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7918555 tn?1397023594 I am 24 weeks pregnant with twin boys . Their weight at this point is 1lb 3 oz & 1lb 4 oz . Is that normal weight for being 6 months pregnant ??
Avatar n tn i have two obese boys age 6 and 14 both have their penises that stay "hidden" to look at them the look as if they have a normal scrotum without an actual penis. they have no trouble urinating have not had any complaints of pain. is this normal with being overweight or could there be another condition causing this? also if anyone had this does it go away? furthermore when you forcibly cause there penis to come out they are small in size what is the normal penis size for this age group?
Avatar n tn I said yes why, Oh he is a big boy for his age I think Im starting to get a complex! Arent they suppose to double their weight in the first so many months or is this just another tale?
Avatar f tn gained 60 with my first 55 with my second and currently 9 days away from due date now with a 36 pound weight gain(all boys) i weigh 151 right now...
334926 tn?1436815123 Well I have to take the boys to the pediatrician today (they were just there a week ago, last week was a wellness check) today they are going cause of their acid reflux. They have always spit up after eating, even in the nicu. And never been bothered by it. Well these last few days they've spit up and the milk is mixed in with clear looking mucous. Aleks actually started choking twice yesterday because of it. I was so scared for him.
7566904 tn?1394767578 How much weight did you gain during pregnancy and how much did you lose postpartum?
12654249 tn?1439951416 I started to carry low and more pointed to the front also. Now in my 3rd trimester I am finally gaining weight but I have started to get mad and moody a lot more and I feel like I could sleep all day. I crave cheesecake now as well.
Avatar n tn It said the normal is 237-770. Since he is only 5, would that explain why it is so low? I read something and it said it should still be 100-200 for pre-puberty. The only other results that are in so far are: WBC are alittle low and his TSH is 6.23. His urinalysis was normal. I am really confused and nervous. Does any of this make sense?
143123 tn?1274304425 For us mommies to boys...please share how far along you are, how you are carrying and what's going on with your rear side. I'm 32w3d today and I am stuck straight out in the front, I use my belly to prop a plate on when I'm in the living room eating and watching tv. But, I promise my bootie is like a WIDE LOAD! My hips have spread so much it seems like. No one else can notice it, but I do. So, I don't know if it's in my head or if it's real.
334926 tn?1436815123 Gaining weight and having their food intake increased daily. A few days ago I noticed both boys had a cough so I mentioned this to the doc. Yesterday he decided to test them for the 6 common viruses/cold you can get. It could take up to a week to get the results back. Today after he had seen them, he says they are both doing great and they are breathing well and if they are sick they are handling it very well. He doesn't believe that they are sick but he doesn't know why they ate coughing.
Avatar f tn So be happy your losing it because once you start gaining it your going to gain like crazy. But they say you usually lose weight with boys, and well everyone I know with boys has lost weight like crazy so if you haven't yet found out what your having this might be a good wives tale.
Avatar n tn Is it normal to loose weight carrying a girl ? This is my second pregnancy and I've lost about 30 lbs in 15 weeks.
11165184 tn?1429572982 If so what was the difference in your symptoms between the 2? I have 2 boys and I was sick starting about 3 weeks with both, my first being so bad, my husband had to make me a full breakfast before I could even consider sitting up in the morning. Now i'm pregnant with my third and I haven't had any nausea. I'm thinking it could be because of fewer hormone changes?? I know you tend to have more changes with boys because of the testosterone.
Avatar n tn Hi, well, your baby was pretty big from the start! Hats off to you for delivering a 9.5 pound baby dear! Is he on his growth chart?? Is your doctor worried about his weight? My baby had gas and reflux and I did a lot of research on it at the time. Many boys actually have an immature sphincter muscle and will spit up almost in a violent way. My son sure did. They outgrow this. I added the gas drops to a bottle a few times a day and that helped.
Avatar f tn I haven't been throwing up at all and eating pretty much the same as before. Anyone else not gain weight for awhile? With my two other kids (both boys) I gained more than the 25-30 lbs so I don't know..
Avatar f tn If he's bothered now about it, then he'll go crazy when you start to get bigger and in more pain from the pressure of the baby. Remember that it's normal to gain weight, and it's something you need to do. If you're underweight, you'll want to gain even more.
Avatar n tn A lot of people have responded saying this feeling is normal, which is good to know, but should I be worried about the weight? I am only a small person and thought that I might be showing more, or gaining more weight than I have.
Avatar f tn Are they goin to be lil when they r big.? Im a premi I weight 3lbs an weight use to weight 100 and 5ft kids weight 7lbs at births.
Avatar n tn How big are your babies, or whats everyone's thoughts on her weight. I know it's normal, just like to compare, even if everyone is different.
Avatar f tn And with my current pregnancy I am 22 weeks and having a girl and lost 20 and have gained back 5 so far. But my normal weight is around 185 so my dr doesn't usually worry about it too much. With my son I was all belly.
341551 tn?1266984330 (1 pound 6 ounces is the normal weight for 22 in a half weeks). It was soo cool to finally get a number so I can size him up!! :) Anyone else know their babys weight??
Avatar n tn 5 weeks now with my first, and I've already gained 20 lbs. (I'm 23 years old and my pre-pregnancy weight was normal.) Over the past week, my belly has really grown quite a bit!.. I'm not eating any differently, really. I've always enjoyed sweets, and I do give into that craving at least once a day (but I was that way before pregnancy). I don't exercise as much as I should, but again, I've been that way for the past few years. Should I be worried? I still have about 4.
6396087 tn?1399171232 Im 37+5 and have gained 40 pounds my normal weight is 118 n so surprising cus this my third pregnancy and the first 2 I had only gained 16 n 17 pounds and im eating cantaloupe right now
Avatar f tn This time they said I haven't gained enough and started making weight goals. But that sounds really normal to me.
Avatar f tn I dont eat junk, i snack on fruits, boiled eggs, things like that I was normal weight when i found out i was pregnant and my BMI was normal. I just dont know if my weight gain will effect the baby.
Avatar f tn I then will have a snack or a few snacks at night, between a bowl of cereal, another sandwich....or a chocolate ice cream drumstick lol. With my boys, my weight was extremely high. I was 175lbs with Aiden and 182lbs with Conner. I'm 4'9 and my pre pregnancy weight do vary between 100-115. I was 115lbs pre pregnancy with this baby. Is my weight okay? Should I be looking at taking in more calories? Do I need to be gaining more? And does this mean that Kora isn't growing normally?
142722 tn?1281537216 A friend of mine who looks like a stick gained about 60 lbs with each of her boys...and me whose over weight anyways have only gained 30lbs. My DH's cousin whose due in March had lost 16lbs in her first trimester but shes been sick all the time and had to go to the hospital because she was dehydrated. Heres a website:
1083673 tn?1388892238 Its common in the first trimester to loose weight. I only weighed like 98 lbs my first pregnancy and I lost about 10 lbs. My doctor wasnt concerned and by the end of the pregnancy I had gained 30 on top of the 10 I lost.