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Avatar m tn Now a year later I feel this heavy pressure in the back of my neck....No pain into my arm or in my neck - Just pressure and a slight on and off pain in my shoulder. (I also tore my rotator cuff a few years back). I generally feel pretty good in the morning and the pressure gets worse as the days goes on. I feel better when laying down as opposed to standing up. In addition at times I feel pressure in my ears. I did go to an ENT for this twice and both times he said my ears were fine.
Avatar n tn In 2008 I started feeling like my throat was being squeezed. When the pressure is the strongest I also get chest pain. In 2009 the remaining half of my thyroid was removed because the nodules had grown. The pressure and chest pain remained after the surgery. My doctors tell me that it is probably scar tissue from the orignial surgery and the size of the nodules on the half that wasn't removed until 2009.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from constant head/neck pain for over 10 years. The pain begins behind the ear, right side above the base of the skull. It radiates down the spine below the shoulder blades. I have had the following treatments: cervical spine fusion c5/c6 due to rupture disk, botox injections to the head, neurostimulater implant 4 yrs then removed, steroid injections, and taken huge quantities of narcotic pain relievers.
Avatar f tn I usually work with her with essential oils, pressure points, and energy tapping to bring her pain down naturally. Hope u get feeling better!!
1457315 tn?1288459746 that would put big pressure on your neck...
Avatar n tn i have constant stiffness in my neck and i sometimes get pressure in the back of my head. and sometimes when i dont move my head that much i feel like something not alowing me to move my neck. and i also get a clicking sound in the back of my head. ive noticed a lump on the back of my head not sure how it got there. can someone please tell me what may be causing this.
Avatar n tn Not sure if this is a thyroid related question or not. For several months now, when I bend over, my head gets very thick and stuffy and feels like the blood is pooling there. Veins stand out in my neck and forehead. If I get down on the ground to search for something under a buffet table or something like that (my cats love to hide my keys) the pressure is unbearable. When I right myself, it takes a second but most of the pressure and pain go away.
Avatar f tn hi a few years ago when I was working as a bouncer i was bottled from behind and then the guy who attacked me got me in a front headlock(back of my head was on his chest) and he wrenched my neck since then I've had issues with the back of my neck when it goes I get a pressure at the front of my neck just below my Adams Apple like someone is pressing on it which causes a sickly feeling/lump feeling so I be concerned about this or not
Avatar m tn I seem to only feel neck pain in the right side and only when laying down on my right side and only when swallowing. Have seen a ENT and was told throat looked fine. I am thinking it could be an artery.
Avatar f tn The problem is that now the pain is down in my neck and I can hardly turn my head from side to side. The pain feels almost like a burning pain in my neck and major stiffness. I don't see how sinus problems could last for this many months. Can sinus issues also make your neck hurt and be stiff? I don't know where to turn next. The neck pain and the ear noise is definitely getting on my nerves. Does anyone know what could be going on?
Avatar f tn My neck gets really tight and it feels like pulling on the back of my eyes, pressure and then I start sneezing. I think my sinus clogging is related, too. 32 y.o. male.
Avatar n tn In slipped disc or disc prolapse conditions symptoms may originate due to nerve root pressure, pressure on the spinal cord and pressure on the tail bone. Common symptoms could be paralysis of muscles, head pain, pain radiating to the arms or legs, leg pain and numbness, tingling, or weakness. Warning symptoms can include loss of control of the bladder function, numbness/pain at genital areas, paralysis & spasticity of both the legs.
1679858 tn?1346765181 ) about the possible causes that your doctor believes may be at the route of your pressure. Is it difficult for you to lay down with the pressure you are feeling? What about your head pain? Please post back when you finish with your appointment tomorrow. I hope you sleep well tonight.
Avatar f tn But then I wake up this morning and the whole back of my neck is in pain, and I cant stretch it or touch it without pain. And it comes with verry annoying pains in both temples and ears and behind my eyes as well. And thats not the worst part, my shoulders both are in pain when I move them, or lift things. All the way down to the palms of my hands, and then when I change sleeping positions at night, my hips hurt the same way and all the way down to my feet ..
Avatar f tn after trying Rebif with bad side affects.-Lately I have been having bad neck pain?pressure. Almost feels like my head weighs too much for my to hold up. Spoke with my neurologist who said it's not MS but then spoke with my primary MD and went to the ER. BOth other physicians believe this is caused by MS. I did have an MRI of brain and c-spine on Friday. Just wondering if anyone else has these problems.
Avatar f tn I did have some relief with therapy, I do not take any medication. The symptoms that I feel are constant headache, neck shoulder arm pain numbness and weakness in my hands right worse than left. I also have numbness in my right bicep muscle. Would tingling in my feet be related to my neck? I have not be referred to any specialist and am not much of a complainer. I'm back at work, I do a lot of reading and computer work, and my symptoms are back . Just looking for some advice.
666921 tn?1254990618 all I had was phone call abour MRI results. Yes I do get problems other than neck pain but do not know what pressure on nerves can cause other than pain!! Am I right in thinking that LYME can cause the arthritis? What causes the extremely stiff neck that some Lyme patients experience at on set. I presume it is muscle tension-I guess unrelenting tension in neck/shoulder area can start to impact on the skeleton by pulling etc; I haven't ruled out Lyme.
Avatar f tn Do you have pain in the top mid of your back too. I get pain in the sides of my hear, neck and back with tension heafaches that can take weeks to go away.
Avatar n tn Hi, Thank you for your question. Generally pain in the back portion of the head originates from the neck problems due to irritation in the cervical (neck) spine because the nerves that supply the back of the head start in the upper cervical spine. Mostly, this kind of head pain aggravates after turning head and typically occurs in patients with previous neck injuries and in patients with marked arthritis of the upper cervical spine.
Avatar f tn Pressure, discomfort, pain, numbness and other symptoms after a facelift will vary in appearance and length of duration based on a multitude of factors. Every patient will have different perceptions and reactions to surgery. In addition the actual technique of each facelift will vary and have a bearing on post-op symptoms. It is therefore not possible to generalize about the duration of neck pressure sensation. Many patients have little discomfort after a day or two following surgery.
Avatar m tn I suffered the same pain with severe pressure in my neck and head. They did a cervical MRI and found nerve root cysts which cause head pressure. They are VERY rare, but a MRI is the way to go.
Avatar f tn Neck pain, headaches, stress, what can it be.. I have a less then 1 cm on my neck.. I dont know of is a lymph node.. Or what but im always massaging my neck n shoulders.. N i suffer from headaches like pressure.. N ringing or clog ears.. Weird.. I had a ct scan 4 5 months ago.. N it was fine other then a bit of sinus.. Can it be anxiety cause im always stressing about something bad is going to happen.. Please help..
2034897 tn?1329505648 hi im earlene.i have had pressure on base of my neck,then hands stated to go numm.i went to the doctors she put me on sterolds for one week it took the pressure of my neck and help my hands very im not on sterolds my pressur on my neck is back and my hands now are like a no feeling in my fingers...