No period for 7 months

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Avatar n tn i need your expert knowledge and help (advise) about my current sexual health issue.. i haven't got my period for 7 months.well, im sexually active with my partner up to this date. I got my last period 3rd week of october 2008 and after that my menstruation suddenly stops. my pregnancy test was negative.and I dont even felt any changes in my body.. But sometimes i can feel pain in my lower abdominal part of my body.
Avatar m tn Kissing a woman who had licked her finger after it was inside her, and at that tie i had chapped lips. that was 7 months ago. i did 7 tests so far and the latest was at 6 month mark. all Negative. All STD negative except HSV1 and 2 positive but it was not a typy-specific test. i am not sexually active. married. i am planning to go for a test at 7 month mark. my fear is the following: i have grave disease whihc is autoimmune disease, and i am on treatment (tapazole).
Avatar f tn So in pregnancy term months 3,6,8, and 9 have an extra week added there for which would make you 7 months at 27 weeks.
Avatar n tn I crave chocolate, my breasts are tender, as well as bigger, I have been frequently depressed, put on 17 lbs, and had no period for seven months. Then out of the blue, my period came today. It was very heavy. Confused.
193988 tn?1215027483 while i was at a friend's baby shower, i met a woman whose son was almost a year old and she was frantic because she had just gotten her period for the firs ttime since her son was born and she didn't have any tampons on hand. how long did it take before your period returned to normal with your first child?
Avatar n tn My period has been on and off for a while now. In 2009 i missed it for 7 months then came on for 2 weeks, and i haven;t had my period since. I know for a fact i'm not pregnent because i havnt had sex yet. I smoke + drink but don't do drugs. To be honest i'm quite worried :/ Anyone know whats happening?
Avatar m tn Hi, I had unprotected ORAL sex (i was the receipiant Male) but had Protected Vaginal sex 7 months ago! I tested NEGATIVE for HIV Anitbody 1/11, HCV and HBV (Antigen) test 7 months after possible exposure! I want to be convinced that these results are conclusive, considering the varying window periods you get to find about during research online! I have never fallen sick in this period, NO symptoms what so ever! Could you please advise whether i should get tested again in future!
Avatar n tn But the oddest thing is after not having had a period for 7 months (I'm 50), yesterday I started bleeding VERY heavily, and still am. The pain in my back seems eased by this making me more aware of a feeling of heaviness in my right front pelvic area. I have no appetite,feel tired all the time (despite iron pills) and feel bloated as a blimp.
Avatar f tn This means for the next [average] 2 years after you first began your period, you could go a week, month, 3 months, 5 months, or even a year without your period. One time your period may last for 3 days, another for 7, and then for 5 days. Usually [average] 2 years after you start your period, it will become regular. You will be able to predict when your period will start, how heavy/light it will be, when it will end, and how long it will last.