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Avatar n tn The symptoms always went away when I had my period. I can't afford to go to a doctor and there are no health clinics within reasonable distance. I'm pretty sure it's a yeast infetion but I don't have any discharge and there's a white rash type thing in my groin. I started taking AZO yeast a few days ago and I'm not as itchy but it's still there. I need help.
Avatar n tn About 5 days before my period, I get an itchy rash of some sort, which goes away a few days after my period. It is painful, and the yeast infection creams distress it. I don't understand why you think it isn't hormonal. What is a nother reason it may come right before my period every month? Mine has gone on a year. I have been to the doctor numerous times. I will ask about the Dermatitis.
Avatar n tn ) BV, or bacteria vaginosis is often mistaken for a yeast infection, but can only be treated by a doctor, yeast infections are way too common, and will cause redness.
Avatar n tn Did they do any testing before prescribing you the meds? I had a very severe yeast infection after my honeymoon and just went to an urgent care and it took forever to clear up. My obgyn told me later I should have come in and they would have tested me first to make sure that's even what it was and could tell how severe it was. He told me I should always go to an obgyn first because a general practitioner is just assuming that's what it is. Feel better soon, that's no fun!
Avatar f tn I have been having yeast infection symptoms for the past week and a half. but i have no yeast. i have been itching and burning really bad. i also have the same type of rash on my arm pit. i have been using monistat but am almost done with the pack. what should i do to treat this?? does it sound like a severe yeast infection. also my period is a week late???
Avatar f tn If I had some vaginal itching that persisted for a couple of weeks and then went away right before I got my period, and never came back, does this mean I had a yeast infection or possibly somehting worse?
Avatar n tn In some cases, white vaginal discharge that is usually curdlike and odorless. Some women have no noticeable discharge. Symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection are more likely to occur during the week before a menstrual period and the week after you have finished. Hope this helps you.
Avatar n tn I am 29 years old. recently i have more frequent yeast infection than normal. was wondering what might be the cause of it and what solutions out there may be helpful? thanks a lot!
Avatar n tn No a yeast infection is not an STD, it is simply a bacterial infection. If you go to the pharmacy ask them for medicine for a vaginal yeast can buy it over the counter and it will work in like 24hours. And eat lots of yogurt, it prevents the bad bacteria from growing that causes a yeast infection.
Avatar n tn back about 6 mths ago i got my first yeast infection..and got them for 3 mths in a row a week or so before my period..not sure why...i didnt go to the doc tho, i used canesten..i find the 1 day trestment didnt work...i guess i needed something with a slow reklease that worked over a longer period of time as opposed to the one shot treatment..i used the three day combo pack (where u insert the tablet inside of u and then use the cream on the outside) bless my fiance..
Avatar f tn Recently I came down with an upper respiratory infection and the doctor prescribed me a penicillin to clear it up. I told the doctor that I had a yeast infection the last time I took an antibiotic. I purchased a probiotic but didnt take it till after the 3rd day of medication and the damage was done already. I got a yeast infection and I have had one before due to antibiotics so I knew what it was.
Avatar f tn Looked down and the head of my penis was covered with this white cottage cheese like and it had a strong oder. Got scared went to the doc he said it was yeast infection well almost on my 4th week and it seems to have subsided atleast thats what im hoping for. Yesterday on the head of my penis their was this patch of skinlike thing and I was able to take it of.
Avatar f tn I was taking them prior to pregnancy also. I'm prone to yeast infections, especially right before or after my period. I wasn't taking them daily. I was taking them like every 2-3 days sometimes 4. And it was keeping infections at bay. Well on 3/11 I had 2 teeth extracted. And was put on an anti biotic. And have been taking it 3x a day since the same day. I'll be finished this Tuesday. And I have been eating yogurt 2-3x s day. And I have burning not severe, and no itching.
Avatar n tn sounds like a yeast infection to me even though you are not experiencing the typical cottage cheese discharge. I didn't either when I had one a month ago. I definitely think you should go to the doctor. I have never put any over the counter medicine on myself because I have heard terrible stories about women reacting adversely to products like monistat or the products just not working or only working for a short while.
