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Avatar f tn Is any one else's weight chart messed up? My chart and weights are right but it keeps telling me I am -71 lb below normal weight range which not matching up to my actual weight gain obviously. It's driving me crazy.
Avatar f tn //www.babycenter.
Avatar f tn Her weight is between the 90-95th percentile and her height is on the 50th percentile which indicates she is normal for her age and not overweight. Her weight is still within the growth chart. She is in puberty now and will be physically changing. As she gets older she may loss it. Suggest dancing which is fun and will help to lose the weight.
Avatar f tn In a dog with ideal weight, you should be able to easily feel his ribs and see a slight bit of the last rib, but the rest of the ribs or the pelvis and spine bones should not be poking out. You can see a chart of body weight conditions at the following website:
Avatar n tn ) some babies just grow at different rates! And sometimes it could just be your actual due date because it's just a guess when they calculate your due date with the first day of your last period:) congratulations! And God bless you!
Avatar f tn Here is a weight gain chart, based on BMI
Avatar f tn As far as weight goes the baby center gives you a wright gain chart based on your bmi. However I think your body will do as it needs and all you have to do is try to eat a well rounded diet and stay healthy and active.
Avatar f tn I just got back from my growth ultrasound and he's a whopping 2 lbs 3oz! I looked up a chart for average fetal weight and it says the average at 26 weeks is 1.68lbs!
Avatar f tn before 3 months diagnsed diabetes type 2 ,fasting 90to 110 2hrs after meal stays 160 /170 i am using gluphage 500mg 1 in morning 1 in evening please sugest me how i can control this, please provide a chart what i can eat daily what i can eat less what are the things i should stop completely. thanks.
348660 tn?1230405773 Has anyone googled this before?? I just looked at it. My son, who will be 3 in January was conceived the month of April when I was 24 & it shows he was to be a boy...I did other friends of mine & they were right too!!! Just wondering if anyone else out there has looked at this chart & if it was accurate? I just miscarried Monday but it says I was pregnant with a girl! Please let me know if anyone else has looked at this & if it was accurate for them!??
223152 tn?1346981971 My friends. It has been awhile and I would like to update the stats chart. For those who don't know, I have been keeping some basic statistics on members who started treatment from about last June forward. I started keeping stats only on genotype 1s who were doing triple therapy, but it has expanded to everyone. Many of you have now completed therapy and are still UND. A few are actually SVR. To view these charts - please click on my profile and go to pictures.
Avatar f tn She had serious health issues when born (two heart defects, heart failure, failure to thrive with weight, but these have all been resolved for over a year. She appears in good health, and she's gaining weight (her weight is the one thing that has been climbing, she is 25 months now and 24.5 lbs, so around 40% for weight. She is continuing to grow in height, but she's dropping all the time on the chart. Her doctors have never really mentioned anything about it.
Avatar f tn ( My doc isn't worried...she says I need 1lb a week until the end and I've been doing that so far. How about you?
Avatar f tn 10% She had serious health issues when born (two heart defects, heart failure, failure to thrive with weight) but these have all been resolved for over a year. She appears in good health (has some lingering hypotonia), and she's gaining weight - her weight is the one thing that has been climbing, she is 25 months now and 25 lbs. She is continuing to grow in height, but slowly (at 2 she was 32.5"), she's dropping all the time on the chart. So is this normal?
118074 tn?1228332603 Just keep introducing different food to your baby and let him eat the same kind for awhile before giving him a different one. He'll eventually start liking normal food and gaining weight. For the time being, for him to gain weight, lots of bubbas/breastmilk (whichever you're doing).
Avatar m tn i know i am hyper and not hypo but unlike the majority of the hyper i have actually gained weight and not lost weight being hyper. my current T3 was 7.0 and my FREE T4 was 21. i at times can actually feel my heart do a double beat. i often wake up in the middle of the night and have to change my shirt because i have sweat so bad while sleeping. anyone with some helpful input would be greatly appreciated!
645800 tn?1466864555 It was done by the website 360heart of the American heart association. This is a site that allows you to keep track of things like BP, Glucose, Exercise, weight. It works in conjunction with Microsoft's Health Vault site. Another benefit of the site ( and others too) is that it accepts data directly from some medical devices like the new BP monitor I just ordered.
Avatar f tn Hi I just wanna know if what is the normal length and weight of the fetus during 21 weeks, I am 21 weeks pregnant...
Avatar n tn I wouldn't listen to the weight chart thing, I'm nearly 35 weeks amd ever since a set up this app it has been telling me av been gaining too much weight, av never worried as think it is probably better to be gaining to much than not enough.
Avatar n tn Both his weight and height are on the 10th percentile for his age which indicates his is in the normal range on the Growth chart. What is important with Growth Charts is that the infant grows at a steady pace over time. If he falls asleep while eating, suggest changing his diaper (which will wake him up) or just wake him up by moving him and then put him back on your breast to feed awhile longer.
Avatar f tn The chart on this website says I am above the normal weight is that a bad thing? I was underweight before getting pregnant.
Avatar f tn It is not normal.. you shouldn't be gaining any weight as of right now.. I'm 16 weeks and havnt gained a pound.. It's important to stay fit during pregnancy, because if you gain too much weight, it will be that much harder to lose it after the baby!
Avatar f tn For your age, your weight is on the 25th percentile which indicates you are normal and not underweight. You are measured on the growth chart due to being consisted a child (under 20 years old). The fluctuation of weight maybe caused due to the time of day. We weight less in the morning then at night. You may have been more active and lost weight even though you seemed to eat more. A 17 year old needs 2200 calories per day.
Avatar n tn A lot of people have responded saying this feeling is normal, which is good to know, but should I be worried about the weight? I am only a small person and thought that I might be showing more, or gaining more weight than I have.
Avatar n tn Hi, well, your baby was pretty big from the start! Hats off to you for delivering a 9.5 pound baby dear! Is he on his growth chart?? Is your doctor worried about his weight? My baby had gas and reflux and I did a lot of research on it at the time. Many boys actually have an immature sphincter muscle and will spit up almost in a violent way. My son sure did. They outgrow this. I added the gas drops to a bottle a few times a day and that helped.
Avatar f tn As for the breast milk, breastfed babies are on a whole different chart and level. They fluctuate w/ weight gain since they go through spurts, but overall your baby will have a healthier weight and less chance of obesity throughout a lifetime. :) Great job mama! How is everything else going?
140437 tn?1215113342 The charts indicating weight to height ratio totally contradict the BMI ranges for normal, overweight and obese.
Avatar f tn I hate some of these doctors. I lost 15 lbs and u am now 24 wka preggo and weight loss and pregnancy runs in my fam. Once ur not starving yourself etc don't worry. My baby has the weight and i don't. Doctors talk about bmi etc. i hate that crap, no " weight" chart can possibly tell me i am under weight or over weight. My sister had a 3 month looking belly at 9 months and baby weighed 7 lbs. If u listen to everything these american doc say then u will go nuts.
Avatar f tn but i ignore what they have to say and just use it to see the chart effect of my weight change. see if its a steady rise or if there are dips or anything like that. the important thing is what your doctor says and how you are feeling. i didn't find their bbt chart all that reliable either. so i would take their message with a grain of salt.