Neck pain and headaches during pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Is it normal to have heasaches and migraines during pregnancy and also my eyes are super sincitive to lights if any kind as well as stay sore constantly. Im 13 weeks and its my 3rd pregnancy but with the first I had no symptoms and with the second I was only a few weeks in and miscarried so please if anyone has any answets please let me know bc it is getting unbearable. And I cant just sleep all day or lay in the dark I have a 4 year old. Thanks in advance, any answers will help.
1588424 tn?1297156656 My wife is 28 week pregnant she is carrying twin, from past couple of days she is suffering from back neck pain, top of skull, headache, eye pain and some time she go to faintness for 1 min or so. the medical doctor checked her blood pressure, glucose, hemoglobin, eyes checkup and ultrasound. all the test were normal but still she has the problem. kindly give suggestion what can be the problem.
Avatar f tn I have had it once in this pregnacy when I re-tore open a hernia repaire. It's usually just for major pain. I would try the Tylenol and maybe a heating pad for your neck and headaches. I also see a chiropractor and simply by getting adjustments I have less headaches, back, and neck pain myself without having to take so many pills. It really does help a lot.
Avatar f tn For your headaches... put peppermint extract on your forehead, temples and back of your neck. IT has been known for ages that it increases blood flow and will decrease the pain. I use peppermint goats milk lotion and its a life saver! Cheap and worth it!!
Avatar f tn Any tips for battling headaches during pregnancy? I also have a 4 year old and can not just lay down for hours. I can not take pills, so I tend to take nothing but the headaches are unbearable lately for days on end. When I do take something, it's tylenol junior grape flavored....which make me more nauseas. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I agree with the above poster. Also could be you strained your neck and/or arm muscles, and you don't remember it, which can additionally cause headaches. When you see the neuro, after he checks you out, ask him if you could have possibly hurt your upper back somehow. In meantime, have your husband gently rub your shoulders, arms, and back for you for several days, and also apply heat to that area to loosen the muscles, see if it can't hurt.
Avatar f tn I had headaches all the time during my pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Mostly i try make sure im drinking enough water and that im eating frequently if i havent eaten in a while i notice the headache coming on.
Avatar m tn I would advise trying some massage therapy to see if the headaches respond to that. An MRI of your head and neck could be safely done during pregnancy as this does not involve any radiation, but I would probably have you evaluated by a neurologist before recommending an expensive test like that. Good luck! Dr B btw some of the SSRI type medications can be used in the second and third trimesters to help with anxiety symptoms.
167 tn?1374177417 cream from Bath and Body Works a while ago, that you rub on your temples and neck, and it helped with headaches a little. Especially if you have someone else massage it in! :-) Good luck to you, I feel your pain!
Avatar f tn I'm not a doctor, but your hormones along with stress could be a reason for your headaches. When I get a bad one my neck and the base of my skull are so tight, sore and tender I can't bear to have those areas touched. I've used acupressure to help with headaches, so if you find pressing on a certain area relieves the pain, go for it. I use a Thera-Cane to reach pressure points on my neck and shoulders without straining.
10882379 tn?1435469534 I got an extremely painful one last night and woke up multiple times to use the bathroom and had a very tough time going back to sleep because of the pain. I thought that I would've been able to sleep off the pain and was surprised when I woke up and still had this headache! I still have it now but its not as severe as it was last night. I am only about 4 weeks pregnant and I am so worried that these headaches are here to stay. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn After I turned 30 years old, I have been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. The neck pain came shortly after turning 30. It is REALLY bad for two weeks every month, which starts a day or two before I come on my cycle all the way until a week after I gop off of my cycle. What does my cycle have to do with my neck pain? Why after 30 am I hurting in my neck instead of my abdomin when I come on my cycle? What can I do to stop this pain?
Avatar n tn * Severe pain on one side of the head. (Along Jaw, Nose, Cheekbones, Back of Neck, Head, And what seems to be behind the eye.) * Sometime begin with aura (Warning signs including: Changes in vision, Nausea Etc ) * These Headaches can last for a period of of several days. * They also seem to be constant in degree of pain. I've had a pretty tough pregnancy with a Partial placental abruption early on.
Avatar n tn I dont know too many doctors that prescribe anything too strong during pregnancy because they are constatnly growing and making brain cells each and everyday. Please dont take offense anyone... I have worked in labor and delivery enough to know what goes on... I know the feelings that your are having but soon those feeling from the drugs turn to depression and you have no energy and you turn into somenting your family no longer know. K.
432737 tn?1358553032 i take it for pulled back muscles and was recently prescribed it for pain after a tooth extraction. it is fine as long as you take it as doctor orders and no more than that. if you can function on the minimum then go with the minimum. but if you are in pain or need to control the pain so you can sleep...then take it, it wont hurt the bub.
