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Avatar f tn Ever since I was 5 I had acid reflux disease for years we couldn't figure it out neither could my mom she just thought I had bad morning stomach aches until she became an EMT paramedic in 2010, ever since she figured it out we've been looking for medicine to help. I've tried everything for years in 2013 they suggested Nexium. I've been on it ever since, until now..
Avatar f tn Hi, How are you? Ezomeprazole or nexium is usually indicated for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), H pylori infection, and reducing the risk of gastric ulcers. There is no drug interaction or connection with penicillin since it belongs to the group of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) which block the production of acid by the stomach. However, drug allergy can not be ascertained until you have allergic reaction to the drug after taking it.
Avatar f tn He followed up with his doctor on this and I do not think they did the right thing by giving him Nexium. Since he has been on the nexium he has gained 20-30lbs and is now feeling bloated and worse than before. I just do not know what to do about this anymore. I do not know what it could be caused from. If maybe I could get a diet for this type of thing so i knew what kinds of foods that would be best for his stomach and or a better diagnosis. Could this be IBS? We will be following up with a G.
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Avatar m tn HI all For years I've sufffered from gerd, stomach ulcers, and general inflammation and severe discomfort which flares and then dies down but never goes away completely. Been taking Zantac effervescent regularly and have tried every other drug known to man but the doctor suggested we try 20mg Nexium a day to see if that helps. It has, but after 10 days now I seem to be getting worse again. Also started taking Gaviscon (again) before meals. The question is how long do we take the Nexium?
Avatar n tn Its something I think you should mention to your dr, your concerns about Nexium. Hope it all works out for you. Cath 278.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed me 40mg of Nexium once a day. I've now been on the Nexium for 6 weeks, and while I have seen some improvement, I'm still having a lot of my previous issues as before. Before the Nexium, I was almost constantly nauseous, had terrible pain that would come and go underneath my left rib cage/breast area, sharp pains directly in the middle of my chest and a frequent urge to cough/clear my throat.
Avatar n tn would Nexium pose the same problems for her?
Avatar n tn I have been on 40 mg of Nexium for 10 months with 2 to go. DX is severe esophagitis & gastric ulcers. I had no symptoms or complaints when referred to GI MD, but had positive guiac test & family hx of colon cancer. Adverse symptoms of Nexium include severe diarrhea, headache, angioedema, feeling of water in ears, and body/muscle aches. Has anyone switched to 20 mg of Nexium with fewer symptoms? I am not schedule to see doctor until February. Should I call him sooner?
439522 tn?1214954789 Hi I noticed you have been on nexium for a few years can u tell me how long it takes before nexium kicks in. I have been taking them for about 10 weeks Recently diagnosed barratts oesophagus gastritis hiatus hernia oesophageal ulcer.
88793 tn?1290230777 You need to find out if the pain you are experiencing is normal for patients undergoing scopes.
Avatar n tn I called the doctor's office today to give them an update after taking Nexium for a week. I told them I was no worse but not much better and added the weight loss. The nurse asked me several questions and told me she would talk to the doctor who was on call - I probably would hear back late this afternoon. The issue is they are totally booked for months and unless the doctor concludes it's urgent, you have to wait your turn.
Avatar n tn My doc put me on 30mg of prevacid and then switched me to 40 mg of nexium. for the first two months the prevacid worked. The nexium didnt do a thing for me. So i had a hide a scan done of my gall bladder and found out that it is not working properly. So I am now in the process of having it removed.
Avatar n tn I have taken Nexium for many many years for many of them twice each day. I have also gained almost 40 pounds. I have talked to friends lately that have said they just started taking Nexium and in very short times have gained weight. One women gained 15 and on man gained 20 in less than two months. Weight is not the only reason I want to stop taking Nexium. I have read that it also causes bone loss, chest pain, liver problems and can effect the heat.
Avatar n tn I took 40 mg of Aciphex for 5 months and I have been on Nexium for the last year. 40 mg of both caused bad side effects (worse than the actual Gastritis). Joint pains and swelling, worse nausea, tachycardia, increased dehydration. I finally discovered that I could dump out half the Nexium. I now take about 15-20 mg of Nexium and it is much more tolerable. I don't know why doctors will not acknowledge this, but they need to.
Avatar n tn I had ulcers but my biopsy and blood tests for HP were negative. Strange because I don't take anti-inflammatory drugs either... Had the HP treatment anyway and it was not so bad, had nausea on the first couple of days but then I was fine. The HP treatment made no difference and in the end I controlled the symptoms with Nexium alone. The worse of the pain went within a few days of using PPI's but it took a few months for complete relief.
