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Avatar m tn Hi I just had a revision procedure that included neck lift to correct my platysma muscles. I originally had liposuction and a thread lift done to rejuvenate my lower part of my face. I didn't want anything invasive so opted for the thread lift with lipo under the chin and lightly underneath my jawline. After the healing was done it was obvious that the procedure did not obtain good results and exposed my platysma bands and had much indentations where the thread lift was placed under my jaw.
Avatar m tn I had cosmetic surgery 7 months ago which include face and neck lift, I still have swelling especially on right side of face, after another consultation with surgeon I am now on another course of antibiotics for infection in parotid gland . Is this quite normal even after 7 months ?
Avatar f tn I had a neck lift surgery 6weeks ago and the area under my chin and further down is hard and very painful the glands are swollen, and if I try to turn right or left a very strong burning pain goes down to my throat and then back of the neck all the way to my left shoulder and pain in t he shoulder blades. I am very fightened and stressed as the surgeon said that it is impossible nd maybe I am just abit tight and maybe some predisolone would help.
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago today I had a face and neck lift. I was very swollen at first, but the swelling is subsiding. Of course, I still have numbness in the lower cheeks and neck. I look very normal when I don't smile or when I slightly smile; however, when my smile is wider or when I laugh - my bottom lip (right side only) pulls down near the corner. I can actually feel sensation of the difference to that side of my mouth as I smile.
3123787 tn?1384184287 is stabilized, and there is no further bleeding or clotting I would remain optimistic. Continue with physical therapy, this may help reduce the swelling in the legs. The swelling could also be due to other causes like cardiac failure or anemia, check with your doctor regarding this. Good luck with your therapy. Regards.
Avatar n tn I had a face lift five weeks ago. Now when I laugh I look terrible and my bottom teeth are not even visible. I mentioned this to my surgeon who said he could not think why this was, but I have noted other comments similar on the web. My neck and under chin is still very stiff and the left side of my face still swollen although the situation is getting better. However the loss of bottom teeth is really worrying me.
Avatar m tn Hi I'm going on 7 weeks since neck lift procedure and I'm getting very concerned about the swelling under my left jawline. My PS wants to do an ultrasound to rule out anything serious that might be going on. I guess my question is can an ultrasound rule out inflammation, lymphatic vessel damage, seroma, hematoma, or excessive scar tissue? My biggest worry is somehow either the scar tissue or some other damage was done to my lymphatic system which might cause permanent lymphedema.
Avatar n tn I had a neck lift and lower face lift 3 days ago. I am just noticing that the right side of my mouth is drooping when I smile and when I talk. I do not notice more numbness on that side of my face. I am wondering if this is a normal symptom for post op face lift.
Avatar f tn Kathy, I had neck lift and face lift at 57, I am now 65 and still have terrible discomfort, tight inside and aches. It has caused me immeasurable suffering. The procedure brought about the desired results beyond measure but the internal distress took away the giddiness of restored youthful appearance fast. However, when I'm out and about and distracted I'm not thinking about it it's not there. Mother nature can be cruel sometimes.
Avatar n tn I am not sure what he will be doing- A slight lift on the side of the brows-But not a brow lift.(forehead to high not enough skin) Also the excess skin in my neck area will be removed, and a tuck behind the ears. Natural look This is my 60th birthday present to myself. What type of pain should I expect? I work with public he stated two weeks, Is this enough? Also what are the complications that might happen?
Avatar n tn The joints in my neck where the surgery was done and area around are always swollen with increase swelling as the day goes on. My pain is in those joints or that spine area and straight down the spine for about 10 inches. It has been almost a year since my surgery. I am working but in so much pain its unreal. I cant lift more then about 8 lbs. It feels like the surgery part of my neck will come apart. And then swells more and adds more burning and pain. I had a CT scan, and MRI, and an x-ray.
Avatar n tn Hi Dr. Rosenberg, I am a neuro nurse concerned about the persistant "pins, tingling, pain" my husband has been experiencing on both side of his head, above his ears, post lower face lift 12 weeks ago. I can still feel some edema and scarring and I think this is neuromuscular/ neurological in nature. He had mutilple cortisone imjections for persistant edema after the procedure. What do you think this might be?
Avatar f tn after tryin to lift something i strained my neck and ever since then my symptoms have been slowly increasing: fatigue, elevated pulse, discomfort in throat area.(i remember right after lifting, the muscles under my jaw felt num) my mom has hyperthyroidsim. but i have doubts since the straining wasnt anything too serious, i just tilted my head backwards while pushing my chest forwards.
