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1638239 tn?1300404202 My DR has prescribed fentanyl patches for me to keep on for 72 hours. I'm having trouble keeping them on and I've read through and it appears most ppl recommend taping the outside 4 corners of the patch. I've done that however the middle of the patch (where the medicine is at) is not sticking to my skin. Does that mean I am not getting my full dosage because it's not sticking to my skin like it should be?
Avatar f tn I see a greenish thing in my cut I got yesterday. I did use liquid bandage so could it be that? Or is it just completely normal? Here's a Pic: https://ibb.
Avatar m tn which is apparently an adhesive that can be applied to the skin prior to applying a bandage... Has anyone heard of this stuff?
Avatar f tn I put a liquid bandage on it and she continued the manicure. I then noticed that she had several cuts on her fingers which appeared to have dried blood around them (it didn't look like it was actively bleeding). Is there anyway that I could have been exposed to the virus if she was infected? That you for taking the time to read this question and respond.
Avatar f tn I received a small cut on my finger, washed it thoroughly after and dried it. About 10 minutes after getting cut, I used our work first aid kits liquid bandage. It's similar to a bottle of nail polish with the small brush sitting in the liquid. I used it to cover my wound. Later on I realized that other people in our office had used it before as it was not sealed. If someone with HIV had used it on a cut of theirs, does this place me at risk for HIV?
Avatar n tn I got a cyst on my cheek which left an open skin/wound. It kept oozing thin light yellow fluid which harden into a crust when it comes in contact with air.I let the liquid form crust/scab around the wound. Even after the honey colored scab formed, the oozing inside didn't stop. It kept oozing inside and would overflow if there are gaps in the scab.The scab came off after 4 days during shower and instead of flat skin there was a raised rash around the area the size of a quarter.
Avatar f tn I have eczema and dry skin and I got a split in the crease of my right middle finger about a month ago and every time I slightly bent my finger it split again. I used some liquid bandage with cyanaoacrylate which ALWAYS works but this time I guess because of the spot it was in it just didn't heal so I kept reapplying. Now it is off and it is oozing a bit and I have been putting bactrtoban on at nite and just a bandaid during the day.
Avatar n tn I've had warts passed through my family, from my son to my wife to me, and am finally getting rid of the one on my left thumb by a mix of 40% salacilic acid pads for a day then filing with a new nailfile until it bleeds and hurts, then putting on a new pad. Its very close to gone. However, to more have appeared on my right hand, index and middle finger but they're under the skin so I can't do much. Should I try freezing? A wartabater?
Avatar n tn A few months ago I developed this strange, hard bump under my skin in the genital area. It became red and seemed to be filled with a mixture of blood and puss. I didn't squeeze it until it came to a head. At that point I squeezed it to remove the puss. It became purple and scarred. Recently I have developed another one located about 2 inches from the first one.
Avatar f tn Hello! Hopefully there will be someone out there that can help! After going through hell a number of times, and nearly loosing my father every time, he received an ileostomy. He's finally able to eat and pass food again, which is a blessing! and the surgery has actually stuck to a certain degree (he keeps getting hernias even though he uses a hernia belt and they keep having to put him through surgery to fix it, but otherwise the surgeries are successes).
Avatar f tn They always look dry until after I cover them up with a pad or bandage. The pads are always wet like the wounds are oozing all over again. I'm nervous that they're still infected or may get reinfected. Am I worried about nothing or is there really something wrong? Do I need to make a follow up appointment with my doctor?
Avatar m tn I put a cold sore bandage over it ahen the sore oozed on my fingers. I washed my hands after putting on the bandage. I immediately went to change my daughters diaper(she leaked) and was wiggling around as I tried to change her. Her bottom grazed my forearm and finally I got her changed. Afterwards I noticed a discolored liquid in the same location where she wiggled against my arm. I am sure it wasn't from her, but from my cold sore. She has had diaper rash the last few days.
Avatar m tn If it were me, I would put some liquid bandage on the split part. They do sell liquid bandage fir dogs probably at the pet store. To protect it, if need be, you can get some Vet wrap, a type of elastic bandage they now sell also, and wrap it. Let it grow out some and heal then try taking a fingernail file and smoothing it out. Just check it daily to make sure there are no signs of infection.
