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5314819 tn?1371280997 Headache and discomfort in bridgework seems to kick in a little after taking tablets so I suspect it's a side effect of one or other of the drugs. This morning the blood pressure tablet broke resulting in the drug dissolving a bit quicker which gave me a short coughing fit. Niacin still causes a pricking sensation especialy if taken before coffee.
Avatar n tn diarrhea; dry skin; headache; itching; stomach upset; temporary skin redness, tingling or feelings of warmth.These effects should subside as your body adjusts to the medication.
Avatar n tn They applied nitro paste to my shoulder and sent me to a room. afew hours later my headache began by morning I was delirious from the pain of the headache. They CT'd my head and it was normal, after two days of stopping the nitro, and several days of heavy drugs I was able to have reasonable conversation. The numbness in my arm continued throughout all of this and on the third day my face went numb, they then did an MRI which was also normal they sent me home after five to seven days.
Avatar n tn I also have had a perpetual headache since 10/99. I have had 2-2 week periods without a headache since then. It is in my neck (both sides but the left is worse) and the base of my skull outward toward my ears. My jaw hurts and sometimes I feel a pressure in my ears.
Avatar m tn Niacin is another supplement that can be effective, but most kinds cause facial flushing, although I think there are niacin products specially made that don't cause the flushing. I have not tried niacin.
Avatar m tn 4/15 unprotected oral from female CSW, gave breif oral, protected intercourse no problems following 5/5 unprotected oral from female CSW 5/14- return flight from western europe- stomache ache, musle ache(neck) headache diareha that night night sweats continued to a lesser degree to today- night sweats each night in the middle o fthe night- t-shirt wet I am taking niacin,since 4/22 but had not had night sweats before Risks 1) 4/15 oral little to zero, giving oral, little to zero even if s
Avatar n tn com/viewarticle/458867_4 Regarding the issue of niacin lowering the cholesterol levels, Niacin or nicotinic acid lowers low density lipoprotein cholesterol, total cholesterol, and triglyceride levels while raising the high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels(good cholesterol). But this medication is not recommended to be taken by your own because you may miss some important side effects. Side effects include flushing, stomach upset, vomitings,headache, dizziness,liver damage in some cases.
Avatar n tn For some time now I have noticed my left shoe is very tight compared to my right shoe. I also have had to switch my watch from my left wrist to my right wrist as it is too tight. Meds I take are Evista and Lipitor 10mg. I also take a multivitamin for women, 1000 mg of Vitamin C, glucosamine/chondroitin with msm, Omega 3 fish oil 1200 mg, flaxseed oil 1000mg & niacin 500mg. I am 54 years old. I don't have pain except the discomfort from the shoe being too tight.
463841 tn?1207442135 If so, then he/she would certainly be able to advise you on the wisdom of taking this. Niacin can be good in many respects, but it can also be bad in others. Better to play it safe. You take care, OK? And let us know what your doc says.
Avatar n tn Yes, it is possible that these are the side effects of the drug. Headache and heaviness in the head are its commonest side effects. It can cause myalgia (muscle pain and weakness) and asthenia (generalized weakness)—which could be the whoozy feeling you have. I presume the 5 mg dose was not giving enough benefit in raising the HDL and lowering the LDL.
Avatar n tn you sound like me: "Seem to have a cold/flu for 3 weeks". I am 54, 6'3" 205, BP had been around 115/75 for years, rather fit and can bike through hilly terrain for hours, etc Then I got some kind of seeming virus cold. My ear sometimes hurt, too. From Sept to Oct I increased to 145/95. I know I also had/have mineral deficiencies - notably magnesium. Do you have headaches? I've spent a very large amount of effort on this.
Avatar f tn Luckily I didn`t have water on my feet or somewhere else but the day after when the cramps went by I had a bad migraine episode with depression and frequet urination like my body wants to clean up some poisonous thing. After the day with the headache I suddenly felt very good in the evening when it was all over again and the next day my period started .(??
1034736 tn?1319562635 If you are taking niacin, some people get flushed and hot from that. Also, stress can bring on flushed hot face.
Avatar f tn Its very itchy and sometimes painful, causing a headache. I've noticed a slight fever as well. It went on for a month, getting the rash every day and it disappearing after sleep. Recently it went away for a week and a half, but it happened again today. My lips were tingling then the rash started around my forehead and beard, spread to my neck and down my spine.
Avatar n tn Had a really bad sore throat for about a week and bad headaches. The sore throat and headache went away but i the sweating is getting worse and the chills, Happens mostly at nighttime.. Went to see dr and he just shrugged it off and said it was nothing.. What the hell is going on with me? I've been checked for premenopause and i'm told "no" and that i'm too young.. SO WHAT IS IT THEN.. it's driving me nuts.. I also have mild hypoglycemia but my sugar levels are normal.
