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Avatar f tn So if you are certain you are latching on correct and feel pain then it should only be because your nipple was already damaged from poor latch.
Avatar m tn I am thinking it may be due to teething pain as he is chewing his fingers like crazy - has anyone tried changing to a fast flow nipple to help alleviate teething pain and did the baby easily go back and forth btwn breastfeeding and a fast flow nipple?
Avatar f tn If your nipple is cracked, express some of breastmilk ont o your nipple and rub it in. Breastmilk does wonders.
Avatar f tn thank you so I'm going to have to invest in nipple guards.
Avatar f tn It takes time but you dont want to keep latching improperly or youll be in a lot of pain to where u will want to stop. Nipple shields are great to use and walmart sells them. Also nipple gel pads are great to soothe them if u put in the fridge.
Avatar f tn Breast feeding should never be painful. If it is it's cos of a bad latch. The best advice for latching I got was do not bend over baby (really bad for latch and your back). Bring baby to you and support with pillows. Practice makes perfect. The first 2 weeks are the hardest but after that it's a breeze. Try many different kinds of positions. My favorite was side laying in bed but that takes practice after you get good at latching.
Avatar f tn If none of that works, then some people will suggest nipple shields. These are meant to reduce any pain or bad feeding methods that your baby may accidentally be doing. He should only be gripping onto the tip of your nipple. Not the whole dark area of it. One thing your can do is lay down and lay your child on top when he's hungry. He WILL find your nipple on his own. He may take a few minutes but it encourages proper feeding as opposed to giving him your breast.
Avatar f tn Congrats on breastfeeding at all. Its a wonderful experience once you get past the pain of it. For mommy and baby.
Avatar f tn Yes, usually when the baby isn't latched on correctly it will hurt. When u get baby to ur boob, u want ur whole nipple in baby's mouth. Try to bring baby's nose to ur nipple first and when baby opens its mouth u just kinda smush his mouth on ur nipple. U and baby will get the hang of it. Def consult with a lactation specialist and they will guide u and show u other ways of holding baby to breastfeed. also put some lansinoh ointment on ur nipples to kep them from chaffing.
Avatar f tn I just have a question my son isn't here yet and I didn't get to breastfeed my first because his grandmother gave him a passy then he wouldn't latch. Is there such thing as nipple confusion? And If it hurts when he latches and causes sore nipples does that mean a bad latch. I have been watching so much videos but I can't ask the video questions.
Avatar f tn As for the pain But you are doing a great job by exclusively breastfeeding your child its one of the best things you can do for your childs health just keep going dont give up i promise it gets easier as the time goes by
Avatar f tn I used a few creams and I also used nipple guards on and off wen in too much pain. Some ppl aren't a fan but my son had no problems with them and they help ALOT!!!
Avatar f tn What I did to prepare my breast for breastfeeding was squeezing the nipple and playing with my breast. I also bought this cream that u apply onto the breast it's made for breastfeeding it helps heal your nipple you can use it during pregnancy as well. I know this one may be kinda weird but I asked my bf to suck on my nipple and I would already start to use the breast pump I know you won't get anything out of it but it helps prepare for the sensation and pain.
4165941 tn?1353988628 I'm really skeptical on breastfeeding because of the pain nd I jus think it would be uncomfortable, I jus wanted to know the alternatives. isn't there some type of nipple ring or nipple cover? Nd also if I did breastfeed it would only be for like a month, wats the easiest way to transfer baby to the bottle?
570184 tn?1257544392 Oh right, I'll look into nipple shells then. No I've googled breastfeeding and stomach problems and have seen some responses but I had trouble with my stomach before I had the baby but it got better. Afterwards it has been so bad since. Thanks for getting back to me!!
Avatar f tn Has anyone had trouble breastfeeding. My first son wouldn't latch on. But I'm hoping it was just because he was sick and had nothing to do with my breast or nipple.
Avatar f tn says and see if the medication he may or may not give you is safe will breastfeeding. Use ice or cold pack for pain and if you can take ibuprofen for swelling. It is hard to know what this is until someone sees it. Is it bleeding, cracked? Do you see any reddened areas? How long have you been breastfeeding and how often do you feed?
Avatar m tn i went through that too about that time, mine ended up being a small infection, yeast, and i got treated, never had the pain again, it just felt like pain/burning when she latched on. no other symptoms.
Avatar f tn Lumps during breastfeeding may be caused by blockage of ducts which carry the milk from deep in the breast to the nipple openings. Milk that builds up behind the blockage causes the lumps and makes the breast sore. Warm compress may help provide relief. Gently massage the lump toward the nipple during and after feeding and cold packs after a feed may help relieve pain and inflammation.
Avatar f tn 15 weeks and I have the worst nipple pain!!! They are so sensitive and R hard as rocks! I really want to Breast feed but without it being sucked on it hurts like hell already! Lol. I can't imagine Breast feeding and having twice the pain! Anyone else going through this?
Avatar f tn No bad input please so I'm 35 weeks and I am so determined to be successful with breast feeding. What helped you make breastfeeding a success? & also did you try nipple shields? How'd it work for you?
Avatar f tn s not normal, what is happening is your baby is latching shallow, then dragging your nipple back into his mouth. The pain is from your nipple rubbing against the roof his mouth. Tickle your baby's upper lip with your nipple, wait until he opens wide and then bring him in quick and close. You can also shape your breast in the direction of his mouth to help him get a deeper latch. If you have cracks or scabs, they may need an antibiotic ointment.
Avatar f tn Does anyone else have sore nipples after breastfeeding...any suggestions please...