Avatar f tn The last couple days I've started getting the itchy burning back! WTF?!? What is going on?!? I have never had a yeast infection before and I'm getting concerned! Please help!
Avatar f tn The doctor did no testing just diagnosed me with a yeast infection and herpes. I've read a bunch of places that yeast infections can cause blisters of this type if left untreated for too long. should I be worried about herpes?
Avatar f tn im 31w pregnant and i just found out i have a yeast infection and i have to put the cream everytime i go to sleep my question is if its bad for my baby because i have to insert the tube all the way inside my vagina..
Avatar f tn I noticed that i was ok while on my period but when I started the pill again I would get a yeast infection. By the time I realized this however, it was too late the yeast infection was really bad and stopping the pill didn't help me much. But I'll never take that specific brand again and I will tell and new GYN never to prescribe me that brand.
Avatar f tn I have questioned him about it being an std, and he seemes sure its not as he has no symptoms at all. So a little over a week ago I began to feel the symptoms of a yeast infection. The symptoms appeared not long after my period. It was itchy, red, and a little sore. I have had a yeast infection previously once, and the symptoms seemed to be the same. A day before I took an over the counter drug to treat this infection, I did have unprotected sex with my boyfriend.
1391959 tn?1280443462 It could be a yeast infection I would just go have it looked at, But Azo really works so you could always try that, But not while PG :) !!! I will def try Sudocreme, Thanks!! I just really want something that will prevent it, not something for after I have one.... cause I KNOW I will be getting them!!!
Avatar n tn 42 yr old , healthy,no medical hx. I had a yeast infection on 11/ 2nd one in 2 yrs, so I used Monistat3. It burned terribly!-had to wipe it out! Called MD she gave me Diflucan 150 every 3 days for a total of 3 pills. Took 1, started to feel relief, did the gynazol cream that she ordered as well. Itching, discharge gone in about 2 days, but still reddness and slight burning. Didn't take the other pills, started having bad abdominal pains. Blood tests + everything ok, most likely GI related.
Avatar f tn I used to complain about a itchy vagina all the time so my mom took me in and the doctor told me i had a yeast infection. Though this is common, the problems have never went away. And now i am 16 and i have had sex. I went to to the doctor after and she said everything was fine. I am just confused?? has anyone had a situation like this before?? itchy itchy vagina... thats all no bumps or anything. PLEASE HELP!
Avatar f tn it doesnt burn down there all the time just sometimes, no smell no discharge. could i have a yeast infection? i've never had one before. going to dr tomorrow just wondering if this ever happen to anyone else. thanks for any info.
Avatar f tn i have a question for you, did these things go away or are you still on your monthly cycle. Cause once your period is over the yeast infection will go away. As far as your question I have no idea maybe you just had something else cause it. I hope you are better.
Avatar n tn funny the first time I had a yeast infection the doctor was drilling me about the possibity of being pregnant (this was nmaybe in 1987?) he was adamant that I should entertain teh possibilty. (so tehy must somehow be related?
Avatar f tn It was always my first sign of pregnancy because it would happen exactly 3 days after my fiance and I had sex. And thats what happened this time. I got a yeast infection 3 days after I had sex (on the 12) and I was looking at one of my pregnancy apps and it said that I ovulated on the 12. I started my period January 30-February 3. I dont know how long my cycles are buying they are always normal. I start on the same day every time or just one day late. I was just wondering  am I pregnant?
Avatar n tn No chunky discharge (just my normal discharge that has never been anywhere near the chunky cottage cheese thats supposed to signify a yeast infection), no irritation, burning or pain. The only thing I can think she might have mistaken is that I was still slightly inflamed from Friday (my boyfriend came over and things were rather... vigorous for a prolonged period of time). I havent begun treatment yet because Im not convinced that I have a yeast infection... Could my dr have been wrong?
Avatar f tn it's vaginal infection research it no it's not a std, but it isn't pleasant.
Avatar n tn After I had finished the medication my boyfriend and I had sex and a few days later I felt the same symptoms like I had when I had the yeast infection, so I did another round of diflucan. Now I've started my period and still feel like things aren't right, I have a burning / itching / swollen feeling but see no blister or anything, so do you think that the yeast infection has just gotten worse and was aggravated by having sex, now having my period? Or could it be herpes?