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Avatar m tn I'm 52 and have never have had high liver enzymes. Took 500 mg of Slo Niacin for about a month between 12/15/13 and 1/15/14 and ALT went from 36 to 60, AST from 39 to 63, and GGT from about low 30's to 110!! based on blood testing done 1/15/14. Previous normal liver bloodwork from chemistry profile was from physical back in late July of 2013. Only a social drinker (few beers on weekend). Also consumed 3 grams/day of omega 3 supplements and was on a relatively low carb diet during this period.
Avatar f tn Elevated liver enzymes as a result of statin use does not necessarily mean there is liver damage. Stopping the drug frequently results in normalization of liver enzymes. And occasionally changing to a different statin solves the problem of elevated liver enzymes while maintaining an improved cholesterol level.
Avatar n tn I had recently been diagnosed with chronic Epstein Barr and elevated liver enzymes were noted. In the hospital, cholesterol was found to be way high and also in subsequent blood tests. I embarked on a major diet, exercise program with a trainer and have lost 19 lbs. Cholesterol is improved but still high, liver enzymes still elevated tho, "not terribly".....I am very peeved that my doctor is not explaining what this all means and am getting more and more upset about it....
Avatar f tn If you are able to post your dogs entire blood profile that would help me to offer you specific suggestions as far as possible causes of your dogs elevated liver enzymes. I could also offer relevant liver therapies. It is important to understand that there are several possible causes of elevated liver enzymes and depending on the exact liver enzyme in question, treatment options would also vary accordingly.
Avatar n tn in the past 5-6 years I have had theses symptoms. high liver enzymes for over a year now .my liver has grown 3 times its normal size. I do not drink. I am overwieght I have gained about 80 pounds in the last 5 years. I have mass cell diseae. I have had arthritis since i was 13.and my cartlidge is starting to detieriorate.+ I have had to have a hysterectimy due to cyst on my ovaries and tumuors on my uterus (noncanerus)wich had also grown 3 times its normal size .
Avatar f tn I can tell you that our doc checks my husbands liver enzymes every 6 months, which he'd do whether he was taking statins or niacin. My husband has no other health issues and so far his liver #'s have been fine. His HDL has risen (something statins can't do), his LDL and triglycerides are both lowered. Exercise is also very beneficial. And, the niacin is very inexpensive.
Avatar m tn I was told to avoid niacin, excess vitamin C, along with marijuana and alcohol by my liver clinic. Risk and the way liver handles excess niacin outweighed benefit though certainly getting adequate amounts by use of a NO iron multiple vitamin would be fine. Statins have so many contraindications they will probably never pass muster for liver patients.
Avatar n tn Your total cholesterol is dropping so much that it's effecting your HDL. I would cut all SR niacin and replace it with IR niacin. IR is much easier on the liver. You may want to take a couple of weeks off to let your liver recover and then titrate back up to where you left off at your reduced dosage. IR niacin is in and out of your system quickly, allowing your liver to recover from dealing with it.
Avatar f tn There are certain muscle enzymes that are often measured when a liver enzyme elevation is suspected. Doctors will draw blood to measure the level of ALT and AST. If these are elevated it often indicates that they are leaking from from a damaged muscle, or muscles, often indicating a neuromuscular disorder (a disorder that affects the nervous system and the muscles).
Avatar n tn Scared me silly - but at the time I was taking a Folic Acid supplement with Niacin...sometimes twice a day. I read that too much Niacin can cause liver toxicity (like energy drinks that are high in Niacin). When I stopped taking them, the levels returned to normal!
Avatar n tn If the increase is severe, you may need to stop taking it, which usually reverses the problem. If left unchecked, increased liver enzymes can lead to permanent liver damage. Certain other cholesterol-lowering drugs, such as gemfibrozil (Lopid) and niacin, increase the risk of liver problems even more in people who take statins. Because liver problems may develop without symptoms, people who take statins have their liver function tested periodically....." See: http://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, in some, taking cholesterol lowering meds can elevate the liver enzymes. I believe your doc may have asked you to discontinue the lipitor to see if that is the cause of the elevation.
Avatar m tn Mild elevations of liver enzymes AST, ALT, and GGT started sometime late 2013 or early 2014 and still are elevated. By mild, AST and ALT around 60 and GGT about 100. Never have had that problem before and hadn't had any alcohol since 1/24/14. Had full bloodwork and ultrasound from a hepatologist a month or so ago and everything was normal except the high enzymes. Note that high dose purified fish oil seems to lower the alt/ast about 10-15 pts but has little effect on GGT.
Avatar n tn I recently had liver enzymes tested about 10 days apart. My baseline in the past has been ALT of 18 and AST of 20. On June 8th, I was 32 and 33, and now on June 18th I was 42 and 68. I have no risk factors for hepatitis and don't drink even a SIP. I do have a history of a severe case of mono about 6 years ago, but never seemed to affect my liver.
