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551604 tn?1333986735 * Fasting blood glucose level ≥95 mg/dl (5.33 mmol/L) * 1 hour blood glucose level ≥180 mg/dl (10 mmol/L) * 2 hour blood glucose level ≥155 mg/dl (8.6 mmol/L) * 3 hour blood glucose level ≥140 mg/dl (7.8 mmol/L) I also failed the 3 hour one, but many people who fail the 1 hour pass the 3 hours with flying colors. Dont stress Jen, try to take it easy....Keep us updated, good luck!
11294269 tn?1422406507 I got my results back from the one hour glucose test. It was 170. I have to go for a 3 hour test. My. doctors office said that just because i failed the first doesn't mean ill fail the next. Is 170 really bad? If i do fail to what happens next? Im a ftm... So nervous.
1813627 tn?1337725975 a blood glucose test is normal when you first see the doctor around 8 to 10 weeks if your doctor thinks you have a risk factors for gestational diabetes such as being overweight. I am overweight and the doctor does 1 for me at 8 weeks and then again later on at the normal time. also your number could have been high if you didn't fast the night before.
Avatar f tn I just got home from by blood glucose test and feel really sick and tired. Is this normal? Does it mean something is wrong?
Avatar f tn You don't need to fast prior to the test. It's to see how your body metabolizes glucose. If your results fall within 'normal' you should be good to go. If not you'll have to do another glucose tolerance test. For this one you do have to fast (12 hours) and it's usually a 2 hour test. You'll have your fasting blood drawn, drink an even sweeter drink and then you'll get your blood drawn again 2 hours later. Again, you have to remain on premises. It's all to test for gestational diabetes.
Avatar f tn Anyway, I think test will show normal. Otherwise I have to do the 3-hour glucose test (NOT FUN)! I also had blood drawn for regular prenatal tests. In all they took 5 vials of my blood. I find it fascinating and don't mind needles. Anyway, that's what was up with me today. Oh, and then I got McDonalds for dinner because they are right by the hospital and we never get it so the kiddos were EXCITED, to say the least, when I walked in the door. What was up with you today?
Avatar f tn Everything turned out to be fine with her. With my second the results were normal. What's the next step if I fail this test??
Avatar f tn I didn't fast at all before my glucose test & all my levels were normal & i didnt eat anything before either. Just call you doc & ask her what you can have people are diff so something thats good for others might not be good for you. I call my doc and asked before i came in.
Avatar f tn I'm up because baby is kicking like usual so i just want to ask some questions my doctor told me at my last appointment that this appointment (thursday 23 weeks 6 days) that i would be have my glucose test. what should i expect? what will happen? will i need someone to stay with me and drive me home? i hear a lot of ladies get sick from it and thats what I'm scared of.
Avatar f tn Here we get referred to diet changing classes and check our blood glucose over a 2wk period and then retested. I'm not sure if the test results is a true reflection of what happens? I mean, the level of glucose in lucozade is high and this drink isn't a natural product and contains loads of other artificial stuff. My normal diet also doesn't contain as much sugar or starchy stuff, so I wonder about this test. Hopefully with dietary changes my results will look better.
10798067 tn?1431554033 They will draw some blood, like a normal Blood test. Then you'll have to drink a sort of juice, which is a glucose solution. Then you'll have to wait for an hour and they'll draw blood again. And that's it.
Avatar n tn They usually want glucose test results below 130. Many people fail the one hour and pass the 3 hour with flying colors. Just make sure you fast before you go.
Avatar f tn mamabear I had my 2 hour test and it sucked lol and I was beyond nervous! But turns out the next day I got I call that I passed buttttt I'm anemic ;( so I'm getting prescribed liquid iron booo! Lol the drink wasn't bad at all. Some ladies on here exaggerated no offense Lol they scared me! But it was a lot more than expected! How did ur 3 hr test go hun??
1891853 tn?1344652042 I had the 3 hour glucose test and passed it.sugar was too high on the 1 hour test . But doc says I'm ok. No gestational diabetes.
Avatar f tn lol however your not suppose to walk or drink any water during the course of the test as it can alter the results. who ever id administrating the test is a healthcare professional speak to them if you start to feel unwell. sometimes the symptoms are just from not eating since some people are told to fast before it.
Avatar f tn Yeah i felt dizzy n got a headache
Avatar f tn If you fail the glucose test means you have gestational diabetes thats what the glucose test is for
2075937 tn?1334887794 Ahh I hope I can keep the drink down but besides this glucose test and the blood draw is there anything else they do or check for at a 24 week app?
Avatar f tn I went on an empty stomach so my results wouldn't be off any and my results came back normal.
Avatar f tn I have my glucose test tomorrow! What should I expect! I hear that it's awful....
9358102 tn?1418676967 I would think if it was just a cpl minutes then it would be pretty accurate but if they tested like 10 minutes early or something it could give you wrong results. I failed my 1 hr but passed the 2 hr test (they give an option of a 2 or 3 hr glucose test where I live).
6403762 tn?1381716118 I have my glucose test in mid January and my doc said I had to fast. Most of the time you need to..I wouldn't eat just to get accurate results. If your doc said you can eat, then I'm sure it'll be ok to have crackers or something.
669150 tn?1320690733 15am. I had to arrive at my clinic at 10am and told the front desk what time I took the glucose test. I had to arrive 15 minutes before so they can have me back there and draw my blood exactly an hour after I took the drink. Blood was drawn at 10:15am.
10219953 tn?1426175439 So with my 2 other kids I never passed the 1 hr test and after doing the 3 hr test my result were normal. So I never had a any blood sugar problem. This pregnancy hasn't been different didn't pass the 1 hr so went in for 3 hr and results were fine as I thought. Till I get a call from internal medicine that my 3rd blood result was abnormally low. My blood sugar was at 124 and it dropped to 36. They were calling to check on me to make sure I had gotten home okay and was have an okay evening.
11195379 tn?1427925127 8) so now i have gd. Ive read that drinking 3 glasses of water could help lower blood glucose. During my test i wasnt allowed to move around but could drink some water..but i im wondering had i drank water if my level would be lower? I was so focused on keeping the horrid lucozade down (they cancel the test if you throw up) that i was almost napping in my chair for 2hrs. So im going to try hydrating from now on.
Avatar f tn You can eat before hand. You just got to choose what ou eat very wisely. Nothing sugary as i was told.