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Avatar f tn It takes time but you dont want to keep latching improperly or youll be in a lot of pain to where u will want to stop. Nipple shields are great to use and walmart sells them. Also nipple gel pads are great to soothe them if u put in the fridge.
Avatar f tn thank you so I'm going to have to invest in nipple guards.
Avatar f tn Anyone got any hints and tips on how to ease the pain? I had my son two days ago and I can honestly say I would go through labour 10x rather than go through this pain, it really is worse than birth.
Avatar f tn If none of that works, then some people will suggest nipple shields. These are meant to reduce any pain or bad feeding methods that your baby may accidentally be doing. He should only be gripping onto the tip of your nipple. Not the whole dark area of it. One thing your can do is lay down and lay your child on top when he's hungry. He WILL find your nipple on his own. He may take a few minutes but it encourages proper feeding as opposed to giving him your breast.
Avatar f tn I just have a question my son isn't here yet and I didn't get to breastfeed my first because his grandmother gave him a passy then he wouldn't latch. Is there such thing as nipple confusion? And If it hurts when he latches and causes sore nipples does that mean a bad latch. I have been watching so much videos but I can't ask the video questions.
Avatar f tn If your latch hurts longer than the first 30 seconds (residual pain from your previous bad latches) you haven't got enough nipple in and should take baby off and start again. You can delatch baby by sticking your pinky in the side of their mouth. For the pain from past bad latches you can use lanolin cream and also vitamin e oil. Good luck and remember not to settle for a bad latch!
Avatar f tn Yes, usually when the baby isn't latched on correctly it will hurt. When u get baby to ur boob, u want ur whole nipple in baby's mouth. Try to bring baby's nose to ur nipple first and when baby opens its mouth u just kinda smush his mouth on ur nipple. U and baby will get the hang of it. Def consult with a lactation specialist and they will guide u and show u other ways of holding baby to breastfeed. also put some lansinoh ointment on ur nipples to kep them from chaffing.
Avatar f tn As for the pain But you are doing a great job by exclusively breastfeeding your child its one of the best things you can do for your childs health just keep going dont give up i promise it gets easier as the time goes by
Avatar f tn Has anyone had trouble breastfeeding. My first son wouldn't latch on. But I'm hoping it was just because he was sick and had nothing to do with my breast or nipple.
Avatar f tn What I did to prepare my breast for breastfeeding was squeezing the nipple and playing with my breast. I also bought this cream that u apply onto the breast it's made for breastfeeding it helps heal your nipple you can use it during pregnancy as well. I know this one may be kinda weird but I asked my bf to suck on my nipple and I would already start to use the breast pump I know you won't get anything out of it but it helps prepare for the sensation and pain.
Avatar f tn I used a few creams and I also used nipple guards on and off wen in too much pain. Some ppl aren't a fan but my son had no problems with them and they help ALOT!!!
Avatar f tn Lumps during breastfeeding may be caused by blockage of ducts which carry the milk from deep in the breast to the nipple openings. Milk that builds up behind the blockage causes the lumps and makes the breast sore. Warm compress may help provide relief. Gently massage the lump toward the nipple during and after feeding and cold packs after a feed may help relieve pain and inflammation.
Avatar f tn Hi guys so I had my baby Monday, and unlike my first, she was a natural and latched on immediately. I breastfed her the first 2 days but yesterday I just couldn't handle the pain I was pretty much crying so I opted for formula. Today the pain seems to be more tolerable and I'm really looking forward to breastfeeding her but she isn't taking it anymore because she has to suck unlike with the botle. Anyone gone through this?
Avatar f tn She cant latch on to the left right with out causing me sever pain. So is it ok to only use one breast as soon as my nipple heals I plan on pumping that side. An when she gets bigger she wont have such a problem ot bcus her mouth is super tiny.
Avatar f tn They have some nipple numbing cream... it is very hard the first few days to breast feed... take warm rags and sit them.on your breast... that helped me.
Avatar f tn Congrats on breastfeeding at all. Its a wonderful experience once you get past the pain of it. For mommy and baby.
Avatar f tn Does anyone else have sore nipples after breastfeeding...any suggestions please...
Avatar n tn I'm a FTM and trying to breastfeed only but there's always a stinging pain when she feeds. its like she's biting me through the entire feeding. I've talked to the lactation nurses and had them check to make sure she's latched on right and they said she was. I really don't want to use formula and its expensive but I can't do this pain every 2 hours she's hungry. Anyone have/had the same problem? Any solutions?
Avatar f tn I really want to try breastfeeding my baby, it didn't work with my first one, but I am determined to do it this time.
8778737 tn?1413831023 I'm in so much pain.. My manual pump hurts me... My milk supply came in so fast... Lol... Could ibuprofen help with the little pains? Lol... I'm sorry! I just had my son Sunday.. Lol. Also, I had a question about after pregnancy.... How normal is it to be extremely swollen. I am just now... (Tmi) able to pee without pain.. And there's no much blood.
Avatar n tn Any medication I take I can still take and when giving you medications the Dr will give stuff safe while breastfeeding. I only had pain in the nipples for a week or two until I realized how to care for them a.d the only thing that is uncomfortable is the milk let down. Breast feeding is great I have breastfed four of my five and am still nursing my two yr old and will nurse number six due in February. Buy a nursing pillow, breast pump and lots and lots of nipple cream that is baby safe.
10743983 tn?1440213810 Isn't the best feeling to say MY DAUGHTER :) just had to say that
Avatar f tn I experienced some pain and discomfort. I think it started with a few poor latches from my daughter. With this baby I'm really going to focus on getting correct latches to reduce any discomfort. That being said, I had pain free nursing sessions after 6 weeks, and during those 6 weeks the discomfort only lasted a few minutes into the nursing session. My daughter self weaned at 23 months, when I was about 20 weeks pregnant.
Avatar f tn Okay so this is a kind of silly but does breastfeeding hurt? I've been having weird dreams lately and the one last night was that I was breastfeeding but it hurt.
Avatar f tn my daughter nursed for 90% of the first few days and my milk was in within 2 days, let her nurse even if she isn't getting anything, the stimulation helps, and for the pain you can use soothie gels and lanolin for the pain. it is very sore the first week or so, but after that it doesn't hurt at all, also make sure baby is latching correctly with lots of areola or it will continue to hurt, a good latch is very important!
Avatar f tn Baby is due in three months and lately I've been contemplating trying to breastfeed. I tried breastfeeding with my first but it was horribly painful and after a few days I had cracked and bloody nipples so I gave up. I didn't even attempt with my second child because the first time around went so bad.