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Avatar m tn When my left hand falls asleep after I am up and moving around, I can rock my head gently back and forth and the hand "wakes up". Painlessly. I can't find this article, but it had about 25 things listed to help people until they can get to a dr. I feel silly sitting here at home rocking my head back and forth, but it works. I had a neurologist, but he seemed to give me neurontin for anything related to nerve problems, so I am looking for a new one.
620923 tn?1452919248 I had nerve conduction study that showed carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome, polyneuropathy, 3 pinched nerves in my lower back, 2 pinched nerves in my neck. I got on this site today because my hip and thigh are burning real bad. I put 2 lidocain patches on my thigh to see if it would help.
Avatar f tn I just took EMG's of all four extremeties showing some peraneal (typo?) in left leg and mild carpal tunnel sydrome in left hand. I also took a SSEP but the results didn't come back. I'm afraid of what this drug would do to my stomach. For years I've had awful gerd/acid reflux. I now have for several months inflammed stomach tissue and had two polyps taken out. I also have intestinal metaplasia as of March'08. I also have issues with my esphogus and have had errosions.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been diag. 4 yrs. ago with leve 4 carpal tunnel in both hands. I also have cervical stynosis with a cord impingment. Ortho surgen doesn't want to do anything because most of my cervical discs are disinegrating. I am seeing a neuro. for bad burning and pins/needles in feet and hands. She currently has me on neurontin 400mg. in pm. Feet are better, but hands are getting awful the past month. My thumbs ache very badly, and about 4 inches up my rists - both hands.
Avatar n tn Secondly I have put on 18 pounds in last 4 months I do have hypothyroid and am on synthroid but can neurontin put weight on and can it take your short term memory and your immediate word recall. I feel like I am going crazy. Thank you for your time I need your advice sooooooo badly please help!!!!!
Avatar n tn With repetitive tasks (and some people just have small tunnels) the nerves become compressed in the tunnel and cause pain and weakness. Many patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) have pain with cetain tasks including typing (most common), holding the telephone and holding the steering wheel are also common. CTS can also cause a buring pain at night in the wrist that can make sleep difficult. It is not uncommon for the pain of CTS to be felt traveling up the arm.
Avatar f tn He then wanted me to have a nerve conduction study because he though that I might have carpal tunnel syndrome or an ulnar nerve problem. That test came back normal. I have severe neck pain and it radiates to the left shoulder and left collar bone. I have also had 2 trigger point injections in the bicipital groove and on the scapular bone with no relief. Can someone please help me understand what I am supposed to do now????
Avatar n tn The muscles around the wrist are constantly being used. This may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel is a passage from which all the tendons of the forearm muscles enter the hand. Here's is some more information about the carpal tunnel - The median nerve is compressed in the tunnel. This leads to neuropathy. There is pain, tingling, weakness, etc. in the hand. Have you been playing the piano since a long time?
Avatar f tn It should also be mentioned that with rapid weight gain or weight loss, the ulnar nerve or median nerve (which causes carpal tunnel syndrome) can be compressed and cause their neuropathies. These neuropathies can be caused by many mechanisms including microtrauma (overuse such as repetitive motions on the job), hypothyroidism, weight changes, amyloidsosis, and diabetes, to name a few. I recommend that you follow up with your local neurologist.
Avatar n tn I had been diagnosed with everything from carpal tunnel syndrome to brachial plexus injury during the last couple of years. I was experiencing numbness/tingling in my left shoulder and arm. I even thought I was having a stroke one nite because the numbness crept up into the left side of my neck/face. My primary wants to obtain an EMG but I have not so far. Gastro suggested neurontin but I am already taking so much medication...
Avatar m tn The most common cause of tingling in the arm and hand on one side is carpal tunnel syndrome, compression of the median nerve at the wrist. This can be easily identified at your neurologists office by a nerve conduction study, and is treatable.
Avatar f tn Earlier in 2005 was considering spinal fusion to try and fix my tremors and other problems. Also now diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel and probably fibromyalgia around 2001. (Prior right wrist and foot surgeries due to injuries before 1998 and before company toxic chemical exposure). Also have had weird episodes of pain or transient paralysis where I could not walk. But pain decreased within about three hours so that I could maneuver and paralysis lasted less than twenty minutes.
Avatar n tn Is the pain in your first three digits? Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome complain of pain, numbness, and tingling over the wrist, palm, and the first three digits and the median half of the fourth digit. When you describe quality of pain, patients with carpal tunnel syndrome will complain of pain, numbness, tingling, and electric sensations in their first three digits. What are your occupation and hobbies? More chronic are your symptoms, less likely they are to spontaneously resolve.
Avatar f tn When I just touch very gently, it feels like fiberglass or hundreds of metal splinters or something is in there. My neuro has me on neurontin, 400mg, and I am having carpal tunnel surgery on one hand. The pain is not controlled. What is it and what can I do for relief?
Avatar f tn Its cause is unknown, but it is characterized by diffuse aches, sometimes GI symptoms similar to irritable bowel, sleep abnormalities, low pain threshold, and other features. It is best treated with medications such as lyrica and neurontin, exercise, and physical therapy. Fibromyalgia occurs frequently in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. If no cause of the condition is identified, it is best to look for other contributing factors such as anxiety or depression.
