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572651 tn?1333939396 I have nitroquik - sublingual nitroglycerin - to take if I have angina pains - this morning about 5 am I was miserable and couldn't tell if it was heart or ms symptoms and I took one. As always it stopped my discomfort, depressed my already low blood pressure and I went to sleep for about 3 hours. I've used nitroquik for the past 3 months or so and it always stops the pain and gives me relief within minutes. It makes me wonder if nitroglycerin is part of anyone's MS drug protocol?
Avatar f tn and after evaluating my blood work - which actually came out fine except for a borderline cholesterol 200 and checking me and my BP (which is still high 160/100) he told me that due to having Hypertension since a long time ago - more than 15 years now , i have a somehow a big heart and being so uncontrolled is the main cause of the tachycardia and i cant exactly remember if he said its atrial or venticular tachycardia and he gave me logimax and cordarone 2 pills each everyday , he didnt tell
Avatar f tn you are right in that nitro opens arteries (they found that I don't have significant blockages but small coronary arteries) and beta blockers control heart rate so the heart doesn't work as hard. I do not know why he took me off of the beta blocker because I also have moderate mitral regurgitation. I don't have any high blood pressure and the beta blocker did drop my bp into the 90/60 range. Not sure if that was his reasoning.
Avatar f tn I had to go to the ER in January because the symptoms became so bad, and I was told I was dehydrated and tachycardic (heart rate 134, BP 156/90). The lightheadedness continued, so I saw a nurse practitioner at a Neurology office, and was sent for an MRI, and Echocardiogram (heart rate 120). I followed up with a Cardiologist who ordered an EKG stress test, Echo stress test, and Holter monitor for 24 hours. My heart rate was elevated, but everything came back in the normal range.
Avatar m tn It is a beta blocker and its job is to lower your blood pressure and with that lower your heart rate controlling the rhythm of the heart. It may just simply be that you need a medication adjustment and the doc can do that right over the phone when you tell them what is going on. Do not attempt to adjust it yourself or suddenly stop the can be very very bad for you if you do...the doctor is the navigator with the medications.
Avatar n tn for some reason our hearts misfire and this causes a fast heart rate and can cause chest pain. There putting me on meds and I may have to have surgery but I wouldnt worry about that because he said that its rare. In fact most of the time no treatment is neccessary. However it is important to get an appt. w/ a cardiologist, b/c its not good for your heart to work that hard all the time. -Good luck!
Avatar n tn This is a followup to a previous question. The Holter revealed VT and SVT with a rate of 189 bpm. My chest pain is always relieved with nitroglycerin - sometimes it takes three sometimes one. The 2nd opinion doctor has said this is not a heart problem and I should go see a GI doctor. Please see previous note for more details.
Avatar m tn numbness in my left arm. . My heart rate was 129/75. I was given Nitroglycerin the pain subsided. After 10 hours of testing the doctors said the tests were "inconclusive". The doctor did state it was not a heart attack. As fast as my heart was racing and as bad as it hurt I don't see how is was not a heart attack. I have a few questions, One what happened to me? Two why did the Nitroglycerin help?
967168 tn?1477588089 The predominant rhythm is sinus with ventricular bigeminy and trigeminy and an average rate of 89 beats per minute. Minimum heart rate of 67 and a maximum heart rate of 131 beats per minute. The longest run was 3 beats long and the fastest run was at 170 beats per minute at 15:51 and 5:44 respectively. 2 premature atrial contractions in 24 hours very frequent complex ventricular ectopys with bigeminy & trigeminy.
Avatar m tn If the heartworm was negative, they were going to start her on nitroglycerin and lasix to bring her heart rate down. They suggested I take to to an emergency clinic tonight so she can be seen by a cardiologist tomorrow. If they do administer the nitro and lasix, what more can the E.C. do overnight while waiting for the cardiologist. And furthermore, what more will the cardiologist do after the ultrasound confirms the congestive heart failure, after she is already on the medication?
Avatar n tn The last time I tried it not only did it not help, it made me nearly pass out and sent my heart rate down into the 30s for about 15 minutes. It's a strong vasodilator and can cause a serious drop in blood pressure.
503418 tn?1231102336 last night i woke up with pains in the far left side of my breast but which soon passed and again today i have had this pain (doesn't last and doesn't affect me in any other way). i've normal to low bp, good heart rate and no history of heart disease except i have hashimotos and mild mvp with mild mitral insufficiency which checked last year i would like to mention that i go about everywhere on foot ,climb stairs everyday and it never happens.
11389921 tn?1417802214 I was taking Diltiazem, but my cardiologist took me off after the heart cath, stating that nothing is wrong with my heart and it's just my Gerd. Because of the palpitations, chest pain, edema, and difficulty breathing while lying flat, I think I want to get a second opinion just in case. My maternal grandmother had CHF, so I am always a little concerned about my heart. My EF is good, but I know that a good EF doesn't always mean you're in the clear.
Avatar m tn Metoprolol is a beta blocker and helps to lower blood pressure and the heart rate. It is prescribed for angina and to help prevent a heart attack. After taking this drug for several years I have become rather dependent on it. I have a really bad day if I miss my dose. I take 100 mg every morning. Since you have a healthy heart and feel that it wasn't a heart attack I would certainly discuss the use of this drug and I would give this some thought before getting started on it.
