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Avatar f tn I have head pain on my left side. It comes and goes and it happens just about everyday for the last two weeks. I'm starting to worry that something is seriously wrong. Is this a common anxiety symptom. I also have neck pain and I go to the gym. Could I have pulled a muscle in my neck that's causing the pain. Please help!
5415890 tn?1367620489 For the past few months I have had pain and aching feelings on my left side only it comes and goes sometimes more severe than other. My upper back aches my neck my left breast hurts awful and my left arm. 2 months ago i went to get it checked out and they did xrays, blood work, and found nothing. My left breast is a little smaller than my right, but it has always been like that. I do self breast exams and havent felt any lumps, but i dont know if im sure what i'm feeling for?
Avatar f tn I cannot lay on the left side of my head or it wakes me up throbbing. I have had this for 9 YEARS. I have had 4 MRIs,xrays, been to headache clinic been to pain clinics. I have had 4 nerve blocks and numerous medicines. Seen 2 neurologists. I have arthiritis in my neck and can't lay on my shoulders I have to have shoulders below my pillow. I go to a rheumatologist but that doesn't help. I'm all out of ideals and tied of pain every night.
1701959 tn?1488551541 I am on antibiotics and using my inhaler as needed.
Avatar f tn I also have pain in mine left side of foot and some time the pain in mine foot is high. i also have pain in mine left chest left side of shoulder. Mine parrents have history of Cardiac problems and have stunt. Several time i went to cardiologist mine ECG, blood pressure, ETT Ecocardiogram and Cardiac Enzyme all fine. Mine Colestrol level is also ok. i walked daily and never feel any problem in walking whether it is halfy an hour or more.
Avatar m tn I have tingling,numbness and some weakness in my leg, but I think its permanent damage from my back and unlike you it on the opposite side of the pain caused by my neck. Spondylosis is just a guess. What do your Neurologist and Surgeon think is causing your problem and what do they think about the correlation between the neck problems and the leg weakness? Do they think the surgery with help with your leg symptoms?
5569747 tn?1370091638 I also have a tendency to sleep on my left side, sometimes positioning my left arm up to sleep on it like a pillow. have done so for many years. I am wondering if that could also be a cause for this ache I am feeling or is it possible it could be something more serious that I should be concerned about. any information would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have been having sharp intense pain on the left side of my ear will hurt when this pain starts, and sometimes my neck, also....It only last for a brief time...but they are starting to happen more and more frequently..I had my ear checked for infection, and it is clear....What is going on? Should I be worried about this?.The pain is in and above my ear..and only on one side of my head...
7827642 tn?1396958758 My neck on the left side started hurting out of nowhere a few hours ago also have a mild headache. I know headaches are normal what about neck pain? I'm 13 weeks today.
Avatar f tn Hi For about 3 months my neck hurts, especially when i try to tilt my head back or down to the left. The pain radiates to my ear and up the left side of my head. I cant sleep on my right side , the pain is so intense. Should i see someone for this?
Avatar m tn I've posted questions in this forum before when I was uncertain about symptoms that was later diagnoised as G.E.R.D, and found it very useful. I thank everyone who participates in these forums, as guidance is very important. I noticed a small lump on the left side of my neck about two years ago. Unfortunately I dismissed and forgot about it for some time. I rediscovered the same lump about six months ago, and it has been on my mind ever since.
Avatar m tn I have taken muscle relaxants, anti inflammitrys etc but still have this headcahe pain on the left side constantly for around 8-9 weeks. This pain is always better in the morning and after a warm bath. Any exercise causes muscular pain in my neck and shoulder area and elevates the headache. I have also had MRI scans on both head and neck with revealed no abnormality. Blood tests are good apart from slightly high readings around the Liver.
Avatar n tn Hi, Sorry to here that sounds like too much of STRESS please take safely and to the DOCTOR SOON IF HAVEN'T ALREADY LET DOCTOR KNOW WHAT u ARE SAYINg AS WELL TAKE GOOD CARE OF SELF AS WELL P.S L.B.
