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Avatar f tn My RE is highly regarded in his field and he told me at my first appointment that he is not even going to consider Clomid for me because of my age and he would just start me off on Menopur but he asked that I take a repeat FSH/estradiol and I did and the results were worse than before so I don't know what his game plan is going to be. I am just leaving it in Gods merciful and miraculous hands and EXPECT to get pregnant and have a baby.
374593 tn?1257883550 46 would be your estradiol(E2) and 6 or 9 would be your FSH. FSH should be under 10 and E2 should besomewhere between 20 to 80 (this will vary a little bit b/w lab and Dr preference). The FSH is a measure used to determine egg quality/reserve-under 10 is good. For that number to be considered accurate the E2 has to be within the range above. I don't know anything about PCOS so I can't help with that.
Avatar n tn I have seen my blood test results and they are: LH - 31.2 FSH - 62.4 and ESTRADIOL - <10.0 These tests were taken on 10-24-08. He said that I am definitely in menopause. Is this indicative of that? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.
Avatar m tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that your estradiol and FSH levels are quite good for your age. Your fertility at 41 is better than most. Two things to consider is 1) you may want to have an AMH level done--some people consider this to be a better indicator of fertility than the FSH/estradiol. 2) The other part of fertility, unfortunately is that the miscarriage rate at your age is high and gets worse quickly as the months/years go by.
Avatar f tn I'm sure you'll be fine - it just takes a bit of fine tuning I think. I you had your FSH and estradiol levels taken on day 2 or 3, and maybe your AMH, then this should have also given your clinic some indication of the drug dosage. Good Luck to you!!! Hopefully a beautiful baby comes your way 2010!!
Avatar f tn As far as I know, higher estrogen levels with normal FSH indicates that FSH is being artificially suppressed. However, when the estrogen levels are low the FSH level will be more accurate. Have you been testing on day 3 of your cycle? the information I have is based on day 3 testing.
Avatar f tn I had a Salvia test done a couple weeks befoe the serum testing and the testosterone was slightly above high normal above and DHEA was double the high normal range. Estradiol and projest were normal on the salivia test.
Avatar f tn Do you happen to know what the normal ranges are for LH and FSH? I recently had some blood tests done and my LH was at 0.2 and FSH at 1.2. (The tests were taken on day 16 or 17 of my cycle. Incidentally, my estrogen/estradiol was ,15 too.) My Ob/Gyn doesn't know what it means exactly... and hasn't really explained much, except to say that these levels were very low. I don't know what the normal range is...and still don't know what these numbers mean.
Avatar n tn What is the normal range for FSH level, and LH level? I am 31 years of age and recently had a blood test which has come back abnormal, but I do not understand the results, could you please help to explain what they mean below: My LH level = 1.9 abnormal? My FSH level = 5.7 iu/L My GP has given me medication to take from day 14 to 28 day of my cycle, for the next couple of months and then test me again ? Please help as I feel I am going crazy !
Avatar n tn My fertility doc said he knew of a study done in Australia on women with high FSH levels and IUI's. These women were given compounded DHEA which brought down their FSH levels and were able to conceive with IUI. He wanted to give it a shot. I took the DHEA for 30 days tested my FSH level and it was 7.2!!! We induced a period day 3 blood FSH level was 9.4 that was 11/5/07 I had my first IUI on 11/14/07 and had a positive pregnancy test on 11/27/07!!!
Avatar n tn My estradiol levels have come back repeatedly on the low end (in the 60's or 40's) but my FSH levels are normal. My last estradiol was taken on day 12 and it was 40 which is low but I don't have regular cycles. Honestly, I don't know if the low estradiol would cause the weight gain...I am actually afraid to start taking it because I think it will cause me to gain weight.
Avatar n tn The estradiol supresses this mechanism, allowing multiple follicles to mature, and making your chlomid or other drugs a better shot at producing multiple eggs.
Avatar n tn Were any other androgen levels tests - LH, FSH, dhea sulfate, any testosterone levels, or SHBH? Estrogen and testosterone are related and estrogen comes from multiple sources.
Avatar n tn You are absolutely correct. Your levels for the midcycle surge levels of FSH and LH are within normal limits. So don't worry--you need a cycle day 2 or 3 FSH,LH and Estradiol level to measure ovarian reserve not a midcycle surge level.
Avatar n tn Hi. I'm new to this post & am not even sure if this is the right place to post, if not I am sorry but any help is appreciated. I'll try to ask all the questions I have at once. Hopefully it won't be too confusing. FIRST: I AM NOT ON ANY HRT YET!! #1: I'm 42 yrs old. 1.5 yrs. ago began "menopause" with FSH levels at 56.5. In January '07 had "period", went to gyno, got checked out, took another FSH & it came back 8.5. On 2/28/07 had FSH done and it's back up to 55.1.
332747 tn?1198123717 Got my results today. I was so sure, so sure my FSH would be low. Am very surprised and taken back by the results. Impatiently waiting until tomorrow to talk with my dr. about results.
