Neck rash during pregnancy

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325477 tn?1250551309 I went to dermatologist and he said it doesn't look like a pregnancy rash, more like a medication rash...anyway, we couldn't rule anything out but he didn't give me any oatment, he said it would hurt the he said it will spread more!!! and then go away in 2 months...gosh! Anyway, he did blood work for thyroid...really weird staff... on another note, I had very strong period like cramping for the last two days continuously....really worried, going to have a sono today.
Avatar f tn Never had a rash...My pregnancy test was positive 10 days past ovulation...I am not sure what you mean by two weeks BUT a highly sensitive test can detect pregnancy up to 5 days before your missed period. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Cradle cap is thought to be related hormonal changes in the mother during pregnancy that stimulate oil glands. It usually starts to show during the first months, and can last until your baby reaches his first year. "If your toddler exhibits redness and scaly scalp, it is still best to confirm it with your pediatrician. Redness and flakes at this point can also be allergic reactions or other medical conditions.
8102917 tn?1402457914 I know pregnancy changes how your body reacts to certain chemicals. Maybe you should switch up your hygiene products?? I thought steroids were used if you're in danger of going into labor.
Avatar f tn Has anyone broken out with rashes during pregnancy? I have had this rash around my lower neck and chest. Some days its feels really irritated and other days its just red. This never happened with my 1st pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Has anyone else has the PUPPPS rash during pregnancy? What helped relieve the itching and rash other than steroid cream?
216278 tn?1308861082 Has anyone had anything like hives during pregnancy? A few weeks ago (maybe even months at this point), I had one rash thing on my abdomen, but not near any stretch marks or my bra line. I told DH, at the time, that it almost reminded me of hives, when I'd gotten them before. But it was only one. Since then, however, I've gotten more. I bet I have close to 10 of them now and they are all on my torso (almost in the same area around my body, but on both sides of it) Anyone?
Avatar f tn http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn s safe but I always feel scared to take any meds during my pregnancy...I have a rash on my arms and neck so my doc prescribed it to me...thanks for the feed back. ..
Avatar f tn I was told by my OB GP and pediatrician not to take any anti hisamines like benadryl during pregnancy or BF unless I am having trouble breathing, then once or as little as possible as they can dehydrate you and cause contractions and somethign else but I forget, ask your dr.
Avatar f tn I have a blood disorder and one of the treatments for it is prednisone. Steroids are safe during pregnancy. I am 35 weeks and have been on them off and on my whole pregnancy. Check with your ob to see what he or she has to say, but I am sure you and your baby are safe.
Avatar f tn I have some rash that look like eczema on my fingers. Went to go see a minute clinic and she say I have warts. Have anyone got into this during pregnancy? My husband don't even have warts. So I don't know how I got it. I'm going in to see my ob doctor and see what she say.
10391405 tn?1412718263 You could have an ectopic pregnancy. Have you had your first ultrasound? And the rash seems normal. I know pregnancy can cause them from hormonal reasons and all the stretching of your skin.
384896 tn?1335294331 Palmers (I believe is the brand name) has some lotion/syrum made specifically for itching during pregnancy. It has a drawing of a pregnant woman on it and says pregnancy on it somewhere along with anti-itch (something along those lines) My Mom bought me it in a 3 pack with a stretch mark lotion, and another one... I can't remember the name of it, it also had a baby book in it of 100,000 names or something crazy like that and it all of it was only $20.
Avatar f tn During pregnancy I had intense itching the last two weeks and my baby had a rash all over at birth. What happened? The doctor said the baby was just prone to allergies (which she was) but I was treated very badly in the hospital (baby was isolated in a room, when I went to feed her they sprayed the air as I left and actually sprayed in my face one time and the nurse actually shouted "get out".
1711722 tn?1356487554 Hi. I have read through a lot of posts, where people are discussing the rash during treatment. I even read where someone dropped out of a trial because of how bad/itchy it got. My question is -- if you have experienced the rash, what are you telling people?? Particularly co-workers?? Once I begin treatment (in about a month), my plan was to tell co-workers I'm going through something similar to chemo. But several in my office have been through chemo and none had a visible rash.
Avatar f tn this time also rashes are bad specially during night time...i am now taking zyrtec 5mg daily one dose....had done a ultrasound during 5th week but there was no heart beat....Dr said everything is fine for heart beat we have to repeat the scan after 2 weeks.....he had also prescribe me dupashtone but after searching the forum i had not taken it as no one has written good about it.....i am now very much worried as we desperately need this baby....
8102917 tn?1402457914 Omg. Me too.
Avatar f tn Doctor said its eczema, which is not uncommon during pregnancy. I use Eucerin or hydrocortisone to help. Keep it moisturized!
Avatar m tn I to have the same kind of rash it itches and is very painful I have tried everything i guess im going to have to go to the dr cause its causing a problem now pleaqse if u find out anything let me know and I will do the same Thanks