Neck and shoulder pain with cough

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Avatar f tn I get congested, cough up yellow yuk neck is sore, shoulders get very painful, can't lay down or sit for long time, this pain starts a cycle when it gets bad I then have to go to bed with horrible pain in all shoulder on one side up the neck, head and into my right ear drum which feels like it's going to burst, with dizzyness and vertigo, nausa, ringing in ears & loss of hearing, it then goes back over my head and into the other ear and neck, it will subside after a few days but never goes
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! The pain in the shoulder and neck can originate either in the neck or in the shoulder. Neck pathology has been ruled out more or less. However injury or inflammation of facet joints of the neck too can cause pain in the shoulder neck area. Similarly injury or inflammation of the shoulder joint, its synovial membrane or rotator cough too can cause a similar pain. Do consult an orthopedic specialist. Hope this helps. .
Avatar n tn My specialist advised that my neck pain is caused by arthritis (i am 28) brought on by years of sitting at a computer and the shoulder blade pain from a damaged ligament and has recommended exercise for my neck and a cortisone injection for my shoulder blade. Is there anyone that can offer an opinion about what it wrong, if the two problems are connected to one another and how to go about easing the pain? I have has Chiro, PT treatment and acupuncture in the past which has not really helped.
Avatar m tn just releases from the hospital with severe headache and neck pain with sweats, chills and some vomiting. nothing hsowed up iin mri and cat scans. what could be the cause.
Avatar f tn But then I wake up this morning and the whole back of my neck is in pain, and I cant stretch it or touch it without pain. And it comes with verry annoying pains in both temples and ears and behind my eyes as well. And thats not the worst part, my shoulders both are in pain when I move them, or lift things. All the way down to the palms of my hands, and then when I change sleeping positions at night, my hips hurt the same way and all the way down to my feet ..
Avatar n tn My right arm looks bigger now and feels bigger. and the my index finger is numb and has some pain. When I cough, I want to jump out of my skin because the pain is awful in my left shoulder. I took so many meds, seen a family doc and a chiropractor and still in pain. I never had this problem or any other problems like this. 42 and for the most part healthy. What could this really be and how can I fix it?
2208860 tn?1339011395 It is June now I now have severe pain in the right back of neck,{collarbone right side) shoulder blade and armpit, pain runs down my right arm and numness and tingling in the ring and pinky fingers,when i cough it is even more severe and shoots pain in the shoulder blade and armpit. Pain is so bad at times it makes me want cut my arm off, wakes me up in the middleof the night. MRI of shoulder showed mild tendoinitus, EMG results were negative.
Avatar n tn C-5 C-6 fusion with plate, and sooo many issues. From pain in the neck and shoulder, to numbness in the arms and right side. I also have headaches, and depression. No treatment and no help. OOO well. I have been to 2 neurosurgeons and in and out of the emergency room over and over. Pain is bad, and everyone looks at me as if I am crazy....
Avatar f tn I can lay on my back as the pressure of my bed against my shoulder blade just makes everything ache more. My neck has calmed down and no longer hurts due to this just that darn shoulder blade and around that area and my left shoulder. I'm not much of one to go to drs and I've tried researching this on my own. The pain isn't going away with the passage of time and I did not recently injure myself. This just came on out of the blue one day and it was bad!!
Avatar n tn I had extreme pain that moved around between shoudlers, each shoulder, elbows, and neck. It ended up being my posture at my computer, and holding stress in my neck and shoulders. A massage therapist found I had huge muscle knots in those areas and when she was able to work those out my pain went away.
Avatar m tn I'm not sure I can ignore it much longer, but I do not get pain for another 2 weeks and was hoping someone may be able to tell me if I can just wait to see my PCP or if I need to go get it checked out asap. My left shoulder has been having shooting pains and numbness. It hurts when I breathe and mosr so if I cough, yawn, or sneeze.
Avatar f tn It could be a rotator cuff problem, or it could originate in your neck. Both would be common causes of shoulder pain and dysfunction like this. At night, use pillows to support the arm. Maybe YouTubes like this will help you:
Avatar m tn Knotted muscles can cause lots of problems, causing spasms and pain and also referred pain to a different part of the body. As your xrays and CT scans came back clear there is no point wasting time and money for further tests. If you develop other symptoms regarding your breathing, a severe cough with blood, then go back and see the doctor.
Avatar n tn I too am having problems with ear pain, stiff neck, jaw pain, sinus pain and it all started with a fever and flu like symptoms. I am scheduled for a root canal on Thursday. I will let you know if it has all been related to my teeth. My dentist told me that the root of this tooth is very close to my sinuses. I felt like I had a sinus infection and an ear infection. The fever was two days after I had a crown put in.
