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Avatar n tn I was also on it 3 yrs ago and i would get my period 2-3 days into the placebo week EVERY time. I skipped the first placebo week of pills for a trip, and i took my last active pill on august 23rd. I have no period yet, and i have discharge that resembles that to ovulation- stringy and clear. I had unprotected sex on aug 9th and aug 20th and both of those times ironically i missed a pill by 12 hours (caught up in the night!) why am i not getting my period? should i be taking a pregnancy test?
Avatar f tn OK...a little bit of background. 2 mos ago, I had a missed pill. Followed the in-pack instructions and took the missed pill the following morning and my pill that evening as usual. This has thrown my cycles off like crazy. My last "period" during placebo week was the pill pack prior to the missed pill. I am now having the typical placebo week bleeding between the 2nd and 3rd weeks of the active pills, with not even as much as spotting during the placebo week.
Avatar m tn Though thus of her taking these BC pills she has been spotting irregularly sometime around a week before her period starts thus started her period until Wednesday (April 25th) her first sign of real bleeding.  I arrived home to surprise visit her at 1:30am on Saturday April 27th and we had unprotected sex ( I withdrew) and again later that early morning around 8am( I ejaculated inside of her).
Avatar f tn I am almost finished with my second pack, I'm on the placebo week, its my fifth day no period still. I'be been taking my bcp on time everyday. Should I be worried or should I stay calm until I start taking my next pack?
Avatar n tn But why would she get those ovarian pains before th placebo week (few days before). I would think those pains would come during the placebo week because she is no longer getting the active ingredient and therefore her withdrawal bleed and those pains. But why would those pain come during the active week? In the past she always got the ovarian pains during the placebo week?
Avatar f tn instructed me to finish out the rest of my active pills for that week which was the 3rd week and to start new pills that Sunday, which meant skipping the placebo pills from the old brand. Well I started the new pills that Sunday and I got my period during that first week of the new pills (which would have been my normal time had I still taken the placebo pills). Is this ok or are these new pills "wasted" now for this month?
Avatar f tn I suffer from the same clear discharge during my period. No odor so I'm not concerned but certainly bothered by it. I don't have any answers but do you think it might be extra stimulus from the tampon? It is a far fetched answer since it sometimes happens at night, but I can't think of anything else!!!
Avatar n tn The first two months, I skipped the placebo pills and went straight to the next packet. During June - August, I got a regular period. I have 7 placebo pills (2 green, 5 blue) and I usually 'start' once I take the first blue pill of that week. Only in September did I notice a difference; my period *did* start on the first blue pill, but was very light with almost no cramping and only lasted for 4 days instead of the normal 5.
Avatar n tn Hi there, Tri-Previfem is a combination oral contraceptive pill containing progestational compound norgestimate and the estrogenic compound ethinyl estradiol. It may be used to induce periods in women with menstrual irregularity. If you stop the pills your body responds to the removal of the hormones in the regular birth control pills and you experience withdrawal bleeding. You will have periods while on the sugar pills. Do visit a gynecologist for more queries and assistance. I hope it helps.
Avatar f tn There's 4 placebo pills, and I took the second today. No sign of my period -- no cramping or spotting, etc. I haven't had any spotting at all since my last period. Furthermore, I've never had sex, so there's not a real chance that I'm pregnant. (My now ex-boyfriend did finger me but if there was even a remote chance that he had sperm on his fingers--in the still unlikely event that would even get me pregnant--it would have had to have happened way back before Easter.
80575 tn?1207135964 Placebo means no VX950 but blank pill. I'm one of those placebo groups from Prove1. Very disappointed but I knew going in that was a possibility. The negatives is you could also get placebo or your virus could start going wild from the VX. One person from my center did get VX and virus dropped dramatically then started rising rapidly. That is a sign of virus mutating and they pulled him off VX early and he is completing regular treatment. Others got VX now UND and going great.
Avatar f tn I do this because I get horrible migraines during my period week. Recently I have gotten a full-on period. This has never happened to me before. I don't feel it is "breakthrough bleeding" or anything else I have read about. I've never even had spotting on the pill. The only change in my routine is that I have begun taking a vitamin D3 supplement.
Avatar n tn you will get your period on tuesday. stress shouldnt affect your period. no. it should still come during the placebo week. monkeyflower is right, with perfect use, you are 99% protected.
