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Avatar n tn I'm having occasional trouble with pain on the left side of my neck, jaw and arm. It comes and goes. I've had a CT of my head done (clean) as well as an MRI of my brain area and neck (both clean). The doctor who ordered the MRI gave me another doctor's name if the problems continued. I don't know whether I've pinched a nerve somewhere or having some sort of circulatory problems.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering if anyone else here has experienced terrible pain not only in the jaw area, but terrible nagging pain in the back of the neck? It also refers down into my shoulder blade and lower back, but the neck pain is really awful. Also, it is made much worse every time I'm sitting down. Even when I'm in front of the computer for short periods of time, like only 10 minutes. Is there anyone who has this also? This is really affecting my daily quality of life.
Avatar f tn I'm a 39 year old female. I have been through a lot of surgeries and pain. but at least then I knew what was going on. I have been suffering from some kind of spasms of my facial muscles or tissue. It hurts very bad. I draws my up to one side, one eye will get blurred, and closed more than the other, there is tightening all the way down into the front of my neck and inside my mouth. My teeth throb, my gums swell. the wierd thing is that it changes sides or is both sides at one time.
Avatar m tn Unless you've already done so, it's a very good idea to seek therapy ~ it can make a world of difference in your life! Regarding the jaw pain; clenching jaw muscles can affect your neck and jaw, it is actually a common symptom for many people who suffer from anxiety. If it is extreme, you can ask your dentist for a mouth guard, which can help reduce the pain and also save your teeth from any future damage ( use it at night while you sleep, or if you nap anytime)...
Avatar n tn i have bad pain in my jaw that goes to my head and ear and my neck i have had a blood test what could the results be
Avatar f tn It went away for a few days and over the weekend the pain returned. I have an intense jaw ache in my bottom right jaw. I hear a popping sound below my ears when I open my jaw, the pain hurts more when I open my jaw..even slightly to take a drink of water. A sneeze can put me in tears from pain. I have had headaches for quite some time and neck pain. My mother had TMJ as a teenager, and I wonder if I'm predisposed at all to have it, and if I even have it at all?
Avatar f tn For about 2 weeks I have been having a low grade pain in my right jaw, seems to go into my neck at times. Ibuprophen does help. The reason I am concerned is that my father passed away from throat cancer that had gone into his jaw. His was a very disfiguring, 3 years of more aggressive surgeries. I have not made a Drs appt yet, but intend to soon.
Avatar n tn The area of pain can stretch from the lower jaw area right up to my ear and can even give me neck pain. It causes pain when I open my mouth wide and always feels like the bones are 'clicking' and 'clunking' out of place. I have had phisio on the joint but that is only a stretch of the muscle and the pan is always present. None of the doctors I have seen can give me a strtaight answer.
Avatar f tn I I have had jaw pain ever since towards the end of my ortho treatment, it's throbs pain goes to my head neck shoulders sometimes I feel like I can't get out of bed I've been to chiropractors dentist Chinese medicines GPS everything I love on pain killer panadol and mersondyle when really bad and can't sleep because of it, I recently had a splint made have been wearing it for 2 weeks so far no change maybe a little bit 10% ever since wearing my splint it has made my teeth feel different when I b
Avatar n tn I have heard that heart problems have been known to just cause jaw pain. I was wondering where that pain was and what it felt like, and If that was true. I have been to the doctor and was put on a heart moniter for a week, I have pvc's. Since I have been diagnosed with pvc's and I know what they are I am not worried about them anymore. But this pain is bothering me.
Avatar n tn I've seen a cardiologist (well, several) and I still continue to have left arm pain, like a weakness and also a tightening in my neck and jaw. Sometimes it aches so bad I can't think straight. But, since I've had a number of cardiac tests that have come back normal, I try to tell myself it isn't heart related. If you haven't seen a doctor for it, it is probably wise (just in case) to do so. Good luck.
