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Avatar n tn If you have stage 4 liver disease (cirrhosis) you should consult with your hepatologist regarding any changes to diet and and any over-the-counter drugs, vitamins or herbs before taking them. Many can be toxic to a cirrhotic liver an increase liver damage and in some individuals cause decompensation and liver failure depending on a patient's liver disease and the amount of the toxin.
Avatar m tn I'm 52 and have never have had high liver enzymes. Took 500 mg of Slo Niacin for about a month between 12/15/13 and 1/15/14 and ALT went from 36 to 60, AST from 39 to 63, and GGT from about low 30's to 110!! based on blood testing done 1/15/14. Previous normal liver bloodwork from chemistry profile was from physical back in late July of 2013. Only a social drinker (few beers on weekend). Also consumed 3 grams/day of omega 3 supplements and was on a relatively low carb diet during this period.
Avatar n tn Since I am taking 3g/day Niacin to reduce high LPa and likely to need to increase to 4-6g/day to succeed I am very concerned about liver damage. Plus I read one place that "sustained release" type is more likely to cause liver damage. Of course to confuse an other article indicated that sustained is better because more even. An other said "flush" is better for heart disease than "nonflush" An other said it must be "crystal" Please explain.
Avatar m tn What i'm most curious about is if anyone here has used it or heard of it being used to any real theraputic effect? Also, does niacin in its immediate release form damage the liver? Any information would be MUCH appreciated. More importantly, any other food or vitamin suggestions are welcome from anyone who has experience with treating anxiety/depression via this route. I DO take meds. I take zoloft and a benzo for my anxiety/depression.
Avatar f tn Thanks, Niacin actually can damage the liver but the thyroid thing is a concern. Thanks for the response.
Avatar f tn They are quite expensive but in my humble opinion, worth it, for those that have not been cured by available meds or for anyone with extensive liver damage even if they did SVR. I don't know your situation, but they do have a compassionate relief program which lowers the price for those with a qualifying income. That is what we did.
Avatar m tn I was told to avoid niacin, excess vitamin C, along with marijuana and alcohol by my liver clinic. Risk and the way liver handles excess niacin outweighed benefit though certainly getting adequate amounts by use of a NO iron multiple vitamin would be fine. Statins have so many contraindications they will probably never pass muster for liver patients.
Avatar f tn I've read conflicting articles saying that niacin is necessary for thyroid function and then some that say it can lower thyroid levels and cause liver damage. I've seen it in some iron supplements and wondered if I needed to stay away from it or if it would be good to take.
Avatar n tn Your total cholesterol is dropping so much that it's effecting your HDL. I would cut all SR niacin and replace it with IR niacin. IR is much easier on the liver. You may want to take a couple of weeks off to let your liver recover and then titrate back up to where you left off at your reduced dosage. IR niacin is in and out of your system quickly, allowing your liver to recover from dealing with it.
Avatar f tn Elevated liver enzymes as a result of statin use does not necessarily mean there is liver damage. Stopping the drug frequently results in normalization of liver enzymes. And occasionally changing to a different statin solves the problem of elevated liver enzymes while maintaining an improved cholesterol level.
Avatar n tn If the increase is severe, you may need to stop taking it, which usually reverses the problem. If left unchecked, increased liver enzymes can lead to permanent liver damage. Certain other cholesterol-lowering drugs, such as gemfibrozil (Lopid) and niacin, increase the risk of liver problems even more in people who take statins. Because liver problems may develop without symptoms, people who take statins have their liver function tested periodically....." See: http://www.mayoclinic.
3097131 tn?1357088481 Tips to Avoid Liver Damage From Hepatitis You need a healthy liver to convert food into energy. To avoid liver damage from hepatitis, start with a well-balanced diet. By Dennis Thompson Jr. Medically reviewed by Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH People with hepatitis need to follow a healthy lifestyle to minimize damage to the liver. Start protecting your liver by paying more attention to nutrition.
Avatar m tn About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with a Fatty Liver after my doctor did some testing and an ultrasound. At that time I was probably between 250 and 260 lbs and ate anything and everything I could get my hands on. My height is 5'-8". I have lost down to 218 in the past three months through diet and exercise and cut out all fried foods. My question is this, should I be doing anything further to reverse this diagnosis or is it reversible?
Avatar n tn Lori, all the cholesterol meds work in slightly different fashions, so you may want to consider talking to your doc about trying a different brand like Crestor, or? You could also discuss the use of red yeast rice, if your doc is a functional medicine doc, or perhaps think about trying the niacin-based meds. Cholesterol meds can cause muscle weakness and pain. No matter what you're on in the future, make sure the doc checks your enzyme levels regularly.
Avatar m tn T Bilir 1.6 GGT BLANK TRYGLIYC 238 ALKPHOS 47 AST 57 ALT 147 GLUCOSE 100 MCH 31.
Avatar m tn The biopsy would show how much damage has been done to the liver. It is about the best test to show. I am assuming he has tested you for Hepatitis. I am not a doctor but I thought that elevated enzymes indicate inflamation/damage. Are all of your other numbers within the normal range? Everything you eat or drink or put on your body has to be filtered by the liver. At one point mine were slightly elevated and my doctor said it must be a medication I was taking.
