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Avatar m tn Four months ago my doctor found I had high cholesterol and trigylcerides were high also. He put me on Crestor 20 mg one daily. After 30 days cholesterol was lowered to normal levels, but trigylcerides were still high. He added Tricor to my regimen and after 60 days both are normal, but my creatinine level has increased to 1.3 after having been 1.0 to 1.2. I am a 66 yr old white male with only one kidney for the past 10 years.
Avatar n tn A couple of things to keep in mind. First off, cholesterol levels are dynamic in nature. Remember that in addition to what you eat, your body also makes cholesterol based on it's needs. One area that the body needs cholesterol in in the creation of cells so if you have an injury that is mending for example your body may create more LDL than normal. In your case you had modest increases in LDL and TGL and your HDL is very low. Your concern should be on increasing your HDL.
Avatar f tn My total cholesterol was 280. LDL 189 and HDL was just at normal level (I don't remember the exact #) but I would like to get that number higher. Triglycerides were 214. He said my levels were high for my age and for not being substantially overweight. Loosing some weight would have put me back to my normal weight of 123 lbs so I followed the 6 week low animal protein diet he suggested. I went back in 6 weeks and my total cholesterol went down to 208 LDL 132 and HDL still said around the same.
Avatar n tn Remember, 35% of people who die of heart attacks had NORMAL cholesterol levels. So cholesterol in itself is just one of MANY risk factors. Enjoy your life and your good HDL! (really you do have a good HDL at 49!) I had a baby 4 years ago and it lowered my HDL, I too am 40 pounds overweight and am working on it - you know getting pregnant has also shown to lower cholesterol! SO go have that baby! LOL! Good luck!
Avatar m tn Choose foods rich in Omega-3 oils and use olive oil in cooking. 5. Continue to monitor your weight and cholesterol levels. You are at risk for heart disease because your mom has the risk factor (You mentioned she is on treatment for high cholesterol and triglycerides). Don't wait when you are 50 for the signs and symptoms like high blood pressure, head aches and higher bad cholesterol levels. Do what you can to keep yourself healthy while it is easier for you.
Avatar m tn HDL levels below 40 can result in an increased risk of coronary atery disease, even in people whose total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels are normal.
Avatar m tn I don't understand my cholesterol levels. My LDL looks within the normal range. But beside Cholesterol there's a number higher than the normal range. H mean abnormal high apparently. What's the difference between LDL and cholesterol? Do I have anything to worry about? My blood test results show this: Test Name Result Reference Range LDL, Calculated 2.36 1.70-3.00 mmol/L Cholesterol 4.
Avatar m tn i was recently diagnosed with hcv and was wondering if hcv has anything to do with abnormal cholestrol & triglycerides levels in a blood test? this was the only thing not normal on my test. did anyone else have this before treatment or when diagnosed?
1174225 tn?1269632321 Persons with LDL cholesterol pattern A have large, buoyant LDL cholesterol particles. Individuals with pattern A are more likely to have normal blood levels of LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. Pattern A is usually not associated with an increased likelihood of atherosclerosis. Persons with LDL cholesterol pattern B have predominantly small and dense LDL cholesterol particles.
159619 tn?1538184537 I seen many studies quoted that show how many people admitted with acute coronary events had what was considered normal levels of serum cholesterol and others that take the position that the real issue is inflammation of the arteries as the cause of CAD, not to mention the discussion concerning the use of statins. I have also read many of the pro-statin studies as well and still feel that there is more validity to the thought process that says lower cholesterol helps prevent CAD.
Avatar n tn There may be an increased risk of bleeding in the brain in the elderly with very low cholesterols but it is a chicken and egg question. It may be that because they are sicker their cholesterol levels are lower and not the other way around. The current recommendation is for an LDL < 100 for someone with heart disease or with 2 or more risk factors for developing heart disease and LDL <130 for everyone else.
Avatar f tn Hello, High blood sugar levels is a risk factor for high cholesterol but eating more of saturated fats, fatty and fried foods and junk food is more responsible for high cholesterol rather than eating high sugars. Moreover it is not only the diet but other causes like genetic factors, lifestyle, age and gender and obesity which are responsible for high cholesterol.
225237 tn?1333142599 Your numbers are not too bad, however your HDL should be over 50 so that needs some attention. HDL (good Cholesterol) binds with LDL (bad cholesterol) to take it back to the liver to be removed or recycled. You should ask your doctor about Omega 3 fatty acids which help increase HDL as can Niacin. Also, exercise increases HDL, but please talk to your doctor before you start a new exercise routine.
Avatar n tn Here is some info that I ripped off from people that make a fortune selling statin medications, lol. ------------------------------------------ LDL cholesterol (LDL-C), also known as "bad" cholesterol LDL carries cholesterol throughout the bloodstream as LDL-C. LDL-C is called “bad” cholesterol because it's the type that is primarily responsible for health issues. When there is too much LDL cholesterol circulating in the blood, it can lead to potentially serious conditions.
