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Avatar f tn I'm 22 after my pap I had while I was pregnant I tested positive for HPV, now 6 months after giving birth for a month now every time I have sex I bleed like period blood it's for 2-3 days, no smell no itching no burning just bleeding like a period everytime I have sex?? Does anyone know what it could be or what could be causing this... Thanks!
Avatar m tn hpv warts and hpv period can be passed thru oral sex....its skin on skin body fluid xchange.If u have a HPV virus the body can clear it anywhere 6-18 mos.It then lies dormant and u can b xposed to another of 30 some strains and get that one as well.
648527 tn?1234154336 Your husband might also have it but men do not produce any symptoms against high risk hpv... there are no tests available for men to diagnose hpv... the only way a man knows he has hpv is by visualizing the external warts... There are no serious health issues related to men having hpv... It has led many people to tragically wrong conclusions because it fails to take into account one of the most mysterious aspects of genital HPV: its ability to lie latent...
Avatar f tn I get "brown spotting" at the end of my period for about 3-5 days. This just started about 6 months ago. However, a friend who thinks she knows everything told me that it is a symptom of HPV. Does it sound like it to you? I looked it up and couldn't get any info on "brown spotting" What is "brown spotting" and what causes it? Thank you in advance.
Avatar n tn 10 year monogamous relationship. female partner tests positive for low strain hpv over 3 years ago on pap. No warts. Virus clears. Fast forward to today, gets annual pap, tests positive for hpv again... with a different strain... says high risk. Isn't the likely source pointing to infidelity within that 10 year period? Otherwise, the strain should have tested positive 3 years ago as well. Correct?
Avatar f tn Hi i am 23 years old, i had my fiest child at age 17 after i had him my gyno told me o had hpv i Had no ideal how serious it was until now. I think im starting to show symtoms of something more serious. I havnblt had my period in going on 6 mnths,also i been having a lot yeast infections and uti's and bv's. I also been verybloated lately. I get nauseas. Im really scared pls someone give e an advice as on what i should do!!!!
Avatar m tn Here is the CDC link on oral HPV. There is no FDA approved test for it. Getting it from one oral sex encounter isn't that easy. It isn't as common as you think but the stats are definitely increasing.
Avatar f tn i let it go for a couple weeks and i had my period. after my period i was fine for about a week and i developed another one but this time it was intense burning along with the discharge no itching. i treated it again but made an appt. with my doctor. by the time my doctor was able to see me i had no more symptoms except for a slight burning which lasted until after my next period. when i saw the doctor she said that everything looked normal except for slight swelling/redness.
Avatar n tn Once cells are invaded by HPV, a latency (quiet) period of months to years may occur. The latency period means the HPV virus is in an incubation period. Having sex with a partner whose HPV infection is in the incubation period still leaves one vulnerable to becoming infected. HPV virus can last from 3 months to 2 years without visible changes, making it difficult for an infectee to establish the source of infection.
Avatar m tn Hello, My wife tested positive for HPV, and since there is no test for men i did not get tested. i have no symptoms whatsoever, when she was first diagnosed there was nothing visible (no warts) but after the Dr scraped some skin from her vulva and a pap test warts started forming on her vulva! is this normal?
Avatar n tn Hello, HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. It can be due to having sex with multiple partners or with infected persons. Sometimes there are no symptoms at all of the infection and you cannot know until you do tests to diagnose it. If the cells have come abnormal then you should get it checked. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn Even though your warts apparently developed recently, for that period you have been exposing her to your active HPV infection. If she was susceptible, she has been infected by now, probably within the first 2-3 times you had sex after your indiscretion. Your wife could be immune, if she has been infected in the past with the same HPV type that is causing your warts. But there is no way to know. Either way, at this point there is no need to change your sexual practices with her.
Avatar f tn There is no test for men to detect genital HPV and no FDA approved oral test for men or women to detect Oral HPV. If you two have been having unsafe sex, then he should assume that he has what you have. If you two have been having safe sex, then the odds are like 50% he has what you have. It could be higher if the sex has been frequent Men are usually the carrier and he could have infected you. The absence of warts on a man or woman does not mean either does not have HPV.
Avatar f tn This is why CDC doesn't even recommend examining the partners of people with known genital HPV infection. It makes no difference in their health. 1) True. 2) no. Nothing is known that helps clear HPV any faster than it's going to clear anyway. 3) Genital warts typically appear 6-12 months after exposure; sometimes soon as 2 months. It usually takes a few weeks or months for them to grow to 2-3 mm size. 4) You should see no doctor unless you notice what you think might bey warts.