Avatar n tn , Questran, Colestid, Lopid, Lipitor, Pravachol, Lescol, Zocor, Mevacor). Niacin is generally avoided because of its tendency to cause liver test elevations by itself. Some patients may be treated with dietary supplements. (e.g., lecithin, L-carnitine). L-carnitine may enhance fat metabolism by the liver, whereas lecithin may prevent some of the tissue damage caused when oxygen reacts with fat during routine chemical reactions in the liver (lipid peroxidation).
Avatar n tn between 300 and 500) for the last year now, the doctors have said that this could have been caused by medication but they are not certain, in am concerned that the doctors are not doing enough to find about the cause, asmhe has never drank alcohol and has never smoked, can you give me any ideas that could be causing this?...............................................................38 39. How does cholesterol penetrate the liver? …………………………….38 40.
80575 tn?1207135964 On the other hand, it does not matter what the VL is as far as ongoing damage to the liver, according to the available literature, so I guess those would be useless numbers to document. Whatever makes folks feel better without bodily harm and if they have the money, let them spend it, as long as they know its limitations.
Avatar n tn I will probably start the meds soon which are harsh on the liver. I am really nervous cause I know the meds damage the liver but I will give it a try. Good luck with stopping with drinking. You can do it.
Avatar f tn I was in a blinded research study for cholesterol and finished the drug about 4 months ago. I had a baseline MRI which was normal and mid way through had high level liver enzymes and then my 2nd MRI showed abnormalities. This led me to the conclusion that yes I was on the actual medicine and not the placebo. I was also taking my normal routine medication which consisted of 40 mg Crestor, Zetia and 145mg Tricor along w/ Fish oil and Niacin.
Avatar m tn Weigh the benefits and risks Liver damage Occasionally, statin use could cause your liver to increase its production of enzymes that help you digest food, drinks and medications. If the increase is only mild, you can continue to take the drug. Rarely, if the increase is severe, you may need to stop taking the drug. Your doctor might suggest a different statin.
Avatar m tn gov/pubmed/25453901 Inhibition of De Novo NAD+ Synthesis by Oncogenic URI Causes Liver Tumorigenesis through DNA Damage Highlights •URI causes NAD+ depletion-dependent DNA damage leading to HCC development •Restoring NAD+ pools in vivo protects from DNA damage and HCC •URI inhibits AhR/ER transcriptional activity-mediated de novo NAD+ synthesis •URI-mediated de novo NAD+ synthesis inhibition may occur in human HCC Summary Molecular mechanisms responsible for hepatocellular ca
233616 tn?1312790796 Menadione can interfere with the function of glutathione, one of the body's natural antioxidants, resulting in oxidative damage to cell membranes. Menadione given by injection has induced liver toxicity, jaundice, and hemolytic anemia (due to the rupture of red blood cells) in infants; therefore, menadione is no longer used for treatment of vitamin K deficiency.” Ditto NYGirl- check with your doctor prior to taking any supplements, especially those recommended on an internet discussion group.
Avatar m tn COMPARISON OF LIVER STIFFNESS , FIBROTEST AND LIVER BIOPSY FOR THE ASSESSMENT OF LIVER FIBROSIS IN RENAL TRANSPLANT PATIENT WITH CHRONIC VIRAL HEPATITIS . L. Alric; N. Kamar; M. Danjou; S. THebault; L. Rostaing View Pres. Tue, Nov 04 8:00 AM No itinerary selected 1789. Blood tests of liver fibrosis in patients co-infected with HIV and HCV. P. Cales; P. Halfon; D. Batisse; F. Carrat; P. Perré; G. Penaranda; D. Guyader; L. d'Alteroche; C. Michelet; P. Veillon; L. Weiss; P.
Avatar n tn He said we may have to go as high as 4000 mg. a day. This concerns me as niacin can affect the liver. I know I am at high risk for MI with these high lipids, but if I damage my liver to save my heart what is the use? I am already on Lipitor and I take Endolac for arthritis. All of these can affect the liver. Have you seen any studies on high dose nicain?
Avatar m tn Did you have advanced liver disease before you cleared the virus and still have extensive damage? What was the stage of your liver disease according to biopsy either before or after your treatment? Or are you concerned about anything that could cause liver damage in general? From the Mayo Clinic website: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Potentially serious side effects Liver damage.
Avatar m tn While AST and ALT are sensitive indicators of liver damage or injury from different types of diseases or conditions, it does not necessarily suggest liver disease. Muscle damage, medication side effect, inflammation of the liver as well as diet may indeed be responsible also. To determine the possible cause, further evaluation may need to be done. The result of the retest will also help. It is best that you discuss the results with your attending physician for proper evaluation.
Avatar m tn She has told me to come off all of my supplements and in one week I will do another blood test, I am extremely concerned by the elevated readings especially the Alt Serum and if there is another Alt reading that was high too. I read everywhere that it is a sign of liver damage. I am worried that i might have a problem with my liver that cannot be reversed. Is it possible to have a high Alt reading and not have any liver problem?
Avatar n tn I don't know if the system detox program you are in is too straining on the liver. I guess it would depend on how harsh the program is and on how much liver damage you have. And probably some other factors. As a rule of thumb, you should not do more than you feel you can handle. Listen to your body and rest when you feel it is too much.