976897 tn?1379171202 The Air Force/Texas Coronary Artery Prevention Study (AFCAPS/TexCAPS) then showed that treatment can reduce adverse cardiovascular events even in the primary prevention of patients with normal cholesterol levels.
Avatar n tn I haven't been put on meds because the hormone levels have been normal until this FT4 level dropped. I am currently being treated for depression, so many symptoms of depression also resemble hypo symptoms. It's impossible to tell them apart.
599170 tn?1300977493 it is great, Margy, I would try this if you are concerned about cholesterol levels. I take Carlson Fish Oil, it is great for inflammation and for the triglycerides. I tried lecithin, but, being I am so allergic or sensitive to soy, all it did was give me a horrific tummy ache. My doctor is a Naturopath, and they are more lenient in the cholesterol numbers than a regular doc.
Avatar f tn When you read how atheroscerosis forms, this claim seems to be totally illogical. It would seem that no matter how little cholesterol you have, you can form atherosclerosis. If people do develop atherosclerosis, wouldn't it be beneficial for the cholesterol level to be very high? to highlight the problem much quicker? If, as is claimed, a lower level of cholesterol means the disease will progress more slowly, then isn't this a huge danger?
Avatar m tn Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) (B-3) helps release energy from carbohydrates. When taken in very high doses, it can help improve cholesterol levels, lowering LDL cholesterol, raising HDL cholesterol, and lowering elevated triglycerides.
Avatar n tn Although eating well is very important, with cholesterol levels like yours you need multiple drugs. I would say that HDL levels are the most important predictor of coronary artery disease and yours is just the mininum, but your HDL/LDL ratio is extremely poor. Hopefully you have a good liver and haven't had hepatitis or other liver disease, which would prevent you from taking a statin. You need to take a statin in at least a mid level dosage to bring down LDL and tris.
Avatar n tn Even a person with normal cholesterol can have his cholesterol go up within 5 yrs. But when you are young, or under 65 and especially if you have good insurance they will tell you as they used to tell my husband and are telling me now "you have to have a Lipid Profile test at least once a year", but once you hit 65 all of a sudden its every 5 yrs.
Avatar n tn My family has a history of high cholesterol. What's normal levels for the average 25 year old and at what point should someone start getting concerned?
Avatar n tn I got back my cholesterol results and found the results kind of strange. My doctor told me that I don't need to do change the levels and they are fine, but I disagree, and would like your input. The Triglyceride level was "low": 0.55 mmol/L, where 0.60-1.70 mmol/L is considered normal. HDL was considered within "normal" range. LDL was considered "high": 3.36 mmol/L, where 1.70 to 3.00 mmol/L is considered normal. Total Cholesterol was considered "high".
Avatar n tn Total 110 w/ normal being 11-169 Triglycerides 122 w/ normal being 0-149 HDL 11 w/ normal being >39 This all threw his T. Chol/HDL Ratio to 10 which was high, normal is 0-5.
Avatar n tn The only report I can find off hand right now is for my 8 yr. old, the one w/ the 11 HDL. It says: LP+LDL Direct Chol. Total 110 w/ normal being 11-169 Triglycerides 122 w/ normal being 0-149 HDL 11 w/ normal being >39 This all threw his T. Chol/HDL Ratio to 10 which was high, normal is 0-5.
Avatar n tn His father passed away recently at the age of 72 with a heart attack. His father's cholesterol levels were always within normal limits. In March 1999, my husband had a stress test performed. It came back showing a slight abnormality. A week later he had a thallium stress test which apparently came back normal. He has been experiencing chest pains as well. He went to see a cardiologist in February 2000 and the doctor performed a stress echo. The results of the stress echo were normal as well.
Avatar n tn I recently had a "complete" blood workup that showed my blood cholesterol levels. I have an HDL of 83, an LDL of 145 and a triglyceride level of 45. When I found out my results, the nurse said that my triglyderide level was VERY low. Is this a problem? What, if any, are problems associated with having triglyceride levels that are very low? What foods might be high in triglycerides that might help me counter this low leasurement, if indeed it is a problem?
671285 tn?1292663761 Also, if heart disease runs in your family, have your doctor check to see how much inflammation is in your body. Inflammation in the arteries causes plaque to stick, no matter what the cholesterol levels. Stay active, exercise, and watch your diet and you should see an improvement.
Avatar f tn My Cardiologist suggests I continue my usual diet until fourteen hours prior to a cholesterol/trig test as he wants to see how my normal, usual lifestyle is affecting my cholesterol/trig level. If you aren't fasting, you aren't getting an accurate level unless you are being tested for specific issues.