Avatar n tn for Neurontin, and see what it says, there are several good drug sites, like the one I gave, and also is same thing. If you have good insurance, you could switch over to Lyrica, a cousin to Neurontin, you take less mg, yet it's more powerful, with less side effects, but it's expensive. But keep in mind, with all those GABA type drugs, the dose has to be increased until you reach a plateau, usually within a few months of beginning it.
Avatar n tn A couple of days ago, it appeared in the 4th finger of my right hand and is slowly manifesting in my right thumb. The numbness is in the tips of the thumbs/fingers. I thought it might be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but the symptoms of that include pain while sleeping. My thumb/finger tips are not painful, they are simply numb. I do have pain, however, when I stretch my arm and clench my fist (either side).
Avatar f tn But, since your MRI is ok they may not be able to see what is going on. I wonder if it carpal tunnel and nothing to do with your other problem? You can get a nerve conductivity test but i'm not sure how accurate it will be in your case. I would see a neurologist if you can and also if you just want pain treatment maybe Lyrica, Neurontin or any of the nerve pain relievers might help your symptoms. Have you been using your wrists a lot lately doing repetitive work?
Avatar n tn She also speculated the hand pain could have to do with postural habits and working at the computer, although it was not carpal tunnel. About the same time, I went to an eye doctor because my right eye (same side as all the problems thus far) was getting weak (tired at end of day, blurry). I got reading glasses. Physical therapy helped (mostly the bi-weekly massages!) and, eventually, the hand pain got to a manageable level.
Avatar f tn Causes of hand numbness can include conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and is usually numbness of the thumb and first couple of fingers. People with this condition may wake up at night and “shake their hands”. The feet numbness at the toes could be from either trauma locally at the feet (e.g., years of wearing shoes) or could be from your back. You mention being tired despite the amount of sleep you get.
Avatar n tn But in the same moment it is also numb. I did a little research on Internet and symptoms seem like Carpal Tunnel Syndrom, because the only finger not affected is the little one and the half of ring finger (the side to the little finger). I will appreciate any help or advise on how to calm my pain. I am using Hydrocodone 5/500 for 1 month, but it only helps a little. Thank you.
Avatar f tn It should also be mentioned that with rapid weight gain or weight loss, the ulnar nerve or median nerve (which causes carpal tunnel syndrome) can be compressed and cause their neuropathies. Neuropathies can also be caused by many mechanisms including microtrauma (overuse), hypothyroidism, weight changes, amyloidsosis, and diabetes, to name a few. You should continue following up with your neurologist. I would recommend that an EMG/NCS be performed.
Avatar m tn I am actually waiting til my insurance kicks in to get the carpal tunnel surgery. I have it severe in my left wrist and moderate in my right. I am afraid of long term nerve damage. I have had it for over 20 years, it came and went for awhile and now is constant. mostly bad at night wakes me up tons of times a night, with pain, numbing and tingling. tried Neurontin for a couple years I don't think it helped much. I never had a doctor offer me opiates for it.
Avatar n tn I was just wondering if Colitis and ileitis could cause any of these problems. I have been to a Neurologist for and EMG, but carpal tunnel was the only explantion in my hands. There was not an explanation for my feet or legs. I also get lower back pain and my stomach is bloated almost all the time. I know this probably seems like a question for a neurologist, but I have asked my neurologist, and she doesn't seem to know. I guess I'm just trying to find answers to these annoying problems.
1794671 tn?1338798991 I don't understand why, well I understand that their pain works maybe for the listd medications that it is for but neurontin and tramadol and other meds didn't work for me as well as norco, and the other higher pain meds just made me feel loopy or didnt help at all, just raised my tolerance.
Avatar f tn Now I have numbness,pins and needles,tightness and heaviness in hands feet and legs.Sometimes going up my stomach into my chest.I am takin neurontin,moraphine and darvocet for these problems.Without much relife.Any ideas on what to try?Has anybody heard of any of these? I went to a nero.And was told he wouldn't treat me because I was on to meny Meds(I take other meds for other illness)He said he couldn't give me any meds. or do surgery if anything was found wrong.
Avatar n tn I have since gotten worse and still not returned to work. My neck and shoulders, arm and hand all hurt worse now. My middle, ring and pinky finger all go numb at times. I drop things without knowing my hand opens or can feel it do so. If I lay on my side to sleep it hurts, if I sit too long in one position it hurts and if I walk with my arm to my side it hurts. I also have muscle aches in my hip pelvis area. My leg muscles are weak. I can not climb stairs without stopping after a couple.
Avatar n tn Lyrica (not sure of spelling) is for nerve pain, like neurontin, only newer and more expensive since a generic exists for neurontin (gabapentin) where Lyrica is brand only. It's put out by the same company that makes neurontin. My neurologist considered it, but didn't feel it offered much advantage over neurontin for me.
Avatar f tn havent had wd symptoms more than a couple chills and sneezing, a far away, faint rls at bedtime....thats it. And I have detoxed before off tramadol and went through pure hell. I have no anxiety and ive had energy, i couldnt be happier.....its my miracle!
Avatar n tn When reading your post you described my symptoms of carpal-tunnel and tennis elbow. Just as previously stated...brace/splint the wrist and lots of ice.She also should get a keyboard "Foam Rest" when using the computer. It reduces strain.The splint should be worn all night. There is a compression glove available that gives good wrist support. Any drug store has the glove. Good luck.