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Avatar n tn I have heard of a doc does this, and who inserts a platinum wire around the circumference of the new opening. Scar tissue builds up around the wire, and that acts as a band to keep it in place. Can you do this?
4059843 tn?1541422896 S incase any of you need this information to clarify your opinion, well i do pull the rubber band very far. The rubber band i use is also a very tough and thick one. It leaves red marks sometimes for a few hours,.Although the longest and the toughest marks i had 3-5 days.
1533352 tn?1307058256 Does anyone else have issues with always wanting to put band-aids on their bare feet or heels? Even when I dont have blisters on my feet, I feel compelled to put bandaids over the backs of my heels, where just a little bit is showing, and sometimes also around the insides of the arch of my foot where my big toe rubs up against the shoe.
Avatar f tn Hi all! Need some guidance. Is it mandatory to remove your wedding band? I'm trying to remove mine because fingers are starting to swell. Any ideas or suggestions on how to get it off? I've tried ice, lotion and Windex. Thanks!
Avatar n tn If we were in an accident and a Good Samaritan stopped to help, he probably would not know what the band was for anyway. If he did know what the band meant, He would probably already knows to protect himself. Even though I am through with tx. I’ve been through enough. Why would I want to add to my problems?
Avatar f tn Early studies, with Allen Steere as a co-author, showed that the 41 band was the band that was most prevalent and showed up earliest in the course of Lyme infection. The CDC considers it specific. It is one of only 3 IgM bands tested in their surveillance test. IgeneX considers it specific, it is marked with a double asterisk. I have reviewed the literature.
Avatar n tn Hi digger, thanks for your words, I have not found a forum for lap band i'm new to this forum/chat stuff. I have followed a diet and excercise program walking is my exercise as my knees don't like much else(too much sport as a young person). I go again to my doc tomorrow and I think that will be the last time depending on what he says, I think as you get down about things following anything diet/exercise wise is really hard but you have to persevere.
Avatar f tn This too is my first pregnancy, so it's all new to me. I am glad that I found the bella band because I hate to go out and buy clothes now since the season is ending soon. I'm hoping that it will get me through the rest of the summer. I just know that the fall/winter is when I am going to need clothes. Regggie.......I don't know, it may not be as comfortable as it seems, but I intend to try it out and I will let you know!
Avatar f tn I have stormed several message boards, most of the information is relatively useless for me, because most of the information is of people who had the lap-band surgery nearly 10 years ago and there have been changes since then. What my question is: Has anyone had a moderate/severe problem with excess skin after surgery?
Avatar f tn It happened when I bought a new gym top and it had a vest inside with a band on the bottom which rubbed against my skin and it started to irritate. I think it is because of my tshirt but I need to know how to get rid of this.
228686 tn?1211558307 So I've been to a new doctor...who looks like he may NOT be a dumb*ss. He gave me a prescription for a drug I used to use for migraines caused Midrin. One of the active ingredients in this is Chloral Hydrate. I've been trying to get a straight answer on whether chloral hydrate has any addictive qualities to it (he said he didn't think so, but he's never prescribed it before, refreshingly honest). I hope it's safe, cause this stuff is a wonder drug.
1316182 tn?1285162316 I have been experiencing new feelings lately that are VERY strong. These are feelings of wanting another child. I have no idea where these came from. I am a 29 year old female in a relationship and living with a man. We each have one child. I have an 8 year old, and he has a 6 1/2 year old. We both have them full time. We both work good full-time jobs. So, financially, we can afford it. Besides, I hate my job, so I'd be happy to take on a maternity leave!
Avatar m tn Hi, and I too, think it's wonderful that you finally talked to your doctor! Skin chewing is a habit which you can overcome. There are things that are colorless that you can put on your cuticles that taste bad which may help. One thing a lot of therapist use is the "rubber band" therapy. Keep a rubber band on your wrist, and every time you want to chew your cuticles, snap the band, and snap it hard. It will sting but also stop the thought process of chewing your cuticles.
Avatar f tn So I should get an answer in 6-8 wks.. He also mentioned a new treatment for long-term Lyme. It was a new treatment consisting of platelets and gamma-globulin treatment, which I am aware of because of my daughter. We will see what the test results come back, and decide on treatment then. I have not heard of or read anything about this new treatment yet.
Avatar f tn I repeat that *significantly*. Interferon is a know trigger for both new and underlying skin problems such psoriasis and seb derm rosacea. Especially psoriasis. I urge anyone with any of the above underlying skin problems to weigh them HEAVILY into the risk/reward equation before deciding to take any treatment that involves Interferon, and the longer the exposure to the interferon the more problems you can expect.
93210 tn?1287457826 After you give that an honest try then decide on if lap-band surgery is for you. The cost is an investment- like the cost of a new car BUT you have to honestly weigh your options. Also, I do not recommend L.A. Weight Loss because I only lost a total of 12 lbs on their program & a freind of mine only lost about 20lbs & BOTH of us gained it back as soon as we went off the program. It is also ULTRA expensevie to join as well as keep up.
