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Avatar f tn Frankly, I think one of the simplest to start with is the Activia yogurt, though the pill-form of probiotics and enzymes will very likely also help. Supplementation with bile salts is something I'd also highly recommend. At the same time, try increasing the number of meals through the day, from 3 large ones to 6-8 small ones (300 calories each, tops) with no food 4 hours before bed, and no juices 2 hours before bed, and liquid-only foods for the last couple of meals.
Avatar f tn Nexium eats your calcium, my bones have started to feel like they ache so I started drinking almond milk and drink protein shakes to get the probiotics I need to help the acid and help me eat. My body aches, bones do, and I'm worried that I could developed a type of bone cancer. I didn't ask my mom because she thinks my anxiety screws me in the head makes me worry about 'stupid' stuff.. I just need to know.. Thank you.
Avatar m tn the digestive enzymes--the apple cider vinegar--the aloe vera juice-the probiotics. i did all of that and still do. i say you should not be eating pies and fish and hamburgers. those things are bad for all of us - even the ones of us who do not have GERD.
Avatar f tn The probiotics come in a capsule that is supposed to survive the stomach and dissolve in the small intestine. So I don't think it makes a lot of difference when you take it. A nutritionist that just came back from a seminar(!) instructed me to buy Culturelle, because Culturelle sponsored the seminar, no doubt. She said it was new and the bestest and it even says "New Look!
Avatar n tn My stomach also had numerous areas of irritation. I've been taking Prevacid and/or Nexium for 2 weeks and haven't noticed any changes in the way that I feel. Does it take a while for these medications to work enough for me to notice a difference? I have researched GERD on the internet, and see that some people need long-term drug intervention - especially those, like myself, who have the hernia & LES problem. It says that my symptoms will return if drug therapy is discontinued.
Avatar m tn I was taking Nexium for 7 years and my GERD was getting worst but after 2 weeks of taking Isotonix® Digestive Enzyme with Probiotics my problem has been almost completely resolved. Only when I have supper very late and I do not take enzymes I have some problems otherwise I do not have to take anything. Nexium has some side effects as every drug and I do recommend looking for alternaive solutions.
Avatar f tn I am a 55 year old woman and I was diagnosed with GERD in 2002 and have been on Nexium all this time. I am concerned about the long term use of taking Nexium for this length of time and have recently went off of it and am trying more natural/holistic things. The heartburn is back along with sour burps and I get some relief from aloe vera but I noticed that I get really hungry a lot sooner than before but I get full quickly.
Avatar f tn I've taken Protonics, Dexilant, and now Nexium and nothing will help. I've used several at home remedies with no success also. I've been eating greek yogurt a couple times a day for the past several months and am wondering if the live cultures in it somehow damaged my stomach because the ulcer pain I have is exactly like the pain I got when I tried taking probiotics. Just wondering if anyone else may have had a similar experience.
Avatar m tn ) After you get off the medication, you should SERIOUSLY consider supplementing your diet with probiotics and enzymes. Try also taking DGL before every meal and some form of papaya (fruit or concentrate, though best is fruit). You may also wan to try out the "Natural EsophaGuard with ROH10" by a company called "Life Extension" (I think that's the name. Try typing all the terms into a search engine and see what comes up).
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed me 40mg of Nexium once a day. I've now been on the Nexium for 6 weeks, and while I have seen some improvement, I'm still having a lot of my previous issues as before. Before the Nexium, I was almost constantly nauseous, had terrible pain that would come and go underneath my left rib cage/breast area, sharp pains directly in the middle of my chest and a frequent urge to cough/clear my throat.
Avatar f tn Do not take Cipro with calcium, milk, yogurt, probiotics or with Nexium (which contains magnesium). Cipro is a quinalone, and is effective against mycobacteria, which don't have cell walls, but is not effective against other many strains of bacteria. The taking of an anti-viral is a mixed blessing. Go to the FDA site for information on Valtrex. A culture should have been taken, but this isn't done very often these days.
Avatar m tn The ENT who determined I have LPR says they don't remove laryngeal tonsils, but the first ENT is concidering it since I've been on PPI's, probiotics, H2blockers and no relief. There is no Globus sensation, its physical. So how would swallowing therapy assist when there is a physical presence in my throat that has created my dysphagia? Would a tonsillectomy be the best route?
270554 tn?1289515247 I had 3 scopes done, pill cam, stomach scope, and coloscopy and all showed nothing. How long does it take for a non-functioning stomach to start working again after stopping PPIs. I even had elbow burning, and knee burning from protonix and tapered using nexium. I only stopped this Monday on PPIs, I took 40 mg daily for the last 9 months. I heard a few people said it takes about a month or two for the stomach PH to balance out again after PPI use and well I can't lose anymore weight.
Avatar m tn My main worry was that I wanted to try it again but was afraid that with all the supplements and then the nexium and levo that it might not be a good thing?
Avatar n tn about 10% of people will feel some sort of side effect from Reglan, mostly fatigue and possibly restlessness. Have you tried any other class of drug? PPIs, like Protonix or Nexium, or H2-inhibitors, like Zantac or Pepcid? (For the record, PPIs also strengthen the LES, although they shut down production of acid instead of increasing the gastric contractions.) Usually Reglan is reserved for people with gastric motility issues. Have you had a gastric emptying exam? If so, what was the result?