Avatar f tn Who knows what kind of personal care that person has, so the right thing to do now, as emotionally difficult as it must be for you, it to get tested, not only your genital 'bumps' (which might or might not be HPV), but for HPV in general (internally), and also for other common STDs, like HIV, Gonorrhea, Clamidya and Herpes. For HIV specifically, there's a 6 month period (since the incident) you must wait in order to get a result you can trust, infection or not.
Avatar n tn You stated you can't judge risk of aquired asymstomatic HPV from a single but probabbly low. Well Doc, it was not a single incident, but always protected, however we did have much skin to skin contact. And you are right I was not a virgin when I met my current partner. Does this raise the anti? 2)However you did state that most HPV infections clear the immune system within 6-12 months. Did my risk of aquiring asymptomatic HPV type for causing warts increase also?
Avatar n tn which I noticed developing about 8 months ago. 2) has never hurt when I have urinated..and no increase in frequency either. 3) Yes and no.....I do not feel any pain with my problem with either ejaculation or sex......adn Yes there is a change in my penis...its curved when normal...and curves even more when erect....not an extreme curve....its almost like the hole penis shift to the left...
Avatar f tn 2) If most of the issues clear (cured) within 2 years, but almost all cervical cancer are a result of hpv, and most of the cervical cancer patients are elderly, does that mean, these people have had hpv for a longer period than 2 years? if so, how come? If not, then are they newly infections? Does 25 years old woman like myself, have a healthy enough immune system to fight the infection ( I don't have any problems and maybe get a cold once a year).
Avatar n tn Within the first year, the guy realized he has a wart on his penis. He comes to find out that it is hpv. As soon as they saw the wart they started to wear condoms. It has been two years and four pap smears later and the girl still shows no sign of HPV. Last week, I slept with this girl. She has told me she had it, but i never never knew the severity of hpv. I wore a condom every time we did it, yet these web sites are telling me that condoms are not 100%.
Avatar m tn (Not having warts does not say whether or not you have had HPV. Over 90% of all HPV infections cause no symptoms, no warts, and no abnormal pap. Please also pay close attention to my closing statement ("In the meantime...") above. You shoud not be at all worried about this.
Avatar m tn I had performed oral on a woman with persistant hpv. You let me know that I could possibly have oral hpv, but maybe not, and if I did nothing would likely come of it. Just a couple follow ups, if you don't mind. I have not had sex with her. The farthest we've gone is some heavy grinding with clothes on, only a couple times (and once I used my hand, brought her to climax, while she was clothed).
Avatar f tn Hello, HPV viruses that can cause changes in the cells of the cervix and cause them to become dysplastic are high risk HPV. The strains of HPV that are high risk are HPV types 16, 18, 31, 33, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66, 68, and 73. HPV types 6 and 11 that typically cause venereal warts are low risk viruses and do not show any potential of showing cellular dysplasia. So if you are showing HPV warts, then it is low risk viruses.
Avatar n tn You are in your 20s. The last time you had HPV was over two years ago with no breakouts since then. You have a great immune system. Combined with knowing that over 80% of all adults get HPV at some point in our lives, you should consider yourself normal. And normal people still have sex. HPV has been known for centuries, and discussed in ancient Rome and ancient Greece. It's with us. Live with HPV being a nuisance. Yours was low risk since it was a visible mole. Why worry?
Avatar n tn Is it common to experience vulvar irritation with HPV infection but have no visible warts? If so, how can it be treated so that I am not so uncomfortable all of the time?
Avatar f tn One thing that is good for me is that i'm celibate again....and know there will be no new strain of HPV i could get.i know how u feel dear...boy do i ever...but i got over it....time is a great healer!I'm fortunate i have health insurance.....this whole ordeal cost over $4000 with paps biopsies colps and the LEEP......i sure as hell don't want to go thru this again!Ur gonna be ok in time!
Avatar f tn been taking antibiotics but so far no change in the way i feel. is the UTI in any way related to HPV? 3. last question, my colposcopy is schedualed right arounf the time when i should get my period. should i reschedual for after my period is over? ps. i also have bacterial vaginosis (but i was told that is treated w a cream) pss.
Avatar m tn 1. what would be the odds of her abnormal pap coming up as hpv? 2. what would be the chances if it was hpv it would be the high risk that causes cancer? 3.could anything else cause a abnormal pap? 4.if it was high risk does this mean i will get penile cancer? Thank you so much for any awnsers. She is going next week to see whats going on and im just really scared that it will be the high risk hpv.
Avatar f tn Hi could someone answer this Q.... I just found out I have HPV. It is very small and I will be going to get it removed. I know the virus will always be there, but the doc told me I am okay to have sex with my b/f and it won't affect him. My question is if he isn't the one that gave it to me, I passed it along to him . How could he be tested for it ? I was told it can't be through blood ?? Thank you.....