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Avatar m tn Guys can have breast cancer. I'm a male who had a breast removed when I was just 22 years old because of a precancerous condition. But usually in cancer only one breast is involved. It's very unusual to have cancer in both breasts at the same time. It's extremely unlikely that you have cancer.
Avatar f tn A lump in the breast can be caused from a cyst, an infection, breast tissue, a benign (non cancerous) tumor, or a malignant (cancerous) one. A lump in the breast does not equal breast cancer. Likewise not all breast cancer comes in forms of lumps, so it's important to also look at your breasts to notice any change in the nipple or skin, any discharge, or any difference of sensation (itching, burning, pulling, etc.).
Avatar f tn Normal breast contains any stones ? In my friend's two breast has stones 12 years. That stones are moved when press. Is this symptoms of cancer ?. Pl reply ...
Avatar n tn No, you should not be worried, at least not about cancer, as breast cancer does not present itself in the way you mention. There are different kind of lumps and most often, especially in younger people, those are cysts (fluid filled), or fibroadenomas (solid) There are benign , or non cancerous. Sometimes they hurt, and they often get worse before your period and then ease up.
Avatar f tn The pain you are experiencing is rarely a symptom of breast cancer because breast cancer is almost never painful,but it could be that the lump got infected or inflamed. I would advise you to call your doctor for an examination and to see if the painful lump can be removed.This procedure is done under local anesthesia as an outpatient with minimal pain and quick recovery.The specimen should be sent to a pathology lab to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar n tn At your age the commonest cause for painful lumps in both breast is a condition called “fibrocystic breast disease” This is a benign condition and is associated with hormonal changes, so the symptoms increase during menstrual periods. If your symptoms are distressing, you may consult your doctor. But you do not need to be unduly worried about cancer. Massaging is not necessary and you should not overdo it as it will not change your condition in any way.
Avatar n tn Lumps that do not hurt when you press down on them, and are in and around the lobules/stroma of the breast are cancer lumps. Breast cancer occurs in the lymph system. Certain moles also indicate cancer. Melanoma with asymmetrical and uneven flat edges are cancer moles. Melanoma with symmetrical, even edges are noncancerous moles. Here is a link for cancerous moles. (
Avatar n tn had mammo and ultrasound. radiologist said not breast or lung cancer. he did find also enlarged lymph nodes under left armpit. then saw surgeon and she also found enlarged lymph nodes by groin. I have zero symptoms of lymphoma. all drs are thinking it can be that. what do you think. all enlarged lymph nodes are on my left side. I have zero history of cancer in my family. had needle biopsy on friday and am awaiting test results. also what causes this?
Avatar f tn when i touch my breasts I fell lumps in both the breasts. moreover my left breast is larger tha right breast. I noticed this since my breasts started growing. I am 26, and still unmarried. Is it normal?
914336 tn?1243105303 m concerned about how hard the lump is and am going to ask to be rechecked again this week. Does anyone know about hard lumps? Am I being over cautious? Breast cancer runs in the family. my mom, grandmother and two aunts on my moms side.
Avatar m tn Although dilated ducts are benign, or non-cancerous conditions, in some cases, recurrent breast lumps and duct abnormalities may be associated with a greater risk of developing breast cancer" Is that true?
Avatar n tn Hi there! The cancerous or the non-cancerous nature of the tissue cannot be determined based on colour. It would require a histopathology examination for a definite diagnosis. Hope this information is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn She had tried the needle biopsy and took something on a certain lump from my breast which resulted to a non malignant cyst. However I am still worried until now because the lumps in my breast are still there. My breast sometimes are both tender and painful also and some part are hard to touch. I haven't tried a mamogram method but do you think that this will help me know if i had a breast cancer? I am afraid to for this kind of procedure and it might be very expensive as well.
Avatar f tn htm Any lump in the breast has the potential to be breast cancer but in reality a large number of them turn out to be non-cancerous. The only way to rule out or confirm your suspicion is by getting a biopsy done.Prior to that your surgeon might require a mammogram. In either case you will have to visit a doctor and do it soon. Regards and God bless.
Avatar n tn it may be it is mastitis, so hold onto the fact that some 80% of women who present with a solid mass in their breasts have non malignant diagnoses. It is rarely an occurrence of breast cancer, but it does unfortunately happen. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your daughter for a benign diagnosis. Take care, Liz.
Avatar f tn I was bored one day and I did one of those self examination things on my breasts. I think I felt a lump in my right breast, but I am not sure if it's a sign of breast cancer or not. I am only 15 years old, and I feel like I am too young to have breast cancer, or any cancer. I have had this lump for a couple of days now, and it hasn't gone away. Although it hasn't gotten worse either. I am a little scared, but at the same time I am in denial.
Avatar f tn Can serious/cancer lumps be felt squishy under the breast tissue and move around when you do? At certain positions I can feel it and then sometimes in the SAME position I cant - going to breast clinic thursday.
Avatar f tn Recently, I have noticed a lump on the side of my left breast or slightly into my left armpit which has gotten slightly bigger and I at times seem to have a nagging pain there and can feel it somedays more then others. Also, I do regular self breast exams and seem to have lumps on both breasts but not sure exactly if it is tissue or actual lumps tha I am feeling. What should my first course of action be? mammogram, mri obviously a visit to Ob/GYN?
Avatar n tn Hi, Fibroid breast tumors or Fibroadenomas are the most common types of breast lumps that occur in women especially in their 20s or 30s and they are benign in nature (Not cancer) and are usually left alone but could be surgically removed if they cause excessive pain. The doctor will occasionally monitor these lumps to see if they change or grow. You don't say what your doctor has recommended concerning the Microcalcifications which are quite normal in breast tissue and they are not harmful.