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Avatar f tn Nexium part of the fmaily of PPI drugs along with any acid blocking drugs are associated with B12 deficiency, as they inhibit the action of Intristic Factor vital for B12 production and transport. B12 deficiency is itself a cause for neurological dysfunction. There may be other implications as well.
Avatar n tn does nexium cause cancer in the long run This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/232148'>How safe is Nexium</a>.
Avatar n tn I've been on nexium, 4mg, 2x a day, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what kinds of side effects this medicine has after taking for a while. I've been on it for about half a year now, and for the past month I've just been really sickly - colds, sore throats, low grade fevers, etc. Does this sound like something continued use of Nexium would do?
Avatar f tn I have recently stopped taking Nexium after @ 8 or 9 years.When I turned 40 my health went down the pooper and I've had numerous health issues making me re-evaluate what I'm putting into my body.So,long story short,with the help of my primary doc that I've seen for 20 years and my naturopathic doc,I've stopped taking the Nexium about 10 days ago.Even tho I gradually went off of it,I'm having one HECK of a time with what I think is rebound or withdrawl symptoms.
Avatar n tn I get a vitamin B12 shot every month. Getting a B12 serum count is important becuz low B12 can cause stomach problems among other things. I believe the normal range for B12 is between 200-900? (in that range, I believe). If one is below 200 to 150 it is in a low stage and if one is below 150, it is really low. My first test was 158. The doc was not happy with that reading. My doctor wants my low not to go below 300. You may want to ask your doctor about this also.
Avatar n tn look its your choice there is a sensible way of taking nexium and keeping fit and taking nexium and eating non-healthy, cheers.
Avatar m tn But also I am taking One a day daily which has 18mcg and that is 300% B12 of the recommended daily value. Do you think I am ruling out this B12 deficiency with this combination?
Avatar n tn I was taking 40 mg Nexium daily until a week ago. I don't even respond to laxatives. I have been having anxiety and panic attacks for two months and never lost my appetite. Has anyone else had anything like this??
Avatar f tn I was so excited this week when the mail came from the VA with my thyroid drugs and B12 supplement, 1000mcg of cyanocobalamin. I received them Wed afternoon so thought I'd take my thyroid meds Thursday morning but take the B12 immediately. Within 30 minutes I could not keep my eyes open and was sound asleep until the next morning...very deep sleep like I'd taken many sleeping pills.
Avatar n tn I looked up the side effects today to see if the nausea was typical and discovered by accident that people on proton pump inhibitors tend to have much lower absorption of vitamin B12. So I dug around in my stepfather's vitamins and found liquid B12 and put it under my tongue like the instructions said and went about my day. Around two hours later, I ended up feeling extremely nauseous, weak, tired and dizzy, and nothing is helping any of those symptoms.
Avatar f tn I am.trying to.wean nexium after 10 yrs, as I feel food has been.fermenting in my stomach, symptoms r.reflux hrs after eating bringing, smelly wind, sore bowels, itchy nd burning bottom. Iv put lots.of weight on and have bone and joint pain 24-7. I feel original symptoms were due to emotional problems and depression not being treated, my doc is not interested in.helping cus of budget cuts, I'm.
Avatar n tn I don't think elevated b12 means you have Hepatitis C because during TX I had to take vitamin b12 shots - and I still do - but they don't seem to do much more than make me feel a little better.
Avatar n tn while I was on 6-80mg Nexium a day, I had weird and chronic gastro-viruses and I believe Nexium kills all the acid in your stomach and then you are more prone to stomach viruses.
Avatar f tn With folic acid deficiency, it is possible for iron and Vit B12 deficiency to co-exist. Hence if B12 is normal, test for iron. Also once you start Vti D and folic acid supplements it will be sometime before you really feel normal again. You can take Vit B12 supplements or a multivitamin B12 supplement and see. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn It is safe to take Nexium forever. Nexium is the newest of the class of drugs called Proton Pump Inhibitors. It is pretty much the same as Prilosec. Others include Prevacid, Protonix,Aciphex. This class of drugs has been shown to be safe when taken long term. People have taken these drugs for as long as 11 years without any longterm problems. Another option for you is Antireflux surgery or Laparoscopic Fundoplication.
Avatar f tn After looking up the main causes of fatigue, (one being Gladular Fever/EBV, which I did have around 2 years ago), I found that due to Lansoprazole greatly reducing the amount of acid produced in the stomach, there could well be a risk of becoming B12 defficient because the stomach needs this acid to break down B12 from the diet. So my question/questions is this... What are the chances of me actually having a B12 deficiency?