Avatar n tn Depending on how intense the episode was, it can take anywhere from 5-10 seconds for the pain to subside and disappear completely. The pain happens when I lift my arm into certain positions (i.e., overhead presses especially when my arm lifts next to my head or behind my head). I am no longer able to put a bar behind my neck and grip it from behind. The motion of bringing my arm up and back to grasp the bar is excrutiating.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have most symptoms of an underactive thyroid, I get cold real easy now,am constantly tired, I have dry skin,have gained weight despite watching what I eat and exercising more( am now 5ft 8cm and 11st 12lb)I have dry eyes, my neck is swollen around where my thyroid is so it feels like I have a male adams apple,(it is hard and about an inch up from the bottom of my windpipe) I can swallow but it feels fuller now.I am 31 years old.
Avatar f tn For the past four days, I have experienced these odd symptoms that are becoming more and more unbearable. My upper neck has been hurting, but I have this odd burning pain when I turn my head or when I try to lift something even. Feels like a hot poker's being inserted there. But I also have this pain in the back of my head, on the right side, an area maybe an inch in diameter that's very tender, especially to touch. No headache, just a tenderness to touch, very sore.
Avatar n tn These symptoms have persisted and weakness has also been in my face and neck. I am unable to brush my hair or do any movement with my arms above my shoulders. General arm movement just causing extreme tiredness and even at rest the pain and ache is 6 / 10. I canot hold or lift a coffe cup to my mouth and the problem is also in my chest at times (although not after I have woken ) .
Avatar n tn contant pain in the middle of the left side of my neck 2. a catch when I move my head from right to left 3. realy painful if I lift My head up and to left 4. pain in the bottom of my left ear. 5. can't sleep except for on my back with my head tilted slightly to the left. 6. driving increases the pain especially sudden stops and left turns. 7.
Avatar f tn I am concerned about some swelling I have had in my right supraclavicular area for about 16 months now. The area is very painful and to the point of debilitaing at times. It causes me pain in the right side of my neck all the way around to the back of my scalp, my right shoulder joint, and down the right side of my chest wall. In August of 2011 I had swelling in the lymph nodes under my right arm to the point that I could not put my arm down comfortably.
Avatar n tn For the past 3 months I have been having severe swelling in my left foot and ankle. At times the swelling continues into my calf and causes a discomfort. I first noticed the swelling after I got home from the gym one evening. I took my shoe off and my foot was huge for no reason. I have not had any injuries, insect bites or infections. The first doctor I went to took x-rays which came back normal and ran a CBC which also came back completely normal.
Avatar n tn Almost four months after surgery, I am still experiencing massive swelling and excruiating pain with inflammation. I was having a great recovery for the first ten days, then BAM! My leg, knee and ankle swelled to gigantic proportions. My doctor has said only that I have arthritis in my knee and I have to be patient. On at least three occasions, I have been in tears in his office and asking what to do about it. He still tells me be patient. This is surely not normal.
Avatar f tn I was in a car wreck it caused whiplash and a head contusion in 2008 and I just had surgery for Herniated Disc I had pain and numbness in my right hand and fingers, in my arm numbness in my elbow pain in between my shoulder blades and across my shoulder, neck stiffness pain in my neck loss of motion in neck and major and many headaches I also had dizzy spells and major sinus problems form it. I tried PT and chiropractors they were a temporary fix and that was it.
Avatar f tn You are like the only other person I have found that had what also happened to me. (Hence my med help name) I had a neck lift but it included to lipo in thr neck region.I did not need much as I had a good jaw line no jowls yet but just the beginnings of the 2 neck bands that my Dr said he could correct and made it sound simple. I got a neck seroma.
Avatar n tn For the past I been having pain in my right shoulder and the bone that's connected to I try to lift my arm and I get sharp stabbing pain in my right lower head its been kill like a migraine but worse and straight down from my right side of my head down to the middle of my back.
985419 tn?1248899180 Yes, about a week after my TT (performed on August 4th) I had significant swelling on the right side of my neck below the stitches. It came after resuming some "normal" activity and to be truthful, lifting a few things I shouldn't have. It was fluid from the void where my thyroid used to be. It took several days and occassional ice on it but, it went back down and looks great now. It is most likely fluid that re-entered under the suture line and should go down in a few days.
Avatar f tn I've seen THREE endocrinologists (going on 4), an Immunologist, ENT (who pointed towards the thyroid more than once), Allergist, a dentist specializing in TMJ and even a chiropractor which felt like it was irritating my neck with adjustments. It started with a choking feeling in my neck. I came home from work ripping off my turtle neck and having dry choking heaves. After that I couldn't wear anything around my neck including necklaces, turtlenecks, or my hair touching it.
290592 tn?1205775276 Now years later I'm experiencing the pain in my neck and left arm all over again. The pain in my neck has been there all along and constant headaches, but it's all getting much worse. I recall they found arthritis in my shoulders and I even recall them mentioning that surgery leads to other problems above and below the surgery site, but I suddenly feel as though I made the worst mistake of my life by having that surgery. I'm so sorry that you are defending your pain.