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Avatar f tn We have been TTC for 13 months and nothing. Went to the Dr for a pap smear, that came back normal. I had a slightly high prolactin level (29) and I had a vaginal u/s done and he diagnosed me with PCOS. I have no "classic symptoms" such as facial hair, acne, or obesity. I am about 5'5" and 130 lbs. I do have a heart murmor ( it does not bother me) but I read some things that sort of scare me about pcos and heart problems in the future.
Avatar n tn My Gynecologist says it normal, WHAT????????????!!!!!!!!! It's not normal for a female to have a LARGE bone sticking out! Believe me, you would not want to be me.... There has to be a surgical proceedure to reduce the bone there, so we can feel like women again. See below... when i started discovering my body as a young girl, i realized something different from everyone elses. my vagina looks really bony. when i lay down flat, my pelvic bone is protruding out.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am a 29 year old female, 5'4 and 131 pounds. I recently lost over 100 pounds in the course of a year through diet and exercise. (starting weight 244 in September of 2010). I have always been overweight, and now have a lot of excess skin, which is to be expected. My question is about my ideal weight. My goal started at 150 pounds, then 140, then 130, now I'm thinking my ideal would be 120.
Avatar m tn I'm a 44 year old female, 5'4" and weigh 160lbs. I'd like to weight 130lbs. I've been following Weight Watchers for 2 months, very faithfully, writing everything down, staying within my points range and I haven't lost a pound! Up 1lb. one week, down 1lb. the next week. This goes on week after week and I stay the same. I exercise my butt off at least 6 days a week for an hour or more a day. Cardio/weight training and Karate 3x a week.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I'm so overwhelmed by the helpfulness and support and information. It helps so much--I read and read and feel such a connection. I can't even put it into words. I have a big concern about my dosage that I'm hoping some of you could shed light on. I am geno1, week 32 of 48. Virus was negative at week 12. I am female, 5'4," weigh 110. I was originally on 4 riba a day. It has been cut back to 3 for past 5 weeks. Have anemia and low white count.
Avatar f tn I am a 19 year old female, 5'4'', and currently 150 pounds. I am extremely active. I figure skate, weight lift, attend aerobics, and do additional cardio training. I have been on Jenny Craig for four months and got down to 142 pounds, but it came back on. I currently am eating 1200 calories a day and do physical activity every day faithfully. My goal weight is 130-135, but I can never get passed 142. It seems the more I exercise, the more I gain.
225237 tn?1333142599 (never exercised and ate whatever I wanted, but did lead an active lifestyle) In my 30s, I gained about 20lbs, which really just brought me up to a weight most guidelines consider normal for my height. In my 40s, I've gained another 20lbs, and it's time to act. The thing is, the weight just won't come off. When I was 97lbs and in my 20s, if I ever felt my belly was a bit puffy, I'd just do 20 sit-ups, and be perfectly flat again. I have never dieted.
Avatar f tn Hi all! Sorry for the long post but I want to make sure you have background on my situation. I've entered a few sample days in my food diary here if that can help as well. I'm a 30 year old female, 5'4", and weigh 180 pounds. This is the most I've ever weighed in my life... for most of my adult years (18+) I hovered between 145 and 155 and was a small size 10. I realize according to BMI standards this is still high, but BMI standards can...
Avatar f tn Hi all! Sorry for the long post but I want to make sure you have background on my situation. I'm a 30 year old female, 5'4", and weigh 180 pounds. This is the most I've ever weighed in my life... for most of my adult years (18+) I hovered between 145 and 155 and was a small size 10. I realize according to BMI standards this is still high, but BMI standards can...
789879 tn?1321330762 Hello, I am on my 4th round of HCG, and my results are almost none. My first round I went from 204 down to 185, my 2nd round from 185 to 172, my 3rd round from 173 to 172 (fluctuating between 172 - 174), and now 18 days into my 4th round I went from 195 to 191 currently. My 3rd round I didn't loose more than about 5 lbs., and here on my 4th round my results have been almost none. I don't seem to be hungry on the diet, and I have done the diet as close to protocol as I possibly can.
797971 tn?1238012031 I currently weigh 187 pounds. It's hard to lose weight in general for women. But the weight needs to come off. I have no support group or anything to help. I've came across this place in hopes of help. I don't want to have to see a doctor just to get a list of foods I can't eat or anything else. I don't need a doctor to tell me that. I'd rather have support from people just like me. My question is..... Where do I begin? What foods do I start eating more of, and what do I drink less of?
Avatar f tn I am 26/Female, 5'4", and weight about 145 pounds. I just started on Zoloft to help with some anxiety issues I have been having. My goal is to lose about 10 pounds just for my health. I am worried about gaining weight on Zoloft and can't seem to find an answer as to whether it is the medicine that makes you gain weight, or mentally feeling better that makes you eat more and you gain weight. Can you address this please? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I am on 500 mg and it has done nothing for weight loss. It actually constipated me for the first few days and gave me heartburn and chest pain. I don't know if that is normal or not. My doctor says I am insulin resistant and he thinks this will help me loss weight. Should I ask to increase it? Or is it to soon?
