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620877 tn?1282767697 For those of you who take Gabapentin (Neurontin): Just curious what side effects you have experienced (and at what dosage), and how long they lasted? I just started this last weekend, 300mg once a day at bedtime. I am having a really hard time waking up in the morning and for the first half of the day I feel a little "loopy" or my head feels "swimmy"....if that makes any sense.....
Avatar f tn // Gabapentin can cause side effects that may impair your vision or reactions. Can cause rapid back and forth movement of your eyes. The definition for this can be found here. You may want to ask your doctor about Lyrica. It is more expensive but if it works for you it may be worth the extra expense.
Avatar n tn I was taking up to 1800 mg a day and in my case it was causing me to have seizures. I was put on neurontin for pain maintience and then I started having seizures, they also found brain lesions but nothing has been done for me so far. I was advised by a neurologist in Tx, I live in VA, that when I got home from my surgery that I should QUIT taking the neurontin. I have not had a seizure since that time. By the way these were military doctors I saw at Walter Reed and Wilford Hall.
1474625 tn?1371100679 I have room for a few more lbs.. I do believe the Gabapentin, or Neurontin does help with wd's. Not sure if it overides the wd's with the side effects it produces which can be mentally acknowledged, but comparing a c/t I did back in April vs a week taper at the end of July, the wd's while taking the neurontin were not as bad as the first time..Clonidine also helped which was something else my doctor gave me..Suppose to help restabilize a person's sleep pattern's..
Avatar f tn tizanidine 4mg, zonisamide 100mg, and gabapentin (neurontin)600mg. All 3 medications will be increasing over the next 2 weeks to double the amounts. I also will be going to a physical therapist. I did finally sleep all night last night for the first time in a long time, though woke up with a headache again. I realize it will take some time for the headaches to end. My question is this: The gait issues were never really addressed, could they simply be a result of lack of sleep?
5485096 tn?1375577835 For nearly a year now I've been on Gabapentin (Neurontin), and although I haven't gained weight I haven't been able to lose much either, despite a reasonable effort. For me, both drugs have worked equally well, which is to say I've had some relief of pain but not a whole lot. I was on 450 mg of Lyrica, and then 1500 mg at night with Gabapentin. I could go higher but I really don't want to. Too many meds as it is.
Avatar m tn But I have also read of people abusing gabapentin. I'm prescribed gabapentin and I have no idea why anyone would want to abuse it as all it seems to do is make me sleepy and foggy headed. Then again, people would probably try to abuse motor oil if they thought it might alter their brain! Lyrica is mainly used for nerve pain. So if you are experiencing nerve pain that could be why your doctor wants you to try it.
Avatar m tn He has been to a neurologist who prescribed Neurontin, but to no avail. He has also been to a dermatologist No one can help him. Can you help him please? Would any injections help him relieve his problem. I would appreciate any help you can give him Thank you.
1345254 tn?1325921641 At first the Dr started me on gabapentin (neurontin), but that stuff really messed with me. Within a week, I'd wake in the mornings horribly dizzy..It would take me a couple hours just to get feeling somewhat normal. So the Dr switched me to the lyrica..The two are basically the same family of med but for some reason there seems to be a pattern where its one or the other that different individuals can tolerate..In my case, the gabapentin didn't agree with me but the lyrica was ok.
Avatar m tn Gabapentin) or Lyrica (generic: NA) and Cymbalta (generic: NA) are good medications to try to help with this pain. Opioid medications may still be helpful to you but their effectiveness on nerve pain is limited; however, they may provide some additional meaningful relief due to synergistic effects. A muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory are helpful too.
182884 tn?1259316506 I have different diagnois, Degenerative Disk Disease vs degenerative Facet Joints, VS SI disease. I take Methadone 60 mg a day, ( down from 90 mg a day ) as well as Lortab for breakthrough pain and use a TENS Unite, which doesnt do much. I have been taking Methadone for almost 5 years and realize I can not continue to take this the rest of my life, but workmans comp refuses to do much of anything as my case is about 8 1/2 years old already.
Avatar n tn He also gave me a stronger form of vicodin (norco 10/325 vs 5/500) for the pain. I just started today. I still have a deep, throbbing pain in my back and chest, but feel "high" from the norcos. What can i take to ease the pain but net get all looped from them?
Avatar f tn That could help quite a lot because it works on GABA the neurotransmitter that benzos work on.It is not addicting like the benzos but helps in withdrawals without being a benzo. There are some situations where people have a type of withdrawal after being on it for a long time..but that is really rare I think I was understating it when I used the word "discomfort"...I did not mean to underestimate your pain.. As I have said before...
Avatar f tn ) Some of the medications that I have tried are Vitamin D, and Gabapentin. I'm sure that there are others, but I can't remember all of them right now. I had to stop the Gabapentin due to side effects, but I am still taking the Vitamin D. My Fibro doctor told me to exercise more, but that didn't seem to help. If anything, it made the pain in my legs worse. Thanks again for your response, it is greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn I have tried, Tegretol XR and the regular, worked well but I was non functioning just too tired, Neurontin(Gabapentin) which did nothing for me it's used more in neuropathy versus neuralgia, I have a neuralgia, verapamil, cytotec both off label i'm currently on topamax and it's going well it's helping but i have lost twenty pounds last month.If I force myself to eat, I physically get sick, or even if i try to eat.
