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Avatar n tn I have the charlie horses in various places around my body, legs, feet, hands, under the ribs, under the breasts, etc. The pain can be excruciating. It can literally bend me over, make me cry, and scream out in pain. It happens in the shower, walking, using the bathroom, sitting in a chair, sleeping, etc. There is no particular time that this occurs. I can be doing nothing at all but laying on the sofa watching TV. If I get them in my legs, I have to walk them out.
Avatar f tn I can't see how you can determine 'when' an attack occurred by the troponin level. The higher the level the worse the attack, but there is no time tag. What if, for example, a mild attack occurred on day one and the symptoms were ignored. Then three days later the symptoms worsened and the patient visited ER. The attack was initially three days ago, but how could this be deducted by the troponin?
Avatar n tn Calan SR (which I took daily for 3 years and did not continue to have any more 'attacks'), and also Nitrostat (nitroglycerin under the tongue for if I had an emergency attack). The Calan relaxed the sphincter muscle, preventing any more strictures or spasms.
Avatar m tn Nitrates (for example, nitroglycerin placed under the tongue before meals) or calcium channel blockers. Arthritis has inflammatory characteristics and very little if anything to do with dilated vessels, etc.
Avatar f tn I have ''Angised'' tablets under the tongue and the chest pains disapear as the tablet dissolve under my tongue. I was on ''Monicor tablets'' for 3 weeks. After the monicor, I had rarely chest pains. But I'm still on Betaloc.I went also for a Stress test which results for ST Depression and also for a CT Coronary Angiogram . Results was Normal Coronary Arteries. My question is what are the precautions I need to take to avoid any other chest pains and do I have a problem in my heart.
Avatar f tn 4 days after the experience and when I was in ICU, my blood pressure was very very high and they had trouble controlling it and often used nitroglycerin under my tongue to rapidly decrease my bloo pressure. I started to have strange color flashes with my vision. It actually looked like bright color dials going in circular motions. Then shortly afterward i lost my sight but could see only extreme peripheral vision I couldn't see things looking straight ahead, only wide angles..
Avatar f tn I take nitroglycerin under tongue for chest pain. If it doesn't go away in 15 minutes then I call my dr or an ambulance and go to emergency room. If your left chest hurts when you go to sleep it is not a typical angina pain. BUT you should check out any chest pain with a doctor. I know you don't have insurance. Try the hospital outpatient clinics. They usually have a sliding scale payment. You should have the pain checked out by a doctor. Please do that for your health no matter what the cost.
Avatar m tn If you feel chest pain put a nitro pill under your tongue, if the pain doesn’t go away in 5 mins take another, if it still doesn’t go away then call 911. The make it sound as simple as; brush and floss every day. Don’t need any advice on the lifestyle modifications, I already practice all of that and I had further progression anyway. At this point I am considering a non-meat lifestyle.
Avatar n tn Isorbide is taken up much quicker when put under the tongue than when swallowed, so the first is preferred. Nicotine increases heart rate and blood pressure and causes vasoconstriction. Those three are not good for people and certainly not for those with heart disease. Still, a recent large test found no increased risk for myocardial infarction or death from nicotine patches. Perhaps this is from the slow release of the nicotine. Si it seems safe to use the gum.
Avatar n tn It is likely that you had prior blockages in your heart arteries which resulted in your heart attack. Nitroglycerin is used to dilated the arteries in this setting but also lowers the blood pressure, especially during a heart attack associated with blockages of the right coronary artery. During this your heart rate may have also dropped which is why they placed the external pacers. People will feel the pacing as you did with external pacers.
Avatar n tn You should always carry nitroglycerin around you. When the pain comes on take it under your tongue and if it goes away rapidly, as it did this last time, then you will likely to be ok. As long as there is no persistent or recurrent pain you should be fine without having to visit the ER. I would call your cardiologist. There should always be someone on call. I think that once you are on either one of those meds that I mentioned earlier your episodes will decrease considerably.
Avatar f tn Upon ringigng they told me to come to the emergency. I took one Nitroglycerin tab at home, and got another in hospital. After EKG, blodd tests etc.and 4 hrs. observation they said that it was muscle pain, not heart pain. By that time the pain was gone. Now today again I got left chest pain along with some jaw pain. I am writing with a nitroglycerine tab under my tongue. With slighest wind or loud sound I am getting ear pain and throat pain nowadays. Now I get panicked with jaw pain.
Avatar f tn 180 and my BP was 170/110 i was sent to the ER and i was given 4 baby aspocid and a nitroglycerin pill (one which is put under the tongue) i Cant find a real cause for what happened . I'm not stressed and i was not angry with something or bothered about anything . is this anything of cardiac origin. and what should my next step be .
Avatar f tn I've had a dull chest pain on my left side right under my armpit area and around to the center of the chesty for the past 4 months. I've been ignoring it as it was such a dull pain I'd almost call it a sensation instead of pain. So I had the flu last week as did my whole family. I was hit hard, very weak, major headache, neck and back ache, fever. Never developed much coughing but felt a bit phlegm.
Avatar n tn on sunday I awoke from a nap with a bad pain under left breast. I did not do anything about it until the next day. When it had been going on fro about 30 hours, with not being able to get a deep breathe in becuas ethe pain would cut off the breate I finally went to the ER. They took me right back and my BP was high. It was 198/116. They did an EKG in triage and then moved me to a heart room.
