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Avatar f tn I currently had elevated liver panel and am taking neurontin for post polio. is this related to taking neurontin for post polio? do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverage of any kind, no other signs of liver disease. please advise..
Avatar m tn ) That's why he's a Primary Care Doctor,LOL I haven't started treatment yet,I tried going to U of M for a period over 5 years and had to jump through hoops as Interferon/Ribovarin was considered experimental by the insurance companies at the time and at the end never received treatment,longer story that ended with me and the wife storming out of the liver clinic.
Avatar f tn It is good you get some relief from Neurontin. Neurontin did nothing for my pain all it did was make me unable to remember anything and tired. It took me two months to get off of it due to the insomnia I had as I went down on it. I actually felt better after getting off of it. But, I don't have nerve pain. The first doctor assumed I did but it is myofascial pain syndrome. Sounds llike you don't know the cause of your pain yet? How did you get injured or what happened?
Avatar n tn I noticed almost an immediate reduction in pain and about a 50% reduction in fasics. My question is neurontin a long term solution to this problem? Are there long term side effects to this drug? Can neurontin mask possibly more serious problems such as MS? Are there any other avevues I should be looking down? My physical condition seems good. Strength is good but I seem more shakey during and after exersion. Thank you for your time!
1490607 tn?1288383290 Has any one heard of or experienced being on Cymbalta and/or Neurontin and where the side effects suddenly became MS like symptoms after being on them for a year?
Avatar n tn My sister is on Pegysus to keep the viral load down and she has no sides from it. She was on interferon, peg-intron, ribaviran and Pegysus. Her liver Dr. decided to keep her on a maintenance dose in order to keep the viral load down. I also questioned this fact, but he said since she was tolerating it, to continue. Also, she is not a candidate for transplant. We were at the Univ.
Avatar n tn I was on relafen also but chose not to take it due to it's effect on the liver. I do fine with the neurontin and the baclofen. The strattera is for adhd which I truly feel I do not have but it helps with concentration, depression and I feel alot better when I'm taking it. The seroquel is to sleep cause without it I cannot sleep due to the chronic pain. I have been having this problem for about 8 years and it is getting worse.
Avatar m tn Since Vit D is a fat soluble vitamin, disorders affecting fat metabolism can affect Vit D absorption. These include liver disorders, Crohn’s disease, colitis, and kidney problems. Rarely this is a hereditary disorder. The deficiency is due to either diet poor in vitamin D or because there is not enough sunlight to help body synthesize it. The only other factor is parathyroid gland problem. If you have low vitamin D, you must rule out the above mentioned causes.
Avatar n tn I feel like hell. I'm shaky, clammy,depressed and cranky. By the way, I too was given Neurontin and like Joe, I didn't notice any difference. My doctor gave it to me for nerve pain and he pointed out that it was "non addicting." I took one that night and never noticed anything. The pain was still there. I read about it on the internet and read that it was for i stopped taking it.
Avatar n tn I have been taking neurontin for six months for polyneuropathy at low doses and it reduced my pain and increased my endurance without discomfort. My side effects were just a little nasal dryness and initially (first two weeks or a month) some slight fuzziness just after taking the dosage. Does anyone know what would be a natural (herbal, supplement) replacement for this drug? I read above that Magnezium might be one. Has anyone tried this, or know of something else that would work?
Avatar f tn Even though it says to stay away from grapefruit and maybe other citrus while on gaba, I also discovered that drinking Squirt and some other popular clear sodas with citrus will greatly interact with gaba and cause a feeling of being slightly drunk (they should mention grapefruit AND Squirt on the insert and the neurontin website because people don't think of grapefruit with sodas). I have gained about 15 pounds either from inactivity or gaba or both over the last two years.
Avatar n tn These meds are Cymbalta, neurontin, and or Lyrica. Together these are great for pain and anxiety. Cymbalta is also an anti-depressant so it may replace your zoloft. These drigs work great for twitching and spasms too. I am not off the medications but I feel that soon I will be on my way to be able to get off. Hope this helped and I didn't tell you anything you didn't know already. They are still drugs but are none narcotic and much less gentle on the body.
8496079 tn?1398416116 I also have Hep C and I worry about my liver. Most of my pain is in my lower back and hips and it is getting worse. I still have to start Cymbalta but I think I will tonight. I am so wanting some relief. Wish I could tell you more. Maybe we can some feedback from someone who has been on it longer.
4152590 tn?1350776456 They use Interferons for liver disease so Interferons themselves are not dangerous to everyone's liver. That said we are all individuals and react to medications differently. I would follow the Doctors recommendations. Sorry for your problem.
Avatar n tn I have seen a Doctor done some test the doctor says that my liver is enlarged and come back in a year and then we will check its size again. I do not feel that comeing back in a year really has helped me with my symptems nor has it helped me to figure out what is really going on in my body. I am a relitively healthy person, I DO NOT drink nor do drugs and I beleave I eat fearly well, light foods and my weight is average I have good muscle tone cause i do exercise.
