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Avatar f tn Hi, I am 24 year old and I am experiencing pain on my throat for 2 weeks now. I’m afraid that if this is cancerous or not (hope it is not). I am a Technical Support Engineer and we are talking on the phone at least 7 hours a day, my shift is 8pm-5 am and I am lacking sleep. 2 weeks ago, I was having hard time talking and there is hoarseness on my voice. I can talk but I can feel the pain in the lower part of my neck. I can’t feel any lump on my neck, but I am having hard time swallowing.
Avatar f tn That lasted 3 weeks and then the 4th week my voice came back but still hoarse. I have pain on my left side of my neck and tenderness on that side when I swallow. Dr checked me out and said throat is not red and gave me pills for acid reflux. It's been 4 days and don't think its acid reflux....voice and neck still the same. Anyone know what it could be ??
Avatar f tn I am having an extreemly hard time swallowing, and turning my neck. I have barley any is very weak. My mouth is very dry even though I drink lots of water. I have been trying to get a hold of my doctor all of today. I live in Lakeland, Florida and can't get anyone to listen to me. Concerned about the increasing pain everyday. Any suggestions, advice, or anything is appreciated. Thanks so much. My latest lab work from Feb 2008: TSH 3rd generation 1.
Avatar n tn So maybe its the acid causing my lump in my throat and pain in my neck-agony on a bad day, but surely he would have seen something on the big camera he stuck down my throat?! My dad had throat cancer and i was convinced thats what i had got, thats the only reason i was referred to him i had to insist and when he told me voice box over stretched i did not think this was causing my pain as i say i do not shout but i prob do talk a lot but when i get the pain i can barely face talking at all.
Avatar n tn It feels like something is wrapped around my throat restricking my throat. I also start to lose my voice late in the day, It seems like the more I talk the worse it gets. I seen an ear,nose and throat Dr. and he scoped my throat. He said that the plate from the fusion is pushing on my throat and has taken up the room that the vocal cords need and that they get inflamed. He feels the plate should be removed for it will cause more problem later.
Avatar m tn When I have had symptoms that you described, I have had a viral infection, which has been Strep Throat both times for me. I get pain in my neck when I get this, and it feels like you are getting a cold, but then it doesn't go away. Go to your doctor, or the hospital, chances are that you have a viral infection and need antibiotics. Keep up with the fluids, keep away from milk or ice cream, anything thick like that will get stuck in your throat with the phlegm. Good luck with your recovery!
Avatar f tn There are times that I completely lose my voice and I always feel like I have something stuck in my throat. Is this something normal? Is there anyone else that is having this problem? Oh yes, I still have numbness in my left hand, weakness in my left arm, and I lose my balance more often than not!! I'm just so tired of being in this much pain, any help would be such a blessing to me!!
Avatar f tn Yoga (primarily a particular aspect focusing on relaxing face and throat muscles) throat/neck seem to fell better and could sing much better more powerfully just after practice (then back to tightness and pain) 2. heating pad 3.recently using some cold pack 4. Massage therapy 5. focusing on relaxing face and throat (I can focus here and actually feel tingling throughout face - I believe the tension is being released) 6.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a pain in neck or throat, just left of my adams apple. It is extremely painful to the touch or when i move my head. Its been constant for the past 4 days, no pain when swollowing. I am in my 40s. Should i be concerned?
647554 tn?1227116482 I've a lump in the right hand side of my neck, my voice has been hoarse for last two years and I feel like there's something stuck in my throat all the time. I sometimes get pain from my ear down my neck. Should I be worried about this? Please help.
Avatar f tn That lasted 3 weeks and then the 4th week my voice came back but still hoarse. I have pain on my left side of my neck and tenderness on that side when I swallow. Dr checked me out and said throat is not red and gave me pills for acid reflux. It's been 4 days and don't think its acid reflux....voice and neck still the same. Anyone know what it could be ??
Avatar n tn t really have pain in my throat- just discomfort, but found myself clearing my throat all of the time, weight gain, fatigue, Raynaud's phenomenon (where your toes turn white and go numb), and then the pressure in the throat- like someone's pressing their foot on the lower throat. Uncomfortable to lie down, turn my head, and touch. Sounds a lot like yours.
Avatar f tn The muscles in your back and your neck and even toward the front of your throat can become tense and affect your voice. You may not even feel the tension initially but as time goes on and you strain to talkMore, then the tension in your muscles gets worse and it’s a vicious cycle.
Avatar n tn Today, while both the fever and nasal issues have subsided, the throat pain, hoarseness and swollen lymph node are the same. Otherwise I feel fine and don't feel sick. I do not have a "sore throat" like when one has a cold. BACKROUND: I'm 38 and have been on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for almost 3 years primarily due to testosterone and growth hormone deficiency. As part of the therapy, I was prescribed a thyroid medication.
Avatar n tn After speech therapy and vocal training, I was on the road to recovery, but in the last year I have been bothered with tightness in the back of my head, neck and throat. I am a singer and my life has be dramatically altered. I recently had a BRAVO test done to rule our acid reflux. There was very little acid found.
Avatar f tn I had my hand on my neck the other day and was feeling for lumps on my neck and when i pushed on what i thought was a little lump a terrible pain shot up to the mastoid process of the temporal bone. This comes and goes from time to time . what would cause this terrible pain. i just had another ultrascan done because i have decided to take it out. but i do not have the results back. could you give me some insight about can the two go hand in hand.
Avatar f tn I have always been an anxiety ridden person,but here recently I have been clenching my teeth a lot more and I think it is causing the back of my tounge and the front parts of my throat to be sore but not like a sick sore really like a muscle strain sore. I carry a lot of anxiety in my neck and shoulders and I do find myself clenching my jaw quite a bit anymore,but I am now thinking that my tounge and throat muscles are now tensing up.
Avatar f tn Does GERD cause throat pain? I will just get this dull aching pain feeling in the bottom of my throat. I don't think it is from eating though. I usually get it when I am stressed or excited about something or I've noticed when I get really angry and arguing about something. Is this normal? It really concerns me because it makes me feel like it's something else since it only happens from emotions and stress and not eating.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering from throat/front neck pain. It has been 12 months and getting worse. If you take your hand and put it on your neck, my pain is along the esophagus on both sides. I feel like I am chocking, my throat hurts, I feel lumps, I lose my voice, lost of weight (25 lbs), extreme fatique. My pain in my throat/neck is there everyday. I told my doctor 12 months ago and nothing has been done. I feel like no one is listening to me and I don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn I talked with her( phone) and she think it is probably from allergies stress and TMJ. I feel the pain the most during the night and when I wake up. It usually goes away(not completely) for the most part during the day. When I'm busy at work. I have noticed I am starting to get very mild headaches. Sometimes I do notice my voice is horse. Maybe once a day or every other day. Just for a minute then Its fine. I'm a major hypercondriate (SPLG).
Avatar f tn Keeping in mind your history of acid reflux in all probability this has to do with GERD. Your symptoms also occur only with certain food substances which also favors a diagnosis of GERD. So I think you should hope for the best result possible i.e no cancer of larynx.
Avatar f tn s sore to the touch or I have a sore throat), but only the right side of my neck is really swollen, even though the whole neck is tight, in general. Your thyroid could be inflamed for some reason (maybe due to too much or too little iodine--i.e. in your water), it could have something to do with allergies/postnasal drip, or it could be infected lymph nodes.....those are just some guesses, though. Definitely get it checked out ASAP.