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1438550 tn?1283977758 Lyrica (''new Neurontin'') or Neurontin could be really handy in managing both pain and epilepsy while you could keep the Xanax for acute management. Anyway those are my opinions and should not be perceived as medical advices. Any change in your medication, dosage or schedule must be addressed with a qualified physician.
Avatar m tn -) I already take a HIGH dose of Klonopin daily (8 mg), who is not effective anymore and we add 1 mg of Xanax, who work for3 weeks and stop working... so I don't see how my PDoc would be able to add more benzo meds to calm the initial anxiety when I will start the SSRI... For the SSRI, i'm used to all of them... They was like candy for me in the past, no side-effects like increase anxiety but MAJOR weight gain...
Avatar f tn I know you're fearful after your experience with Xanax but it's worth a try. Ativan tends to be a little less intense, so you could try that. Again, mention it to your doctor. Whatever you do...don't make any changes...stay on your current dose of the Zoloft until you get in to see him. Again, remain open mided. Do NOT go into the doctor's office with a mind full of what you will or won't take. Let the doctor make some recommendations, then have a discussion from there.
Avatar n tn It's been the very best source for me in the last week than I could have hoped for. Regarding the drinking vs. meds. I stopped my daily glass (or two) of wine cold turkey 1 yr ago Feb. I began getting ill due to the fact I was also taking Lortab and Oxy everyday for chronic joint/back pain. I thought I was "smart" enough to cut out the alcohol so I would be "kind" to my liver. Have a 13 yr old daughter.
Avatar n tn My present physician has decided to take me off Xanax to treat anxiety, so I'm left with Zoloft and Neurontin. Anxiety has increased to such a level that I feel incapable of leaving home. I realize Xanax is addictive, but it works where all other meds have failed. Granted, I'm not physically addicted to anything now, but I'm incapable of working as well. Additionally, I have recently discovered that my father (deceased), my brother and my sister have all been treated for OCD.
1200968 tn?1291694619 it is probable that ur sleeplessness is not due to tram wd but to xanax wd//perhaps both but xanax wd at 2 mgs a day is enuf to make many peeps pure miserable if they just jump off like u did...300-4000 mgs of trams is significant...there are those who take 1200 mgs of tram per day....a 2 mg xanax dose would be the tougher wd vs 3-400 mgs of trams for most peeps...altho both would be felt by most...we r all different.... Be sure of where ur probems lay...
Avatar m tn it is not physically habit forming...and also similar to neurontin/tis the new neurontin so to speak/but with more side effects and more of a potential for abuse than neurontin// more of a stupor/euphoria associated with lyrica so it is abused but is not addictive physically///but the mental aspect of addiction is the tough is not recommended for an addict to use lyrica if they feel the urge to abuse it....listen to ur body..
Avatar f tn I need 2 do some more research on those because I am also taking 300mg of neurontin, robaxin, and low dosages of xanax (.5mg). Even with that I only got about 3 hours of sleep. My legs are driving me crazy but the chills & sweating have subsided a little (knock on wood). I've done hot baths w/ epsom salt. Any other vitamins,supplements or suggestions? How long will this last?
Avatar n tn I have tramadol 50mg which are almost gone, and neurontin 300mg which I hate taking because it makes me very dizzy, I cannot even walk. So I am going through the withdrawals of norco, my mind wants the drug so bad and I keep trying to sleep it off. I have had night sweats, insomnia even with Serequel XR prescribed to me specifically for insomnia. I am just really freaked out, I do have Xanax which I don'y much touch, Ive missed many days of work because of all this pain medication.
Avatar m tn So I know how addicting they can be and my doctor would be fully aware of my potential for abuse, but if I got some pain control out of it then it would be worth it. I already take 2-3mgs of xanax and am planning on starting a taprer here soon, but Ive been getting conflicting reports about klonopin and valium being easier to withdrawl off than xanax or ativan because of the different half lives.
655242 tn?1229476344 I went to a neurologist for some weird symptoms I have been having lately and his exact words after the exam is that he can tell a difference in my right side of my body (where all my symptoms are) vs the left side of my body. Then he said and I quote..."I am not trying to scare you but...If you were 50 years old based on your symptoms and my exam I would say you had a stroke but since your only 27 we will do a repeat MRI of your brain just to check." Well guess what...
648910 tn?1290666683 meclizine, sold OTC--as Ren pointed out--as Bonine, also Dramamine Less Drowsy Formula). Most people don't seem to get much help from it, though. (This is my nonscientific conclusion from years of reading a dizziness list.) Antivert did nothing for me. (But don't minimize the dangers of sneezing... that's exactly how I lost the hearing in my left ear and got a big increase in my dizziness at the same time!! I'm not kidding!!) If meclizine doesn't work for you, maybe Valium would?
Avatar n tn Hello there. I was diagnosed w/severe panic/anxiety disorder, clinical depression and bipolar II back in October 02. I was originally prescribed Paxil CR 12.5mg and Xanax .25mg (smallest doses available) by my General Practitioner. The Paxil CR gave me diarrhea, nausea, shakes and headache. I think all it amplified my symptoms and added to the weight loss which I really did NOT need (I've always been a skinny person).