Avatar f tn I started taking tetracycline to clear my complexion, and guess what no more shoulder pain. Doctor says it could be bacterial arthritis. Well I have taken it so long now it doesn't help anymore. So I just chalk it up to bad posture and stress. I am anxious for summer so I can get rid of this pain. I still think sometimes its my lung because it is worse after I have been sick and cough alot. But how many more test can I have? Anyone experiencing the same thing?
Avatar f tn Ever since that time, I suffer periodic bouts with neck/shoulder pain. They occur randomly, and I haven't been able to pinpoint any pattern in what might be causing the onset of pain. I've just assumed it was from a muscle spasm. The pain in my neck/shoulders comes on quickly and generally lasts 12-36 hours. The pain is worst when I make sudden movements (turning my head, tilting my neck, looking down or up too quickly).
1485281 tn?1287951992 I also get severe neck and shoulder pain with my sinus problems and this has been happening to me my whole life. there has to be a reason and a connection between my sinus problems and my neck and shoulder pain.
Avatar m tn I am also wearing night guard for 5 days now. How long before I see improvment? Sometime headache starts in my neck and shoulder an some time in my jaw. Should I be worried that there is something serious going on ?
Avatar f tn I have had a constant cough for four weeks and am totally exhausted. Recently my neck and shoulders have been very painful and I have a pain from my breastbone through to middle of my shoulder blades. I have had two different antibiotics followed by a steroid nasal spray. But still I am no better. Just had bloods done today and awaiting an X-ray .......... Just feel so tired and coughing most of night. Any ideas?
6655226 tn?1383449149 Then out of nowhere it returned with a vengeance and I was practically incapacitated with pain in my entire upper body. It resolved now to pain in my shoulder and diaphragm and it hurts when I take a deep breath, cough or sneeze. There is an extreme sore spot when pressed I can feel the nerve pain going down my shoulder. I have tried rubbing it and massaging it but it doesn't seem to go away. I have been suffering with this for two months now. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar n tn The pain finally diminished, but about a month later it started in my right neck. The pain now runs all the way down my neck and into my shoulder and right chest a bit. It especially hurts if I apply pressure to my pulse(Carotid artery). It feels like inflammed nerves or something. So, I went back to another doctor and he gave the same diagnosis. He said unfortunatley the cause is unknown. Now I am on a stronger anti-inflammatory. I just want to know the cause so it won't come back.
Avatar m tn hi everyone and Teak and Lizzie Lou, it has been almost 2 months after the incident and i still have a damn stiff neck and now spreading to shoulder and i cant focus on my work as well as before....... And on the back of my head, there's pimples or some sort growing and its been there for about 2 weeks already... am i at a risk of infected with HIV? i am so worried. please help.
621386 tn?1221536083 After 7 months of symptoms similar to yours - I am still not sure if neck problems cause the jaw pain (and facial pain and ear pain lower back pain) or if TMJ disorder causes it all. What is helping: -Wearing a neck brace (inexpensive - get it at the pharmacy) seems to help. Espcially at the end of the day when my neck is tired. -Sleeping on my back. I used to sleep on my stomach - arms and lega akimbo. I think this put a lot of pressure on my neck and jaw.
Avatar n tn One of the major symptoms that I experienced over the years with HCV was a frequently stiff and painful neck. Sometimes the pain was on the right, sometimes on the left, and during some periods was extremely severe and needed physical therapy in order for me to function. After tx my neck problems have been less frequent and less intense.
Avatar n tn You can do gentle exercise - but not with with your hands, shoulders and neck. When my neck was bad I was told by the doctor to do no pushing and pulling (shopping trollies), lifting or carrying. I don't it was a good idea to have been lifting kettlebells - you obviously didn't allow enough time for your whiplash to heal. Keep your neck warm with a scarf. Don't for get to keep a record of all your medical appointments and records in the event that you may make a compensation claim.
Avatar m tn * Occasional numbness in arms at night during sleep * Very dry mouth 3 or 4 nights during sleep (and sometimes during day) * Discomfort in neck (both sides) - feels like muscle twitch and is not a sharp pain * Tenderness at points in neck muscles * Rough throat at times * Occasional feeling that throat is closing * No problems swallowing * Fatigue - I start the day ok but run out of strength My GP is obviously puzzled and is playing a waitin game but I am finding day to day life and work aff
Avatar m tn It only hurts when I breathe in, sneeze, cough, and even burp. As soon as I do one of those things, it sends shooting pain down my neck,and through my right shoulder. Nothing else hurts. I don't know what this could be!
Avatar n tn I had some mild throat irritation during the day from the breathing tube, but last night my throat was so painful that I could barely swallow. I looked at it with a flash light and saw white patches all over my tonsils. My neck is a little swollen but very painful where they inserted the needles for the nerve block. I don't know if that's normal or not. I have a hard time moving my head from side to side because of the pain at the injection site.