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Normal range of random blood glucose

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875426 tn?1325528416 At the same time that second HgA1c was taken, a random blood sugar came out low at 67. (Reference range they gave of 74-106 I think was actually for fasting, though not my parent was not fasting- it was four something in the afternoon.) Can anyone here with diabetes tell me what they think might be going on and if they think the glucose tolerance test offered by the doctor prior to these second lab numbers should now be requested anyway by my parent?
Avatar m tn but the post lunch levels always within the normal range of viz 140.The random levels always varies from 125 to 150. Kindly advise me whether i am diabetic and do i have to take medicine for diabetes?
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I am a dietetic student who just finished working at a camp for children with type 1 diabetes. As part of the staff we were all given blood glucose monitors to help check the kids (even though I don't have diabetes). We were allowed to keep the monitors and I have been doing some random blood glucose checks on myself when I am not feeling well to help myself better understand lows.
Avatar m tn my fasting glucose was normal, but my A1c indicated pre-diabetes. I managed to bring my A1c down to a normal level by watching my carb intake. I wish I could give you more information.
Avatar n tn I would do two things; first, fasting test with another meter and with yours at the same time to see if yours is out of calibration; two, I would get an A1c test to verify normal glucose level. If the A1c results are normal, don't fret anymore.
1654177 tn?1319838494 Anyway, I told my doctor at Kaiser and she ran a random blood glucose test (non-fasting). My blood sugar was 68 ml/dl, the standard range is 70-140 ml/dl. She says to just eat less carbs and do more cardio exercise, and that this could be pre-diabetes. The part that concerns me is the numb feet. I have cut down carbs in the past 2 weks and continued to exercise more, but still my feet are numb, and hurt sometimes. Any advice?
Avatar m tn Hi, Based on your fasting tests, I would say that you do not have diabetes, and often a fasting test is more than adequate. Random blood sugars during the day in the range of the 130's as you report are also normal. If you want another assessment that is a step further than the fasting blood test, a 2-hour glucose challenge will help tell if you are completely normal, have diabetes or are somewhere in between. It is a very good test as well.
Avatar n tn There are several ways you can diagnose diabetes. Your level last night after one cup of soda is more representative of a random blood glucose. A random glucose of >200mg/dL with symptoms of diabetes is diagnostic of Type 2 Diabetes. Therefore, from that one measure, you do not have Type 2 Diabetes. However, your fasting sugar is within the pre-diabetic range. Are you pregnant? You posted in the gestation diabetes section which is diabetes within pregnancy. Hope that helps!
Avatar f tn In a person without diabetes, the glucose levels in the blood rise following drinking the glucose drink, but then then fall quickly back to normal (because insulin is produced in response to the glucose, and the insulin has a normal effect of lowing blood glucose.
Avatar m tn National Institute of Health (NIH), a blood glucose level below 70mg/dL at the time of symptoms followed by relief after eating confirms a diagnosis for reactive hypoglycemia." With that said, it would be in your best interest to schedule a full health evaluation with your doctor. If you happen to dip below 60 mg/dl it could be detrimental to your well being.
Avatar m tn ve been having some of the classic warning signs of diabetes - very frequent urination, somewhat increased thirst, extreme fatigue that no amount of sleep or exercise seems to relieve - but the blood glucose tests are coming back normal. Any idea what might be going on here? As an added twist, I'm currently in a 3rd world country where the standard of medical care is fairly low, so any advice is appreciated.
Avatar m tn Do I need medical attention and medication? Maybe, maybe not. Here's why I say that; a fasting (preprandial) glucose of 116 mg/dl indicates prediabetes. Your postprandial of 130 mg/dl is considered normal. So now what? Your best bet is to get an A1c (HgbA1c or HbA1c) test performed. This is the gold standard that most doctors use to determine a patients glucose level for diabetes. The A1c will inform the doctor, and you, how well you have managed your glucose over the past three months.
13422552 tn?1429907388 Your glucose testing should be directed and done in such a way that it will tell you useful information. Fasting (ideally 70-95 range). Peak post eating (ideally 80 - 120 range, lower is better, but not higher than 140). Before eating - ideally is 80 - 95 range (ie. same as fasting). Then you can use this information to help guide your food choices / exercise / medication use as you will be able to see cause and effect of what you are doing.
580765 tn?1274919360 As I was getting them together and putting them in order, I noticed that the LP results that I had 6 years ago were slightly out of range. The normal range of glucose in a spinal fluid exam is 40- 70mg/dL. Mine was 74. My protein was 28 and within the range of 15-45. They did note that there were no oligoclonal bands present. The doctor still listed the LP as negative. Since I am not a doctor I do not know if a slightly elevated glucose level points to anything.
Avatar n tn nt be surpised at all if your cholesterol numbers come way down once you get your thyroid balanced. Your glucose is so close to normal range. Test it at home if you have the things to do it. Take care.
Avatar f tn under immunosuppressant meds have a range from 50 - 150 mg, yet I constantly hear the normal range is 70 - 120. Both of our blood samples are tested at the same lab too. So what is the "normal" fasting glucose range?
254215 tn?1195093384 But your weight sounds ideal, and your numbers are all within the so-called normal range of 80-126. Some doctors do consider the fasting glucose tests and will pull out the label prediabetic if fasting tests run above 100 even if the after meal numbers are still in the very normal under-126 range. Others that I have read comments from do not consider a person's after-meal level to be above normal unless it is above 146, so your numbers really do sound good.
Avatar n tn A fasting glucose test will give a fairly accurate reading of the amount of excess glucose floating around your blood streams. A measurement of 5.0 mmol/l is considered normal, not diabetic.
Avatar n tn Everything is within normal range. I just have a question about ALT. Mines was 56 with reference range 9-60 u/l. I keep hearing that 30 is suppose to be normal and anything over 30 signals Hep C, Fatty Liver, etc..but does that go for 30-65 area? Why are some labs different? I am 28 5'11, 160lbs but I do not exercise and eat whatever I want. My doctor and a NP i visited do not seem concern at all.
Avatar m tn Please get a blood glucose fasting and after food. Thyroid is normal. Random glucose level is normal but on lower side. I think you should discuss these possibilities with your doctor and the cause for high cholesterol. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted.