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Avatar n tn he's smart, because he knows I wouldn't come in if I wouldn't need my meds renewed..(I've also been on Atenelol and Norvasc since I was 28...and not for blood pressure reasons, but for angina issues) Glad to hear the aspirin is helping you with the side effects. The side effects sure were scary at first, weren't they?
Avatar n tn If you are not having symptoms of cardiac disease, I would not order tests like exercise stress, CT, MRI, cardiac cath, nuclear studies unless there was a clear indication. It is reasonable to do lipid panels, blood pressure checks, and other very non invasive risk stratifcation. Ordering tests without a clear indications is inviting false positive results that could esculate to more unnecessary testing. Thanks for posting.
Avatar n tn No cholesterol pills just synthrois increase. Good Luck.My blood pressure is high as well. I have hypo with hashimoto's.
Avatar n tn Dear Lee, Your question raises several important points concerning cholesterol. A high cholesterol level was identified as a major risk factor in the development of heart disease in the 1970s. Lowering cholesterol for secondary prevention, that is preventing second heart attacks in persons who already had had one, was next demonstrated in the eighties and primary prevention of heart attack and stroke (In persons who had never had a prior event) demonstrated in the nineties.
Avatar f tn I am only 5 pounds overweight and do not have high blood pressure or diabetes or any major illness. Twice I have gone to the ER, thinking I'm having a heart attack. The results are negative. I have been seen by 2 cardiologists and have had negative EKGs and stress Echos. I do have a high CRP level (about 5). The cardiologists say I should check with my mental health professional since I have a history (controlled on meds) of depression. Mentally, I feel good.
242516 tn?1368227505 reported Paul Ridker of Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, who led a new study released yesterday at the annual American Academy of Cardiology meeting. It involved 17,802 people with high CRP and low LDL cholesterol (below 130) in the U.S. and 25 other countries. One-fourth were black or Hispanic, and 40 percent were women. Men were 50 or older; women, 60 or older. There was no past medical history of heart problems or diabetes.
Avatar m tn Just so you know, on the maximal amount of Coreg and Lisinopril that your heart rate and blood pressure can handle, the heart muscle can get stronger and we can see the EF improve!!! I think you may have 15 years left to your heart but you need to be very careful and take all of your medications (never stop plavix again with all of the stents you have) as prescribed and continue exercising at least 30 min 3-4x per week.
Avatar n tn That will help with the cholesterol, blood pressure and weight. If you don't want to that is ok. I have a website you can read or a book and/or the Starch Solution by Dr. McDougall or see the DVD Forks over Knives. It is really good. Anyway in the meantime I hope that you can have your doctor change your meds. It sounds like they are causing you problems.. I hope this helped.
Avatar n tn Supplementing with Coenzyme Q10 has been shown in studies to decrease blood pressure slightly in those with high blood pressure. It has also been studied for slowing dementia, and reducing angina, symptoms associated with heart failure and other symptoms associated with heart -related illnesses. I recommend Coen Q10 to all patients with cardiac disease regardless of the presence of myopathy, because I have seen significant benefit in my practice patients. The safety profile is very good.
Avatar n tn I am 30 tears old, a smoker, overwight and have high cholesterol (277). My blood pressure is however normal. I began having chest painss about 5 months ago. They are atypical in that they do not come during exertion. They just come sometimes regardless as to what I am doing. I had a stress test about two months and it came back normal. They chest pains seem to have intensified as of late, and I am now noticing numbness in my left hand.
Avatar n tn No family history of heart disease Therefore I've had a normal myoview stress test, 8 EKGs, chest x-ray, CT scan, echo, MRI and physical check up...normal blood tests, BP and cholesterol. The only thing that came back abnormal was my liver blood work. Here is my question...could I still have a heart attack? I just don't know what to do. I still have left arm/shoulder/chest pain. I've been to 2 regular MDs, cardiologist and neurologist and now they are saying maybe fibromyalgia.
Avatar n tn I was also overweight, ate a high fat diet, and was a workaholic - all high risk factors. I would say that, with your test results, if your HDL is high-normal, your not overweight, and don't eat a high fat diet your risk is extremely low. As for your friend getting a 6x bypass, remember that stents and bypass surgery doesn't stop the disease. They may last 15 years or they may last a year. There are also huge risks in either procedure, which are largely unaccounted for by the industry.
Avatar n tn One other thing I did hurt my back about two springs ago. I was carrying a ladder up a very high pitched stair case and I loss control over the ladder temporarily. The ladder caused my back to bend over 45 degrees towards my backside. Everything seemed to be okay with my back, but over the months I noticed a very mild sensation where my back bent over. The best I can describe it, it felt like some one taking one or two fingers and just putting very lite pressure on my back, no discomfort.
Avatar n tn The aspirin a day is a good idea. The rest of your drugs are for blood pressure. There are two ways to control blood pressure. 1) increase one medication to maximum doses or 2) try combination medications. You doctor has chosen the second option because of the potential to decrease side-effects from large doses of medications. Sometimes however you may get side-effects from taking several different drugs. I would suggest making an appointment with your doctor to review your meds.
Avatar m tn Lastly, talk to your doctors about some meds for your high blood pressure. My BP went up on treatment and the prescribed meds brought it back down. All the best luck.
Avatar m tn Around 2007 I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. My LDL was 160 and total was 224, so at the advice of my doctor, I started taking simvastatin, 40mg. The first few weeks I paid attention to see if I would have any side effects. I didn't, so I just popped it every day and forgot about it. And it certainly worked as my LDL went down to 70 or so. About 2 years later, I started having twitching muscles. Doctor couldn't find anything wrong.
Avatar f tn My hair comes out in clumps daily (luckily it is reasonably thick so it doesn't show), I have VERY dry skin (even with moisturizing lotions), I struggle to lose weight, have high blood pressure (that is reasonably well controlled on meds), high cholesteral (controlled on MEGA doeses of lipitor and niaspan), fertility issues, the works. Two months ago I started noticing a 'clicking' sound when I swallowed at times and developed difficulty eating small things (rice, oats, etc...).
7052683 tn?1392942395 Lipid panel taken then showed high liver enzymes and high CRP. I am scheduled for Ultasound of liver Monday the 23rd. After taking this new Nyaspan for 8 days woke up in cold sweat, fever of 100, body aches, total weakness, and diarrhea bad enough to cause Vasalvaga reaction. Next day make apt with doctor who says it is not a reaction to the new Nyaspan or regular Flu. Thinks it may be a gastrointestinal virus. CBC taken on Thursday still waiting results.
119874 tn?1189759429 Secondly, wanted to ask you about uric acid levels. my PA left a message and said my levels were high, 7.8, and to drink more. Of course, noones there now that i can speak to. Can you tell me should i be concerned? my hmg is 10.3. my alt/ast has also risen but is still within normal range. from 17 to 22 and 16 to 20. (my dr. did 200mg dose reduction @ week 24 and that's always had worried...) thanks is advance Jim and congraulations again!
Avatar n tn g., basketball and tennis) more conducive to a MI than a steady type of exercise where the heart rate and blood pressure stay more constant (like jogging or using a treadmill/elliptical)? Should I avoid these spiking heart rate exercises? I also bruise quite easily and get these huge swellings. Should I avoid contact sports, and are these dangerous to my health? I am on 80mg lipitor, plavix, 1g Niaspan, and 325mg aspirin.
Avatar m tn Do you have high blood pressure,are you overweight, smoke or have a family history of heart disease? There's more than one factor to consider when determining stroke or heart attack risk. Just ask the Dr. on the 20th. It's only 6 days away. Plus, there are these 2 things known as exercise and diet (I hate both words) that can help lower cholesterol too. Are you still starting tx in January? I hope all goes well if you do. I am so relieved to have started last Fri.
Avatar n tn Background: Mid 50s. Male. Never smoked. High level of fitness. Careful diet. Low weight (never overweight). "Normal" stress levels. Always normal blood pressure, low resting pulse rate of 45 (runner/walker for 25 years), and moderate (220) cholesterol--but very high LDL. "Mild" heart attack in mid-'06. Four blocked arteries; one calcified; other three opened with drug-eluting stents. Embraced almost fat-free diet and doctor-prescribed drug treatment.
Avatar m tn insulin resistance, obesity (especially abdominal obesity), high blood pressure, abnormalities in blood clotting, and lipid abnormalities. I understand your concern over statin side effects, but ALL drugs have side effects. Your doctor will weigh the benefit and risk to recommend the best treatment for your situation. A statin makes sense from what I read in your story.
Avatar m tn Their increased risk was due to a history of cardiovascular disease and a combination of low high-density lipoprotein (HDL or good cholesterol) and high triglycerides, another form of fat in the blood. Low HDL and elevated triglycerides are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular events. While lowering LDL decreases the risk of cardiovascular events, it has not been shown that raising HDL similarly reduces the risk of cardiovascular events.
Avatar n tn What if any any side effects did you have? I am conteplating starting Niaspan but I get PVC's and PAC's and have had A-Fib before and I am afraid Niaspan will aggravate my heart. Did you get any palpitations with the niaspan? Just curious. It sounds like you are doing the right things to keep your CAD stable and maybe even reverse it. It has been proven that Zocor and Niaspan can reverse CAD. Best of luck!
Avatar m tn Stress for example could have been a problem with your Father, but maybe you are far more laid back. High blood pressure is another important factor. I think you did a brilliant move there with the scan, and I don't see any point in taking medication for the sake of it. It's a bit like me taking cough syrup several times a day just in case I catch a cold.
Avatar n tn I have tried everything from diet including red wine, and exercising for 40 minutes a day 6-7 days per week. The highest I have gotten my HDL is 34. My blood pressure is normal. I just had my cholesterol levels checked again a few weeks ago. They are as follows: Total Cholesterol-126 Triglycerides-136 LDL-69 HDL-30 Ratio-4.2 My cardiologst does not want to treat this. My inclination is to be aggressive in treating my cholesterol.
Avatar m tn In my case I take high dose beta blocker for high HR, and normal BP. This caused my BP to drop and some dizziness - but over a period of months my BP came back to normal and the dizziness is mostly gone, still I never "jump" up from a seated position. I get up slowly and even take a couple of slower than normal steps before coming up to speed. I gave up "running" (10 minute miles) a couple of years ago, but I can walk a couple of miles and feel fine.
Avatar n tn holter monitors, and a few trips to the emergency room, all which reveal benign PACs. I am currently taking Tenormin and Vasotec to treat the arrhythmias as well as high blood pressure. I am also taking Zokor and Niaspan for reducing my cholesterol. Almost all of the symptoms posted in this forum are common to my situation so I won't repeat them. However, one difference is that the majority of my PACs seem to be tied to my digestive system.