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Avatar n tn My family has a history of high cholesterol. What's normal levels for the average 25 year old and at what point should someone start getting concerned?
Avatar f tn I am 33 years old and I had my yearly blood work done in January of this year. My total cholesterol was 280. LDL 189 and HDL was just at normal level (I don't remember the exact #) but I would like to get that number higher. Triglycerides were 214. He said my levels were high for my age and for not being substantially overweight. Loosing some weight would have put me back to my normal weight of 123 lbs so I followed the 6 week low animal protein diet he suggested.
Avatar n tn A couple of things to keep in mind. First off, cholesterol levels are dynamic in nature. Remember that in addition to what you eat, your body also makes cholesterol based on it's needs. One area that the body needs cholesterol in in the creation of cells so if you have an injury that is mending for example your body may create more LDL than normal. In your case you had modest increases in LDL and TGL and your HDL is very low. Your concern should be on increasing your HDL.
Avatar f tn Your cholesterol is 157 yet here in Australia...the normal for Cholesterol is under 5.0 so as I your reference ranges so that others may help.
Avatar m tn I don't understand my cholesterol levels. My LDL looks within the normal range. But beside Cholesterol there's a number higher than the normal range. H mean abnormal high apparently. What's the difference between LDL and cholesterol? Do I have anything to worry about? My blood test results show this: Test Name Result Reference Range LDL, Calculated 2.36 1.70-3.00 mmol/L Cholesterol 4.
159619 tn?1538180937 I seen many studies quoted that show how many people admitted with acute coronary events had what was considered normal levels of serum cholesterol and others that take the position that the real issue is inflammation of the arteries as the cause of CAD, not to mention the discussion concerning the use of statins. I have also read many of the pro-statin studies as well and still feel that there is more validity to the thought process that says lower cholesterol helps prevent CAD.
1174225 tn?1269628721 Persons with LDL cholesterol pattern A have large, buoyant LDL cholesterol particles. Individuals with pattern A are more likely to have normal blood levels of LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. Pattern A is usually not associated with an increased likelihood of atherosclerosis. Persons with LDL cholesterol pattern B have predominantly small and dense LDL cholesterol particles.
Avatar f tn HCTZ may increase total serum cholesterol by 11%, LDL lipoprotein cholesterol by 12%, and VLDL lipoprotein cholesterol levels by 50%, and may reduce insulin secretion, it should be used with caution in diabetic patients and in those with hypercholesterolemia. True glucose intolerance may develop in approximately 3% of patients. It is typically reversible within six months after discontinuation of therapy.
Avatar m tn High LDL is the concerning finding, not high cholesterol. Total cholesterol has HDL in it and if that particle is in high number it will cause high total cholesterol. There are also other particles that aren't necessarily acounted for individually but comprise the total score. What is your LDL and your HDL. As long as LDL is low and HDL is high, you should be OK.
Avatar f tn What is your diet like? Your Cholesterol and Triglycerides are high for a 17 year old.
Avatar f tn The information you need is in this article - and you will learn more about the numbers - http://www.livestrong.
Avatar f tn A lipid profile, which includes values for total cholesterol, as well as individual values for LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides, another lipid in the blood, requires you to fast. LDL levels cannot be measured from the blood directly. Instead, a mathematical equation called the Friedewald equation, is used to calculate LDL levels using values for total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides.
Avatar n tn With high cholesterol levels that run in the family, this sounds like you have familial hypercholesterolemia. Taking statins does lower cholesterol but also lowers CoQ10 in the process. Low CoQ10 symptoms are numerous and include nausea, headaches, dizziness, sleep disturbances, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, shortness of breath, memory loss, liver problems, muscle weakness, muscle pain, peripheral neuropathy, and congestive heart failure. Supplementing with CoQ10 is highly recommended.
Avatar m tn Can't comment on the state of permanence, but my husband developed high triglycerides about 6 months into treatment, his numbers jumping from the low 100s to between 300-400. His hep team started him on omega-3 fish oil, and levels have subsequently come back down into the 100's ranges again. On the flip side, his cholesterol (LDL & HDL) took a dive, cholesterol dropping from the high 100s to the 70s, and docs reduced his statin dose in response.
Avatar f tn after 1month tested again and now cholesterol is normal but my tsh levels have come down to 0.1 uIU/ml which is hyperlevels and doctor reduced dose to 100mg for 6 days a week and to continue lipitor. I would like to know 2things. Can I not take lipitor at all as cholesterol became normal and also does such high hypo become so low? Plz clear my tensions..
Avatar n tn The LDL/HDL cholesterol level ratio is important. HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol pushes the LDL (bad cholesterol out of the blood vessels. I think the ratio of 3:1 (LDL:HDL) is ideal. HDL levels can be raised by exercise and also by eating fish such as fatty salmon, mackeral, tuna, or taking high quality fish oil tablets. Triglyceride count is also important, and trigs can be brought down with exercise, diet control and also fatty fish or fish oil.
Avatar m tn Cholesterol levels have nothing to do with how much saturated fat or cholesterol you eat. "Dr. Dwight Lundell, a former heart surgeon with 25 years of experience, admits that low-fat diets are actually responsible for destroying health, and explains why consuming fats in proper balance with one another is vital for protecting the body from disease-causing inflammation.
894666 tn?1274097896 Does anyone know if the thyroid levels are brought in line with medication, will the high Cholesterol resolve too?
Avatar f tn I have been doing weight Watchers for last 2 years and have lost weight not too easily and can gain it back even quicker.. Today my cholesterol levels were up at 249 form 203 and my cldl is 184 even though i lost weight since last year and have for most of the year kept my weight down. I suffer with constipation, ibs, and a lot of the problems associated with thyroid problems but my biggest problem is fatigue am so tired all the time and never feel rested .