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Avatar n tn Has anyone had any problem like this or could possible suggest a possible problem? We have been trying for over a year to get pregnant with no periods or ovulation! Remember, it's not Thyroud issues or PCOS. Thanks!
1371539 tn?1281271741 Hello, I haven't had a period in 1 year this month! I was on birth control for years to regulate and prevent. I have been off the pill since 2006 and my periods have been about 2 times a year, usually Feb and July. I am 29 and my husband is 33. We would like to have a family soon. I have symptoms of PCOS but it hasn't been confirmed. I have had ultrasounds that show some cysts on my left ovary. Should I be concerned about my period?
Avatar f tn Because you have just started your period last year, it is normal for your menstrual cycle to be irregular. This means for the next [average] 2 years after you first began your period, you could go a week, month, 3 months, 5 months, or even a year without your period. One time your period may last for 3 days, another for 7, and then for 5 days. Usually [average] 2 years after you start your period, it will become regular.
Avatar n tn why is that i am mot bleeding while i grt periods. For the past 1 year i am facing the same problem. i am 35 yrs old.
Avatar n tn my periods have stopped as well i havent had one for over a year and I am really scared. My partner wants to start a family but I am really worried about telling him.
193988 tn?1215027483 This def sounds like PCOS as I have just been told I may have this, I haven't had a period in 1 year and I have been trying to concieve for 2 year. I have a little boy who was born 2003 and I did have another pregnancy in 2006. I dont know if you know the symptoms of PCSO but they are: Infrequent periods, hair growth, obiesity and fertility problems. Are you having all these?? Also do you know what PCSO is? Well incase you dont......
Avatar f tn She went doca nd they told her she was 7 to 8 weeks gone i dont know how they came about with that estimate because they couldnt hear a heartbeat or anything yet.She has to wait to be scheduled for ultrasound.My questions are 1.can you get pregannt while hving no period 2.
Avatar f tn ) and yip im very very slim, 37kg's not for the lack of trying to gain weight, i monitored what my intake for the day was (calaries, fat, sodium and so on) for about 1.5 months, and one day i would pick up 1 kg, and the next day loose 2kg, then pick up again, its a rollercoaster ride.
1754388 tn?1333661800 I have pcos. For the past 7 years i have only had maybe three periods a year. Here lately in the past 7 months i have been having a period about 30+ days apart, but to no avail have not gotten pregnant. Should i start back on clomid? Out should i try the pre seed lube again before calling the doctor?
5864161 tn?1381727781 after testing every 3 months for 1 year n a half I decided to let go and believe my results I was negative and I dirent want to accept it I was prescribed with anxiety pills the doctor said the symptons were in my head and I had to get a grip months after I met a girl who made me forget about those symptoms I broke up with her today we were together for 2 years I am 22 now and I feel like crying but I go back to this and I see there are worse things going on in like and for those who live with h
5856747 tn?1403352282 Menstrual cycles can only be considered irregular when they cease altogether for long periods and for no obvious cause only to return again sporadically and unpredictably. Causes of Irregular Periods. • During the first year or two after periods begin (the menarche) periods will be sporadic until hormones come into balance. • Similarly, during the last year or two before the menopause it is normal that periods should become irregular before ceasing altogether.
Avatar f tn Hi, i am 26 years with 1 baby..i have been trying for another but misscaried. i had D&C on the 7th of January 2013.i was 9 weeks pregnant.this was my second d&c on the same pregnancy since they did not remove the tissues clearly at first.since then i have not returned on my periods and its been 4 months now still nothing.went to the doctor 3 weeks back and he did some hormonal tests and everything was fine,my blood is enough...
Avatar f tn I'm 16 years old and I've been taking the Pill for a little over a year because I had bad acne. I was 12 when I got my first period, and for that whole week, I was in agony. After that, it got easier, but I was still in a lot of pain. When I started taking the Pill, I still had bad pain, but I could take painkillers and be fine. Well, for the past 4 months, I have been having severe stomach cramps like period pain in my lower abdomen, despite being on the Pill.
Avatar m tn I never used any pills for birth control and followed safe intercourse method for birth control. We have been trying for last one year and no luck yet. I had 2 irregular periods 6 months back (typically one length was 55-59 days). I contacted Gynic and he said everything is ok and irregular periods are common in some people at some time. He prescribed prenate DHA as prenatal and suggested us to continue TTC for at least 6 more months.
Avatar f tn # = period, 0 = no period 2007: January 0, February 0, March #, April 0, May #, June 0, July #, August 0, September #, October 0, November 0, December 0. 2008: January #, February 0, March 0, April #, May 0, June 0, July #, August 0, September #, October had a little spotting for maybe 2 days but no period, November spotting that lasted a few weeks...very very light pink, December spotting continued into December from November but only a little bit...not a period.
Avatar n tn i had bleeding for 4 weeks after dilevery.....but no periods after tht......i stopped breast feeding my son 2 1/2 month ago...he is 1 year old now......recently 2 days ago had spooting but no everything fine???i m really confused...and not getting wht to do.....
Avatar n tn Dear Sir / Madam, My husband and I have been trying to conceive now for 7 mths with no luck. My periods have been very regular since I came off the pill last Sept (2009). I had two bleeds within 10 days of each other in March. I went to my doctor who ordered some blood tests. I then had to go back for a 21 day progesterone blood test. The blood test showed that I didn't ovulate.
Avatar n tn It can be a menopause but need at least 1 year to confirm the menopause. However, urine pregnancy test is important to rule out. There are other causes also cessation of menses. But it in your menopause is most probable.
Avatar f tn As long as you still ovulate you can get pregnant, periods aren't necessary to ovulate. I went a whole year of no periods and still got pregnant with my second child. The ovulation part is very important to be able to conceive.
Avatar f tn I've been gone for a while, trying to get my life back together for me and my 3 year after a whole year of CHAOS! It has been a year now that my husband had his first Major Manic Episode (tried to commit suicde, was psychotic, paranoid). He is still in denial and taking no meds. He has left us 5 months ago for good and now lives with a woman woh happens to suffer from Boderline Pers+Bipolar. But here is my question.