Avatar m tn she had pulled the stitches 2 times until now and the vet had to stitched her again the first she had pulled the stitches i had put a bandage and some how she is capable to remove it in the second time i had put a bandage and a gauze and she also removed it although i have been watching her all the time and now i had put an e_collar but i have found that the stitches is falling apart and this time my cat haven`t done anything or even came close to the incision area and till now the wound haven
Avatar n tn It is a normal cut that starts to heal but each time there is any sexual activity, the skin gets stretched and it retears or just hurts. I have tried polysporin and liquid bandage which have helped but, as mentioned, the cut comes right back when the skin is tight and gets pulled. This is extremely frustrating. Any advice...
Avatar m tn My 8 year old mix underwent surgery two weeks ago to remove a mast cell tumor on her leg. The wound was sutured and stapled, but because a large chunk of skin was removed, a lot of stress was put on the incision, the staples and many stitches popped out leaving an area of exposed muscle about 3 x 3 inches. It is raw, bloody and gross looking.
Avatar m tn You will she'd anywhere in the boxer shorts area. Including the genitals.
Avatar m tn i accidently popped the blister about a hour ago and i am freaking out.alot of liquid came out and the skin is not healed.i put a bandage on it to cover it up from infection.was told i should go to the doctor since it popped early and need to be checked for infection.what do i do now?whats my next step?how to stop infection?how to heal the skin?
Avatar m tn Do they seem like blisters? If they break, keep the skin clean with a bandage or covering, because open skin can get infected. Maybe it is an allergic reaction to something? Did you recently walk on something with bare feet? It might be "contact dermatitis." If it itches, it could be an allergy to something you walked on barefoot...
Avatar n tn i again went to surgeon and he said sutures are alright but the bandage did the worse skin got inflamated its looking really bad.i love him very much more then anything in my life please tell me what home remedies can i do.surgeon game some he fine or not....?i dont know please reply soon.
Avatar f tn I have tan but oily skin. When ever I try a new brand its always gives me more of a pink tone when I really need a golden tan color. Anyone know of a good liquid & powder foundation for oily tan skin that won't make me break out it having oily skin? Also one that will last but I'm young so I don't need a strong cover up because I have no wrinkles.
Avatar m tn So just keep an eye on that and check yourself regularly to see if any new bumps arise. Since MC can be spread via cloth to the skin, it might be a good idea to give your boxers and towels a good washing. Hey, it can't hurt right? As far as touching the area - by now you know that MC is spread by skin contact.. If you touch the area, wash your hands before touching anywhere else. It's a virus, warm soap and water for 20 sec should do just fine.
Avatar n tn She took off my bandage lens, and there were no new filaments. I ended up seeing a corneal specialist the same day. She put plugs into my bottom tear ducts in both eyes where my tears drain into (lacrimal punctum) and told me to keep using liquid tears, but to increase the dose to 4 times a day in both eyes. Then I was given a new bandage lens. She also suggested giving me oral antibiotics. I told her about my allergic reaction to deoxycycline, so she suggested I take erythromycin.
Avatar n tn They told me skin was dead and not healing fast and to bring him back in 4 days for another bandage change. I did. They say still not regenerating skin - return in 4 days. Got another new bandage and told that when I bring him back this Monday they will leave bandage off as it needs to breathe. I'm sure it does but am worried about how he'll handle it as it still hasn't closed. Anyone had a good outcome with this?
Avatar m tn Once the skin is open gently squeeze until the liquid is clearer and cover with gauze or bandage to keep clean. If you start running a fever or feeling sick you need to go to the dr and have it checked to make sure the infection has not spread. Sometimes they get very big and are so painful it is unbelievable and other times they go away in a couple of days. It depends on how clean you keep the area and how soon you noticed and start taking preventative measures.
Avatar n tn I found that I need a new bandage every hour or so because of the bleeding, so instead of reapplying a new bandage I'm just holding toilet paper on the boil and disposing of it after an hour. I am also taking some cefuroxime axetil that my sister had left over, I've read that it works well against skin infections. Besides that, the bottom boil is still the same. Anyways, from what I've said... am I doing anything wrong?
Avatar n tn Hi. I would not advise you putting a bandage around it. The affected skin has to "breathe" and the bandage may only trap moisture which may worsen the condition. If this was not assessed by a physician yet, I suggest that you have this assessed already. This may not be something which requires immediate intervention but this is something which may respond to topical medications.