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1855076 tn?1337118903 It doesn't show up on most drug screens and I guess that people do get 'high' off of it. I was prescribed it for nerve pain as well, and I also had a bad reaction to it. I had the same locked in feeling along with a lot of shakiness and almost agitation I stopped taking it after a week because I couldn't handle the awful feeling.. I think that it affects people in very different ways due to the action it takes on the brain.
Avatar f tn I took it for awhile and remember I had to get up to 3 pills 3 times a day. It took me about 2 months to get to that level and while I felt "goofy" I didn't have the extreme reaction you did. Unfortunately, you have to be at a certain level (I think 600 mg) before it has any beneficial impact. I wish you the best. It would be nice for you to have something that helps besides Vicodin.
Avatar f tn Glad to see that you are giving it another go. It takes a lot of strength to admit defeat and get back up to fight again. I send hope and compassion your way!!! Good luck!
Avatar f tn Now, if I can beat this cold so I can get to the gym and start exercising maybe I can get the endorphins working and get rid of the pain I seem to be stuck with. If my nose will just settle, I do have back exercises I can do, but since most of those involve lying on my back I'm having a bit of a problem with doing them. I swear the other stuff is nerve type pain and I have no idea where that came from.
337492 tn?1212462436 At the beginning it may make you really sleepy until you get use to it. You should wake up fine. I suggest that if you don't work on the weekends to do it then to see how you react. Let me know how you do.
Avatar f tn Please be careful with using Neurontin... my husband who is addicted to opiates has become addicted to the Neurontin as well. It may sound silly, and I don't have a ton of knowledge on drugs and such, but you can find and read countless forums with people talking about how they abuse the drug, and the horrible withdrawals they go through when running out of it. My husband used it to lighten his opiate withdrawals, to enhance his mood and counteract anxiety and he became very dependent on it.
630344 tn?1280108583 It will do nothing for muscle pain, just like how NSAIDs (like Advil) will do nothing for nerve pain. Also, as my doctor described it to me, it can take awhile to hit the right dosage with neurontin. Too little and it won't help, too much and you can get into lots of side effects (drowsiness being a big one). Often it's best to start small and slowly up the dose.
9704730 tn?1405744884 If it is I want to stop taking it as soon as possible. I can't even seem to get myself together for even an hour. I have to go back to a very high stress job next week and I know I can't function like this.
1207048 tn?1282177904 I'm not very fond of taking medicine (I know, I'll have to get over that real quick if I get diagnosed LOL). I will most likely try this. I think my sleep is being interrupted after a few hours sleep because I'm uncomfortable. Not in pain so much, but sore and achey.
Avatar f tn I too, have severe neck pain and something that is piercing into the spinal cord according to the MRI. I've tried taking Neurontin and I had a severe reaction to a very small 300mg dose. I'm glad because from what I read, this is not something I want to take. You are on a much higher dose then I ever was. It does frusterate me that he wants to raise your dose. Your already at a theraputic level and it should be working if it is going to work.
Avatar f tn Once your physician decides what kind of lesion it is, I imagine he will very quickly either treat it with radiation to reduce the size or with surgery to get it out of there. As for medicine, I personally think you should be on an opiate derivative for the kind of pain and discomfort you must be experiencing until they can hopefully correct your spinal problem, and then they can ease you off the drug and/or switch over to something less addictive.
Avatar f tn I recently went to my GP to get help for ever stronger pains in my legs due to nerve damage in my back when he refused to increase my dose of oxycodone he gave me an anti epeliptic drug called GABAPENTIN, that day i started my 3 a day dose and to my supprize in the morning when i woke where id normally have rly bad cravings and terrible aches i woke calm ache free and no knotted feeling in my stomach ( i still had my back pain but thats due to real pain not withdrawls) i was slightly puzzle
Avatar f tn I am the first for that reaction to neurontin. At least it is a good reminder to never think a drug can't get you with a reaction that is not "in the books". My doctor finally has responded in a favorable way and I think whatever got into her seems to be under control and she is now paying attention, so I think I have a good chance of actually getting some help.
Avatar f tn Hi, Why don't you have the people who are talking about come on here and talk about their addiction, usage, etc. It would be easier to talk with them direct instead of doing the third party thing. It could get miscommunicated. Know what I mean?
2097395 tn?1333265790 Doctors usually prescribe benzodiazapines for anxiety, and may or may not use an anti-depressant as an adjunct to the benzo's. I would talk to your doctor, and get a referral (if you need one) to see a specialist. He can prescribe the appropriate medication, and you can discuss your issues with neurontin as well. Best of luck to you, and keep us updated.
