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Avatar f tn My copay is $328 for four shots of neupogen. I thought it was going to be $2000. My ribavirin and interferon cost $628 out of pocket. Thank God for my hard working, very supportive husband! Thank all of you, for posting. I have read a lot of supportive and informative info that has really helped me.
1501377 tn?1291512278 Since my labs and clinic visits are separate they don't care specifically when labs are take as long the results come back before the clinic. So they always see me in range. Yay. I can't comment on the cost, Neupogen comes from Amgen's Patient Assistance Program.
1794638 tn?1345158661 Starting to end week two of treatment and have to have my labs done next wed. GT 1a , tri therapy with INC. Was just wondering ( maybe for the future) Who takes procrit & who is using Neupogen. Cost ??? Any programs to help with Co pay ???
764075 tn?1234499199 Are there assistance programs out there to assist with cost of Neupogen if my Dx prescribes. I am on a basic health program and co-pay 50% for all meds.
Avatar n tn If your wbc rise, then you should ask your doc about reducing the neupogen. To be fair, I am biased against neupogen. Others here have done it for more than 48 weeks without problems afterwards. If you are a heavy smoker or have other lung related problems, I think you are in more danger. There was a recent article dealing with older patients having trouble breathing from neupogen use.You can search the archives here or do a google. good luck.
Avatar n tn On the other hand, if the white blood cells continue to be adequate for continuation of therapy, then there is no role for neupogen. It would simply add cost (to you and or your insurance company) and provide no real benefit. In these cases, if your white count were ever to drop low enough that the chemo would be dose reduced or delayed, the use of neupogen would likely be commenced with the next dose and continued throughout treatment.
419309 tn?1326506891 How soon into tx did you start injecting either/or, and how long did you continue to need it? I know everyone’s side effects vary greatly, (and the hope is that there won’t be any need of them,) but I’m trying to get an idea of minimums and maximums in terms of use so that my husband and I can be prepared for the added expense (we’ll be running pretty close to the insurance cap with just SOC alone). Thanks for any feedback.
Avatar n tn I am assuming the IFN is causing the problem So, what is the experience out there with neupogen? is it a slam dunk and folks always take it when they get critically low WBC. And do you take it for the duration of TX? Are there sides? I would rather not dose reduce or stop tx, thanks for the help!
1722607 tn?1335751458 I contacted my insurance company today to ask about the price of the meds for triple treatment. A 3 month supply of interferon, ribavirin, & Victrelis would cost $180.00 (so about $60 a month) I thought it was going to be a lot higher. But I forgot to ask about "rescue drugs". Not sure how that works and how much that would be. Any one have an idea?
Avatar f tn It can become substantially more expensive if other drugs like Procrit or Neupogen are required as well. I’m not sure we have a picture of cost structure for the PI drugs Telaprevir or Boceprevir yet; although industry analysts are projecting an additional $20,000 if memory serves.
Avatar n tn The treatment CAN COST up to 100,000 when you add everything in to the cost. The Interferon is supposedly only $20,000 for tx but then you need to add in the cost of rescue drugs like Epogen/Procrit which is $6,000 for a 5 week supply (at 2x a week) or a 10 week supply of once a week. Figure that cost is somewhere around an extra $30,000 on it's own.
5079728 tn?1365553589 It is going to cost a lot so be ready for that...I looked back and saw that you have hep c so I assume that is what you would be treating for, I would need to know what co-pay etc with insurance company is, what type of meds will you be doing length of tx (treatment) etc.... If you are doing the triple tx with incivek go to incivek.
Avatar f tn Good Morning everyone, got a call from a Pharmacy last night sitting up for my medications to be delivered and then went on to get my info and said my insurance approved everything and it will only cost me $29.00 a month?? My Doctor said this would cost about 50K, alittle confused, will I get hit with a bigger amount for meds somewhere down the line? They will be delievered this Tues, and was told to start on Friday night since I work M-F. BTW I use Tricare, thank you for any info.
Avatar n tn My PCR's cost about $400 and the CBC's cost about $50. Doctor's appointments vary, but, other than the initial cost, the fees billed to the insurance company don't seem to be too high. And then there is the biopsy? I have been wondering about this, since I had a laproscopic surgical biopsy - and it cost in total, about $2600 -- how much does the needle biopsy cost? Just curious, me being the old anal retentive accountant type bean counter.
