me in the direction of finding a doctor in orlando, fl. is there a difference between hcg and b-12? which is better?
Avatar m tn The baby's general health got better and started to gain weight very quickly. But I am worried that the gain in the baby's face is a sign of hypo rather than a healthy growth. We also did thyroid USG at the 42nd day which seemed quite normal. Here are the test results: Age: 50 days TSH: 12.6 uU/ml (lab ref range 1.7-9.1 for 2-20 weeks) and ( 0.7-6.4 for 5mo-2yr) FT4: 1.11 ng/dl (lab ref range 1.1 – 3.0 infants) and (1.6-3.8 newborns) Age: 37 days TSH: 17.
Avatar n tn Hi, Gastroesophageal reflux is considered to be a normal/harmless phenomenon in infants. This usually stops at around 8-10 months when the infant assumes upright posture and starts taking more solid foods. Treatment is necessary only if he has recurrent aspirations, he fails to gain weight or has Sandiffer syndrome ( baby assumes an arched posture during reflux).
Avatar n tn Should I be worried at all that giving him corn syrup may cause weight gain or a metabolic problem? I hear so much about corn syrup in foods possibly being linked to metabolic syndrome.
Avatar f tn It is well known that vitamin B12 deficiency causes developmental delay and brain atrophy in infants and children. This has been reported in medical journals and texts since the 1960’s. The medical community (pediatricians, neurologists) is not routinely checking children who present with the first concern of developmental delay for B12 deficiency which is problematic and a clinical error.
93210 tn?1287457826 Glad to hear from you (in his service) regarding your decision to have the lap-band surgery. You sound like you were in the same boat as me with a lifelong battle of weight gain. I feel certain that it has something to do with puberty & hormones esp. since after a women has children & gets closer to menopause it seems her metabolism is working in reverse as evidenced by all my friends the same age as me!!!
Avatar n tn My son seems completely healthy, growing, eating and has been tested for everything this could possibly be - all negative. Can enzymes be elevated like this in infants and be normal? Should we do the biopsy? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!
1746922 tn?1311557945 It contains lauric acid, only found in human breast milk, that gives infants strong immune protection. Just ease into it starting with 2 tablespoons daily and gradually within 3-4 weeks reaching 4-5 tablespoons daily. For more info : The expert in this is Dr. Bruce Fife. Consider the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Tough one to follow, however, your body will THANK you for doing it after a couple weeks. It is very effective for IBS and gut dysbiosis.
Avatar f tn I was not told much about the disease except that it did make you feel tired and slowed your metabolism which in turn caused the weight gain. I was started out on 75mcg of levothyroxine which did begin to help with my energy levels as well as weight loss. It wasn't long after that I began to feel the same symptoms along with some new ones and my family doctor increased the medicine up to 100 mcg.
Avatar n tn Some conditions that I can think of (though cannot fully explain what you are experiencing) are Vitamin D and Calcium deficiency that can weaken the bones, or it can be a normal anatomic variant. In some persons, the fontanelles (the skull openings when we were babies), fail to calcify and close that can lead to this deformity (this is very rare). So I suggest you consult your doctor and hope you get a good explanation. Regards..
Avatar n tn we on the other hand, may have a major excess of insulin that will float around in your head (hence the feeling and sounds), which will cause the person to gain weight/lose weight rapidly, will cause unbearable hunger and head aches, and may ultimately require removal by surgery. also if eating protein foods help, its a good sign that you are matching up the insulin with the necessary proteins, a temporary fix, but you can never keep up. Please try a few things.
Avatar n tn I'm 33 years old and in good health (blood pressure normal) although I am a bit overweight. (I saw someone mentioned cysts on the ovaries; I do have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, but I can't really see how it would be connected.)Over the past year and a half I've had 4 episodes--the last one being this morning. The first time I was woken up out of my sleep by the pain and I thought I was having a heart attack. I couldn't get a deep enough breath. I called an ambulance and was taken to ER.
Avatar n tn This is a normal bacteria for the anogenital area. It becomes an issue in pregnancy, mainly for the infants sake. I don't know if it's ever something that needs to be treated in a non pregnant woman. Maybe if it sort of took over? Just like yeast is also a normal inhabitant of the female genital tract, if there is an imbalance and it overtakes the normal flora, you get symptomatic. Maybe group B strep is the same.
Avatar f tn When you work out, and you happen to work off the fatty tissue the THC is stored in then it can show up in your system. To what extent you'd need to smoke, gain weight and work out I'm not too sure. You'll be just fine!
Avatar n tn This is especially true in children. A rectal temperature up to 100.4°F (38°C) may be entirely normal. A rectal temperature of 100.5°F or above should always be considered a fever. Lower temperatures might also be a fever, depending on the person. Fever is not an illness. Far from being an enemy, it is an important part of the body's defense against infection. Many infants and children develop high fevers with minor viral illnesses.
544684 tn?1240121600 Was she born premature or the females in the family petite? She is under the normal weight for her age, however, if she has been gaining weight at a steady rate (even if it has been slow) she maybe just small in stature. If not, then she would be underweight. Soy base formula is given to infants so she can have soy milk, soy yogurt, soy ice cream.
Avatar n tn She seems to be eating ok. Can enzymes be elevated like this in infants and be normal? Should we do the biopsy? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!
Avatar n tn ) the pediatric cardiologist said that he does not need a surgery but the surgent said 80% of chances he will be schedule for surgery when he gain more weight (16 pounds at least) what do think doctor , this contradiction is bothering me and his parents , thank you.
Avatar n tn Treatment may include thyroid replacement hormone. In many cases, thyroid function returns to normal, which may occur in as little as a month or take up to several years. However, some women develop long-term hypothyroidism and need lifelong thyroid hormone replacement therapy.