Avatar f tn When I first brought this to my Drs (Gastrointerologist) attention after stopping 4 months ago he did all the tests I asked for and all was good. Ultrasound, CT of liver and blood work. But now, 4 months later I feel all these symptoms that I did not have then except for some stomach pain. He doesn't think necessary to repeat even though I am NOW symptomatic. He does not think my liver could be damaged from one month of very heavy drinking.
1474625 tn?1371100679 If so how many milligrams a day did/do you take and how long does it take for the Neurontin to start working? I'm currently taking about 70mg of hydrocodone/day and I want to stop. I hate being on opiate painkillers for so long. I have a prescription for 100mg of gabapentin to take 3x a day. Does anyone know how much to take for cold turkey opiate withdrawal? And should I let the gabapentin build up in my body before I stop taking the hydro?
Avatar n tn It's not my esopagus, stomach, gall bladder, pancreas, colon, or liver. My doctor says we'll never know what it is and maybe if I'm lucky it'll just disappear one day. This is not a very optimistic outlook seeing as how i'm studying to become a chef. I'm going to go for a second opinion, but I'm already with the best GI specialist in town. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Yesterday I went to my Dr. and during an exam...she said i have Fibrocystic Disease and that means it is usually non cancerous. She wants me to get a mammogram. Now, i read that sometimes a mammo doesnt always show if you have cancer because of dense tissues. Is that true? Should I get a biopsy? Im very worried, I have 2 mentally disabled children. Im so scared...she told me right after i get the mammo she wants me to come in to see her for the results.
Avatar n tn Those with cirrhosis are can also take acetaphetamine but should consult with their doctor for the recommended dosage. I have advanced liver disease and I don't know what you mean by hepatic pain. I've never experienced that. The liver has no nerves. The capsule surrounding the liver can expand if the liver enlarges producing intermittent pain at times but those with liver disease do not experience pain for the most part.
Avatar n tn ) The other antidepressant my liver doc approved was Effexor because it helps with depression and anxiety and has a short life, and Xanax. I was under the impression most liver docs will work with you re suggesting antidepressants and even have liver-friendly psychiatrists they routinely refer to. Of course this would be typical in a large city setting (I'm in a Houston). Not loosing weight, drinking plenty of water and following a healthy diet are also essential.
Avatar f tn They did an ultra sound and blood work. The doc said everything looked great and my liver test levels were even on the low side. But the pain is still there and the nausea is horrible. Is it possible that my liver is still damaged even though everything came back normal?
Avatar f tn Or you can waste your time and money on quackery risk your health from that pseudo science and develop liver damage to cirrhosis and succumb to end stage liver disease with all it's horrible symptoms.
Avatar n tn Hello, Some of the important causes of muscle cramps are overextension of the muscles,overweight,prolonged standing during the day,dehydration, alterations in the balance of salts in the bloodstream (such as a high or low sodium,calcium or potassium level),neuropathy(esp in diabetes),hypothyroidism,peripheral vascular disease(narrowing of the leg arteries which causes poor circulation),sarcoidosis,excess alcohol,nerve compression,multiple sclerosis,cerebral palsy,impending stroke and sometimes
Avatar n tn As I understand it Neurontin is VERY liver safe, and helps many people with neuropathy. I am not taking it now, but may start on it soon. My mom takes it and says it helps. Talk to a neurologist...I have been told by many doctors that it is safe for people with liver disease.
Avatar n tn And of course, benign fasciculation syndrome is a cause too which does vary with stress and exercise. However, in the setting of your liver disease and medications, your symptoms are less likely to be caused from BFS. The PN I'm less sure of. Instinctively, I thought the azathioprine would cause the PN, but I could not find any data regarding this in the literature. Steroids on the other hand are used to treat some types of PN.
Avatar f tn A liver blood panel with AST, ALT and bilirubin should be done to check for high levels of liver enzymes and bilirubin. It usually takes a bilirubin above 2.5 to 3.0 for the skin to be noticeably yellow. Other symptoms of jaundice include dark urine (the bile spills into the urine making it dark in color) or pale stools, The bile normally makes our stools brown so when not processed properly the stools become light in color.
Avatar n tn I felt like the zombie Raymond describes. I'm a pretty active person and don't need a drug that drags me down. Go Neurontin! And you all have a good day.
382218 tn?1341185087 I am aware of the potential that Rebif has for liver damage, and that Serono recommends abstaining from alcohol while taking this drug. Seeing as how Rebif is a long-term, potentially lifelong commitment, technically that means, no more cocktails. I was never a heavy drinker. I really enjoy the occasional glass of red wine or cognac. Maybe one glass, a couple of times per week on average. Never more than that, and often many weeks go by when I have no alcohol at all.
9264354 tn?1408746748 large, quarter sized welts and lumps. These also disminished greatly over time. Copaxone doesn't elevate liver enzymes nor cause flu like symptoms. Copaxone seemed to tamp down my very active disease and kept my lesion load and relapse rate low for several years. However after two relapses in the past year plus several new lesions detected on MRI, I made the switch to Gilenya last week. So far so good. I made it through the first dose observation with stable BP, pulse and temp.