Avatar f tn upon initial test 10 years ago, i was diagnosed with pvc's and gerd. taking heart meds and nexium did absolutely nothing for them except a few extra trips to the hospital every year. i have discovered along the way that i have the flare of symptoms mostly when i am sick to my stomach. i will have esoph spasms and palps for a bit of time before i start with diarhhea and vomitting. i have also noticed that when i have increased my water intake and eat a more healthy diet i have less episodes.
Avatar m tn I stayed on Metoprolol Succ twice a day but it dropped my resting heart rate to the 50's and sometimes it was going a bit less than 50 (48).
Avatar n tn I'm a 43 yr old woman with a history of exercise related chest pain for the last year or so, I also tend to have sinus tachycardia and a low exercise tolerance due to heart rate maxing out quickly. I have had PVCs for many years, but don't get them much any more. I've had a history of pericarditis and pleurosy but haven't had problems with that for many years either.
Avatar n tn I have no heart disease and a completely normal heart so I am told not to worry. My question is 10 - 20 abnormal beats a lot during one day and is there any significance to how hard the skips are. I am told a lot of people just ignore the skips but I can't believe they can do that when they are so intense. Thank you for your time.
1225331 tn?1333369369 I talked this over with my neuro and came up with a 15 minute limit if I have this problem (which I did have a mild episode of IPIR last summer - fortunately it lasted less than 10 minutes. I carry nitroglycerin, thanks to my previous heart attack, and the neuro and I agreed if I have chest pains, I would pop a nitro and wait a few minutes. If pain continues after 5 minutes I would take another nitro. If it continues after the second nitro tab, I would then call 911.
Avatar f tn (As per the Hospital Cardiologist after a heart cath) One of the meds I was given was sublingual nitroglycerin and I have had to use it many times so far (I only use it when the chest pains last longer than 20-30 minutes or get really bad). I do not have insurance and cannot afford to see a Cardiologist but I was wondering how often people usually have to use nitroglycerin.
Avatar f tn - you will get all sorts of good information. I've been through it twice and had to be put on beta blockers because my BP and heart rate became dangerously high and I was at risk for stroke/heart attack.
661200 tn?1225486613 Bogart was breathing very heavy yesterday and had a heart rate of 220. His gums were gray. But he slept thru the night prior to and was not listless. He was struggling to breathe but I think something more could have been done like you are doing. What is Brandy's heart rate? Are her gums and tongue bright pink still? Bogart was diagnosed 60 days ago with MILD CHF. Put on all the drugs. I'm saddened that he didn't last longer. What went wrong?
Avatar f tn Since then I have seen a cardiologist who has diagnosed me with POTS because of my constant fainting and fast heart rate upon standing. All of my ECGs and echos are normal. I am wondering if perhaps my disaitonomic problems are caused by something more serious. I mentioned the bradycardia to my current Dr. But he did not seem worried so I dropped it but I don't want one of those serious fainting episodes to happen again and wake up with a pacemaker and lose my license.
Avatar n tn Isorbide is taken up much quicker when put under the tongue than when swallowed, so the first is preferred. Nicotine increases heart rate and blood pressure and causes vasoconstriction. Those three are not good for people and certainly not for those with heart disease. Still, a recent large test found no increased risk for myocardial infarction or death from nicotine patches. Perhaps this is from the slow release of the nicotine. Si it seems safe to use the gum.
Avatar f tn Lately, he's been having a rapid heart rate, dizziness, lightheaded, and squeezing chest pain whenever he's active with our 3 year old son or outside. I've been pleading and crying for him to please see his doctor. This week has been particularly bad, but he explained it away because he did some shingling and assumes that the pain is from muscle cramps. He always has an excuse - it's anxiety, I ate something funny, I am just tired, etc.
Avatar f tn A very fast heart rate or a very slow heart rate could make you feel light-headed, tired and weak. It might be nice for you to have a feel for what's happening if you can. Or just wait for the results from the monitor. That can take weeks however. How's your blood pressure normally? That's another thought.
Avatar m tn Just so you know, on the maximal amount of Coreg and Lisinopril that your heart rate and blood pressure can handle, the heart muscle can get stronger and we can see the EF improve!!! I think you may have 15 years left to your heart but you need to be very careful and take all of your medications (never stop plavix again with all of the stents you have) as prescribed and continue exercising at least 30 min 3-4x per week.
Avatar m tn Just yesterday I had the most frightening pain of all, I was at work around 9 AM simply walking to my desk when I stopped to chat with a co-worker, while talking all of a sudden I felt what seemed like a crushing chest pain with a spasm mixed in around or where my heart is. It lasted about 7-10 seconds and slowly went away. I freaked out and quickly rushed to tell my boss. I did not get that same awful pain anymore for the rest of the day.
Avatar n tn This reaction may include high blood pressure, change in heart rate, skin color changes (paleness, redness, blue-grey skin color), and excessive sweating. Causes The most common cause of autonomic hyperreflexia is spinal cord injury. In this condition, types of stimulation that are tolerated by healthy people create an excessive response from the person's nervous system.