648910 tn?1290666683 falls in that word), and eventually nothing alleged to address the balance problem at all -- which is still my worst symptom. I am using Neurontin (gabapentin) for eye pain that had gotten severe. I doubt that helps. The PCP took me off the two b/p drugs (one was lisinopril, the other might've been Calan SR, but that's a maybe memory) & gave me carvedilol (aka Coreg) when my cardiac rhythm got goofy; frankly, I'm not sure that hasn't done me as much good as anything else they've tried.
10805050 tn?1420939120 Max - 2000mg per day, and only 500mg at any one dose. I rarely take it...I do take Neurontin (Gabapentin) 500 mg x 6 daily for pain and mood....and it works very well at relaxing and taking the biting pain down a few notches. Thanks again everyone.
Avatar f tn Most patients, especially children, can benefit from physical therapy. Tricyclic antidepressants have been used to decrease burning. Gabapentin (Neurontin) and systemic steroids have also been used with varying degrees of success. Other agents include the alpha-1 adrenoreceptor antagonists terazosin and phenoxybenzamine; the alpha-2 adrenoreceptor agonist clonidine; and the NDMA receptor antagonists ketamine, dextromethorphan, and calcitonin.
Avatar n tn Now I take Amitriptyline (Elavil) 25mg daily, and Gabapentin (Neurontin) 300mg daily to prevent my Migraines. I started with the Amitriptyline first ... and it worked alone for almost a year, then I needed to add the other med to prevent the headaches more. I do still get migraines every now & then, but they are not as severe as they use to be. I can actually get up & tend to my kids & do other things (not just in the bed like before).
Avatar m tn Ask your doc about Gabapentin (Neurontin), it helped me get off of a 240mg/day Oxycodone addiction in 4 days (still had minor withdrawals symptoms but it was easily manageable)... The great thing about that stuff is that it's very cheap and it works well if taken right, so it won't be a huge expense for you. Good luck!
12832842 tn?1448732401 Psychiatrists will actually often prescribe Neurontin (gabapentin) to treat anxiety, the presumption being that it works like benzodiazepines, which directly affects neurons that use a chemical called GABA to communicate with each other, the thing is though they don't actually know how gabapentin works.....
Avatar f tn The neurontin medication helps the nerves calm down and helps with sleeping at night. Ask about Gabapentin or Neurontin medication. Ask your pain management doctor about what areas that are being affected. Get a better understanding of what is happening to your body. I have had to go through MANY pain management doctors to get answers. A lot of these doctors treat with medications and won't prescribe surgery.
Avatar f tn She did go on Neurontin/Gabapentin for awhile and it was hard to tell if it helped or if the GBS just ran its course out of her system. She is 9 years old now with no residual problems but the pediatrician says she cannot have the current flu vaccine as it still has H1N1 in it again this season. He thinks she will be okay for the whooping cough vaccine in 2 years. He called the infectious disease specialists for me for that answer btw. Good luck and please let us know how he does.
363110 tn?1340924019 But I can walk just as well as any normal person with the help of the Opana medication. Another medication to try is Neurontin (generic is Gabapentin) or Lyrica (there is no generic). I am taking Gabapentin. It is anti-convulsant that is frequently prescribed off label for nerve pain. It helps tremendously with the pain that runs down my legs. Lastly, you may want to try another injection in the near term.
1283286 tn?1312915566 That if she heard from me indicating that the switch from Gabapentin to Lyrica was not giving me any appreciable relief, that a " nerve root block injection ?" would be the next step to see if that can get this pain under control. Has anybody in here ever found themselve's in the position that I find myself at the moment? Are you familar with this "injection" approach that he is asking me to consider? What exactly is this this substance and how would this help?
Avatar f tn arms and taken Neurontin, gabapentin, and trazedone. Acupuncture worked for a while as did the drugs. However, I felt like I was in a mental fog with the drug treatments. I also have a bulging disc between C5 & C6. Surgery is an option, but that is my last resort. The only relief I have found started a year ago when I was treated by a NUCA chiropractor. After x-rays and measurements, he adjusted my atlas bone.
Avatar f tn Depakote (divalproex sodium) Gabitril (tiagabine) Keppra (levetiracetam) Lamictal (lamotrigine) Neurontin (gabapentin) Tegretol (carbamazepine) Topamax (topiramate) Trileptal (oxcarbazepine I would agree with the statement that the risk is greater left untreated than with them. My suicidal ideations are MUCH less being treated vs. not. Of course, it's always best to be educated!
Avatar f tn Over time it didn't work anyway. Now I take gabapentin (Neurontin) like those above. My doctor prescribed up to 300mg three times a day but what I do is take 400mg all at night (the pharmasist says this is fine). It knocks me out for the whole night so I feel well rested every day which I believe is key. When I don't sleep the itch is worse and very difficult mentally, to put up with. I may have the odd tingle during the day or evening but nothing I can't ignore with a little effort.
356518 tn?1322267242 I have been reading through a lot of older posts as I have found a lot of the discussions very informative & interesting. So I know this post is old but it piqued my interest & I was curious as to whether or not the research being discussed here was ever posted & if so could someone help me find it? To add my two cents into the conversation...