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Avatar f tn m pregnant on Sunday which makes me around 4 weeks. I have no symptoms yet. Only a missed period - is this normal so early?
Avatar f tn Usually a week before period I have large tender breasts, stomach cramps, and feel blah. Period due this week no symptoms besides in and out naseau, and some cramping at night. Is it too early to test.
Avatar f tn Wait a few days and take a test Could be stress, or you could be pregnant most don't get symptoms of pregnancy til about 6weeks You could try a test today or tomorrow or wait a few days then test Good luck
2020005 tn?1628125976 I just got my BFP a couple of days ago, really early, still not even due for my period, I'm about 12dpo. I'm having no symptoms at all, the only thing I can say for sure is really gassy (tmi, sorry!) and peeing more than usual, I occasionally have sore nipples, but usually at night for a little while. I'm hardly having any cramping that I felt with DS, and I got my blood results back yesterday, they were 60 at 11dpo.
1262373 tn?1281543782 So I am 12 DPO now and have no symptoms of pregnancy or pms. I'm too afraid to take a hpt because of the letdown when I've only been getting bfn's. My luteal phase is usually 12 or 13 days but can be 14 on occasion. Thinking about testing Thursday maybe. I really don't feel pregnant. 2 months ago I felt pregnant but it ended up being pms sigh......
Avatar f tn Hello! I beleive I am 5 weeks now. Took like 5 tests and all came out faintly but def positive and my period is almost 2 weeks late (I am regular). I have had some spotting here and there, but other than that no symptoms which is getting me worried. I actually don't know if I should even believe I am pregnant....
Avatar n tn No tender breasts, no hair falling out, no sleepiness, just mild food aversion. How has the rest of your pregnancy been? I am super paranoid.
2052470 tn?1351176040 I'm now 17 weeks pregnant but didn't have no symptoms at all of being pregnant. Maybe just headaches but that's all and didn't have no periods. Could I be having a boy or girl, help me.
Avatar f tn I am suppose to start my period tomorrow but have no Pms, other than little bloating and very sore boobs, more than normal . But no headaches or back ache no cramping n really odd, no spotting . Could this be a sign of being preg ? Having no symptoms of Pms at all..
Avatar n tn I'm scared to get another topic pregnancy again...I'm 12 days late and I have no symptoms other than I'm really tired and want to sleep all day. Is there any chance that I might be pregnant? I'm scared to test and get a negative. What should I do?
458508 tn?1206635542 like these women said it is normal :) i had no symptoms except a missed period and it was irregular and only reason i found i was pregnant is because hubby said he has a feeling im preggers, throughout my entire pregnancy i had hardly any symptoms just frequent urination and period like cramps. i didn't have sore breasts, morning sickness and now i have a healthy baby who will be eight months at the end of the month. Congratulations =) and a healthy pregnancy to you!
Avatar f tn With my first I had no symptoms it was the easiest pregnancy ever, I am not 9wks with my second and I am dealing with every symptom in the book it is so horrible. Theres truth behind the saying "not every pregnancy is the same." I had a girl my first pregnancy and now that this one is different I'm hoping I'm having a boy, fingers crossed!!!!
Avatar f tn ) i am 6 weeks and 6 days pregnant and have had zero symptoms so far, other than a missed period. I have my first dr appt tomorrow, but I am a little nervous because of the lack of symptoms. With my first, I had symptoms way earlier. I just hope everything is okay, anyone else experience no symptoms at this stage?
Avatar f tn no breast soreness, no morning sickness, no mood swings (I am too happy! ;-) I am concerned because I have had 2 miscarriages before. I am 42 so this is probably my last chance :-( Does this happen that some women have no symptoms (it was the same in my previous pregnancies) or could there be a hormonal issue? Should I tell the doc? What can they test?
Avatar f tn I'm 9w4d and I have no symptoms at all. No nausea, no sore breasts, don't eat more than normal, no weird veins, nothing at all. Is this normal? This is my first pregnancy and I just feel like I should feel something! Any advice on what I should do?
Avatar n tn Nothing to worry about :) Each pregnancy is so different that everything is normal in the first trimester as long as you are not bleeding or having severe pain. Congrats on the baby!
1686755 tn?1337083880 ) Now I have a happy healthy almost six month old baby boy!
Avatar n tn Go see a doctor. Absence of period for 3 months with no pregnancy is not normal especially if you didn't have this problem before...Have you taken other preg tests? If you are sure about the tests then it is somthing else.
Avatar m tn I haven't had a period since before Halloween and I've taken two pregnancy tests two weeks apart from each other and both are negative. I don't feel pregnant at all. I was on birth control since June 2011 and stopped it October of this year. I was told that it would take a little while for my period to come back but the doctor said it shouldn't have taken this long. So, I thought that if I was pregnant I would at least have some symptoms but I don't.
Avatar f tn Well that definitely makes me feel better about it! I told my husband and hes very excited but I still consider the possibility of them being false positives for some reason. Have you all announced your pregnancies yet? I'll definitely wait until I go to the doc to announce mine. But with my first daughter I announced it immediately. I hear now though it's best to wait until after the first trimester.
Avatar f tn Why haven't I got my period for 1 months and a half? The last period I recevied was on Thanksgiving last year.I know I am not pregnant because i just had my tubes tied and burned in 2006. I am still tired, cramps lower back, and my right breast itching.