Avatar m tn Depakote is not a "safer" drug than neurontin...depakote is a serious sezure drug...neurontin is not habit forming nor many side effects associated with it used also for chronic pain patients vs narcotics/Lyrica//the new replacemnt for nuerontin//is becoming a drug of abuse//neurontin is not a drug of abuse//course some peeps will abuse benadryl..but neirontin is a safe drug..thi I knows... Does ur girlfriend have a serious seizure disorder?
Avatar n tn Since I have suffered migraine headache since a child, headache sufferage is cruel and unusual punishment as far as I am concerned,and I don't tolerate it well. 25 days ago, I was prescribed xanax time release 1 mg and ambien 10 mg for sleep. I don't want to take any of it, but I have been suffering palpitations and extra heart beats and increased pulse rate for some time. My pulse rate due to (? they don't know yet) registered 177 while I was on my new heart monitor.
Avatar f tn I'm a about 185 days clean and still learning about forums vs. groups, posts of your own vs posting on other peoples "threads", etc. can all be confusing until you toot around a bit. You're getting it. Don't get discouraged ok? Two things, first.....YOU DESERVE HUGE PRAISE FOR YOUR WEEKS OFF METHADONE!! Don't give up, don't go back ON something. You have so much already behind you. I have no personal experience with methadone, but many forum members DO.
Avatar m tn I read about the serious side effects when Valerian Root and and a benzodiazepine (like Ativan, Valium, Xanax) are combined in a Anxiety Disorder book I had when I was having severe anxiety while back. My psychiatrist prescribed Valium for sleep and Xanax for panic attacks and anxiety during the day. She told me to never take them together even though they were in same class of drugs.
Avatar f tn I am switching to subutex tomorrow so I was to go 2 days with no methadone so that I would be in withdrawals when I start the sub. The withdrawals were so bad last night that I took 600 mg of Neurontin which helped so much, I even felt good all day today. I am worried now because I do not feel like I am withdrawing. Should I still start the Sub tomorrow?
Avatar f tn Nursegirl's answer is way better than anything I can say, but I did want to comment on the klonopin vs. Xanax thing. Klonopin lasts a lot longer in the body than Xanax, which has a pretty short period of activity. You seemed to indicate the doctor said the opposite, but I may have misunderstood.
Avatar n tn Did you all read my post under Neurontin heading. It explains my outcome from my doc on my pain issues. MMT and optimum pain relief if you please. Anyone heard of hycotuss exp?
Avatar m tn 2) These types of drugs knockout ‘normal’ people, especially the strength I need to take whereas I have a high-tolerance per the doc. It’s classic that with me; the pills keep me awake and motivated VS how I use to be which was constantly tired due to classic depression issues. I haven’t had a need for a nap in years now… This is what determines an addict, or the potential to get addicted.
Avatar f tn Depakote (divalproex sodium) Gabitril (tiagabine) Keppra (levetiracetam) Lamictal (lamotrigine) Neurontin (gabapentin) Tegretol (carbamazepine) Topamax (topiramate) Trileptal (oxcarbazepine I would agree with the statement that the risk is greater left untreated than with them. My suicidal ideations are MUCH less being treated vs. not. Of course, it's always best to be educated!
Avatar f tn It does seem a bit different for those who were getting sick while being physically dependent AND didn't seek additional sources (I never liked it in the first place) vs those who somehow for whatever reason fell into it and were better able to manage functionality and weren't practically always in pain & misery regardless.
Avatar n tn Here's the best site on the 'net for information, guidance and personal contacts for benzo addiction (Valium, Klonopin, Librium, Xanax, Ativan, Serax, etc.): go to this site and access the papers written by Dr. Heather Ashton, a leading authority on benzo withdrawal. Based on Dr. Ashton's papers, I think your doc should switch you to Valium first, then slowly taper the Valium.
Avatar m tn They do not make ranges by M vs F or by body type. But your doc is running the worst tests possible. TSH tests what the pituitary is telling the thyroid to do (and that is a mix of the old range and the new one, nice, not) and that T4 test is well, not the most useful one. Even so, for T4, when you are on meds at least, you should be at the high end, not the low. But your doc will say you are normal.
Avatar n tn There are many different pills containing hydrocodone, Lorcet is simply 10mg vs. 5mg with Vicodin. All drugs containing hydrocodone are very addicting.
193953 tn?1272078626 I Hvae weaned myself off of the Xanax I take at night and have to take no pain meds for my head! Lyrica is a Godsend! I know there are side effects but I will take them! Not unless one of them is death and then I would have to think about it!...I am just kidding!
Avatar n tn You don't want to know what I consume each day. All for good reason, I might add. The neurontin compliments the baclofen, the baclofen compliments the mexiletine, the mexiletine numbs my nerves enough to warrant a reduction in the morphine that I have to take each day in order for me to think past the pain that rocks my world 24/7, 52 weeks per year/or 365 days (which ever comes first, ha!) Without the "morphine", I'd be a writhing idiot.