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Avatar f tn it's now MONDAY...and no period!!!.....mannn, im so pissed. so then today i went to my pelvic ultrasound...and they did all that...and i gotta get the results in 3 days.....!! then the 26 i get my results for my pelvic exam....sooo now i gotta RESCHEDULE to see my other doctor because i haven't start my period!! confusing!!!
Avatar f tn What is the accuracy of an 8 week ultrasound on the gestational age and conception date?
Avatar n tn When was your ultrasound? Early ultrasounds are usually very accurate- within a day or two of the exact date so if you had an early ultrasound, I'd definately go by the ultrasound date- especially if you are unsure of the last day of your period. I hope everything goes well for you.
Avatar f tn No. It's still early. It's common not to see anything until closer to eight weeks. I wouldn't stress.
Avatar n tn Had my ultrasound today thought I was 6 week 2 days but measured 5 week 5 days saw yolk sac but no baby. But they said its to early to see much they will re do ultrasound in 10 days.
Avatar f tn I did not believe I was pregnant when I had gone in for my physical. My boyfriend and I use condoms every time so when she said congrats your pregnant I said no and demanded a ultrasound because I had my "period" a week before.
Avatar n tn From last period it should have been 5 w 6 days. We saw a gestational sac and yolk sac. One week later there was a fetal pole but no heartbeat and it dated the pregnancy at 5 w 6 days. I have had 4 miscarriages, with all of them the fetus and sac never grew. I want to be positive but the pregnancy doesn't seem to be progressing normally. Anyone have a similar situation.
Avatar f tn I believe I am 5 weeks pregnant, I want an ultrasound to help figure out how far along I am and when we conceived.. is this something I can request on my first visit?
Avatar n tn thanks so much for all your insightful minds! i feel much better. :) i really love the doctors we are dealing with - they are wonderful. i just wanted to make sure it wasn't out of the ordinary that i wasn't getting an ultrasound. i feel great/awful (nausea, & tender breasts). no spotting, no cramps. all good signs.
Avatar n tn I am 23 weeks pregnant, and I had a anatomy ultrasound done three weeks ago. On my last belly check with my Dr. I asked when would I have another.ultrasound done and she said I wouldn't have one unless it was necessary like if issues would come up. I won't have ultrasounds up until u have the every 2 weeks ones when u are almost due . Is that how it usually is?
Avatar n tn wait it is a bit early to see anything in the uterues however the thickness of the utereus is an indication of fertilization and the next step...
Avatar n tn Yea I got a ultrasound because I was skipping periods and im 14 years old.I never had a period for over 6 months and when I got the ultrasound done they found a cysts on my left ovarie and im kinda nervous about that.I don't think its cancerous but im not sure.I had a lot of pain all the time and even had problems useing the washroom.I don't know whats gonna happen but i just hope ill be ok.
Avatar f tn No. An ultrasound is a routine procedure in pregnancy... people that are high risk (more likely to have a miscarriage) get more ultrasounds during pregnancy in order to make sure that they baby is developing properly which I dont think doctors would do if they thought it would cause a miscarriage. Ultrasounds basically just sound waves bouncing back and forth. I personally had about 8 or 9 ultrasounds throughout my pregnancy and my daughter was fine. Three of them were before 16 weeks.
Avatar n tn Hi Doc, I am 8 weeks pregnant & very excited! My husband & I have seen our General Practicioner as well as a midwife to confirm our pregnancy. I did a urine test, got my blood pressure taken & heartrate. I did not get an ultrasound & they said I could not schedule one until around 12 weeks. I guess since I knew the date of the first day of my last period as well as the date we conceived.
Avatar n tn i am wondering if any mom did ultrasound at this period of time cuz ive been asking for doing so but always been rejected by the doc. she said unless there is medical need, i dont need to do the ultrasound. but since ultrasound basically has no risk to the baby, why they deny that? i want to see myself if baby is fine.
Avatar f tn I went in for my ultrasound yesturday and they did not see anything in the sac yet. I have to go back in 3 weeks and get another ultrasound done. I had 2 hcg levels done first one was 34 and the second one was almost 200. I have had a D&C done last year. LMP was March 1 2011. Is it possible that there is a problem with me and my partner??
Avatar f tn I've had two with my doctor one I paided for first one was to determine how far along i was (because I was on the shot so i had no period) i found out I was 11 weeks then the next one I paided for to find out the sex early (it's a boy) doctor scheduled me for one at 20wweeks now i have to go in on Thursday because something maybe wrong
Avatar n tn I had my 18wk ultrasound last week we counted fingers and toes. Everything looked fine they even gave me a movie to take home. The tech said everything was fine and not to worry. I thought they could not tell you anything and you had to wait for the pics to be examined first. Do they just say everytthing is fine until you see your doctor? Does anyone know when you have your next ultrasound?
11157192 tn?1430162659 Yea depends on insurance cause i had three going for my fourth to find out the sex next week the first one was cause the doctor couldn't tell how far along i was and i wasnt sure of my last period because i been spotting every month until i took a test then the second and third was cause the spotting each month turned into heavy bleeding each month and i was in the beginning stages of a miscarriage as they say but i am 22 weeks and my baby is healthy thank god but my insurance paid for all of th
2121656 tn?1395678349 Please don't assume that I've demanded a Ultrasound for my issue, it was my PCP you ordered the ultrasound for a problem I'm having with my liver. Therefore, common sense would be at the time of viewing the aorta, kidney, pancreas, ect. so, I was only asking if the ultrasound on the kidney area would also show the lump under my 6th rib. It would make more since to me to examine the lump at the same time. With all due respect, I'm entertained by some Dr.
Avatar n tn me and my huband been trying to get pregnant my last period was april 10, i have my period between 28 to 42 days from the day i started my period.
Avatar f tn Ah really? Yeah really similar! Glad you got ur period tho. I'm just weird and didn't get one but I'm pregnant now so fingers crossed it all goes to plan and it won't matter I that it didn't get a period. Are you ttc again?
3219541 tn?1351923454 ok well idk now it been 41 days since i last had a period, and i m now 10 days late for this one. I thought I had ovulated last month, but I don't think I did! I wasn't able to test due to being at my bestie place for a while. I been getting lot of weird symptoms that got my mind thinking I m pregnant...if i am i would be close to Idk I have a ultrasound tomm see what happens then!