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237053 tn?1258828426 I have become sensitive to certain jewelry that never bothered me before (necklaces that now make my neck itch), and still thinking maybe the rash on my belly is a nickel allergy from pants. Also I am SO sensitive to medication. I don't remember being this way always.
Avatar n tn Do you still have the symptoms you mentioned? Indeed, nickel allergy is one of the most common trigger for an allergic reaction. Like any other allergic reaction, it important to remove the trigger and to discontinue using the jewelry. Antihistamine medicine may help with the swelling and itching. However, if pain, swelling, redness and discharge is coming out of it, infection is more likely. Antibiotic management may be indicated.
431531 tn?1254098206 Instead I went on the internet to find out what could be causing me to have the dermatitis. It turns out that dermatitis can be caused if you have an allergy to nickel (like in jewelry) I HAVE that allergy. My ears always get infected when I wear earrings that nickel in them. I stopped wearing earrings altogether. Slowly but surely the dermatitis has cleared up. Hurray!!!
Avatar n tn I wear jewelry but I have never had a reaction to it that i can tell (save that now i get outbreaks under the one ring i wear, but i think that's just because the skin underneath gets dry...and this only started happening recently, but I've been wearing this ring for months). The cream I meantioned above I only use when it gets really bad. Otherwise I use aloe vera to remoisturize it, or an OTC cream.
1666434 tn?1325262350 Another note...tea is also high in nickel and should get tested for allergies....I've recently become very intolerant because of an increase in nickel in my body (as I got a body implant) now every time I'm exposed to nickel (even in medications, and even aspirin I react....If you recently got cavities filled, a should look into a metal allergy. has many great resources to educate about metal allergy.
Avatar n tn I have a Nickel allergy, which causes my skin to itch crack and peel when I wear rings. The weird thing is some parts of my body aren't effected and some are. If I wear earrings my ears itch depending on the quality of jewelry I wear. Yet I have multiple piercings and for some reason my nose, and lip are not affected, however my belly button is affected. Even gold will bother me. A doctor told me to try Titanium and it seems to be the only affordable metal I can wear.
Avatar m tn 'Cherio-pompholyx'. Look out for allergy to nickel. Avoid eating shellfish,salmon,all canned foods,spinach,pineapple,dried fruit which contain high nickel. Best-wishes.
Avatar f tn Other common allergens are Jewelry and clothing snaps containing nickel, soaps, cosmetics, moisturizers etc. Topical lotions such as calamine decreases pain and pruritus. Systemic antihistamines (antipruritics) such as hydroxyzine or cetirizine against prescription may be helpful. Even addition of corticosteroids has possible benefits. The actual management would be avoidance of the primary allergen. I suggest you to consult allergic specialist for her further evaluation and treatment.
Avatar m tn Yes, and both coffee and tea contain nickel. Coffee has more than tea does. It's not likely to be the caffeine. It's more likely to be the coffee itself.
Avatar n tn We have known for years that he has a severe nickel allergy, and reacts to even the minute amounts of nickel in stainless steel and even some sterling silvers. He has reacted to jeans snaps, orthodontic wire, watches, and even to a surgical pin placed in a broken finger. Now he is reacting to the nickel in the stainless steel of his insulin needles, and is developing hives at his injection sites.
20826405 tn?1529256108 Was the piercing done in cartilage? That can sometimes take longer to heal. Are you leaving them alone to heal? With any new piercing, I think we all have a tendency to touch them frequently, to twist them which can break the newly healing skin and if our fingers are not exactly "sterile," we can introduce an infection and that can turn into a real mess if we don't stay on top of it.
Avatar n tn If so, you could be allergic to nickel (a metal alloy that is often included in costume jewelry and can be found anywhere there is metal). Since the rash does not extend to the two adjacent fingers, it makes me think it would be on the inside of the ring. Anyway, give thought to what touches that area of your hand. You might be able to diagnose by process of elimination.