Avatar m tn Nexium, Aciphex, Prilosec, Pepcid, Carafate, Clidinium/CPD and Probiotics. Nothing has helped. What I think is going on is that something is hampering the bodies ability to heal itself, caused either by the inflammation from the chronic prostatitis, a chronic infection/virus or the aluminum.
Avatar f tn Stomach felt better this morning but after overeating at Denny's and still no BM the pain/burning returned. Also have reflux. Took Nexium and Prilosec ysterday. Also been taking Probiotics but a new type. Recent observation was the pain came after eating salads at lunch but not the only case now.
Avatar f tn Reduce stress Use demulcent herbs such as DGL, slippery elm, and marshmallow root to soothe and heal the intestine Take probiotics like VSL #3 or Prescript Assist Take prebiotics like FOS powder Treat SIBO or dysbiosis Reduce intestinal inflammation to increase SERT functioning, and consider supplementation with 5-HTP If you’re currently on a low carbohdyrate paleo diet, consider adding some starchy tubers to your diet Supplement with magnesium"
Avatar n tn I told him all the above symptoms and he took my blood pressure which was normal. Then he took his stethiscope (sp?) and listened to my chest and my stomach. He said there was a lot of gas in my bowels and he said he thought i had IBS and Acid reflux. He gave me some meds for ibs and for acid reflux. At the moment it has been 2 days of meds and slight improvement but not a major improvement. My questions are 1. can a dr reliably diagnose ibs like this and 2.
974371 tn?1424656729 I currently use Levsin SL (hyoscyamine) Zofran, Omeprazole, Phenergan (only when I don't take the Levsin as the two can't mix) as well as fiber, probiotics and multivitamins. I have IBS, Gastritis and GERD - In the past I was put on nortriptyline but was hospitalized with SVT and was weaned off it and put on these. Not had issues since stopping it - to me, It sounds like for you the Levsin is what caused it, especially if it started after you started to use it again.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for writing and going into detail. I appreciate it. It was rather alarming to hear about the possibility of congestive heart failure! Both my Mom and Aunt had it. I'll go over and check out the "Heart Failure Solutions" area, as you suggested. I'll try to follow as many suggestions as I can. Unfortunately, I have a completely destroyed knee (OA) and can't do running or vigorous walking and heavy exercise. I am drinking a lot of water now.
Avatar n tn I started having symptoms that I never had before I was treated (such as burning in my stomach, and pain). I took some advice off of this site and started taking probiotics and I am starting to feel a lot better. I'm going in to get tested again in a few weeks. I will do the antibiotics again if the bacteria is still there, just because I can't stand the thought of that stuff living in my stomach.
Avatar n tn First off, my doctor thought I had GERD and gave me the PPI's Nexium and Lanzoprazol. They have checked my bloodwork multiple times, but have not find anything wrong, except that my iron levels are very low recently (probably as a result of taking PPI's for 2 years now). I have also had a gastroscopi where they found everything normal and they said my gut looked very fine except from that it was bleeding easily.
Avatar n tn I have 14 year old daughter that ws diagnosed with the Epstein Barr virus (the highest levels that they have ever seen in 30 years). It has been a month and she is still extremely tired and exhausted and has constat stomach aches and burning from the time she wakes up until she goes to sleep. By physical exam her spleen was never noticeable swollen/enlarged, but the pain goes uder her sternum and under the ribs on both the left and right side.
Avatar m tn Next went to Surgeon #1, he thought the ultrasound was more reliable than the C/T , disregarding the possible gall stones, and sent me for a 24 hr urine test and a head C/T. Both tests were normal. I also tried acupuncture and some herbal remedies and probiotics. Next I went to GI #2. He put me on Dicetel and sent me for more blood tests (normal), a stomach emptying scan(normal), Doppler ultrasound (tiny sludge ball in the gall bladder) and another stomach scope(normal).
Avatar f tn I've been taking probiotics for awhile and haven't seen any improvement since. I've talked to my doctor and he said that my stomach may just be getting back to normal. Does that sound right? He said if it continues I may need and endoscopy and an ultrasound of my gallbladder. I have not pain or burning and strangely the only thing that makes the burping go away is laying down! If anyone has any similar experiences or advice it would be much appreciated.
Avatar m tn I was told I had Hpylori bacteria etc so I did that crazy course of antibiotics. Cleared my skin up but not so sure about the acid reflux. I did nexium and it's a wonder drug I tell you but I don't want to be on that long term. I have been researching Acid reflux and like everything else there are always opposing views. One is that Acid reflux is caused by TOO LITTLE acid, then the food ferments and then it gets pushed up etc. And yeah I think there might be a corrolation between hyp.
5097699 tn?1363570581 I've been told and am using Probiotics yogurt etc and am now on Nexium 40mg twice a day. On my biospy in 2011 for Stomach Antrum biopsy even though it said Antral Type Mucosa w/Regenerative Changes it was "No H. Pylori-Like Organisms Identified" But the Barrett's is at the junction, different place.
1551963 tn?1302296332 I was having nausea while on long term azithromycin and taking probiotics but still having nausea and vomitting