Avatar f tn You might have to get the MRI, I avoided getting one until I woke up one morning and could not use my left leg. I had been having lower back/tail bone pain on and off for months and they could not figure it out. The MRI revealed that 30% of my disc had broken out of my spine and apparently was floating in the spinal column until if finally just lodged itself against a nerve... and there went my leg, my foot was numb, I could not use it to walk at all. It required surgery.
Avatar n tn Hi there. There are many possibilities of swelling neck one side. It could be enlarged lymph node or thyroid lobe, submandibular gland, lipoma, sebaceous cyst etc. a surgeon needs to examine it to further come to a diagnosis. Some times fine needle aspiration cytology may be required for diagnosis. Take care.
Avatar f tn Have weakness and numb feeling on my left side includes my left eye and jaw. Had MRI and spinal tap results are normal. This has been going on since 2012 and nobody is helping me find the answer.
Avatar f tn I have been wearing bite guard for last year and it got better but started hurting again this week really bad and having spasms in jaw and now my neck is killing me on the left side. Pain is going up the left side of neck and down left shoulder into arm. Have not had chance to go to doctor yet but am wondering if anyone with cervical disc problems has ever had it to affect temple and jaw area of face??? Am thinking maybe this isn't TMJ at all....
Avatar m tn Hi..  I have neck/shoulder pain on my left side.. The pain becomes more when I push my chin on to my neck.. I have had several tests done, including several tests check if he heart is causing th pain - with doctors ruling out that being the cause..   Inhale also had CT and MRI scans done, with no cashed found by specialist doctors..  I am still left with no answers..  I have now had the pain for over 2 years.. The pain still continues..
Avatar f tn One week ago I developed a small lump on the back of my head since then I get severe pain on the left side of my head! At times it goes away and I feel fine. The lump has since gone away. But the pain is still here and at times I just want to scream. Any ideas! I have been to the doctor twice and no ideas!
Avatar n tn Sharp pain and sometimes warm/feverish and is always on the same spot of left top head side. Her neck also always hurt 24/7 and whenever she presses her neck, it also triggers the migraine. Can it be hormonal because that is what she is saying. Thank you very much for taking the time and have a good day ahead!
Avatar m tn For 1.5 years I've been experiencing pain on my left side...neck, then shoulder, then wrist, and now elbow and shoulder. Family Dr. tells me I probably have arthritis and tennis elbow. I am not athletic and can't think of what I might have done to cause this. However, shortly before all this started, I did get really sick with vomiting and diahhrea for over a week. I suspected food poison.
1627755 tn?1299514624 However, I woke up yesterday morning feeling a swollen gland on the left side of my throat (oddly only the left side). No other symptoms were present. It never went away during the day yesterday and I even tried taking a motrin to help with little success, and today when I woke up it is still there, a little more tender and now when I turn my head certain ways to the left my neck hurts a little. My head feels a little warm but when I took my temp it read normal.
Avatar f tn For two months had swollen lymphnode in my neck left side . went to Dr. And they claim blood work is all ok and that there is a pen tip spot in there but said nothing is wrong .
Avatar n tn Hi I have this pain on my left side of the body at times that goes from my ear to my toes. Numbness and pain on left cheek and ear. Hard to set on left buttocks. I've been to a Neurologist and had MRI and the could not find anyting. I've also tried a Chiropractor, but that seemed to make it worse. Could you help me with my pain?
Avatar n tn Hello. I have a lump on the left side of my neck, half to an inch away from the shoulder It i think started 2 years ago (maybe earlier and i didn't think anything about it) beginning as a small lump (pea shape), which over the span of a week turns bigger and bigger to the size of a walnut. going from non-sensitive to very sensitive to touch as it grows, also as it progresses to get bigger it then turns pink into a very noticeable red (many co-workers thought i had a hickey on my neck).