Avatar n tn Anyhow Effexor did wonders for my attitude however after 3 years I am now convinced that it was the cause for all the excess weight. Anyhow I was wondering if the weight comes off after I get off the meds? or am I stuck with excess weight forever in which case I will be contacting my doctor because they lied to me.
Avatar n tn I'm certainly no substitute for a medical professional, but I'm prettty sure that its just that you shouldn't take the Welbutrin if you already have a problem with seizures. Lots of people take it without developing a seizure problem and it really helps them.
Avatar n tn I had a partial hysterectomy (I got to keep one ovary) after my second baby, and I haven't been able to lose any weight either. I was also lactating over a year after I had quit nursing my baby and I was having horrible hair loss. My thyroid tests kept coming up in the normal range, but I still didn't feel well.
Avatar n tn Did anyone who went back on it continue to lose weight? I was told it didn't work the second time around for weight loss. Also, if I am refilling my prescription after being off it for 2 months, should I titrate up? Thanks.
1567786 tn?1295906846 The TSH test helps only to determine the cause. Even here, “normal” may not be good enough. The labs’ reference ranges for free T4 and free T3 are not optimal ranges; but only 95%-inclusive statistical population ranges. The lower limits are below those seen in studies of healthy adults. They define only 2.5% of the population as “low”, but hypothyroidism is more prevalent than that.
Avatar n tn But, everything appears to be normal and there is no explanation for my weight gain. Recently I have seen some improvement when I have added a boot camp class 2 times per week to my 8 hours of cycling. I have not yet lost weight but can notice a small difference in inches. While exercising I use a Polar heart rate monitor with Own Cal and this seems to be the most accurate as compared to other monitors. Good luck!
Avatar n tn If this is any encouragement--the person who just by chance--opened my eyes to the cause for my weight gain--said after she was on it for 3 years she put on 30 lbs in 6 months, went off it, and quickly lost 20. I'm so upset for all of us. It's not like our lifestyles/diet have changed--if anything we've gotten healthier in a desperate effort to drop a few!
Avatar f tn I am a 17 year old female. I weight about 120 ish and am 5'4. For a few years now I have been having weird accurences happening. No matter what I'm doing. It has happened standing, sitting, laying down ect. To start off when this happens Is my heart pounds, I get a weird feeling go over my body (Almost as like a slight tingly/vibration) my chest, throat/neck get a tight squeezing feeling then I start to feel faint.
Avatar n tn I am female, overweight (5'4", 178pounds) age 39, with no major health problems (mild asthma, heart murmur). About 5 months ago my dr. found very mildly elevated ast/asl on a routine blood test. An ultrasound of the liver showed this: Liver is diffusely and markedly echogenic. No focal liver lesions identified. Portal and hepatic venous waveforums are within normal limits. Gallbladder is normal. Common bile duct meausres within normal limits at 3.9mm.
Avatar f tn hi and welcome to the forum....for me the weight came off as I was tapering off I lost over 45lb when I was finely off...its different for everyone but most lose the weight gaind from the methadone sooner or later ...hey congrads on your taper your down to 15ml now how are you feeling??
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm a 27 year old female and I have recently been tested for a thyroid condition and the result was hypothyroid, however, the endocrinologist has said that my thyroid is not "off" enough to cause any of the symptoms I have been experiencing. I will soon post the actual results, but I know my TSH was "normal" but my T4 was low.
Avatar n tn One of the reasons I went on this medication for my aniexty was my weight, and now my weight issues have come back. I do however, feel so much better mentally. I told myself last year, during the hardest time of my life, that I didn't care how fat I got, just as long as I was mentally sound. But of course now I am upset about my weight. I do want to go off the medication, but reading what others have posted I am wondering what is the most healthy choice.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I'm a 28-year-old female who has had dyspnea on exertion for about four years now (sudden onset). After initially being told it was stress (when I was an active person at a healthy weight), I was unable to exercise and gained weight (but the severity of the shortness of breath did not change) - and my previous doctor attributed it to the weight gain. I recently had a series of EKGs, stress tests, and a myocardial perfusion scan.
Avatar f tn I'm 5'4", 33 year old female, active in weight lifting/ cardio since 2007 and a crossfit athlete for 10 months ago. I was eating approx 1000-1300 cal for the past 2.5 years. As a result, I lost the fat I was hoping to but consequently developed hypothyroidism and amenorrhea. This august, I made an effort to correct the metabolic disturbances under the direction of a registered dietician. I increased my caloric intake to 1600 cal/day.