1947337 tn?1331427490 If it is a bad tooth im really scared to go to dentist because I had to have 2 jaw teeth pulled about 6 months ago because they were so bad granted, I have never had bad teeth before, anyway, getting those pulled were excrutiating and I was in pain for 3 months in my neck and jaw. I did not know at the time that I had chiari or I might have not had them pulled. I was only diagnosed about a month ago with a 20mm extension. Fixing to start PT and on pain meds, valium, and steroids.
Avatar n tn Approximately 9 months ago, I experienced this heavy pain on my right bottom jaw. I went to the dentist who x-rayed my teeth and couldn't find a problem, thus coming to the conclusion that it had to be my wisdom tooth. I had 32 teeth in total, now I have 31 as he had removed the tooth. The pain had gone away after a week or so, but now the same pain is back again. It interferes with my concentration and I have headaches.
659608 tn?1318292966 It is however more than possible that you could have an infection in your jaw, say, from an impacted or infected wisdom tooth. Tooth pain can often make the ear and neck hurt as well (just as an ear infection can make the teeth hurt...). There is also the possibility that there is nothing wrong with you dentally either and you are suffering from neuralgic pain.
Avatar f tn I have had a consistant sore throat, bit of ear pain, swollen glands and jaw ache, plus sharp pain in jaw when trying to eat, for over a month now. Dr gave me antibiotics but it hasn't helped. Has anyone else experienced this please?
Avatar f tn For several years, I have experienced severe jaw nerve pain. The pain is located very deep in the jaw behind my teeth, almost in my neck. I have been to several dentists, had xrays and exams and they cannot find a problem. I liken the pain to eating a lemon....that piercing feeling you get in the jaw ...only multiplied about 50 times. This is very painful and aspirin, muscle relaxers, pain medication etc does not relieve it at all.
Avatar n tn excellent sprinter, but unable to run for more than 4 minutes since I was 10. Jaw, neck, tongue pain, dizziness, nauesa starts 3 minutes after beginning to run. same thing for the last 12 years. I didn't think it was weird, but finally decided it was a problem this year. I just hate not being able to excercise like everybody else. Resting ekg normal, bp normal, constant resting tachycardia ~100-110. Thyroid normal. My cardiologist did a stress test today, and I feel totally scammed.
Avatar n tn Question #1:If angina presents as jaw pain with no chest pain, what, typically, is the nature of the pain? Diffuse? One-sided? Squeezing? Including the neck too? I have a mild discomfort only in one particular quarter size area of my jaw, just to the left of my chin that comes and goes. It can last a few minutes or a couple hours. Exertion does seem to bring it on, but I also sometimes have it at rest with a heart rate about 75.
Avatar f tn My father is 54 years old (non smoker) and for the past 3 years he's been having a reoccurring pain/swelling around the neck/jaw area (right hand side - around wisdom tooth but its not that). Sharp kind of pain that suddenly appears and is similar to nerves being trapped more or less. We have seen dentist, doctors and done x-rays, ultra sounds and so on but everything appears to be fine. It calms down with antibiotics but its no cure... Do you have any advice what could be causing this?
Avatar f tn I woke up in excruciating pain all along my jaw, in my ear, and down my neck. It felt like I had been choked. It was painful to the touch and along my throat had a strange soft swelling. The pain also radiated up under my eye to my nose on that side. I was going to call the doctor but decided to just go to bed. I stayed there all day. Just touching the skin on my neck hurt. By Sunday, the pain was much lessened and on Monday felt nearly gone. Yesterday was not bad either.
1147816 tn?1261609415 They first began appearing around the top-right hand corner of my right-hand-side shoulder blade and then moved to the right hand side of the neck. Originally I thought I had pulled a neck muscle, but the pain has continued on for months now. I have been diagnosed with TMJ because my jaw clicks on the right side and also dislocates when opening. The problem I am now experiencing, however, is associated with the throat.
Avatar n tn I am having a problem with my left ear/jaw area. The pain will start gradually but increase over time. It casuses my jaw to feel tight and I have terrific pain in my ear. It hurts to turn my head to the right (keep in mind it is my left ear that hurts) and touching my ear causes near vomit inducing pain. There is a spot just below my ear that if I massage it, the pain subsides for a minute or two and then starts back up.