80575 tn?1207135964 That said, some herbs/supplements may have a positive effect on liver enzymes as opposed to viral load. Again, the clinical benefit of this has not been demonstrated. The flip side is that some may also have a negative effect on liver enzymes. I took a pre-treatment herbal formula that skyrocked my liver enzymes and delayed treatment for over a year.
Avatar n tn I agree with the workup thus far. Liver enzymes in the 70-80 range are moderately high. Alcohol certainly can play a role into this. An ultrasound should be considered to image the liver for any anatomical abnormalities. Reducing or abstaining alcohol use should be done as well. Repeating the liver enzymes periodically should be done to ensure they are not rising. These options should be discussed with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar f tn The gastro put me on lopid to take the fat out of the liver, and I also started taking Niacin NO FLUSH, as well as Milk Thistle and L-Carnitine. All helped so much, that my liver enzymes have come down to almost normal, to the point that the docs aren't real sure any more that I have Lupus. I have the fatigue and joint pain and malar rash, and a very low positive on the enzymes. I will see a different rheumy next wednesday.
Avatar f tn I was in a blinded research study for cholesterol and finished the drug about 4 months ago. I had a baseline MRI which was normal and mid way through had high level liver enzymes and then my 2nd MRI showed abnormalities. This led me to the conclusion that yes I was on the actual medicine and not the placebo. I was also taking my normal routine medication which consisted of 40 mg Crestor, Zetia and 145mg Tricor along w/ Fish oil and Niacin.
Avatar m tn Weigh the benefits and risks Liver damage Occasionally, statin use could cause your liver to increase its production of enzymes that help you digest food, drinks and medications. If the increase is only mild, you can continue to take the drug. Rarely, if the increase is severe, you may need to stop taking the drug. Your doctor might suggest a different statin.
Avatar m tn gov/pubmed/25453901 Inhibition of De Novo NAD+ Synthesis by Oncogenic URI Causes Liver Tumorigenesis through DNA Damage Highlights •URI causes NAD+ depletion-dependent DNA damage leading to HCC development •Restoring NAD+ pools in vivo protects from DNA damage and HCC •URI inhibits AhR/ER transcriptional activity-mediated de novo NAD+ synthesis •URI-mediated de novo NAD+ synthesis inhibition may occur in human HCC Summary Molecular mechanisms responsible for hepatocellular ca
Avatar n tn He said we may have to go as high as 4000 mg. a day. This concerns me as niacin can affect the liver. I know I am at high risk for MI with these high lipids, but if I damage my liver to save my heart what is the use? I am already on Lipitor and I take Endolac for arthritis. All of these can affect the liver. Have you seen any studies on high dose nicain?
Avatar m tn com/health/statins/CL00010 'Potentially serious side effects Liver damage. Occasionally, statin use causes an increase in liver enzymes. If the increase is only mild, you can continue to take the drug. Rarely, if the increase is severe, you may need to stop taking it. Certain other cholesterol-lowering drugs, such as gemfibrozil (Lopid) and niacin (Niacor, Niaspan), increase the risk of liver problems even more in people who take statins.
Avatar m tn I have been on 20 mg of lisinopril for BP and 10 mg of simvastin for cholesterol since 2008 and never experienced any high liver enzymes. All blood work was normal at my last physical in July of 2013. Started sloniacin (500 mg/day) plus 125 mg of regular niacin/day in multi B complex in 12/13. A month later I noticed significant elevation of AST, ALT, and GGT (62, 60, 110, respectively). GGT and ALT had always been around 30.
Avatar n tn All of the drugs except the resins may have a negative effect on the liver and liver function tests should be monitored. If there is an increase in the liver enzymes it is usually reversible if the drug is stopped. A rare but potentially serious side effect is myositis (muscle inflammation) and if muscle pain should occur the drug should be stopped and the prescribing doctor notified. Further information can be found at the site below:
Avatar n tn A related discussion, NON ALCOHOLIC FATTY LIVER (NAFLD) High ferritin and liver enzymes was started.
Avatar n tn The research we've done on the internet indicates a multitude of reasons why the liver enzymes are high. He's paying out of pocket for all tests, since he has no insurance. We aren't sure which way to go at this point. We're told that, with all of these test results showing nothing, it's likely the enzymes might be back in the normal range if he waits a month or so and has another hepatatic panel done. The window of opportunity for employment is closing as he waits.
Avatar n tn The cholesterol will be more accurate if fasting, and it will show if the liver enzymes have changed or returned to normal. I certainly understand your concern regarding the elevated liver enzymes, and he should cut out all alcohol until he has his bloodwork repeated, as alcohol intake may be playing a role in this. He should cut back on the alcohol anyway, as this will also increase his tryglycerides, among other things.