Avatar m tn PRECAUTIONS Esomeprazole brings down levels of acid secretion in the stomach, which can heal ulcers and prevent the formation of fresh ulcers, but even when patients are treated for acidity-related ailments, and respond favourably to Nexium, there could be an underlying gastric malignancy. Omeprazole is an enantiomer of Esomeprazole - the two being “mirror images” of each other, with one enantiomer benefitting the patient, while the other one brings adverse effects.
Avatar n tn I started having symptoms of feeling full and bloating in my stomach about 3 months ago (early May 2012) and have been on Dexilant since early May 2012 and Nexium prior to that for several years. I still feel miserable and the only thing my doc said was to continue the Dexilant and he would see me on 6 weeks. I am a otherwise healthy 38 y/o F, I don't smoke, I watch my diet and exercise . I am at my wits end! Please advise.
Avatar f tn My stool turned black, got back in and we then tried Nexium and was sent for the scope, already mentioned. They did a biopsy of the ulcers which came back negative for h. pylori. I have a very stressful job and used to eat ibuprofen like candy and now, I no longer take any aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. My ulcers seem to be under control because I have changed my diet. No more coffee, very limited alcohol, no spicy foods, no citrus, nothing that will produce acid.
Avatar n tn I have been vomiting blood, (the vomit that looks like coffee grounds) for a long time. I suspect I have ulcers as well. Insist that they test for it again. And yes, ask for the breath test.
Avatar n tn Is there a known problem with taking Questran or Prilosec for a long time?
Avatar m tn Nexium, Aciphex, Prilosec, Pepcid, Carafate, Clidinium/CPD and Probiotics. Nothing has helped. What I think is going on is that something is hampering the bodies ability to heal itself, caused either by the inflammation from the chronic prostatitis, a chronic infection/virus or the aluminum.
1524673 tn?1327845100 Yesterday I had tests done for the Upper Right Side pain I have had since the 27th of Nov. My doctor did a Hida scan, and endoscope. I have Ulcers, hermia, and he thinks my gallbladder isn't working well. He also did blood draws. Did not have the results from any of the test but the endoscope. Can these things in your stomach cause diarrhea? If I eat and manage to keep the food down it goes right through me. What will happen now.
667405 tn?1225424494 I have been having severe sharp pains in my stomach for about 2 years. I am currently taking Nexium, Levbid, Carafate, Alesse (for hormone therapy, my pain always worsens with my period). My symptoms are pain, fatigue, headaches, loss of appetite, weight loss, and nausea. I am currently seeing a pediactric GI. I have had A LOT of blood work (that always comes back normal), 4 endoscopies, 1 colonoscopy, the barium xray, and a bowel emptying scan (radiology) within the last year.
Avatar m tn now ive been on nexium, prilosec(now), tried to steer away from certain other foods and trying to go cold turkey, but could a massive amount of ulcers be the reason behind this? oh and ive been to the hospital for puking up some blood, stomach pain and blood in the stool, none of the x-rays came up serious and no h-pylori. so could this be from a bunch of ulcers or something worse and should i definitely get a endoscopy????
Avatar m tn Hi all! I have had gastritis for about four years now and have been on Nexium for about three. A year ago my doctor had me start taking it every other day instead of everyday. I have heard so many great things about Glutagenics and it healing the stomach lining. I was just wondering if anybody knows if I can take both Nexium and Glutagenics at the same time? I thought it would be okay since Glutagenics is natural. Or maybe it would be better to take GLutagenics on the days I don't take Nexium?
Avatar n tn I am just now running out to exercise my credit card and refill my prescription for Nexium. I have been taking Losec (prilosec in US, I think?) or Nexium for about 12 years. I have found it to be essential to control severe heartburn, which begins to reappear about 36 hours after my last dose. It has also been found to control a chronic cough that I suffered with for about 15 years prior to finding a very thorough, progressive respirologist who nailed the GERD diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Basicaly same problem, been on Nexium 80mg for last few months, had 6th Edoscopy on 9 Nov. 09. Biopsy`s all clear. Will keep you posted on any new treatment I receive. Prescribed SUCRALFATE (Antepsin ) with the Nexium, did not agree with me,side effects were stomach ache and indigestion. Could be OK for you!
Avatar f tn I feel for you man. Nexium didn't work for me either but I have been taking Sulcrate Plus Suspension (solution) and it is doind a better job than Nexium. I take it 1/2 an hour before meals and I can eat. I haven't experienced any discomfort yet. And my results show that all my organs are healthy so I am sure that it is H. Pyroli bacteria but my doctor said that a breathe test is not 100% accurate so he suggested endoscopy. Lets see.