Avatar m tn on may 11th i had to have knee surgery where they repaired knee cap with titanium screws and wiring. about 10 days after surgery i have developed this unbearable itching all over my body and burning i have been to er twice in two weeks with no explanation and was put on benedryl 50mg, prednisone, and pepcid ac 20mg. after completing the medication as directed about 48 hours after i am suffering with uncontrollable itching and burning all over body again.
Avatar n tn Yes, metal allergies are possible. White gold is an alloy made with nickel or palladium. Nickel allergy is common. It would be better to use pure gold next time when you get her ears pricked. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn You should go back to your piercer and show them your ears and see what they have to say. If it's just an allergy and you went to a professional shop, they'll have no problem swapping the jewelry out for you to something else, and they can make recommendations for aftercare. If you got your ears done at a mall kiosk... well, I feel for you. Go find yourself a reputable piercing/tattoo shop and don't ever look back at those silly stands in the mall.
Avatar f tn Sometimes the stainless steel ornaments have nickel or chromium in them which provides a smooth and polished finish.As you have allergy to nickel,so it is possible that you are showing allergic reaction to nickel in the ornaments.You can confirm it by getting allergy testing done from an allergist. You can take antihistaminic like benadryl or Claritin.Application of calamine lotion will also help in soothing the skin. For mild-moderate eczema a weak steroid may be used (e.g.
Avatar f tn One of the metals frequently mixed with gold or silver (and used in most costume jewelry) is nickel. Lots of people develop nickel allergies. My father noticed his when he got a red, peeling rash under his gold wedding band, which he had been wearing for over 30 years at that point. I developed a milder nickel allergy in my mid thirties, although my gold rings don't bother me. Cheap jewelry and some silver pieces do. I haven't worn a watch in over 8 years.
1249990 tn?1269455940 Where can I go get tested for palladium, cooper, silver, and aluminum? These are some of the metals in my PFM dental crown that I believe I may be allergic to. I've called around to some of the dermatologists' offices in my area, but they don't test for those metals - only nickel. My ENT office also only tests for nickel. Is there a blood test my GP can order for me? Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
368646 tn?1208393887 Does anyone know the "official" name for a blood test for an allergy to nickel? Many of the labs I've contacted (in Louisille) only know of a skin patch test or how to determine if nickel already exists in the bloodstream. (FYI- It would be used to determine an implant allergy.) Thanks for your help!
Avatar m tn However, one thing I am worried about is my metal allergies. I am allergic to nickel,gold and cobalt. What are the needles used in the FNA shots made out of? Are they stainless steel similar to those used in shots? Please help!
Avatar n tn 2 years ago i got 6 crowns. within 2 weeks, 1 of them started smelling horribly. right after using mouthwash and brushing, the smell was just as strong. the smell from the floss was unbearable. i didn't return to the dentist due to other health reasons, and it took me 2 years to get back to one. the smell has gotten much worse, nothing gets rid of it. I can taste a rotten taste with food or occasionally just from the crown itself.
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Avatar f tn Sometimes the stainless steel implants and screws have nickel in them which provides a smooth and polished finish.As you son has shown allergy to nickel on patch testing,so it is possible that he is showing allergic reaction to nickel in the implant. Pls confirm it from the manufacturer of the implant and screws whether nickel has been used in it. Hope this information helps.
Avatar n tn s possible it was from an allergy. Do you have any allergies besides nickel? Are you aware that nickel can be in stainless steel -so any jewelry under 9 karat gold and maybe even chains or zippers? It can also be in money, do you handle a lot of cash? It can also potentially be in the containers that could hold make up- do you wear a lot of makeup?
Avatar n tn I have been to a dermatologist quite a few times, and all they tell me is its my body reacting to my nickel allergy, but I no longer have that nickel allergy rash on my stomach. And, I don't think its possible to have hives everyday for 3 years or I don't know why I would have such a problem.