163322 tn?1458680008 when I was prescribed Neupogen, my cost was $100 per vial/shot. Someone is making some money somewhere - and the $100 was after my insurance kicked in. I am so amazed at the vast difference in the cost for these drugs, not just related to HCV. Again, congrats 100x on completing tx.
Avatar f tn The brain fog is so hard on me. Thank you for also pointing out the cost of the Neupogen. It means a lot to me that people take time out to help use newbies. I have had mild symptoms. my weight is staying the same, tired out and a little anxious. So I have been fortunate. Hopefully I will learn enough to help others someday as you have helped me. When I questioned about viral load he said that I was undetectable.
Avatar n tn My Interferon and Riba are $10 a month together on Healthnet. I get my procrit/neupogen at the hemotologist so they are an office visit at $10. My ins. will end in about six months as I am on Cobra, since I am not working now. I need to find new ins. which sounds daunting to me...
Avatar n tn She wrote me a my first prescription for a one month supply of Pegasys (peginterferon alfa-2a) and another for a one month supply of Rebetol (ribavirin). This question regards the cost of these meds. Please let me know if the amounts I paid are in line with what y'all are paying. I filled the prescriptions at the pharmacy of the University Hospital here in Seattle. My experience is that they generally have the best prices on meds in the area.
Avatar m tn Therefore it is called GM-CSF (Granuloctye Macrophage-Colony Stimulating Factor) Recent studies have shown that for the purposes collecting enough CD34+ Stem Cells for transplant, Neupogen is more effective than Leukine, and Neupogen plus Leukine offers no additional benefit, but the cost is significantly higher. For more information about Leukine click the link below: http://www.leukine.
Avatar m tn Next time I try treatment I'm going to suggest to my doctor to prescribe neupogen and procrit before I start to get the counts up. Mine have always dropped into the low range. I found especially the neupogen made me feel rough after I was already well into treatment and didn't do a whole lot. Why don't doctors prescribe it before treatment? Would there be a downside to that?
Avatar f tn Even with the longer lasting aspect, Neulasta was more expensive. I prefer the shorter and more frequent Neupogen for both the cost (although I did not even have a copay) and the lack of sides, even considering the increased inconvienience. Yeah, I thought Neulasta was pretty nasty.
Avatar m tn I believe Fibroscan can only be had through a few doctors involved in the trial and I don't know what the cost is or if there is a cost, one in Miami and one in Boston. What state are you in? I was told a biopsy runs at least several thousand dollars. It is a good idea to have one, but many patients start treatment without them, the thinking being the biopsy is not needed to make the decision to treat or not because you have decided to treat.
Avatar m tn I was on a clinical drug trial. The only parts that cost me were the "rescue" drugs and those cost me nearly $120 an injection - $120 a week - over and above what my drug plan covered....that was pretty damn expensive for me.
194605 tn?1246925538 It's not just the interferon/riba but the procrit costs $6000 a box alone and if you need them for the entire cost of treatment with Paxill, Ambien, Neupogen whatever...the med cost alone gets high FAST. Let alone the biopsy and test and regular doctor appts.
Avatar m tn Are you saying your mother in law has Leukemia? Filgastin or Neupogen is used for that. I don't know of other uses for it. She can't get it in the Philippines? If you can get a prescription from her doctor perhaps you can get it from a pharmacy here. Have a talk with a pharmacist here at one of the stores like Rite Aid, CVS any of those and see if they allow that.
Avatar n tn I had dose dense chemotherapy and gave myself 8 neupogen shots in between treatments. It shortened the wait time between treatments, helping me to get past it sooner. I got used to the shots, and my white counts were never too low that I couldn't have treatment. The Taxol recovery was nothing like the AC. AC was 2 really awful fluelike days following the day after treatment. Then I'd get up and rejoin the human race. Taxol was a little fatigue, body aches and tingling in my feet sometimes.
Avatar f tn As you know from the other thread, many doctors intervene with Neupogen or dose reductions at ANC 500 or even ANC 750. No, I never took Neupogen, but did have my ANC monitored weekly at that point, which is proabably a good idea in your case at ANC ".4" which appears to be the same as "400" the way mine is reported. Good news that your hgb? is up.