Avatar m tn Welcome. Band 23 is a significant band. 41 is non-specific as you stated. The link that wonko posted explains the western blot very well. Considering you live in a lyme endemic state you may want to see a lyme literate MD and get a western blot done through Igenex labs.
149918 tn?1208132344 Just be aware that oftentimes skin conditions mimic each other and even professionals sometimes have to biopsy the skin before making a definitive diagnosis. Also, this is a New Zealand site, and we may treat some of the same conditions differently here. Has your study nurse and/or doctor seen the rash lately, in it's current form? If not, you might want to make a special appointment and show it to them.
1267372 tn?1317834880 Whitney had her skin biopsy on Tuesday. The skin biopsy is done to test for small fiber neuropathy. The procedure was done at Dr. Kinsella's office in Fenton, MO. (Nice new office BTW). Dr. Kinsella was GREAT with Whitney. I wish he would also treat children, not just do the testing for pediatric neurologists. So the procedure is this: clean the areas (two areas: upper thigh and lower calf on one leg); swab with betadyne, and then inject with lidocaine.
Avatar n tn My entire penis in general, during erection, has several visible purple veins. It is almost as though the skin on my penis is clear, they are that vivid. I am a veiny person in general but this brightness in color is a marked change from the norm. I am concerned that in the day of sexual activity I may have injured myself. The tender area is usually right where the "band" from the bottom on the condom is and I'm concerned maybe it has pinched a nerve or something serious.
Avatar n tn The procedure begins with cleansing the skin and applying a local anesthetic to numb the skin surface. The radiologist then introduces a sterile biopsy needle. Additional X-ray films are taken to confirm accurate needle placement. Tissue samples are obtained through the needle. It is standard procedure for the needles to be inserted three to five times in order to obtain an adequate tissue sample, this portion of the procedure takes ten minutes or less.
1415174 tn?1453246703 I have been using Clobetasol off and on for years a day or two at a time. About a year ago I had a pink band develop that didn't have bumps and didn't itch on my ankels. I put Clobetasol on it and it faded some but didn't go away.
Avatar m tn It seems mostly concentrated on my pinky, ring finger and now my middle finger, on both hands, I have had healthy skin all my life to this point. I believe its just severe dryness but if that is the case then why isn't the rest of my hand starting to dry out? Also my wife and my fater (he doesn't live with me) both have the same condition? This also gets worse in the cold months and far less in the summer months. What can I do to treat this?
Avatar f tn Hi there, All... Hmmm...not sure how "new" I am; rec'd "prob". dx of MS back in '95 after 6 years of searching for what was causing both legs/left arm weakness, occasional (LP-spinning-watching-The-Beatles-Red-Album) vertigo and numbness/tingling/burning (ouch) skin patches, etc. Quit docs, but when it got to be too much (again), found a neuro who said - "guess what? it's not's complicated migraine".
Avatar m tn There may be things that the previous doc didn't fully understand, but a new look at the data by a new and more experienced doc (esp. in the field of Lyme) can make a huge difference in what the new doc perceives. Think of it like buying a used car: wouldn't you want to see all the service records the previous owner had? (Such as: how often the oil was changed, any problems the car had, etc.) Docs are the same way. Give them lots of data so they can see into the past.
1415174 tn?1453246703 I have been using Clobetasol off and on for years a day or two at a time. About a year ago I had a pink band develop that didn't have bumps and didn't itch on my ankels. I put Clobetasol on it and it faded some but didn't go away.
Avatar n tn Just sitting here listening to my new Trey Anastasio CD. This man and his music is better than val's, vic's and Xany's rolled into one. Very theraputic. Anyhoo. I've been having a great time lately dealing with my addiction. Have been very succsesful in my recovery. I've went from 15-20mg of xanax daily(enough to in hellbent's words to"put down a blue whale") to just 1mg nightly. With the help from my Father and my therapist. I am tackling my inner Soboture[sp?
114870 tn?1210301946 How do people cope with treatment-related skin problems? Here are some tips to help you cope with skin problems Here are some tips to help you cope with skin problems Wear loose, soft cotton garments Wear SPF 30-45 sunscreen, such as Antihelios, when outside on sunny or cloudy days, even if you are wearing long sleeves and long pants because of your increased sensitivity to the sun. Use a hat. If possible, avoid the hot sun between the hours of 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.
Avatar m tn Just let me know if you need anything else. Those were from the lovely Mrs. O who helped me out when my insurance first refused to continue to pay for my treatments any longer (creeps).
Avatar f tn Docs being human, tho, you'll see as the relationship develops whether there are things that aren't working, and that's when to consider looking around for a new doc. That's all true of any relationship with a professional -- your mechanic, your dentist, your dry cleaner, your LLMD.