Avatar n tn Due to severe chronic neck pain and headaches, I have used lortab occasionally during my pregnancy. I am fifteen weeks. I only take one half 5mg tab. when absolutely needed. I'm worried that this may effect my baby. I have received mixed information about this subject. Please Help.
Avatar n tn I can't offer any comments regarding pain management during your pregnancy. I would think and hope that what has been prescribed to you by your OB is safe and harmless for you and baby. I do wish you a healthy and uneventful remainder of your pregnancy, and please keep us posted.
480331 tn?1310407129 During my first pregnancy I had round ligament pain so bad it hurt to walk. I asked my OB at the time and he said I would just have to live with it.....I didn't like that answer so I found a chriopractor who works with pregnant women and after one session with her my round ligament pain vanished!!! It works. I plan on getting some chriopractic work done this pregnancy BEFORE anything has a chance to flare up.
801496 tn?1262578977 And there are several different options for treating during pregnancy including preventative beta-blockers, and medicines to treat a migraine-in-progress ranging from regular OTC painkillers to barbituates and narcotics, all of which are considered safe under doctor supervision. Best of luck to you I am SO sorry you're having this's just one of those obnoxious things that some of us lucky women get during pregnancy.
1303813 tn?1303162962 well they gave me tylenol #3 (tylenol with codeine) for my migraines during the first trimester with this pregnancy, and it's what I took off and on during my whole pregnancy for headaches when I was pregnant with my daughter....but with this pregnancy I couldn't take them for long because the codeine started making me vomit like crazy because it's tough on your stomach so they switched me to a low dose of lortab. basically it's like Clysta said.
Avatar f tn She recently gave birth to our third child on December 17, 2011 and has been having some bad headaches. The headaches usually come after she experiences a sudden bad body body jerk where she loses control of her body for a few seconds. It has even been so bad that she has almost dropped our daughter during them. It really frightens her. After it happens she gets really light headed and usually gets a headache just above her left eye.
Avatar n tn But now I know I'm not alone. I have a herniated disc in my back and another one in my neck.........I take pain meds for my pain.....I am taking oxycodone 5/325 mg.......i have been taking this since my failed surgery in December of 2005. I am in terrible pain without the meds. i have been pregnant twice now and miscarried twice. My fear is this........are these meds causing my miscarriages?.........I go through terrible times when I dont take my meds.....
Avatar f tn Probiotics should be very safe during pregnancy, I took them myself as they help to improve your immune system and my midwife said it was no problem. It's the same stuff basically as in your breast milk anyway! As for the womans vitamin I'm not too sure, however I remember being told not to take simply a womans vitamin because it didn't have the right mix of stuff to properly benefit yourself and your could be too low in certain things, and too high in others.
Avatar f tn Pain in back of the head Occasionally a burning sensation in the back. Usually on the right side Neck and Shoulder aches Heavy eyes Pain in the forehead, eyes Today I felt a ringing in the ear which lasted about 1 to 2 hours Head Pressure I am seeing a Psychotherapist for my anxiety. Also, sometimes when I apply pressure on the back of my neck it eases the pain on my head. Just wondering if anybody can help me in trying to figure this out. It would be grealty appreciated!!!
Avatar f tn I also lay down for a while and after a nap, my headache and pain is gone. In the past, I have gone to several doctors regarding my headaches and pain. I have been tested for diabetes which came back negative. I also had a CAT scan which came back normal. I have been giving medicine for sinuses and stress to alleviate my headaches. The stress pills stopped the headaches but because I was only 16 at the time, my mom didn't want me to keep taking them.
Avatar n tn shall i get my arthritis profile and RA factor.i had preeclimsia and postpartam hypertension during pregnancy with postpartam depression and anxiety i.e 10 months back...for which i had taken antidepressant for 6 medication is stopped since 2 months...can it b related to this by anyways??? can postpartam hypertension 10 months back cause some problems in my brain???aneurysm, tumor etc....I AM Scared thinking all about this.....
Avatar f tn I have been getting a migraine every second day. My doctor had given me mersyndol forte to take when it's too much (sometimes so painful I vomit) I have to see a chiro or physio, due to the relaxin hormones the body realeases when pregnant my doc thinks I might have out my neck out.
Avatar n tn I have had a series of symptoms ranging from aches and pains in my thighs, forearms and lower back, vision issues, and most recently, headaches that simply won't go away. I have had many MRI's which show 6 brain lesions within the left parietal lobe and posterior temporal lobe. My largest lesion measures 9mm. I also have another issue which I have never considered to be a part of the lesion senerio, until reading the comments of others.
Avatar f tn Patients with depression are more vulnerable to general pain, particularly head and neck pain. Depression and headache also share many common clinical symptoms such as mood disturbance and sleep dysfunction. Also, there are some studies showing a slight correlation between migraine and hormones. And it is normal to experience first migraine episode during pregnancy. Migraine headaches are a type of vascular headache that is a result from blood vessels dilating in the brain.