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Avatar f tn Probable lymph node. So I am nervous, given the whole breast cancer, lymph nodes in axilla etc . The day after my ultrasound I have come down with a cold/cough, slight fever. Could this be related at all or do I have a suspicous mass in my axilla. Also what does hypoechoic and echogenic mean? Any help appreciated!!
Avatar n tn had mammo and ultrasound. radiologist said not breast or lung cancer. he did find also enlarged lymph nodes under left armpit. then saw surgeon and she also found enlarged lymph nodes by groin. I have zero symptoms of lymphoma. all drs are thinking it can be that. what do you think. all enlarged lymph nodes are on my left side. I have zero history of cancer in my family. had needle biopsy on friday and am awaiting test results. also what causes this?
Avatar f tn Do any diet help me to avoid having breast lumps recur so soon? Now I really have phobia on breast cancer and can not relax myself in peace.
Avatar f tn Likewise not all breast cancer comes in forms of lumps, so it's important to also look at your breasts to notice any change in the nipple or skin, any discharge, or any difference of sensation (itching, burning, pulling, etc.). Not to say that these are automatic signs of breast cancer, only that any changes need to be watched out for.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Microcalcifications were found on my mammogram and sentinel lymph node biopsy was done with one node being positive (very small). I'm 45 years old and was diagnosed over one year ago - did chemo, herceptin, radiation and am currently on Femara. Everything I read about self exams talks about lumps - since mine was microcalcifications, I could not feel it and it was only found by the mammogram.
Avatar f tn when i touch my breasts I fell lumps in both the breasts. moreover my left breast is larger tha right breast. I noticed this since my breasts started growing. I am 26, and still unmarried. Is it normal?
Avatar f tn The antibiotics have now run their course, and the glands seem to have almost completely returned to normal, and the inflammation in the breast went away. However, I still do have a non-painful lump under the areola. In addition, I have been feeling quite run down lately. My ultrasound didn't show anything - the radiologist said that nothing came up at all, and he told me that it was likely an abscess and that I shouldn't worry.
Avatar n tn I also recently gave up coffee because I have had trouble sleeping since I quit smoking, but I do drink Coke (usually non diet) on a fairly regular basis. I have heard that coffee and colas can cause cystic breast lumps--I'm assuming due to the higher levels of caffiene. I'm wondering if this lump is being caused by caffiene or homones or what? I'm peri menopausal, but still having periods, and am due for my period in about a week.
Avatar f tn Fibroadenomas are benign breast lesions that are usually managed conservatively or non surgically. They are followed up with regular breast self examinations, periodic clinical breast examinations, and repeat mammogram at 1 year. Fibroadenomas are known to increase in size and tenderness in relation to the menstrual cycles due to hormonal changes. These usually regress at menopause. They are surgically removed only if they are very large and causing pressure symptoms or pain.
8256587 tn?1399901106 Hi I am just wondering if Hashimoto's can cause lumps to form in breast tissue? My doctor managed to locate what she could make out to be a cyst/lump and so she referred me to a breast clinic to be absolutely sure I did not have cancer. When I saw the breast specialist he did not examine me the same way my doctor did. With my doctor she distinguished the cyst/lump and managed to locate it with her thumb and index finger.
Avatar n tn Dear DawnCamp, Painful lumps in the breast tend to be from a benign (non-cancerous) cause. There could be a variety of causes for the occurrence of these lumps. Without examining these lumps and having more information regarding associated symptoms, your health history etc. my comments would only be guesses. Your first step should be seeing a health professional to do an examination.
Avatar m tn Guys can have breast cancer. I'm a male who had a breast removed when I was just 22 years old because of a precancerous condition. But usually in cancer only one breast is involved. It's very unusual to have cancer in both breasts at the same time. It's extremely unlikely that you have cancer.
Avatar n tn I am unable to find any reference to any relationship between crohn’s disease and breast lumps. There are many possible explanations for breast lumps, hopefully the surgeon or radiologist will be able to shed some light on this for you.
Avatar n tn So to make sure the Surgeon prefers to have the lumps completely removed for a correct diagnosis especially if the cells in the lumps show Atypical hyperplasia .These lumps could be non cancerous, but if unfortunately they are,then your Surgeon is taking the right steps to suggest a mastectomy.You could certainly discuss with your surgeon about having a mastectomy regardless of what these lumps represent.Mastectomy, may be done if the area is too large to remove without deforming the breast.
Avatar n tn She had tried the needle biopsy and took something on a certain lump from my breast which resulted to a non malignant cyst. However I am still worried until now because the lumps in my breast are still there. My breast sometimes are both tender and painful also and some part are hard to touch. I haven't tried a mamogram method but do you think that this will help me know if i had a breast cancer? I am afraid to for this kind of procedure and it might be very expensive as well.