Avatar f tn He was given a pill to put under the tongue to relax the sphincter musle (maybe) and some vicaden for the pain. This did seem to help a bit when the attacks came on. On 8/26 he had an ERCP with a stent put in, a biopsy for auto immune pancreatitis followed that evening with another attack. He came home with more pain and had another attack on 9/4. After the ERCP etc.
712042 tn?1254572809 Unfortunately the recovery drug just didn't work therefore the confirmation of cardiac microvascular dysfunction. Emory, Mayo and U-FL,all researchers working on the same NIH study protocol for this dysfunction had not seen a case so severe. Needless to say a rough few days at Emory until they got my meds correct..............loads of IV nitro.
5154229 tn?1364422557 The pain is there but I get a more intense pain throughout the day and night. During the day when I get the intense pain there is no pattern such as eating, exercising, etc. It comes on while walking, sitting, showering, cooking, etc. When I have the pain at night it usually starts when I lay on my left side or raise my arm to wrap around my husband.
Avatar n tn I started with a migraine headache and sinusitus in May. Then, I started feeling buzzing in the head/neck, along with a feeling of something "stuck" in the neck area (kind of in the voice box area). I had mildly enlarged neck glands, and even had pain in the muscles surrounding the voice box. The pain died down, but I am still having the feeling of something stuck in neck. My serum calcium is 10.9, ionized calcium is 6.1. I've had elevated calcium levels before (over past year).
Avatar m tn Beets contains nitrates, which open up blood vessels and therefore lower blood pressure (similar to being given a nitroglycerin tab under the tongue if you are having chest pains thought to be related to a heart attack.) Please know, however, that all supplements such as beetroot capsules, are NOT studied by the FDA and should not be substituted for actual medicine. What does your doctor say about your blood pressure?
1209357 tn?1346880512 I can not breathe, but when I use nitroglycerin pills under my tongue control. My doctor told me that he's vessel coronary artery spasm. As I have medicine plavix 75, NTG, Imdur, asprin, but another new drug Simvastatiny do not understand the name. I would like to know what you think because I'm a little concerned about it.
Avatar m tn Firstly is a squirt of Nitro spray under the tongue, to force arteries open. I tried that for 2 days, but couldn't handle it due to the headaches caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure. So we went for the second approach, calcium channel blockers. Smooth muscle in the body, such as that inside arteries, use calcium to operate. The absorb it from the blood, through tiny channels in the artery lining, hence the name calcium channel blockers. No calcium means they shouldn't be able to spasm.
Avatar n tn But what an amazing change when they put me on meds!!! I had a life again! Some drs. will use the nitroglycerin tab under the tongue. I had that also and experienced none of the things prior. When I had to see a univ. dr. he was surprised the other cardio used the tab. (maybe just because of my situation). Here is a link that tells about the TTT: I hope that helps.
Avatar f tn fainting), they can always choose not to ride with you or mayber offer to drive? I was given nitroglycerin under the tongue (not injected) and passed out- the only time, thankfully, I've ever done so! The electrophysiologist's feelings about that were: "Inducible vasodepressor syncope with nitroglycerin. However, the underlying problem is orthostatic tachycardia syndrome." You'd think with all the fainting you've been having the insurance would spring for another TTT!
Avatar n tn Pain is relieved by time released nitroglycerin. Taking 30mg Isosorb as needed during the day. Sometimes I can go 12 hours without it, some times 6 to 8. Dr's have ruled out anxiety as it happens all hours of day or night. If attack goes into full blast, pain, which is like a corkscrew twisting, on a scale of 1-10 is a ten. If awake and I catch it in time, I take a quick acting nitro under my tongue and it stops it. Doctors can't seem to come up with a solution.
Avatar m tn 2cm at the ascending thoracic aorta and the aorta at the level of the sinuses of Valsalve of 4.3 cm. The descending thoracic aorta at this level measures 2.8cm. A small amount of fluid was detected. A echo-cardiogram was ordered which confirmed the enlarged aorta above the cusp of 4.3cm and 4.2cm in the ascending part. The aortic valve was trileaflet and normal.The Pulmonic Valve was normal with some mild regurgitation. The finding was Dilated aortic root with possible small pleural effusion.
Avatar n tn one cannot walk, all you can do is lay down in a fetal positon and lay very still until the pain subsides. I finally begged for Nitro 3 years ago. One nitro, 4mg. under the tongue can rid the pain in less than one minute...but I am sooooooo careful what meds i take so i do not have an attack. I also find that stress can bring on an attack and close that "lil" duct up.
Avatar m tn April 30th I go for a GI specialist who orders an upper endoscopy for my stomach. I did the test in the same day and the result come perfectly normal. The doctor said it's just gastric spasms and gave me medication. 4. June 1st I would say this is the date where I become an iddiot, I start to Google my symptoms for no reason and for sure the first Google suggestion was one of the stupid medical website which said its perfectly mimic stomach cancer.
Avatar n tn Dear Carol Some patients find that nitroglycerin tablets under the tongue are useful. Assuming you have normal coronary arteries, there is no real reason this therapy should help, but some patients find that it does anyway. Ask your cardiologist about this. I am assuming you have had a cardiac catheterization and a thorough evaluation of your chest pain to make sure there is not some other cause. Regarding your feeling tired, I would not expect that level of fatigue with your ejection fraction.
Avatar m tn All different specialists seem to have a different prognosis and the recommended pills over the years have not really done any good. None of them seem to relate to the closure of the windpipe and cant give me a straight answer when I ask them. Has anyone an answer or better still has anyone else had this problem.