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Avatar f tn Hi! If you were my patient, I would advise you that MIrena is a great option. If you haven't had any children, Skyla might be a better option because it is smaller and easier to insert. It only lasts 3 years though, while Mirena lasts 5. Mirena is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy and almost all women notice that their periods are lighter. Many women have no periods at all after a few months of use. Your doctor has a good idea! Good luck!
Avatar f tn It is now two and a half weeks and I have had no bleeding. I am getting excruciating pain in my lower back and really want my periods to return so that I feel normal again. What is normal after removal?
Avatar f tn Hello everyone.. I had it in for about 2 years and the only good thing was no PERIODS after two months it was in but i did have alot of cramping and pinching ugh hated it so I had my mirena taken out on Sept 8.2010... But my doc said my birth control wont take for about a month so i be pregnat after the second day it was taken out???
Avatar n tn Now in July, no period and for the past month, month and a half, I've been cramping every day. I have heartburn all day long. Back pain and headaches. And with the Mirena, my periods have stayed regular. With my first two kids I had morning sickness, but not right away. But since I have the Mirena, how do I find out if I'm pregnant? What do I do?
1754660 tn?1312393678 I got my Mirena September '07 and got it removed September of '10. I had no periods with it, but after it was removed i finally started in november and i have only had a period every two months. I really dont think i am ovulating, so its very very frustrating for me, because my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant since December! The Mirena messed me all up!!
Avatar f tn My mirena made my cycles very strange. I had everything from weeks of a period to not having a period for up to 5 months. Then right before I was to have it out since we were going to ttc I started temping 2 months before to get in the habit and noticed that my cycles were every 26-28 days and I WAS ovulating. If concerned call the doctor and they will have you take a blood test immediately. That is what I did when I missed my period for 5 months.
1429890 tn?1312389607 I had the mirena put in at my 6 week check up after having my son this was back in july of 07. I had no problems with the mirena at first..I didn't have a period on the mirena...then in march of 2010 I had to have it replaced because it had fell out..I could feel the mirena when I was having intercourse and it made it painful sometimes..I had the mirena removed in jan. 2011 because my fiance and I are trying to concieve..
Avatar n tn I have the Mirena-I am experiencing thick dark bown almost black discharge, no odor though, but I have absolutely no sex drive at all, I feel horrible for my husband, I am moody as can be, and all I have been wanting to do is sleep lately, I have no energy what so ever could this all be because of the Mirena or something more? Please help!
Avatar f tn i totally agree my periods are either early or later then im ment to get it before mirena periods were normal always come at the same time im going to start tracking to see how i go :) and see if this helps
Avatar f tn Paisley I have had mine since FeB and all is Great! No more periods, cramps, just a little when ovulating. Bambi, Im 44 and it didnt hurt much at all. Just uncomfortable. I have a 15 year old daughter and will be getting her one. Due to the Meds she takes.
964860 tn?1264892461 1st time after my daughter, lasted 31/2 years, then removed it to try for my second baby (got pregnant the next month) and now again for 9 months so far...I LOVE IT, no periods, no pain... I guess im one of the lucky ones!
Avatar f tn Your doctor told you that you need Mirena replaed every year!!? No! that's not true at all! It lasts for FIVE years, and the reason it needs to be replaced is the hormones in it have been used up so it becomes less effective. That is such a scam if they told you only a year! talk about money suck those things are expensive! I myself have Mirena and I did a TON of research on it first, and also discussed with my doctor. Its a five year deal. :) Take care.
Avatar f tn Because Mirena is a hormonal birth control it can cause irregular bleeding/periods in women. Diarrhea is also a side effects, however it is also due to dozens of other medical conditions that also need to be ruled out. It being misplaced wouldn't cause diarrhea, but rather bleeding and cramping.
Avatar f tn I have had the mirena inserted for almost 2 weeks now and at first i was just having spotting..but now its heavy and i'm cramping very badly. I'm breastfeeding and before i got the mirena i had NO period which was great but decided to get it cause i really dont need another child. Thinkin about gettin it out..any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I' had the mirena coil put in 6 weeks ago and have felt awful since I think I've got every side effect going! I feel tired all time I'm bloated I'm spotty I'm bleeding constantly i get quite painful cramps my hair is falling out like mad my eczema and psoriasis has flaired up terrible which is bad enough on its own as I have guttate psoriasis , it feels a lot like the later stages of pregnancy without the bump , has anyone else got this problem? Or any advice on what to do about it?
Avatar f tn After this baby I am getting a iud as well what did the pain feel like this is my first child and I don't know how people can be pregnant over and over and over like its fun Lol but how did it feel and how are you feeling now
Avatar n tn does anyone have any comments abou the paraguard or mirena iud's? i want one so i can get off the pill but i am not sure about the side effects. this may sound crazy but alto of people say the use mirena because the stop having their period. i am not sure about this, if it is healthy. i have talked to my doc and she said she has one and loves it! she siad it is perfectly normal to not have your period while using it. does anyone know if the hormones are less in the mirena than in pills?
Avatar f tn Mine was in for 4 years no problems what so ever. It was amazing to me. Soon as we wanted another child we took it out an got pregnant 2 months later. An plus it do block sperm for getting to egg to become pregnant. An if your baby pushed it out that seems to me not properly put in baby should be able to pushed something that's clamped to you smh. Do your research hunnie if you want an IUD weigh your options an do what's best for your body cause ppl have their own opinion.
Avatar f tn I had my IUD (Mirena) inserted on June 13, 2007 after I had my son and had it removed on July 2, 2009, it took me 39 days before I got my first period, and I know some women who it's taken 90+ days to receive their first period. Your body's just trying to get back to normal, I know how frustrating it can be while your sitting in lingo, not sure weather your pregnant or when your first period will show up, but try to be patient it will happen when the time is right!
232328 tn?1207093671 Hey ladies. Just curious if anyone on here knows about Mirena for birth control. I am considering using this as birth control after DD is born and want to know more info on it. Is it painful to have inserted? How does it prevent pregnancy? Did anyone use it and like it? Anyone use it and not like it? Please help!
Avatar n tn It produces very minimal hormones so it doesn't make you feel crazy and most women dont have periods..that was my favorite part! No weight gain or anything!
1216539 tn?1266488247 I got my iud out a few months ago. and my periods are very regular, temps go up regularily too. but I still am not having any luck. we are going to get my bf tested this week. I get tested next week.
310633 tn?1193185584 I just got mine removed after 4yrs. No periods til this week. I would talk to your doctor, maybe it got dislocated... Good luck!
Avatar f tn Okay, so I have an appointment with an OBGYN tomorrow but I thought I would ask some women who have actually used Mirena. I have had it since Aug. 2011 and it has been amazing, no periods, no weight gain, no anything but mild acne which I can live with. However, I got into a car accident Sep. 19, just a week and a half or so ago and now I am having some weird symptoms, and I had sex two or three days after the accident. So I'm wondering if I could be pregnant?
Avatar f tn I have taken multiple pregnancy test and all negative. How long should I wait with no period before going to the dr? My periods have always been 28 days and VERY regular.
Avatar f tn I have taken multiple pregnancy test and all negative. How long should I wait with no period before going to the dr? My periods have always been 28 days and VERY regular.