Avatar n tn A painless breast lump is the most common sign of breast cancer, although most breast lumps in men are benign (non-cancerous) and are related to some other cause. You do not describe a specific lump in the breast and there could be a certain amount of difference between breast size, without this being a problem. Having this rechecked in September seems reasonable, however if in the meantime you are noticing changes (i.e.
Avatar f tn I was told that nothing was seen in the mamo and thier is no cyst or lumps .There is only one cancer in my family through an aunt with lung cancer. The punch biopsy reports shows no evidence of breast carcinoma either within the dermis or subcuticular tissue or within the lumia of vessels .There is widening of the spaces between the collagen bundles which may represent either edema or mucin depostion.A scanty perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate is present .
Avatar f tn The pain you are experiencing is rarely a symptom of breast cancer because breast cancer is almost never painful,but it could be that the lump got infected or inflamed. I would advise you to call your doctor for an examination and to see if the painful lump can be removed.This procedure is done under local anesthesia as an outpatient with minimal pain and quick recovery.The specimen should be sent to a pathology lab to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar n tn No, you should not be worried, at least not about cancer, as breast cancer does not present itself in the way you mention. There are different kind of lumps and most often, especially in younger people, those are cysts (fluid filled), or fibroadenomas (solid) There are benign , or non cancerous. Sometimes they hurt, and they often get worse before your period and then ease up.
Avatar f tn Some of the dr's I have seen have wrote off breast cancer because of my age, I'm 28 and no family history of breast cancer. They also tell me that it doesn't hurt when you have breast cancer. But I am still really concerned....I want to make sure. And as each day goes by I get more and more worried....the pain seems to get more and more frequent. But again I hope everything turns out good for you.
Avatar f tn Whilst the operation was taking place I also had an occult breast cancer biopsy. Everything came back normal. All of a sudden a week ago I felt a small, pea sized lump on top of the nipple of my left breast and went to the docs. It is on the muscle and appears to move when I move and can sometimes feel squishy. The doctor told me that there were two more on my right my right one (on the fleshy side).
Avatar n tn And what is the difference in the feel of a cancerous lump in the breast as opposed to a non-cancerous lump. Please get back to me....Worried lady.
Avatar n tn At your age the commonest cause for painful lumps in both breast is a condition called “fibrocystic breast disease” This is a benign condition and is associated with hormonal changes, so the symptoms increase during menstrual periods. If your symptoms are distressing, you may consult your doctor. But you do not need to be unduly worried about cancer. Massaging is not necessary and you should not overdo it as it will not change your condition in any way.
Avatar f tn Do you have any other indicators for breast cancer? You can't let the possibility of cancer put off or prevent you from going forward with the rest of your life. If we all did that, then we just might as well build our coffins and crawl in. So, go try to have that baby, don't worry about the breast issue, let the experts keep an eye on that. Do check yourself for lumps (which you will anyway when you do get pregnant and start to get milk, ha ha )...
Avatar n tn I don't know if people scroll down this far to read posts. If you want an answer you might want to post farther up where the conversation is still active. (Nobody has posted down this far for quite a while.) I did read on one post that if you have breast cancer you should get, "Breast Cancer For Dummies" because it explains everything, and I also think someone suggested a breast book by Susan Love (but I could have that name wrong).
Avatar n tn Although a painless breast lump is the most common sign, most breast lumps in men are benign (non-cancerous) and are related to some other cause. The first step in determining what the cause of these lumps might be would be to have your husband be checked by a physician.
Avatar n tn I am also pursuing a breast reduction and have an appointment with a plastic surgeon. There is a history of breast cancer on my mothers side. Instead of a reduction should I just have them removed? And what does atypical cells mean? I am 33 years old, non smoker, do not drink alcohol or caffeine and used birth control pills for approx. 6 years.
Avatar n tn If you are 25 years old with no family history of breast cancer, the possibility that the lumps in your breast are malignant is remote. Your doctor is probably correct when he told you that you have fibrocystic disease (a non-cancerous condition). That is the most common condition in your age group which can present as multiple breast lumps. Another possibility is that the lumps may be a recurrence of the lipoma you had last March.
Avatar n tn Hi, Most females complain of lumps in their breast. These lumps are usually benign in nature. These lumps should not worry you. Just have an regular follow up.
Avatar n tn Can impacts cause lumps in the breast that might perplex physicians into thinking it might be cancer lump when it is an impact lump? Have you heard of mastectomies being conducted for testing purposes - where in actuality there was not cancer? If so how can this be prevented in my wife's case - or someone else?