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Avatar m tn Been taking Zantac effervescent regularly and have tried every other drug known to man but the doctor suggested we try 20mg Nexium a day to see if that helps. It has, but after 10 days now I seem to be getting worse again. Also started taking Gaviscon (again) before meals. The question is how long do we take the Nexium? permenently, or stop when I feel better? the doctor was vague abd said the usual; come back in 2 weeks and let me know how you are. Anybody have any side affects?
Avatar m tn I would suggest you go to one dose every other day for one week, then one dose every 3 days for a week, then one dose per week for 1 week. By this time you should be able to stop altogether.
Avatar n tn Will be on this regimen for 30 days and then slowly cut back dosage to maintenance level of 40mg once a day every other day.
Avatar n tn But it now seems to be about as controlled at 20 mg ev other day as it was at 40 mg every day. 5) I should also say that before I tried getting off the meds as above, I did take limonene for 2 months (the recommended length). THere is a very very small study suggesting that limonene can help strengthen the esophageal muscle, and a resultant patent on limonene for treatment of acid reflux.
Avatar n tn I recently met with my primary care doctor, and he said it was dangerous to be taking Nexium long-term, every day. Is this true? If so - what's the best pill to take every day for the rest of my life? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/613972'>Taking Prilosec instead of Nexium</a>.
Avatar f tn I've not tried doing 80 mg every other day or every third day. That sounds like a reasonable idea. I have been using Maalox (which gives me diarrhea) and now Pepcid complete. Not helping at all. I have an appt. with my GI doc on Monday afternoon. I've tried Protonix and Prevacid and neither worked. Maybe its time for Aciphex and we'll see how I do. I'm also of the agreement that I'm probably not a candidate for the surgery because of the dysmotility issue. Thanks again for your reply.
Avatar f tn I also used Nexium everyday(at the end twice a day) through out my first pregnacny along with Mylanta as needed and my 3 yr.
Avatar n tn I was taking 40mg of Nexium 1x a day for daily heartburn for approximately one year. It worked wonders until I was switched to Prevacid due to insurance issues. Unfortunately, the Prevacid didn't work so well and after much fanagaling I got back on Nexium. It took two weeks for Nexium to finally kick in and it was effective for about two weeks. Now I'm I have a constant pain radiating from my chest and what seems like the middle of my back (heartburn I guess).
Avatar n tn Acid blockers can cause MALABSORPTION problems, where no Vitamin B 12 (etc.) can be absorbed. This can cause NERVE DAMAGE (called "peripheral neuropathy"), with symptoms of numbness, pain, tingling, pins & needles, weird sensations, muscle weakness, etc. But, there ARE OTHER METHODS to fight gastric reflux, and these other methods do NOT include acid blockers. I'm going to do a "cut & paste" of Some GASTRIC REFLUX TIPS without acid blockers.
Avatar n tn I'm suppose to update him today on how I feel. Been taking Nexium, twice a day for a week now. Worst time is the AM. I'm functioning but not feeling great. My question is weight loss! Four months ago, I stopped synthetic hormones and within a few months lost around 6-8 lbs. With or without hormones, I always struggled with trying to lose those 5lbs! I started having very bad gastritis symtoms about 6 weeks ago.
Avatar n tn I have taken Nexium for many many years for many of them twice each day. I have also gained almost 40 pounds. I have talked to friends lately that have said they just started taking Nexium and in very short times have gained weight. One women gained 15 and on man gained 20 in less than two months. Weight is not the only reason I want to stop taking Nexium. I have read that it also causes bone loss, chest pain, liver problems and can effect the heat.
Avatar n tn I also took Prevacid for years and Nexium and every upper endoscopy I had revealed numerous polyps in my stomach. I had a nissen fundoplication done in 2001 and stopped taking the proton pump inhibitors. On my EGD in 2002 they were all gone. He said they could have been related to the medication.
Avatar n tn I am very bloated every day-Gas X helps but I take 3Xday. I can feel the food coming back up. I read Prilosec and Prevacid are about the same. What about Nexium-can it work better, cut down constipation, cramping, gas bloating, spasms?
Avatar f tn I started taking nexium about 3 weeks ago an I started having pain in my right knee, I tried taking it every other day but the pain still kept on.I was taking pepcid also and they both helped me with the acid reflux, but they both gave me joint an knee pain.
4705307 tn?1447973922 Well it has been nine days since my primary increased my Nexium 40mg to 2x a day. I have since then tried to be vigilant about what I eat, when I can eat.And not to eat anything latter at night. Also I am taking ondansetron 4 mg, it says 1 every 8 hours or as needed for nausea and vomiting. But my problems is more cramping under my sternum, it becomes in the realm of 7-8 on a 1-10, pain scale.