Avatar m tn Anyone taking vitamin B12 shots on tx and did they have any positive/negative effects? Any sides including stomach discomfort/reflux? As my Hgb is a bit low, thought I'd try a shot every other week to see if I can get an energy boost and also to facilitate my weekly Procrit injections. Currently my only vitamin intake is Centrum Silver. My Vitamin B12 serum is 293, within normal but on the low side. Normal (200-1100).
1600722 tn?1297611275 I have been on Nexium from last August. I was instructed to take B12 vitamin while am on this medication. I was just wondering why is that so,what is the reason? Also, how can i tell for sure the nexium is working? Please help, or share experiences. thks.
Avatar m tn Hi my name is Mal and i have been taking Nexium (40mg) now on and off for about 12 to 18 months (I think). I first started as I went to my local doctor as I was having indigestion/heartburn nad he prescribed Nexium (40mg) told me to come back after finishing the packet which is for 30 days ( 1month) which I did and the indigestion had gone but came back again some months later and slightly worse.
Avatar n tn I have written to you previously about my declining B12 level due to malabsorption. Over the past year my B12 levels have been declining despite the fact that I am recieving the same injection as I have for the past 10 years. Can protonix be inhibiting the absorption of the B12? Also, over the past 3 weeks I have been experiencing severe nausea on an almost daily basis. Two nights ago I actually vomited (no temp or other illness). I had a colon. and endo.
1876221 tn?1320461155 Then, 2 weeks ago I decided to pay a visit to blood expert who suggested doing B12 and Homocysteine test... I was diagnosed with deficit of Vit B12 ( I have less than 111 pco/ml) and with ELEVATED Homocysteine levels at 31... 2 days ago I received my first shot of 1mg of Vit B12. I must take one shot weekly. But my main concern is the state I am in: I often get very SCARY HEART FLUTTERING and PALPITATIONS, and I just cant seem to get rid of lightheadedness and heavy feeling when walking.
Avatar f tn On Nexium I could eat anything and not get heartburn. Yes, the Nexium depleted my B12 and I had B12 shots for three months and get routine blood work to check my levels. I do take iron and B12 supplements daily. I also have had upper and lower GI's and the gastric emptying scan which came back negative.
1222076 tn?1423031349 My doctor told me my chlesterol was high which is odd because Im not over weight and Im young she said the other thing is my B12 levels was 280 which is low and its not common for someone my age to have. She said but since I have stomach problems and have to take acid reducers my stomach probably cant absorb it right and it is possible it could be whats causing all of my other symptoms.
Avatar m tn Hi, it really depends on how ow ur levels are and how much of a dosage u need...sometimes a shot is more effective again, given the amount u need to raise the levels...another good way to get B12 into the system fast is sublingual...u place it under the tongue and allow it to dissolve. Check with ur Dr as to what dosage and type will be best for u.
Avatar f tn My doctor advised me to take Nexium 40 mg for 4 weeks. So far I've been taking it for almost 2 weeks and see some improvements with my digestion, but not so much with my throat symptoms. I have switched to a very healthy diet, and following all the lifestyle changes for GERD. For anyone that has used Nexium or any other PPI, how long did it take for you to feel completely better? The dry throat and gagging sensation is bothering me the most!!
1066198 tn?1333312628 rechk vit d & b12, lipids, etc. (results pending) also did chest xray ... discussed possibly trial of LYRICA beginning @ next OV... discuss more of the Fibro /testing... added SINGULAIR 10mg/QD for asthma/constant cough. doubled NEXIUM dose 40mg BID.... psych left current meds same-- added 60mg VYVANSE to regimen... trial 2 weeks then see him for follow up.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have acid reflux. Almost daily. I was given Nexium but had a bad reaction so I stopped. I also found out that my b12 is low. My biggest concern is the pain in my lower throat and chest. A lot of pressure. Not sure what to do next. My heart is healthy and my bloodwork is normal, besides low b12. I had an EKG and lung x-ray because of the bad reaction. However, I sort of have that discomfort now and am not on medication. Can anyone help me.
Avatar n tn A problem that can occur with taking PPI's for a long time. I take a B12 lozenge under the tongue to compensate. Stomach cannot process B12 due to PPI reducing the stomach acid. If you are taking PPI's for a long time, please look up the symptoms of a B12 deficiency... some are weakness/tired a lot, pale skin, sore red tongue, weight loss, nauseau, diarrehea/constipration, Shortness of breath, tingling in hands/feet, paplitations, yellowish tinge to skin.
Avatar m tn first pantoprazole, then esomeprazole(nexium) and lately is omeprazole....i realize that i cannot take nexium...i will turn upside down after taking nexium.....:D....want to see gastroenterology specialist doctor at my area but cannot do that because i dont have much money to see the specialist....if go to public hospital, don't know when the que will reach me.... based on my reading on forums, this GERD have no cure and i accept that as my fate....but my question is...