Nitroglycerin shelf life

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Avatar n tn You do not want to get any moisture onto the other remaining pills in the bottle as they will turn to powder. Also, once this bottle is opened, the shelf life decreases. I get 25 pills per bottle and have had to only open one bottle so far. They are fairly cheap to buy. I buy a package with 4 little bottles in it. Also, yes, you can feel lightheaded and also get a headache after taking a nitro but this sure is better than these %^%&^$^%$& stomach attacks.
1166735 tn?1263478953 Lin, diltiazem is a calcium channel blocker and that form of drug is known to help in some cases of SOD. They typically use forms of nitroglycerin or the blockers to try to tamp down the smooth muscle spasms associated with the condition. But my question would be have they considered the possibility of residual sludge in the bile duct? Have you discussed doing an MRCP? As a general rule, any form of narcotic-based medication can raise the pressure in the CBD and will make things worse.