No periods with implanon

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Avatar f tn My mom has the IUD and she's had no problems with it whatsoever, she has normal periods, and no spotting. I really hope the fact I haven't had children doesn't affect how effective the IUD is, because I have heard it may "slip out" especially when a woman that hasn't had children gets it put in. Nevertheless I'll be visiting a clinic or something. Again, thanks!
Avatar f tn I had the implanon for 6 months after our last son as born. It was horrible! I spotted every other day. I gained weight, had horrible moodswings and it got infected I dont know how many times. Finally in February of 2012 I was in the shower and I squeezed what looked like a pus pocket on it and the darn thing literally came out of my arm. My body rejected it. I will definitely go back on the pill after this little girl arrives.
Avatar f tn I didn't have a great experience with the implanon initially. For the first 6 months I bled every day and had PMS symptoms. Would get angry for no reason and randomly break down in tears. That was also my first 6months of marriage having had implant 2 weeks before wedding so not ideal and fortunately husband was very patient and understanding. Had to take 3 norethistherone each day to stop the bleeding. Did settle down eventually and moods improved. I had it removed after 18 months to TTC.
Avatar f tn I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow morning for results i have also been getting pretty bad cramping in my lower abdomen.
Avatar n tn I also started to getting cramps along with it. Before Implanon even on different pills my PMS and cramps were unmanageable. I am not currently sexually active so there is no possibility of that having any impact. Anyone have this happen or suggestions? I really hate the unknown of ohh hello period when I have no clue its coming. I also can not take NSAIDs that often because of my gastric sleeve. I don't know what BC to switch to either because I cant run the risk of gaining any weight!
Avatar f tn So I have the Implanon. My dr didn't tell me much about my periods wether they would get heavier, lighter, go away etc. So if anyone has had it before what happened with your periods? Did your cycles change at all?
Avatar f tn I'm on the pill and take it faithfully every day, same time and everything. Whenever i engage with my boyfriend physically though, i get my period no later than a few hours. I am constantly tired from my period, and don't know if i should see a doctor or not. Help?
Avatar n tn I have no experience with Implanon as I was a bit overweight and my doc advised me against it. I went with the Mirena IUD instead. When I had mine taken out 3 years ago to try and conceive, it took me 28 days to get a period. This year, I had it removed again July 13th and got my period yesterday which makes it 17 days after removal.. I wouldn't be worried. I think it just depends on every woman's body and how long it takes them to get back to "normal".
Avatar n tn I'm not to worried about having another child, but I am worried about the fact I don't have a reg. cycle. I have all the symptoms of a period but with no blood. The older I get the more this concerns me. Both of my sisters had to have hysterectomies before the age of 30. Precancer and Endometriosis were their problems. My Doctor has checked my levels per blood test, but is there anything else I can ask him or need to be on the look out for. HELP!!!!!
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that this can certainly be normal with the Implanon. Sometimes some estrogen can alleviate the bleeding, so you might ask your provider about that. If that doesn't work, you may need to have the Implanon removed and go back to Depo. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I've had implanon since August 2015, with no period, no discolored discharge, only the occasional cravings instead of an actual period. However, now I have brown discharge and I'm cramping. I'm very worried I could be pregnant. I'm taking a pregnancy test in the morning, and I'll take another next week if this one is negative just to be sure. I'm a student and cannot afford to be pregnant right now.
Avatar f tn has any 1 ever had these symptoms with the implanon rod sweating/hot flushes irregular bleeding tierdness waight gaine mood swings night sweats dizzyness sickness all ov the above i am getting ever since i got implanon fitted can some1 plz plz pl\z help
Avatar f tn I had an implanon from the 6th of January 2011 and had it removed early March. During that time, I was not getting my periods normally. I would get spots for about 5 days and alot of backache. After removal, my boyfriend and I started trying for a baby. We already have a 2 year old daughter. Problem is, I don't think I ovulate. My cycle keeps changing. For example, April, and may, they were 31 days, June, 24 days then July, August, 29 days.
1926656 tn?1334973801 I have one of my last prenatal appointments today and I plan in talking about it, but I just wanted to get some non-clinical opinions too. I know that sometimes how your periods were before can be made worse (or hopefully in my case, better), so I'll give you some tmi info on how my cycles were prior to (both) pregnancy without bc.
