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Avatar f tn Walmart had hair color that has no ammonia in it.
Avatar f tn I did it, my doctor told me no bleach and no ammonia, and make sure there's air flow in the room
1391695 tn?1298143389 You really can't see the thinning while it's in a bun or ponytail, with bangs. Bumble and Bumble make a color hair powder spray you can use to lengthen time between hair color. Since you don't wash your hair much during tx it lasts until you wash it out. Use it on roots or where you see your hair looks thin at the scalp. I use Blondish, it's for light brown to dark blonde hair color. You can find it on ebay.
Avatar f tn Although I will tell you this - both times I tried to cover this awful mess my last dye job left my hair in b4 pregnancy the color washed out in about a week.
Avatar n tn There is also ammonia free hair dye... Another option.
Avatar f tn Then went over it all to do a good transition, then touched up my roots later, and just last month went over my entire hair to go dark again and one color. Keep it ventilated, ammonia free, and i also did my roots last so it wasn't too long on it. Lastly my hair dresser had told me as well its ok to dye hair. Hope that helped a little.
489099 tn?1286224581 ) I been doing some reasearch and it says to use organic hair dye or special hair dye with out Ammonia or bleach. taken062406- I just saw your pic and your hair looks great. Did they use any special hair dye? Did your Dr. say it was ok?
2203249 tn?1338994046 That makes sense tho as to why not to dye it, color is rough on hair. He will freak out if he loses all his hair he's always been known for his hair like I said a bit of a beauty king haha. He may want to reconsider dyes while under treatment if he doesn't want it to thin too much.
Avatar n tn The stuff I recommended isn't harsh like the stuff they use elsewhere.. no stripping, strong smells, no ammonia.. I don't know what color you use. but mixing in some of the champagne color it turns the streaks of grey to golden highlights!!
Avatar f tn You should Use the no ammonia hair dye while pregnant, if you really must dye your hair.
1577200 tn?1331729319 lisa i am not a professional but i am a hair stylist im pretty sure it is safe for u to color your hair but however it is not safe for you to smell the fumes from coloring your hair.
Avatar f tn I tried hair colors with no Amonia, still the same. so, my question is what hair color (dyes) should i use?? does anyone expnced the same prob?? please help.
Avatar f tn I dyed my hair at 10 weeks. Just be in a well ventilated room and get ammonia free hair dye.
Avatar f tn i used the one with no amonia or less Amonia, you can also get the hair color from holland and barretts(in Uk) which is made from fruit and veg extracts and have hardly any get different opinions on issue but i thk as long as you are not inhaling large quantity of chemicals thats should be fine.
3210965 tn?1345686380 But I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I can use to color my hair. I wasn't told until the week before I started treatment that I should not color my hair. Had I known this sooner I would have colored my hair as close to natural as possible before starting treatment.
Avatar m tn I have now suffered two reactions from hair color. Last year the dermotlogist did not think it was the hair color, but now I know. Who do I go to for testing? My lymph notes got larger and I had a rash on my forhead.
Avatar f tn They also recommended oil bases like redken chromatics or the olia color since there is no ammonia in them. Bhope this helps!
Avatar f tn There is no evidence to suggest dying your hair does anything to the baby. I've died my hair 3 times this pregnancy and have no issues.
14089185 tn?1439421185 There are no known side effects that can hurt the womb. I dyed my hair and my baby is completely fine. Just use ammonia free hair dye, I didn't leave it in as long, and make sure you have windows open as well.
Avatar f tn If you're dying your hair a dark color and it doesnt have abrasive chemicals that are used for bleaching like ammonia then you will be fine. Just make sure the room is well ventilated and I would even go as far as wearing one of those white masks that painters use, but that's just over-cautious me. but if it is meant to lighten your hair, or is a permanent dye of any color, WAIT till your pregnancy is over for the sake of your baby.
Avatar m tn I was never advised by either of my doctors not to color my hair during or after treatment. I colored it about every two months but my daughter is a stylist and she used a very good professional semi-permanent color (Schwarzkopf). I also use their shampoo and conditioner and my hair stayed shiny with very little dryness. It did get a little shaggy looking towards the end but no breakage. I probably had around 30 percent hair loss and post six months it has grown back nicely.
Avatar f tn I have heard that dying your hair can cause the color turning Into another color, for example, you might want to dye It red but It'll turn out orange due to your hormones. I haven't dyed my hair since bein' prego 'cuz I don't wanna take any chances lol.
Avatar f tn I'm a hair stylist and I'm gonna color my hair after the first trimester. Semi and demi hair colors have no ammonia so if your worried about that then that's the way to go. I have colored many pregnant ladys hair and even a pregnant doctors hair and even she thought it was Ok. I honestly wouldn't do a perm though just Cuz a perm has to go through a chemical process to actually work but I have seen some pregnant ladys get it done. So really its up to you. As for the skin.. I'm not 100% sure.
Avatar f tn ^^ ammonia free hair dye is safe : )
Avatar f tn I say go for it! Darker had less ammonia than lighter. If you plan on doing it at home see if you can get a friend our someone to help you. Besides that it's easier with help, you won't have to reach as much. If you can do it outside But yea..ventilation =) have fun!