Avatar n tn he actually spends more time trying to get more people OFF medications than he does trying to get people ON to medications, if that makes any sense....anyway, he's not your typical psychiatrist.....he said he kind of came into this by way of the backdoor, when most of the patients who were walking through his door were women suffering from postpartum or menopausal or post menopausal symptoms.....
620877 tn?1282767697 Your body will get used to it, but easing into it is worth the extra time it takes to get the pain control versus the yucky side effects we get from being on the wrong starting dose. Hang in there. The meds will really help.
Avatar m tn I have a bottle of neurontin and trying to get off tramodal. If I was to try the neurontin to ease the withdrawls from the tram, how many should I take? The doc gave me neurontin for nerve pain in my hand but I don't think it works. I want off the tramadol and I know I'm gonna feel withdrawls but if I can curb some of the pain that would be great. But still I'm repeating the cycle. Replacing one drug with another. I want to go ct, but I'm so scared.
382218 tn?1341185087 The only one that might be hard to remember is the 11am, but I'm sure over time I'd get used to it. I could set my cell phone to go off as a reminder or something. I've considered Lyrica and asked my neuro about this and other alternatives. He said I could try something else, but encouraged me to give Neuronin a fair shot first, as I have only been on a high dose for a few weeks. He said it can take a good month or two at the highest dose for the best effect.
1831849 tn?1383231992 I have been on gabapentin for 2 months, It helps somewhat with pain, it helped me to sleep very sound, until this week, I can't seem to get to sleep and awake alot during the night.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry but you're gonna have to cut it shorter to get your curls back. I'm pretty darn sure that it is the meds. They seem to make a persons hair more fragile. Either way; when I cut my hair shorter my curls came back. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn I've been cautioned by several of my doctors and my brother in law who is a retired pharmacist, not to get my intake of it too high but to augment it with another medication to synergize the same effect. Perhaps your doctor feels at night is where you need it the most and is being conservative. Might make a note to discuss his rationale if it still bothers you. It's probably something that none of us have thought of! Hope this helps some.
Avatar m tn It hasn't been effective so I am planning to switch to Neurontin. What is the average dose of Neurontin for pain management? More specifically, with a chronic pain level between 5-7. Is there a database for Neurontin dosage? I will be ramping to 300mg of Neurontin per day but am wondering if that's too conservative.
Avatar n tn My mother has been taking neurontin for her neuropathy for approximately 6 months. During the past month has developed demenia, extreme weakness & is now in a wheelchair, sleeps so sound during day that she cannot be awakened, and a severe mouth inflammation that makes it difficult for her to eat. She has high blood pressure & takes medication for it, along with high cholesterol.
Avatar m tn I worried about the anti-seizure thing as it is. But several medical professionals advised me that it is use so much for this type of pain. MS or Diabetes caused. I must is much better (4th day). I'm going to make it through the whole day of work and I actually feel somewhat energized. Still a bit foggy but NOTHING like the last 3 days. I'm thinking I had to acclimate to it.
605458 tn?1265086851 for nerve pain makes me feel high and hypomanic and fuzzy brained in a pleasant way
576796 tn?1217579856 Hi, yes, both drugs are associated with dizziness, need is to adjust the doses and please get your blood pressure checked too. Please consult your doctor for the same. Also, some patients develop tolerance to dizziness but if the symptoms are affecting your daily routine, need is to consult doctor. The incidence of dizziness is quite high with both gabapenti as well as buspirone.Other option is to replace buspirone with other drug from the same group.
Avatar n tn due to my health (mostly this damn addiction but no one but this board knows that) I need to get back to work soon and I just don't know how I'm going to do that. I'm scared to death. I cannot function without these pills. I still have refills...I can't get them till next Wednesday. This will be the longest 7 days of my life! Tom, any advice, any information, would be greatly appreciated. Is the darvon easier to withdraw from than lortab?
684676 tn?1503190263 I do know that you have to taper it to get off it. It helps a lot with opiate wd. and yes I think you can feel it when taking it, it alters out brain for sure. Now I have heard good things about it from peps that have used it. For me I would pass but I'm not walking on your legs.. sorry I'm not more help I hope someone else comes along with another perspective.
1415174 tn?1453246703 I am tapering off of Neurontin for that reason and would like your opinion as to how to get off of it will less side effects. I am at 500mg now per day. I am now trying 100mg per week as I get ill feeling, insomnia and anxiety. What do you all normally do?