Avatar f tn I've struggled with panic attacks for most of my adult life, but generally my outlook is positive and although a typical worrier, I enjoyed (past tense) life. It all started pretty well, with no periods for a while, lost a bit of weight and generally felt pretty great. I would say since the start of 2014 however, I've slowly disintegrated as a person and currently battling the worst 'episode' of my hormones being messed up since it was put in. I can't sleep, it's horrendous.
Avatar f tn Do you know what could be causing this? Could it be the HPV vaccination with my Implanon? Or could it e because I didn't get the next shot? Please help!
Avatar m tn I had my second implanon inserted in January. The only benefit for me is that it stops my periods. My biggest problem is my low mood. I feel like I need anger management as everything annoys me. I don't like me anymore. I just cant be happy with anything. I have never had depression and am an outgoing person. I need to have this implant taken out but DONT want any more children. However, the way I feel at the moment I am in no mood to make any!
Avatar f tn I love my implant, this is the only side effect besides no periods (yay!) so I don't wanna have to get it taken out will my body return to normal at some point or should I just get it taken out??? ive heard so many stories about different side effects and women just getting it removed..anyone stuck it out and things got better?
Avatar f tn oh i was also on the depo shot for 5 years before the implanon with no period so, i would say it has a very fast recovery rate!
568812 tn?1379169394 For the past two weeks, my doctor put me on an estrogen supplement to stop bleeding. Does the estrogen supplement interfere with the effectiveness of the implanon? Thanks!
Avatar f tn For me it worked like the depo, no periods, but very flat moods, no ups, no downs, I couldnt get excited about things, but neither could I cry...I felt quite emotionless. Dont want to put you off at all, loads of folk love it, but keep an eye on your moods and if you start to feel very little happiness or sadness, then its probably the implant which is to blame.
Avatar f tn Well tomorrow i will be making the switch i HATED the depo i have been so unhappy its been non stop spottin for the last 6 months i was told it was going to get better but no such luck i am hopping it will be better with the implanon i was told that it might be the same thing in that case then i can get it removed but is this just going to be a waste of time and money am i going to be just as unhappy with it if anyone had the same thing happen please let me know.
Avatar n tn It has now been coming on to about 4 weeks since i last had a period and i am feeling like i am pregnant with the nausea and indigestion. No sore breasts yet though.We have madly been trying for a baby but i have taken too pregnancy tests and both have said negative. Do you think that the removal of the implanon is causing the late period and syptoms or have i taken the pregnancy test too early? Please help!
Avatar n tn hiya i had the implanon in for 7 years...for the first 6 months it was great no periods etc then i became so physically drained and tired i was never out of bed. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy, however when i put 2 and 2 together i realised it could have been the implanon...i had it took out about 5 months ago and had nothing but trouble. Initially i felt wide awake and fantastic and my periods returned straite away but i decided to find out if it was the implanon and not narcolepsy.
Avatar n tn I have had surgery after sugery and my doctor tells me there is no ploblem with me having Children, but I haven't had any yet. No-One can find the Root probelm, but I believe it was the NORAPLANT. I don't want to sue anyone, I don't want any money, I just want BABYS (3) 2 BOYS & A GIRL. I blame my mom because I didn't even have sex untill I was 17 and it was with my High School Sweet Heart. Plus I was too young to consent to something like the (NORAPLANT).
Avatar n tn i had probs with low libado , internal pain and dryness . i now feel human again , but i do get bad periods and moods with that but not any more than before implanion . my first period was so bad i thought id had mc again as i had it in 2 1/2 years and my bmi is 35+ so should have stopped working at 2 years .i was lucky not to be caught out ! i agree with rose it could be the bc you are on now , or just your hormones imbalencd but you had it out a while now so should have settled by now !
Avatar m tn I am 19 years old and have been on Implanon for a year and a half. My periods ceased for the first 13-15 months, no bleeding, not even spotting. All of the sudden, I have started to have bleeding, with a brownish red color, but no cramps or moodswings. I also have two or three small open abrasions right inside my vaginal opening, that I thought could have been from intercourse, but I get enough lubrication that it shouldn't hurt.