Avatar n tn The FSH is considered high since normal should be less then 10.0. I would wonder what the cycle day 3 Estradiol level was. This could mean that you would have more difficulty getting pregnant. Your age is in your favor and so high FSH levels mean less for you. I would suggest seeing a specialist called a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialist because you may have to undergo fertility treatment to help you get pregnant.
Avatar n tn TFT,free T4,T3-normal cortisol-29ug(normal 6-19) fsh-3.5 mIU/ml(normal 1.4 - 18.3) LH 9.1 mIU/ml(normal 1.5-14) prolactin 6.6 mIU/ml(normal 3-15) testosterone 8.7ng/ml (normal 2.45-18.4) free testosterone 20 pg/ml (normal 8.9-42.5 pg/ml estradiol 96.5 (normal 25-70pg/ml) lipid profile showed an increase in triglycerides and my bp was 150/84. On my physician's advice i did a low dose dexamethasone suppression test.The cortisol level after eight .5mg doses of dexamethasone came as .6ug/dl..
Avatar n tn Hi - I had a normal FSH of 4.2 on cycle day 3, but my estradiol was really high: 170. They did an ultrasound and did not see any cysts on this same day. I have not been able to talk to the doctor and I need to go back and do the day 10 bloodwork to check my levels again. Did anyone else have high estradiol? I keep reading it CAN mask a high FSH, but are there situations when a high estradiol is not effecting the FSH? I am 30 years old and have had 2 chemical pregnancies.
Avatar n tn For example I'm 42 and my FSH was under 2, but my E2 was very high and since the E2 was so high it made the FSH level lower than normal. Good luck. I can get pregnant but keep losing so we'll be using donor eggs.
Avatar f tn I'm 42 yrs old and trying to concieve for the 1st time. I had FSH levels done about 6 months ago and my level was 3!! I've had 2 unsuccessful IUI's since Oct. and am trying again this month. Just recently had another FSH level blood test, still waiting for results. My dr. recommended an Estradiol test also. I'm not sure exactly what this is, but I think it helps to identify how viable our old eggs are! Has your dr. suggested or done this test?
Avatar n tn You must do a cycle day 2 or 3 FSH and Estradiol level to make a determination of how old your ovaries are. A cycle day 18, does not mean as much and would be difficult to interpret. If you are 28 years old the cycle day 2 or 3 FSH and Estradiol is less predictive of the possibility of you getting pregnant. So your age is something positive but if the FSH is elevated that is negative. I would use it to decide to proceed with fertility treatment aggressively and not wait.
Avatar m tn , do not think testosterone is the sole factor for all problems in men. Now, looking at your hormone levels, LH, FSH and estradiol are little elevated though I feel, if these are as per your body's make up, except for high estradiol, others may be alright, do you have these readings when you were feeling healthy?, as that would have helped to estimate your base line levels.
Avatar n tn Ya know.. FSH goes up and down all the time ( and from month to month) Mine just went to a 12 from a 10. You should try reading "Inconceivable" by Julia Indichova. Her book is all about her TTC journey. She conceived naturally after years of trying, and that month her FSH was 30. My Dr. freaked when my FSH went up.. I was on 50 mg. clomid this past month, and I produced 3 nice big follies on just that little amount of drugs.
Avatar n tn Just got my FSH and E2 blood work also. cd 3 FSH = 16 E2 = 60. My FSH was just 3 in March of this year. I'm told to wait until cd 10 and do the tests again. Then compare the results to see if the Clomid is working. I know 17 seems high for your FSH, but I'm told it doesn't mean you won't get pregnant. I don't know what the E2 of 25 means. I'm learning this all myself!! Let me know if you learn anything new, as I will do the same for you. Best of luck!!
Avatar m tn I just did the clomid challenge test and am freaked out here are my results: Day 3 FSH 8.6 Day 3 Estra 26 Day 10 FSH 14 Day 10 Estra 439 Day 10 LH 11.9 has anyone seen an estradiol level that high?
Avatar n tn I read some of the post regarding Weatgrass 1 oz shots that it is very good for women in general and that it is good for fertility and it can help in lowering FSH. do not ask me what is my FSH bc i do nto know yet, i need to take the test once i get my cycle. I lost my baby 6 month ago at 12 wks an 2 days and we have been trying again since then but no luck. went to a fertility doctor and she wanted me to do all the CD 3 tests. i am worried and scared, what if my FSH is little high?
Avatar m tn I was tested for Thyroid and because i was having pain in my breasts, the dr thought it could be a prolactin issue and tested my female hormones. I am 38 yrs old and my FSH on day 6 was 5.9. i actually am having secondary fertility issues as well and just got a "day 3" blood test done (which was actually done on day 2 because that was the only day i could get into my RE) which i haven't gotten the results back yet. by the way - i also get hot flashes and night sweats...
Avatar n tn I too had elevated fsh levels. My last cd 3 level was 17 and my antral follicle count was 3. My RE told me to just go home and hope we could conceive naturally. I walked away, went and found me an acupuncturist and a month and a half later we conceived. I was also doing a 1 oz shot of wheatgrass juice 6 days a week. I lost the baby at 8w1d but we are trying again. I will hopefully test this weekend. I got back into acu and wheatgrass juice again.