Avatar f tn Although, back in the beginning of January I did take the placebo pills and had a period (sorry, I left that out before)...I was a crazy woman during that week! It was awful! And to elaborate on the 'spotting' mentioned before, it was a "heavy" spotting that would last usually 2 days, but never more than 4 days (like a light period). Do I need to be worried about something?? I had just stopped taking Kariva 5 days ago (not long ago, I know).
242516 tn?1368227505 They found that although there was a benefit from antidepressants, it was not significantly better than what a placebo (pill without any medicine in it) did. The placebo treatments had a great deal of benefit, almost 80% improvement in depression symptoms. The antidepressants didn't do any better than placebo. They further concluded that the benefit that these antidepressants had on severely depressed patients was from these patient's lack of benefit from placebo treatment.
Avatar f tn i was diagnosed w endo after having my daughter 3 yrs ago. I had pain for so long, dismissed it until it got too bad to carry on w certain aspects of life. I've had 2 surgeries; bilateral ovarian cystectomy/lysis of adhesions & the second surgery was an RSO. The pain is gone post op!!! I am amazed at the difference. Sex is great and I feel normal. I've recently been on a number of BC (never having been on it in my whole life - I'm 33) this last BC pill I'm on has been a solid 4 months.
1711722 tn?1356491154 Hi I am so very happy for you, great that you are UND, during a trial I had the same issue, at the time no rescue drugs were available so they dose reduced me, mine went under the 500 about 4 times during tx, I was not aware until the day they called and told me to stop all tx. Mine had goten to low and a paper cut could have been serious. I really did not want to stop however it was not my call, that was Nov 2008, I relapsed New Year's eve 2009 I wish you all the best.
Avatar f tn So, I started my new birth control pack during the placebo week in April to avoid getting my period. I still ended up getting my period however, but it was very light. Well my placebo week for the second pack was last week and I never got my period and this week is technically suppose to be the real week I got my period and it still hasn't shown. Is it possible it hasn't shown because me taking my birth control packs back to back has thrown it off?
Avatar f tn So, I started my new birth control pack during the placebo week in April to avoid getting my period. I still ended up getting my period however, but it was very light. Well my placebo week for the second pack was last week and I never got my period and this week is technically suppose to be the real week I got my period and it still hasn't shown. Is it possible it hasn't shown because me taking my birth control packs back to back has thrown it off?
Avatar f tn So I was taking the placebos for a few days after my period then started the new pack. I am now 5 days onto the placebo of the new pack and no period. Although about a week before the placebos I had about a day of light bleeding, I guess what you woudl call spotting - not something I usually get. My husband and I have sex regularly. Is this just my body being irregular because of a change of pill or could I be pregnant? Are there any implications to taking the pill while pregnant?
547512 tn?1273248625 It depends what you're trying to do. Are you trying to get pregnant again or not get pregnant? If you were trying to get pregnant again I would suggest you don't take BC pills only because you want to give your body a chance to return back to normal. I am not an expert, just speaking from experience. When I took birth control (took it for a total of 2 years) and became ready to have a baby, it took my body almost a year to adjust and be back to normal.
Avatar n tn Obviously, I am not in any shape or form an authority in sleep studies, but based on some readings I have done, there is no need for a long period of sleep in order to interpret one's condition during a sleep study--I can only guess that the fact that you managed to sleep for some period, it is enough for the electronic equipment (all the probes attached to you) to detect any anomalies in your sleep/awake modes.
218977 tn?1230700972 I was told that I met the minimum criteria of a 1-log drop based on the Week 4 viral load tests. This information was shared with me during my Week 6 visit. During my Week 8 visit, the coordinators shared with me that Vertex had contacted them and explained that the protocol criteria had changed to UND. They had a list of three individuals (subject I.D.
Avatar m tn By the end of the third or fourth pack you should get a period during the placebo (sugar) pills. IF you are continuing to have irregular bleeding, call your doctor. Good luck!
80575 tn?1207135964 In my case, week 20 was the last blinded week, and the VL results came in during week 22. I received a summary of every single PCR taken by the trial - from teh two initial screening visits right through to the week 20 draw. It was quite something to finally be able to see the response. Turns out I went clear around day 15, and have stayed clear since. Keep the faith folks. Its frustrating during the blinded period, but that's just part of the trial protocol.
Avatar f tn Kinda bummed, but I will be really bummed if I don't clear at 6 weeks as that will mean I got placebo. It is an official 4 log drop by week 4 though, so I am thankful for that. And my platelets are a freak show. The are almost normal in the 120s and have been over 100 since I screened!! It is so confusing. My spleen is enlarged, HR had my Fibroscan at 21, I have varicies and my platelets are hanging in on tx.