17646939 tn?1458703601 They tried for a deep vein but finally went with a superficial one. The dye gave me the worst headache and I started to swell but I was so sore and bruised that was my main focus. The results were compromised because my heart rate was 84. I was shocked to learn that I have a 90%blockage in the left coronary artery and 50 to 70% stenosis in my right.WHY would my dr not reveal this to me at my appt? Now I am scared, I have been on online for days seeking and info about how to treat this.
353155 tn?1383323932 Nearly 2 weeks after this I woke up with a low grade fever 99.5+ and had a really bad headache. That lasted about 2-3 days and now almost 7 weeks later I have this extremely itchy rash that comes and goes. My legs also feel like they're on fire. It almost feels like I took and extremely high dose of niacin. The itching is driving me crazy! I am so disgusted that something could have happened and I not remember. It is very scary! Any advice would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn I've recently been experiencing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning -- more strictly, vertigo, headache, and cloudy attention, and sometimes feeling like I'm forgetting to breathe, followed by deep breaths. My car has had a header gasket leak for several months, and my symptoms have progressively gotten worse. During possible exposure, my lungs are heavy and flow with mucus, cough, etc... I do not currently have health insurance -- but SHOULD I seek medical assistance?
Avatar n tn I also am now experiencing tingling on the top of my head and sometimes a very mild headache. I feel best when I first wake up in the morning but throughout the day the tingling and headache come about. I also experienced fatigue and loss of appetite but those symptoms seemed to go away with my period. The fatigue is still there but not as severe. I went to the doctor and all my basics were normal..blood pressure, temperature, heart(I had an EKG).
Avatar f tn Remember, Tecfidera acts like Niacin does in your system. Once the body adjusts to the levels, the flushing stops. I have had NO GI problems. The only side-effect I am currently having is headache. Not migraine level, but a stubborn headache nonetheless. Hoping that this RX will work wonders for us all! Best of luck!
Avatar n tn BAD HEADACHE? Before this I was never sick! A year ago I was at work and started feeling extremely hungry and I had a pretty bad headache. I stopped what I was doing and drove to the nearest fast food at the same time contemplating stopping at a drug store to pick up some headache medicine. Seconds after I ordered I started to have an overwhelming hunger sensation..In fact I almost got out of my car to demand some food.
Avatar f tn Take it for a headache. Intended effect: headache pain goes away. Side effect: blood gets thinner. OK, now take aspirin to reduce heart attack risk. Intended effect: thinner blood. Side effect: tummy ache. (But hey! Your headache is gone!) Let's try -chocolate! Take it for release of endorphins, but also get zits and constipation. (or is it the other way?) You get the idea.
Avatar n tn I started getting a headache though when I bumped it up to two tabs twice a day. But, I am not taking them correctly. I am not drinking 8-12 oz of water with them and have not increased my water intake. I also still drink two 6oz cups of coffee in the morning. And, I read to take the tabs immediately before eating....I have not done that either. So, I think my headaches are caused by my lack of following instructions.
Avatar f tn I still have a dull headache more to the back of my head with neck and back stiffness. I don't feel as hot as last night but still feel a radiating heat in my face. Just feel weird...any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Lipase is added in order to help the body convert dry vitamin E into d-alpha tocopheryl during digestion. Niacin Niacin (Vitamin B3) is part of the B-complex vitamin family. It helps to convert protein, fat and carbohydrates into energy. It synthesizes the male and female sex hormones. Niacin may help improve mental capabilities and treat schizophrenia. It is necessary for the proper functions of the digestive and nervous systems as well as for promoting healthy skin.
Avatar n tn Stomach upset, gas, heartburn, change of taste, diarrhea, constipation, skin rash, headache, dizziness or blurred vision may occur the first few days as your body adjusts to the medication. If these effects persist or become bothersome, inform your doctor. Notify MD promptly if you experience: muscle ache/pain, fever, unusual tiredness or weakness, vision changes, yellowing eyes or skin.
Avatar f tn I was taking another natural supplement for awhile, but it contained yohimbine and I think that ingredient was giving me problems with nausea, headache, vision issue--my eyes went blood shot for several hours. I stopped taking it, but know there are other supplements out there to increase blood flow...niacin is one. Let me know how it goes. I understand the frustration. Even though I am starting to see progress and it has been only 6 months (mid April), I have become frustrated.
Avatar n tn The neurologist prescribed Plavix and aspirin, blood pressure medicine (she never had high blood pressure until the TIAs) along with an increase in Niacin to 1000 mgs daily. She does take meds for diabetes (type 2). Her blood pressure is very good and her blood sugar is normal to a little elevated. The problem is that she has sustained several symtoms after the original TIA but we can't get any answers on how to fix them.
7052683 tn?1392942395 New drug with Niacin that bumps up effectiveness of statin. Two weeks ago had cough and very bad throat, thought I had strep was prescribed amoxycillan. Culture came back negative. Lipid panel taken then showed high liver enzymes and high CRP. I am scheduled for Ultasound of liver Monday the 23rd. After taking this new Nyaspan for 8 days woke up in cold sweat, fever of 100, body aches, total weakness, and diarrhea bad enough to cause Vasalvaga reaction.