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Avatar n tn Their height and weight may go through many changes in their teen years. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the average height for a 13-year-old girl is 5'1 3/4". Girls' normal height can range from 4'11 1/4" at the 10th percentile to 5' 5 3/4" at the 90th percentile. The average weight for girls at that age is 102 pounds, with a range from 82 pounds at the 10th percentile to 137 pounds at the 90th percentile.
Avatar f tn His height is between the 25-50th percentile for his age which is normal. Based on his weight / age, he should be consuming approximately 1800 calories per day as recommended the following; Fruits (limit fruit juices) = 1.5 cups; Vegetables 2.5 cups; Grains (cereals, breads) = 6oz equivalents; Meat & beans = 5oz equivalents; Dairy products (milk, yogurt) = 3 cups; Oils = 5 tsp; Additional calories to be used discretionary = 195.
1467697 tn?1286432019 has anyone else had height problems? Also, I've noticed that I gain weight if I don't take my medicine, has that happened to anyone else?
Avatar n tn If he is losing weight suggest giving him milkshakes (milk and ice cream blended) or Pediasure in place of milk at meals and snacks for additional calories for weight gain. Hoped this helped you.
Avatar n tn The doctor said she is 25% for weight and 90% for height/length... I think I might have a scientist that could have been a model on my hands... tall and skinny...
Avatar n tn He always has been though. Is that the same for your little boy? My son was born at normal weight but just gained weight very slowly from then on. His dad will become upset about this but I've learned to accept what the doctor says . . . he is growing on his own growth curve and that is what he is supposed to do. Little kids do not have very big tummies . . . so offer him healthy food often. Our pediatrician had us give lots of snacks plus meals.
Avatar m tn From your measurements, his weight is on the 75th percentile and his height is above the 95th percentile for his age. His weight is normal and his height, as you stated, is above normal. Height is usually genetic. Are there tall males in the family? His weight may appear thin due to his tall stature. If he is a poor eater, suggest a daily children chewable multi-vitamin. All supplement drinks give children all needed nutrients for growth and weight gain.
7757724 tn?1396283186 My daughters two n only weighs 22 pounds and is 32 inches. That puts her below 5th for get weight n between 5 n 10 for her height. She just out grew 12 month clothes n still fits in small onsies. So for me it is normal. I'm pretty thin n I'm 5'4 so she takes after me.
Avatar f tn My sister lost all her weight in 4 months after she had her son. As for the fundal height I never was aware of what mine was when my dr was measuring me. But they will let you know if they feel they have a concern. Just enjoy your pregnancy!! I cant believe I am 6 days from my due date (which I think i will go over anyways as I am not dilating or thinning at all) and it feels like I just found out I was pregnant.
1154074 tn?1322850914 Lily will be 3 months on the 10th and she hasn't had a height/weight check since she was 2 months 2 days. At that times she was 10 lbs 13 oz and 23 1/4". I'll have to get Lily on the scale with me to "guess" how much she weighs.
1963845 tn?1376034409 I'm 16 years old and 5 ft 5. Is it normal/okay height for a guy like me? For me, I don't think it is because some of my friends (guys), they are taller than me (LITERALLY). My height target is 5 ft 9 and I had been doing every possible grow-taller exercises everyday and I only got 1 cm increase. I need help/tips on this issue. Much more prefer recommendation on exercises...
Avatar n tn her baby was petite- 18 inches and 6 pounds at 38 weeks, but everything was great. if your dr isn't too concerned, i wouldn't worry too much. as for fundal height, my doc never measured that once!
326590 tn?1296066049 Is it possible the date is wrong and will the fundal height be more accurate? I was tested for GD at this u/s and my sugar levels are fine. I'm so confused...I have a regular check-up 2/5 and can ask the Dr then, but just wanted to get you guys opinion. Thanks!
Avatar f tn A few feeds later his sugar was normal. I'd definatley ask for another us at this point. Have you had a gestational diabetes test yet? Sometimes gestational diabetes can cause larger than normal fundal heights as babies can be bigger and more amniotic fluid.
Avatar n tn In the UK they don't even weigh you at prenatal appts because women gain such widely different amounts and it's no reflection on the weight of the baby. As long as you're still a healthy weight for your height I wouldn't worry especially as they'll be monitoring your sugar levels in your urine anyway. However there's no harm in raising it with your dr if you'd like reassurance.
Avatar f tn 10% She had serious health issues when born (two heart defects, heart failure, failure to thrive with weight) but these have all been resolved for over a year. She appears in good health (has some lingering hypotonia), and she's gaining weight - her weight is the one thing that has been climbing, she is 25 months now and 25 lbs. She is continuing to grow in height, but slowly (at 2 she was 32.5"), she's dropping all the time on the chart. So is this normal?
Avatar f tn My fundal height is 28 and I'm only 26 weeks, Is this normal? I know right now its suppose to be pretty accurate. Its when you get around 32 to 34 weeks is when it can be off a bit. Is it normal??
Avatar f tn Hi, im 20 years old and way 170lb at 5ft2in. What is the perfect weight for my height and age?
Avatar f tn My weight was around 160 pounds and now I'm 13wks and I'm 163. For my height I'm overweight.
Avatar m tn HELLO I have 179 cm( height) and 79 kg(weight) .I am 30 years old Is this normal or should I lose some weight? I can not do exercise for 3 months because of recent surgery.....
Avatar n tn Her weight is just below the 25th percentile and her height is below the 5th percentile for her age. Her weight-for-stature is between 50-75th percentile. She may just be petite due to genetics. If she had been steadily growing, no matter how slowly, then she is fine and just has a small stature.
Avatar f tn Hi! The weight will depend on many factors such as your geographical region, ethnicity, family background, body structure, waist and height. For small frame it should be around 132-145 pounds (59-65 kg) and for medium frame it should be about 142-156 pounds or 64 to 70kg and for large frame women it should be 152-173 pounds or 68 to 78kg. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar f tn His weight is just below the 75th percentile and his height is just below the 50th percentile for his age which indicates he is normal. As a guideline for a 12 month old child should eat the following: Dairy 3 feedings a day – Milk (4oz), cheese (½ oz), yogurt (½ cup), or cottage cheese (¼ cup). Starch 4 feedings a day – Cereal (¼ cup), pasta (¼ cup), rice (¼ cup), bread (½ slice), or crackers (2).
Avatar n tn Normal. Height is relative to your weeks, but the biggest thing is that the growth is in the right direction. They really don't worry unless the growth is way off or it stalls. As for the weight, lucky. That doesn't mean baby isn't gaining. It just means that you lost about the same as the baby gained. It happens. Baby has your stomach crowded. You can't eat as much and your appetite drops off. That's all.
Avatar m tn Meant to say "waist", not weight :) So, if your height is 70 inches, than your waist (no sucking it in :) ) should be no more than 35 inches. BTW I doubt you lost 4lbs of fat today, probably most of it is water weight. Best to lose weight gradually anyway -- like 1-2 lbs per week. Not sure what your nurse means by "make no diff".