Avatar n tn Now, takes 20 mg Prilosec daily and takes Questran (for the excessive bile allegedly not absorbed due to the reduction of small bowell because of surgery,) every day. Symptoms now--burning in throat, some hoarseness, shallow breathing, hives-like symptoms, itching, diarhhea (yellowish bile-like). Her gastro doc says to increase Prilosec to twice a day. Here's my questions 1. He's suggested Nexium as an alternative.
Avatar f tn How do I come off Nexium or esomeprazole? Is it OK to take 1 capsule every other day for a week , then every 3rd day for two doses, then every 5th day; then stop? I want to use homeopathic meds. I'm 75.
Avatar m tn I have had gastritis for about four years now and have been on Nexium for about three. A year ago my doctor had me start taking it every other day instead of everyday. I have heard so many great things about Glutagenics and it healing the stomach lining. I was just wondering if anybody knows if I can take both Nexium and Glutagenics at the same time? I thought it would be okay since Glutagenics is natural. Or maybe it would be better to take GLutagenics on the days I don't take Nexium?
Avatar m tn If you or a loved one suffered a heart attack after taking an acid reflux medication, you may have a legal claim Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are some of the most widely prescribed drugs in the United States, and generate around $14 billion in annual sales. Prilosec, Nexium and other PPIs work by reducing the amount of stomach acid produced by the glands in the stomach lining.
213739 tn?1215489609 Now, he is at our school district preschool where he receives 30 min. of special educator every day, 30 min. of speech every day and 60 min. of OT and 60 min of PT per week. They do work a lot on sensory with him. We also do out of pocket for a feeding therapist who comes to our house once a week and is fabulous. She also works a lot with the mouth such as using SCOPE on a nuk brush, a vibrating mouth massager, etc. He never had a suck from the beginning.
Avatar n tn You can do some research online about Nexium and immune suppression and see what turns up. Google is a great search engine. I haven't found anything that indicates immune system suppression but there are a considerable number of side effects to careful about. Those side effects can lead to a decline in overall health. I took Nexium for 10 weeks and I couldn't tolerate it at 40mg. It really messes my system up. Although I may try to use the 20 mg. My vision is definitely affected by Nexium.
Avatar m tn I would like to take my 1 Nexium pill a day pretty soon after I wake up, but I heard that it is best to take these pills at the same time everyday. I usually wake up at 10am, but at least twice a week, I may randomly get up at 7am. In the latter case, should I Take the pill around 7-ish, or just wait the 3 hours?
Avatar n tn If it's a pill, cut the pill in half, and take half the pill, to get a lower dose. Then, take the lower dose one, every other day, for a week. Then, you're weaned. To be sure that this weaning plan is OK for you, speak to BOTH your doctor, AND your pharmacist. Sincerely, Concerned lady http://cantbreathesuspectvcd.
Avatar n tn My mom had H Pylori few yrs ago--she said if it was that, the burning would stay and get worse. I am 35 Side note-- I ate spare ribs the day before-- every time I think about ribs I want to puke. Not sure if related Ideas ???
Avatar n tn Hi - I take 2 Nexium a day to control my heartburn/acid reflux. I don't have any side effects from the medication and I'm allergic to alot of things. In answer to your question, all of your symptoms are quite possible related. Hopefully your doctors will pin point exactly what the problem is. Don't be surprise if they can't give you an answer and tell you that you must have IBS. This is what happened to me. Anyway, best of luck to you.
Avatar m tn The Doctor just told me to continue haing the Nexium every day and I said could I have them flexibly and she said to give it a try which i have been doing since December 2011 and now I find I can only go no more than 3-4 days without having a Nexium otherwise I get heartburn/ indigestion and sometimes (not much) it kind of hurts when I swallow at the top of my stomach.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me I need to try to ween myself off of the medicine (zegerid, because nexium and a million other meds dont woork). I tried doing that and I still keep getting heartburn no matter what. I have gotten the endoscopy several times and the doctors just say that the bottom of my esophagus is not tight, which gives me G.E.R.D. I can't deal with this anymore. I get terrible heartburn and I dont know what to do with myself because I take Zegerid EVERY DAY!!
Avatar n tn No other associated symptoms such as sweating, nausea or shortness of breath but it is very uncomfortable. I walk every day but these episodes never happen while exercising. They've happened in situations where I've been under some stress and also times when I've been completely relaxed. Had my physical in December and my doc said that my mechanical aortic valve (put in seven years ago) was clicking away loudly. BP and all blood work normal except for slightly elevated cholesterol.